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AIPGE 2004 Counseling Case Status on 21 March

Author: shakun, Posted on Saturday, March 20 @ 19:51:38 IST by RxPG  

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The case isnt over yet.. here is the final position—
We have filed 4 cases which predominantly consist of –

1. a case in supreme court which deals mainly with 50% seats. For this SC will pass a judgement on 26th

2. A similar case in high court dealing with same things. Hearing for this occurred on 19th. The hearing went on for 30- 45 min and the high court judge decided the matter was too complicated to be solved in one hearing , so has given date for another hearing on 25th.

3. People from bikaner came for help real strongly and have filed a contempt petition for same cause in SC{ what we had filed in SC was a writ petition . there is a difference in the two things .}. the date for hearing of this case is yet to be decided.

4. They have also filed same case in high court , the date of hearing for that is 22nd.

The reasons for filing similar cases in both courts is that ours is an emergency, and its easier to get dates in high court. So the lawyers advised us to do that.

The lawyer in 3rd and 4th case is mr.kochar .
So please don’t think that everything is over .
As advised to us we might need a help of a senior counsellor for the hearing in supreme court on 26thand we need more funds to be generated for this.

We got many calls from people in delhi, ranchi, ludhiana..etc. saying that they have collected funds for the cause. We have opened an account in HDFC Bank to mobilise the funds and the account nos. would be publicised here as soon as they are intimated to us.we expect that we have the support of whole of the medico community of india and once united we can beat any number of hurdles for this cause

Some of u might be thinking that what do we have in our hands when almost more than half of the counselling would be over.! Well friends…it definitely matters but only to an extent.Our advocates are definitely hopeful of getting the decision in our favour. Moreover we do have another strategy even if we are unable to get the stay.(keeping the worst thing in minds). Our advocates have planned to put a second requestprayer and that is... ..in case the counselling is over by 29th we would ask the honourable court to stop the state medical colleges from starting the counselling on the remaining 75% of the seats of which 25% would be disputed , for which we are fighting.

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RxPG Editorial Team adds:
Well done shakun et al.
RxPG team is happy to provide any logistical help for this case and will highlight this case prominently on our website with regular updates.

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