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Author: tegs, Posted on Tuesday, September 30 @ 18:07:47 IST by RxPG  

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What is the major antibody
of external secretions?

What is the major antibody
of internal secretions (blood,
CSF, lymph)?

What is the velence of an
immunoglobulin molecule
equal to?

What immunoglobulin is a
marker for mature B cells
and is the antigen receptor
of B cells?

What is the only IgG that
cannot bind to
Staphylococcus protein A?

By which process do
antibodies make
microorganisms more
easily ingested via

Which immunoglobulin is
found as a pentamer and
activates complement?

What is synthesized by
epithelial cells, protects
IgA from degradation,
and transports Iga across
epithelial barriers?

Which IgC cannot activate

What cell surface marker is
used to distinguish different
stages in the maturation of
T cells?

What form of graft involves
tissue or organ
trnaplanatation between
genetically identical twins?
What virus is associated with
intranuclear inclusions
known as “owl’s eys”

What virus is associated with
Negri bodies?

What virus is associated with
Guarneiri bodies?

What virus causes small,
pink, benign wat-like
tumors and is associated
with HIV-positive patients?

What virus is associated with
erythema infectiosum or
fifth disease?

What ais the only dsDNA

What are the three
non-eveloped RNA virus?

What viruses are associated
with Cowdry type A
intranuclear inclusions?

What virus is associated with
the Norwalk agent?

What virus affects the motor
neurons in the anterior horn?

What is the most common
cause of diarrhea in children?

With what virus are Downey
type II cells associated?

What are the four segmented
RNA virus?

Koilocytic cells on a
Papanicolau (Pap) smear
are indicative of what virus?

What bacteria constitute
the most common cuase of
nosocomial infections in
burn patients and in patients
with cystic fibrosis?

What organism is associated
with pneumonia acquired
from air conditioners?

What species of bacteria is
associated with whooping

What two bacteria are
associated with drinking
unpasterurized milk?

What organism is associated
with gastritis and ulcers?

What species of bacteria is
associated with traveler’s

With that orgnism is
“current jelly” sputum

What is the most common
cause of enterocolitis?

What organism is so infective
that it takes only 1 to 10
organisms to cause an

What organism stains
bipolar and cuases buboes?

Rice water stools are
indicative of what organism?

With what organism are
intracellular gram-negative
inclusions in neutrophils

What organism is most
likely to cause an infection
if you are bitten by a dog
or a cat?

What organism needs factor
x and NAD in order to grow
on growth medium?

What organism is associated
with rigid belly and rose
spots on the belly?

What organism will cause
an infection if undercooked
or raw seafood is eaten?

What organism is likely to
infect you if you get cut the
a shell at the beach?

What infective bacteria are
found in undercoked

What orgnism is said to
have a “spaghetti and
meatball” arrangement
under a microscope?

What fungus is associated
with rose gardener’s disease?

What fungus is seen as
colored cauliflower lesions?

What fungus is found in soil
with bird or bat feces?

Which organism causes San
Joaguin fever?

What fungus causes
endocarditis in IV drug

What fungus is found in
pigeon droppings?

What fungus is seen as a
yeat with broad-based buds
and a double refractile cell

What fungus is stained
positive with india ink?

What virus is the most
common causative agent of
the common cold in the
summer and the fall?

To what family of viruses
do dengue, St.Louis, and
yellow fever belong?

What is the name of the
bullet-shaped virus?

What virus is responsible
for causing the croup and
also the common cold in
the young and the old?

What is the causitive agent
or orchitis, parotitis, and

What virus causes
hoof-and-mouth disease?

What is the most common
cause of pneumonia in
children 1 year old or

What virus is the most
common cause of the
common cold in the
winter and early spring?

What yeast is urease

What fungus is a facultative
intracellular parasite of the
recticular endothelial

What virus is helical and
has HN and F glycoprotein

What is the most common
cause of pneumonia in
persons with underlying
health problems?

What is the most common
cause of pneumonia in
young children?

What virus causes eipdemic

What is the most common
cold virus?

What two viruses have
neuraminidase activity?

What is the most common
cause of diarrhea in infants?

What is the reservoir for the

What two viruses cause

With what two viruses are
Reye’s syndrome associated?

What is the most common
cause of bronchiolitis in

What is the most common
cause of urinary tract

Which three organisms
cause heterophilic
negative mononucleosis?

What two genera are spore

What bacteria are responsible
for woolsorters’ disease?

What is the most common
cause of bacterial

What bacteria cause
subacute endocarditis
and dental caries?

Which two organisms can
cause sulfur granules in the

What species of bacteria is
responsible for causing
endocarditis in IV drug

What bacteria are
responsible for food
poisoning from rice,
fried rice, and
reheated foods?

Which bacteria present as a
common cause of meningitis
in renal transplant patients?

What bacteria get inoculated
into the body by a puncture
wound in the skin and also
inhibit glycine and GABA?

What backteria are found in
poorly preserved canned
food and cause flaccid

What bacteria cause

What bacteria cause
pseudomembranous colitis?

What bacteria are associated
with food poisoning from
ham, potato salad, and

What three bacteria are
quellung reactive test

Which organism causes a
painful chancre?

