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AIIMS; Free Online Mock Test 54

Author: RxPG, Posted on Thursday, August 07 @ 00:00:00 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) True about infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis is :

One answer only.
   a) Is commoner in girls than boys
   b) Commonly presents with poor feeding
   c) Should be treated as a surgical emergency
   d) Can be diagnosed reliably by ultrasound scanning

2) Features of Kawaski's disease include all the following except :

One answer only.
   a) Coronary arteritis
   b) Erosive arthritis
   c) Thrombocytosis
   d) Digital desquanation

3) Cataract is associated with WOF :

One answer only.
   a) Down's Syndrome
   b) Retinoblastoma
   c) Diabetes Insipidus
   d) Duchenne's muscular dystrophy

4) WOF is true about physiological jaundice :

One answer only.
   a) Occurs due to conjugated hyperbilirubinemia
   b) Is more common in breast fed than bottle fed infants
   c) Is more effectively treated by increasing the baby's fluid intake
   d) Is an indication for stopping breast feeding

5) Not true about surfactant is :

One answer only.
   a) Increases lung compliance
   b) Is detectable in aminotic fluid
   c) Production is inhibited by any stress affecting the fetus
   d) Is produced by type 2 pneumatocytes

6) AOF are true about conjugated hyperbilirubinemia except :

One answer only.
   a) It is significant only if conjugated fraction is greater than 50% of total bilirubin
   b) Is caused by biliary atresia
   c) Presents as jaundice with pale stools & dark urine
   d) Can be seen in infectious hepatitis

7) Features suggesting a good prognosis in Schizophrenia include :

One answer only.
   a) Insidious onset of symptoms
   b) Schizoid personality
   c) Catatonic symptoms
   d) Family history of schizophrenia

8) Ptosis results from lesion in AOF except :

One answer only.
   a) Levator palpebrae superioris
   b) Third cranial nerve
   c) Seventh cranial nerve
   d) Cervical sympathetic outflow

9) True about ASD is :

One answer only.
   a) The lesion is usually of secundum type
   b) Surgery should be deferred till shunt reversal occurs
   c) The initial shunt is right to left
   d) Splitting of S2 increases in expiration

10) Cannon ' a ' waves in JVP are seen in :

One answer only.
   a) Atrial fibirillation
   b) Tricuspid atresia
   c) Stokes Adam attack
   d) Pulmonary stenosis

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