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Dental; Trial Free Online Mock Test 2

Author: RxPG, Posted on Saturday, November 01 @ 12:55:09 IST by RxPG  

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Multiple Choice Test

1) A 17-year-old patient complains of an avulsed tooth following trauma. The most desirable time to replant the tooth is:

One answer only.
Immediately whenever possible
After 30 mins
Finish endodontic treatment first and then replant it
Clean the tooth with wet gauge then replant it

2) The key to success in replantation rests in

One answer only.
Presence of a vital pulp
Skill of the dentist
Absence of debris on the root surface
Vitality of the periodontal ligament cells

3) Major cause of failure in replanted teeth is

One answer only.
Pulpal necrosis
Exfoliation of the tooth
Surface resorption

4) Clinical differentiation between a sinus tract and an infrabony pocket is done by observing

One answer only.
Origin of the tract/pocket
By means of an IOPA
By sounding the tooth
Probing through the tract/pocket

5) In endodontic surgery the semilunar incision is used when

One answer only.
Cystic degeneration is present around the roots
No underlying periodontal problems are present
Interradicular bone is resorbed
Semilunar incision is always used

6) In the WHO classification of traumatized teeth 873.68 refers to

One answer only.
Dentinal fracture
Root fracture

7) In case of endemic flurosis the bleach used contains ether, hydrogen peroxide and

One answer only.
Hydrochloric acid
Sulphuric acid
Normal saline

8) Walking bleach is

One answer only.
Superoxol + Sodiumperborate
Hydrogen peroxide + Saline
Superoxol + Sodium nitrate
Superoxol + Glycerin

9) The compaction method of obturating the root canal uses

One answer only.
Instrument pressure for compaction
Air rotor for compaction
Heat for compaction
No method is necessary

10) The preferred agent for surface decontamination is

One answer only.
2% glutaraldehyde
5% Iodophor in 70% Isopropyl alcohol
2% Sodium hypochlorite
6% Hydrogen peroxide

By Dr Rajshri Mallabadi; This test can be discussed in Dental Students Message Board in RxPG Site

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Daily Free Online Dental Mock Test 4

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