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Pharmacology; Free Online Mock Test 132 (PGI Pattern)

Author: RxPG, Posted on Sunday, October 26 @ 00:00:00 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) The term "opioid" can be correctly applied to a compound which:

Choose 4 of the following options.
1. Is an agonist at the mu receptor.
2. Is a naturally occurring compound.
3. Is a partial agonist at the mu receptor.
4. Is an antagonist at the mu receptor.
5. Can include the synthetic compounds also

2) With regard to morphine:

One answer only.
1. It is approximately 60% protein-bound in the plasma.
2. Its blood-brain barrier penetration is more rapid than most other opiates.
3. Its bioavailability is between 60 and 80%.
4. It has a large steady-state volume of distribution.
5. None of the above

3) Dopamine antagonists:

Choose 3 of the following options.
1. Cause extrapyramidal side-effects.
2. May be used as antiemetics.
3. May increase gastric emptying.
4. Cause tachycardia.
5. Cause disorientation

4) Nitroglycerine (GTN) has been administered for 24 hours through the lumen of a central venous catheter (CVC). The infusion is now changed to one of normal saline administered through the same lumen.Clinically significant amounts of GTN will be eluted into the saline for approximately:

One answer only.
A. 20 seconds.
B. 2 minutes.
C. 20 minutes.
D. 2 hours.
E. 20 hours.

5) Plasma pseudocholinesterase is:

Choose 2 of the following options.
1. Predominately responsible for the inactivation of cis-atracurium.
2. Inhibited by aminoglycoside antibiotics.
3. Found at an increased level in pregnancy.
4. Inhibited by organophosphorous compounds.
5. Is synthesised in liver

6) The plasma concentration of a drug declines in a manner which is compatible with 'first-order' kinetics.Which of the following statements is correct?

One answer only.
A. The drug is likely to be eliminated via a single metabolic pathway.
B. The rate of elimination of the drug is independent of plasma concentration.
C. The elimination half-life is constant whatever the plasma concentration of the drug.
D. The plasma concentration of the drug plotted against time will yield a straight line.
E. Aspirin is an example of such a drug.

7) Which of the following effects are NOT provoked by histamine?

One answer only.
A. Tachycardia
B. Enhancement of myocardial contractility.
C. Coronary artery vasodilatation
D. Prolongation of the PR interval
E. Prolongation of the QT interval.

8) Dantrolene Sodium:

One answer only.
1. Depresses neuromuscular transmission.
2. Lowers the Ca++ level in the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SPR).
3. Is more soluble in an acid solution.
4. Is active at the ryanodine receptor.
5. None of the above

9) The risk of a severe reaction to protamine used for heparin reversal following cardiopulmonary bypass is considerably more likely in:

Choose 2 of the following options.
1. A diabetic treated with neutral protamine Hagedorn (NPH) insulin.
2. A man who has had a vasectomy.
3. A patient who gives a history of allergy to fish.
4. A non-insulin dependent diabetic
5. A man who has had a prostectomy

10) Midazolam

Choose 4 of the following options.
1. Can be given intranasally.
2. May have a prolonged effect if given with erythromycin.
3. Has active metabolites.
4. Is soluble in water at a pH of 4.0
5. Interferes with buspirone excretion

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Pharmacology; Free Online Mock Test 136 (PGI Pattern)

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