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Details of Postal Coaching for Civil Services Prelims 2004

Author: Guest, Posted on Thursday, December 04 @ 14:53:10 IST by RxPG  

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IAS and Civil Services

particularly in IAS exam.

3 facts you most remember before taking up the exam

1. If you have medical science as one of your optional. – Exhaustive syllabus.

2. Emerging researches which should not be neglected because some questions are picked up in the relevant topics, more so in community medicine.

3. UPSC clearly writes that you must be aware of frontier areas of the field.


Keeping these facts in mind we provide you a comprehensive course prepared by a panel of doctors from MAMC and G.B Pant Hospital.

Course will run for 12-13 weeks, from mid Jan. to Mid April/04, thereby leaving you at least one month for your revision and practice, before the prelims (16th May).

During this period 4 packages will be sent to you that will cover-

Packet 1 Anatomy

Packet 2 Microbiology
Community Medicine

Packet 3 Medicine

Packet 4 Set of Model questions with answers and expected areas from where the questions may be asked.

First three packets contain
• Topic wise subject material
• Questions asked in each topic with answers
• Rapid review of the whole subject
• Practice sets
• Answers to be given in the subsequent package
• References for the subjects.

What UPSC demands from a suitable candidate…..
“Thorough knowledge of the subject plus ability to hit the bull’s eye.”
Few questions are discussed below for your understanding of the nature of questions, a sample of what our postal course contains.

A patient after a fall has developed claw hand. The spinal segments likely to be involved are:
a) C4 – C5
b) C6- C7
c) C8 - T1
d) T1 – T2 in the care
Injury in this case after fall may be either due to spinal cord injury on brachial plexus injury.
In both cases, claw hand may be produced by ulnar nerve lesion. i.e. C8 - T1 .

1. Assertion (A): Kidney from cirrhotic patients with hepatorenal syndrome cannot be used for renal transplantation.
2. Reason (R): The kidneys are structurally normal but have altered renal hemodynamics.
A – Wrong
R – Right
1. Hepatorenal syndrome occur in cirrhotic patients with otherwise normal kidney (PG & TX may play role)
2. Due to unknown etiopathogenesis, hemodynamics of the kidney is altered but pathologically may not be observed.
3. In some of the cases, such kidney has been transplanted successfully. (Harrison (1715).

Consider the following:
1. Respiratory acidosis
2. Respiratory alkalosis
3. Metabolic Acidosis
4. Metabolic Alkalosis
The sequence of changes in statue asthmatic are:
(a) 1 – 2- 3 – 4
(b) 2 – 1 – 2- 4
(c) 1 – 2 – 4 – 3
(d) 2 – 1 – 4 – 3
Hypocapnia + respiratory alkalosis.
1. Chronic asthmatic condition produces respiratory alkalosis on regular and continuing basis.
During stating asthmaticus  Sudden obstruction to the airflow acute retention of Co2  PaCo2 increases  Respiratory Acidosis ┼ Cellular buffering mechanism of HCO3 . Increase of 1 mmol HCO3 for every 10 mm Hg increase in Pa CO2  Metabolic Alkalosis  Severe obstruction (status persisting)  Respiratory failure  Increased acid production + Increased retained Co2  Metabolic Acidosis .

Which of the following in NOT a pathological finding in CNS in falciparum malaria.
(a) Ring hemorrhages
(b) Visceral tide
(c) Durk’s glial nodes
(d) Lepto meningitis.
Chatterjee, page 95
Acute rise in the no. of parasitized RBC in cerebral capillaries (diffusely distributed) in brain. Dilatation and congestion of capillaries Plugging Perivascular haemorrhage Ring hemorrhage around plugged vessel. RBC of hemorrhages are not parasitized. Scattered areas of softening due to degeneration of the nerve trunks Softened areas are invaded by glial cells forming malarial GRANULOMAS OF DURCK due to the reparative reaction for the local damage.
But leptomeningitis do not occur in pure form. Although some passive resistance to head flexion may be detected but signs of meningeal irritations are lacking. Now you can realize how difficult it is to hit the correct answer.

Therefore we have taken up the strenuous exercise to make the syllabus easier for you.
Hence we will supplement our study package with the list of standard books which must complement your study for some topics.

Any further counseling before you start the preparation may be done if required. (Conditions apply).

At the end of the course you will be definitely able to score at least 250 out of 300 marks.

FREE: Counseling for how to prepare General Studies is free for the registered candidates.

Join the course and explore the new vistas.


Course fees: INR 7500/-
Application Dates: 25 December 2003 to 15 January 2004

4 (Excellent) 3(Good) 2(Good) 1(Bad)   

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