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Biostatistics, Daily Free Online Mock 123 (PGI Pattern)

Author: RxPG, Posted on Thursday, October 16 @ 09:38:58 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) In a clinical trial of a new drug:

Choose 2 of the following options.
1. Randomisation ensures that the allocation of treatment to each patient is a matter of chance.
2. Baseline differences in patients allocated to different treatment groups are eliminated by randomised allocation.
3. Increasing the number of patients allocated to each treatment group will reduce the effect of baseline differences.
4. The null hypothesis is true if there are significant differences in response in the randomly allocated treatment group.
5. None of the above

2) With regard to data describing a population, the following are true:

Choose 3 of the following options.
1. The mode is the most commonly occurring value
2. The mode is usually different in value from the mean
3. The standard deviation is also referred to as the root mean square deviation
4. In distributions which are markedly skewed, the arithmetic mean is a more appropriate measure than the geometric mean
5. The median is the least correct estimate

3) A study of the intellectually handicapped was performed. 112 subjects were put through program A, and showed an increase in their mean IQ score of 6 points. 115 subjects were put through program B, and showed an increase in their mean IQ score of 4. The p value for this difference was > 0.05 .Which of the following is true?

One answer only.
A. The numbers are too large for a Student t-test.
B. The study demonstrates the usefulness of program A.
C. The distribution of individual values is not important.
D. Even though the difference between the means is not significant it would be appropriate to calculate confidence intervals.
E. The above results would be found by chance in less than 1:20.

4) In a trial of a new drug the following results were obtained:- treatment group 44 improved 16 not improved, placebo group 36 improved 26 not improved.

One answer only.
A.The results so obviously show the benefit of treatment that statistical analysis is not required
B. The data could be evaluated using the chi-squared test
C. Pearson's coefficient of linear regression would be an appropriate significance test
D. The numbers are too small to draw any conclusions
E. A Student t-test could be used

5) For the data series: 2, 1, 6, 4, 2

One answer only.
1. The mode is 4
2. The median is 3
3. The standard deviation is 4
4. The mean is 3
5. The mode is 3.5

6) A clinical trial of 'cross-over' design:

Choose 4 of the following options.
1. Requires fewer patients than does a design comparing independent groups.
2. Uses each patient as his / her own control.
3. Requires that each patient receives all of the treatments under examination.
4. Is most useful for comparing treatments intended to alleviate chronic symptoms.
5. It can not be used in clinical trials

7) In order to calculate the 'Number Needed to Treat' (NNT) the following values are required:

Choose 4 of the following options.
1. The number who had the 'control' therapy.
2. The number who had the experimental intervention.
3. The number who responded to the 'control' therapy.
4. The number who responded to the experimental intervention.
5. The number is always an integer

8) A recently discovered treatment for HIV AIDS significantly extends the lifespan of the patient, but does not prevent the disease or lead to its cure.Given this scenario, which of the following statements about HIV AIDS is true?

One answer only.
A. Its incidence will increase.
B. Its prevalence will increase.
C. Its incidence will decrease.
D. Its prevalence will decrease.
E. Both the incidence and prevalence will increase.

9) A random selection of 100 female medical students agree to participate in a study of the possible effects of the contraceptive pill. They are followed prospectively for a period of six years to see if there is an association between the incidence of ovarian cysts (demonstrated by ultrasound) and the use of the pill.How can this study be best described?

One answer only.
A. Case-control study.
B. Randomised controlled clinical trial.
C. Cross-sectional study.
D. Cohort study.
E. Cross-over study.

10) You have performed a study designed to compare the effects of general (GA) as opposed to epidural anaesthesia (EA) on neonatal outcome in a group of patients undergoing elective Caesarean section. 50 patients are randomly allocated to either the GA or EA group.Which of the following tests would be most appropriate for assessing whether there are any differences in the neonates Apgar scores at 1 minute?

One answer only.
A. Analysis of variance (ANOVA).
B. Correlation coefficient.
C. Student's 'T' test.
D. Chi squared test.
E. Logistic regression.

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All the Biostatistics notes you will need for a quick revision

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