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Job Situation in UK - by Dr Suresh Chari

Author: tegs, Posted on Monday, February 02 @ 16:29:48 IST by RxPG  

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The job situation in fields like General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Orthopaedics, A&E is grim. There have been numerous letters and criticism about the lack of job opportunities after passing the PLAB and in latest GMC Annual Review this has been pointed out "Passing the PLAB does not guarantee the offer of a job in the UK. It remains the responsibility of the candidates to inform themselves about job opportunities. The British Council's National Advice Centre (Tel UK + 161 - 957 7218; Fax UK + 161 957 7029) is a good source of information."Some doctor had worked out that the average overseas doctor spends a minimum of £3400, before he starts earning any money ! I believe that in most fields there are easily 250-300 candidates for every single post and naturally the situation is bleak Another survey indicated that almost 80% of Surgical trainees found the training inadequate and were unhappy with it. Think about all this, before spending money on trying to come here. I am certainly not putting a large wet blanket, but this webpage is to give a realistic picture of what is going on, rather than look at medical training in the UK with rose tinted glasses.

It helps in avoiding unneccessary heartbreaks and the financial and other sacrifices people make to get here, only to find that it is entirely different ball game. Since the last update, the job situation has become more competitive in Psychiatry and Paediatrics as well.

However, if one has the means and the time to wait almost indefinitely nothing is impossible !! Public Health is at the present not really open to foreign graduates as they either require full registration with the GMC and/or "right of indefinite residence in the UK" and therefore excludes most foreign candidates.However, there seems to be window of opportunity for overseas graduates to train as GPs and this may last over the next couple of years. I have been inundated with requests for information and though I try to help people out, some of the requests have been ridiculous - and therefore I have not bothered to reply.

For those of you interested in a career in Psychiatry, it may be possible for me to sort out a clinical attachment of a couple months duration at Barnsley, South Yorkshire. However, I make no promises, as the available places may already be taken, in which case you may need to wait for a few months.The Hospital is unable to provide accommodation for these posts and this would be need to be kept in mind. My secretary is available on UK + (0)1226 777 784 and please send me your CV by mail - as some email attachments I have been unable to open.

My address is:

Dr. Suresh Chari
Consultant Psychiatrist
Department of Psychological Medicine
Barnsley District General Hospital
Pogmoor Road
Barnsley S75 2EP
South Yorkshire

Read full article at http://freespace.virgin.net/suresh.chari/Plab1.htm

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