What is the most common
cause of viral pneumonia?

What is the predominant
anaerobe in the colon?

Which organism causes
trench mouth?

Which organism causes
Lyme disease?

Which organism causes
Weil’s disase?

What organism causes
Q fever?

Which agent causes
pneumonia an college
students and military

What is the tetrad of

Which spirochete causes
Rocky Mountain spotted

Which organism causes
trench fever?

Which organism causes
epidemic typhus?

Which organism causes
pneumonia in bird

Which organism causes
multiple infections by
antigen switching?

Which organism has protein
A for an anti-opsonization

Which organism releases
endotoxins PRIOR to cell

What is the only ssDNA virus?

What is the only DNA virus
to replicate in the cytoplasm?

What are the three naked
DNA viruses?

What is the only DNA virus
that has the reverse
transcriptase enzyme?

Which hepatitis virus is an
RNA viroid-like virus that
needs hepatitis B to be

Which hepatitis virus is an
enveloped RNA flavivirus,
which is known for
postinfusional hepatitis?

What antigen is needed to
diagnose an infections
patient with hepatitis B?

Which type of hepatitis can
cause hepathocellular

Which type of hepatitis is a

Which type of hepatitis is a

What two antigens need to
be positive for a patient to
have chronic active

In the window phase of a
hepatitis B infection, which
antibodies do you see?

Which virus is found in the
urine of rodents?

Which virus is associated
with hairy T cell leukemia?

What are the components
of the rubella triad?

What does Candida albicans
do that distinguishes it from
other fungi?

Which organism,
transmitted by sexual
contact, is almost diagnotic
by the foul-smelling, green
discharge from the vegina
and its assocaited itch?

Which organism is associated
with a diffuse bilateral
interstitial pneumonia and
with HIV-Positive patients
with CD4 counts of
or lower?

What three organs can be
affected by Trypanosoma

What organism causes
kala-azar, which is
associated with
hyperpigmentation of the
skin, enlargement of the
spleen, and decreased bone
marrow activity?

Which type of malaria is
associated with dark urine?

What people are “protected”
from malaria?

What type of Plasmodium is
banana or crescent shaped
when stained with Giemsa

What is the only Plasmodium
that is quartan?

What type of Plasmodium
produce latent hypnozoites
in the liver, which can cause
a relapse?

What organism is associated
with liver abscess, teardrop
ulcers, and perforated

What three carcinomas are
associated with EBV?

What is the direction of the
strand if a virus has
infections +RNA?

What two viruses do not get
their envelope from budding
but actually from coding?

What glycoprotein in the
HIV virus is used for fusion?

What glycoprotein in the
HIV virus attaches to CD4?

What protein of the HIV
virus is used to detect if a
patient is HIV-positve by

What two viruses cause
progressive multifocal

With what virus do you see
Koplik’s spots and Worthin-
Finkeldy cells, and possibly
subacute sclerosing

What are known as
jumping genes?

What is the most common
viral cuase of myocarditis?

What virus is associated
with heterophil-positive

What is the only virus to be

What virus, which creates
painful versicular lesion, is a
cause of aseptic meningitis?

What virus attaches to
fibroblatic growth factor?

What is the most prevalent
viral infection in the USA?

What is the only herpes
virus to cross the placenta?

Of what virus are Guarnieri
bodies diagnotic?

What cells of hepatitis has
the highest mortality rate
among pregnant women?

What type of hepatitis has
the highest mortality rate
among present women?

What does hepatitis D virus
need from hapatitis B virus
to be infective?

What are two hepatitis
viruses that can be chronic
and can lead eventually of
hepatocellular carcinoma?

What are the only two
viruses where naked
dsDNA is NOT infectious?

What is the only diploid

What type(s) of immuse
response is the body
capable of making when
presented with a live

What HPV is the causative
agent of anogenital warts?

What type(s) of immune
response is the body
capable of making when
presented with a killed

Who are the “typical”
women who present with
endometrial carcinoma?

What type of vaccine is the
MMR vaccine?

With what virus is

In what trimester is the
fetus most vulnerable to
congenital rubella

What is the order of the
antibodies, from first to
last, in an infected patient
with hepatitis?

What is the first antigen
seen in an individual with

What antibody is an
indication of low
transmissiblity for

What antibody is an
indication of recurrent
disease for hepatitis?

Antibodies to what hepatitis
B antigen provide immunity?

What are three C’s of

What are the only two
picornaviruses that do
NOT lead to aseptic

Are antibiotics helpful in
treating a disease caused
by a prion?

What is the only part of the
virus that is “detectable”
during the eclipse period
of the viral growth cycle?

What is the only virus to
carry its own ribosomes?

What is the term for the
period from the onset of an
infection to the appearance
of the virus extracellularly?

What is the leading cause of
diarrhea in the USA?

What organism would
cause a patient to present
with constant diarrhea
after drinking mountain
stream water on a camping

What parasite can cause
vitamin B12 deficiencies?

What viral infection is
associated with black vomit?

What are the two nonspecific
chemical defense of the

What are the two nonspecific
physical defenses of the

What immunoglobulin is the
first antibody in an immune

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