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Registration Guidelines With The Malaysian Medical Council For Foreign Medicos

Author: Guest, Posted on Sunday, May 04 @ 00:00:00 IST by rxpg  

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Guidelines For Registration With The Malaysian Medical Council For Foreign Medical Officers
Following are the details regarding registration with the Malaysian Medical Council as advised by the Malaysian Medical Association

Foreign medical officers (M.O.) are only allowed to work in the public sector.

The application for foreign medical officer's registration need to go through the Institution/Department or Ministry which is going to employ them.
The applying medical officer need to have the basic medical degree which is recognised by the Medical Council (According to the Second Schedule of the Medical Act 1971).
The applying medical officer need to have at least 5 years medical experience. Their experience will need to cover at least the main disciplines, such as the various disciplines of Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynaecology or its equivalent.
The foreign medical officer who is/had worked in any one of the institution in this country is required to present a confirmation letter from his/her employer stating that his services are no longer required as well as his work performance/prestige of work, before he/she is allowed to practice in another institution.
The completed application will be then presented at the Evaluation Committee meeting, Medical Council for consideration before it is registered under Section 14 (3), Medical Act 1971 with the Y.B. Minister of Health's approval.
The applying medical officer need to complete the following documents as stated in 'Appendix A' :

Form 9 (Law 22) of the Medical Act for full registration application;
Curriculum Vitae Form (CV) and Form with photograph
Curriculum Vitae Form (CV) is prepared for presentation at the Evaluation Committee meeting;
It is advised that forms be type written.
Copy of Basic Medical Degree
This document need to be translated into English, if the original is in different languages (Bahasa Malaysia is exempted).
Copy of 'Bonafide Student Certificate'
Only graduates from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh need to present this document which states the college's name and duration of course.
Copy of Advanced Medical Degree
(For those concerned only)
Copies of certificates / confirmation letters of housemanship
The applicant need to submit certificates/letters from the hospital or Medical Council concerned which confirms that the applicant had undergone housemanship;
These certificate/letter need to clarify the various medical disciplines and the duration of these courses.
Copy of Full Registration Certificate
The applicant need to obtain this document from the earlier registered Medical Council.
Letter of Good Standing
This certificate need to be obtained from the earlier registered Medical Council;
Any Letter of Good Standing obtained from an institution or an individual will not be entertained.
Letter/Confirmation Certificate of Medical Experience
For those who had practised overseas after completing housemanship;
The applicant need to obtain this document for every period of service from the Head of Department from the time he/she had completed housemanship up till the time the application is presented.
Copy of Identity Card and Identity Card

Copy of registration receipt for the amount of RM100 imposed
This payment need to be made out under the name of The Registrar Medical Practitioner in the form of cash/money order/cheque/postal order.
For applications that are approved by Y.B. Minister of Health to be registered under Section 14 (3), Medical Act, an approval letter will be issued to the employer as evidence that the applicant is qualified to be conditionally registered with the Medical Council.
The applicant will be registered with the Medical Council after he/she starts practising in this country. The duration of contract and the name of the institute concerned will be stated in the registration certificate.
This registration will only be applicable for the period of registration and at the institution stated on the registration certificate.
This application can be processed within 3 weeks from the date the completed application is received.
Acknowledgement of full registration will be issued after obtaining confirmation from the Head of Department with regards to the date of commencement. (Acknowledgement of full registration will be processed within 2 weeks)
Note: Copies of document submitted need to be certified by government officers from 'Group A' or Advocates/Solicitors.

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