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Salary scales for doctors in United Kingdom

Author: RxPG, Posted on Monday, February 02 @ 17:33:35 IST by RxPG  

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If you are unsure whether a job's terms and conditions comply with BMA agreements should consult the association’s secretary.

Locum appointments

Be aware that long term and undefined locum appointments may lack some of the usual benefits of service. Before taking up appointments, applicants should ensure that they have received a contract, clearly specifying the number of sessions or notional half days. Applicants for specialist training grades should confirm prospectively whether the time spent in the appointment counts towards their training goal.

Part time (flexible) appointments

Training grades: Postgraduate deans control the funding for these posts, and central restrictions on their number no longer exist.. Flexible posts are available in all training grades, and all such posts are open to flexible and full time applicants (even if the advertisement does not state this). Please look under the appropriate specialty.

Career grades: These may be whole time (with a maximum part time option for consultants and associate specialists), part time, or job sharing. Employers should consider all posts as potentially suitable for job sharing or part time working and, if so, advertise them as such. Part time appointments appear under a dedicated heading on the opposite page. Further information is available from postgraduate deans for trainees and from local BMA offices for BMA members applying for career grade posts,

Higher qualifications

Advertisers should not insist on English qualifications over equivalent Scottish or Irish ones (or vice versa).

Hospital posts Public health medicine and community health General practice University and research appointments Non-NHS posts Career grade doctors: basic salaries Training grades: basic salaries

Hospital posts

Training grades
Employers should issue standard model contracts and full job descriptions. Doctors occupying accommodation should be issued with tenancy or licence agreements and an inventory of property. They should seek written confirmation of such conditions and removal expenses before accepting an appointment. Doctors should satisfy themselves that the posts offer adequate facilities for postgraduate education. They should check that the training offered by jobs will count towards their training goals.

Approval of training grades
Preregistration house officer posts: Individual universities are responsible for approving the suitability of these for their graduates. Applicants should check with their medical school that the GMC recognises the post for purposes of registration.

Other training posts: Postgraduate deans are responsible for these.
Applicants should check that placements and programmes have the required educational and dean's approval.

Specialist registrar appointments
These are open to all doctors. Special arrangements exist for doctors without a right of indefinite residence in the UK. Fixed term training appointments are open to overseas doctors, and doctors with European Economic Area rights of residence, other than UK nationals. Appointment procedures are described in full in the Guide to Specialist Registrar Training‚ February 1998.

Locum Appointment – Service
These are short term appointments of up to three months, designed to fill a service gap. These do not have a training element and cannot count towards a SpR training programme. Appointment is the responsibility of employing trusts.

Locum Appointment – Training
These are appointments generally of no more than one year. They are intended to fill a gap in the SpR grade but offer experience which can count towards SpR training where the training has been approved prospectively by the relevant college or faculty. They do not attract a National Training Number and appointees have to compete for entry to the substantive SpR grade in open competition.

Pay banding system
The posts that fulfil the criteria set out in HSC/2000/031 are allocated to a pay band according to duration of work, antisocial hours of work, and frequency of duty. Advertisements should detail the band to which the post has been allocated. Contact the employer before applying if it doesn't. There is a right of appeal over employers’ banding decisions. Contact your local BMA office if you are considering appealing

Hours of work
No junior doctor should be required to be on duty for more than:
72 hours a week - on call rota
64 hours a week - partial shift
56 hours a week - full shift.
Although the limits refer to contracted hours, doctors should ascertain that actual duty hours do not exceed these limits. Irrespective of their contracted hours no junior doctors should be expected to work for more than an average of 56 hours a week.

Non-training grades
Nationally agreed model forms of contract (consultant, associate specialist, staff grade), job plan and work programme (consultant) should be used. Previous experience may be taken into account in determining starting salaries.

Less than whole time:
Doctors who can work only part time are eligible to apply for posts advertised as whole time. Posts may be offered on a part time (with number of notional half days sessions specified) or whole time basis.If whole time the option of a maximum part time contract should be included for consultants and associate specialists. Before accepting a career grade post, candidates should ascertain whether the appointment is on the trust’s own terms or whether it is bound by national agreements on terms and conditions of service. If any local arrangements apply advice should be sought from the local BMA office before accepting the contract of employment.


Public health medicine and community health

Training grades

Salary scale: as for hospital specialist registrars For further details, see Guide to Specialist Registrar Training, February 1998. Trainees not offered their preferred option should contact the BMA or their local BMA office for advice.

Salary scale: as for hospital consultants
Scales for directors of public health vary according to employing authority. Details may be obtained from the secretary of the BMA or BMA local offices.

Clinical medical officer
Salary scale: £26 930to £37 465.

Senior clinical medical officer
Salary scale: £38 425to £55 155.
Posts of limited tenure are not provided for within the terms and conditions of service, except under the special circumstances detailed in para.192.


General practice

Principals providing general medical services in the NHS are independent contractors and their remuneration in England and Wales is governed by the Statement of Fees and Allowances Payable to General Medical Practitioners in England and Wales. (Known as the red book, it is issued by the Department of Health). Scotland and Northern Ireland have similar but separate arrangements. Applicants for vacancies may consult the BMA’s local offices or their local medical committee for advice.

University and research appointments

Senior staff – lecturers, senior lecturers, readers holding honorary consultant contracts: scales as for NHS consultants.

Junior staff – lecturers holding honorary contracts at other than consultant levels: scales as for NHS registrars and senior registrars.

Senior lecturers and readers holding honorary contracts at other than consultant level: £41 410, £44 810 , £48 185, £51 619, £55 956, £58 955.

Salary scales are obtainable from BMA local offices.


Non-NHS posts

BMA members wanting advice on the terms and conditions of service of l doctors in the armed forces l occupational health posts outside the NHS should contact their local BMA office.

For information on medical employment outside the UK public sector members should consult the BMA’s secretary


Career grade doctors: basic salaries


Per notional half day Per 10 sessions** Whole time
Clinical Assistant Hospital Practitioner Staff Grade Associate Specialist Consultant
1 £3970 £3885 £29 060 £32 220 £54 340
2 £4110 £31 440 £35 730 £58 295
3 £4335 £33 820 £39 240 £62 250
4 £4560 £36 200 £42 750 £66 205
5 £4785 £38 580 £46 260 £70 715
6 £5010 £40 960 £49 770 £73 550*
7 £5235 £43 340* £54 405 £76 385*
8 £45 720* £57 915 £79 220*
9 £48 100* £60 090* £82 055*
10 £50 480* £62 265* £84 890*
11 £52 860* £64 440* £87 725*
12 £66 615* £90 560*
13 £68 790* £93 395*

* Discretionary

** Appointments can be for any number of sessions up to13.


Training grades: basic salaries

Scale House officer Senior House Officer Registrar Specialist Registrar Senior Registrar
1 £19 185 £23 940 £26 760 £26 760 £30 825
2 £20 420 £25 545 £28 115 £28 115 £32 460
3 £21 655 £27 150 £29 470 £29 470 £34 095
4 £28 755 £30 825 £30 825 £35 730
5 £30 360 £32 460 £32 460 £37 365
6 £31 965 £34 095 £39 000
7 £33 570 £35 730
8 £37 365*
9 £39 000*

*Subject to conditions

Band supplements (as a proportion of basic salary):
Band 1A– 50%, Band 1B– 40%, Band 1C– 20%, Band 2A– 80%, Band 2B– 50%, Band 3– 100%, Band FA– 25%, Band FB– 5%, Band FC– Pro-rata.


Source: BMJCareers

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