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Author: RxPG News, Posted on Thursday, April 15 @ 18:27:18 IST by RxPG  

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* ablutophobia: fear of washing or bathing
* acarophobia: fear of itching
* acerophobia: fear of sournes
* achluophobia: fear of darkness
* acousticophobia: fear of noise
* acrophobia: fear of heights
* aeroacrophobia: fear of open high places
* aeronausiphobia: fear of vomiting secondary to airsickness

* aerophobia: fear of drafts
* aeruophobia: fear of flying
* agliophobia: fear of pain
* agoraphobia: fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places
* agraphobia: fear of sexual abuse
* agrizoophobia: fear of wild animals
* agyrophobia: fear of streets or crossing the street
* aichmophobia: fear of needles or pointed objects
* ailurophobia: fear of cats
* albuminurophobia: fear of kidney disease
* alektorophobia: fear of chickens
* algophobia: fear of pain
* alliumphobia: fear of garlic
* allodoxaphobia: fear of opinions
* altophobia: fear of heights
* amathophobia: fear of dust
* amaxophobia: fear of riding in a car
* amaxophobia: fear of vehicals
* ambulophobia: fear of walking
* amnesiphobia: fear of amnesia
* amychophobia: fear of scratches or being scratched
* anablephobia: fear of looking up
* ancraophobia: fear of wind
* androphobia: fear of men
* anemophobia: fear of air drafts or wind
* anginophobia: fear of angina, choking or narrowness
* anglophobia: fear of England, English culture, etc
* angrophobia: fear of becoming angry
* ankylophobia: fear of immobility of a joint
* anthophobia: fear of flowers
* anthrophobia: fear of people
* anthropophobia: fear of people or society
* antlophobia: fear of floods
* anuptaphobia: fear of staying single
* apeirophobia: fear of infinity
* aphenphosmphobia: fear of being touched
* apiphobia: fear of bees
* apotemnophobia: fear of persons with amputations
* arachibutyrophobia: fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth
* arachnophobia: fear of spiders
* arithmophobia: fear of numbers
* arrhenphobia: fear of men
* arsonphobia: fear of fire
* asthenophobia: fear of fainting or weakness
* astraphobia: fear of thunder and lightning
* astrophobia: fear of stars and celestial space
* asymmetriphobia: fear of asymmetrical things
* ataxiophobia: fear of ataxia (muscular incoordination)
* ataxophobia: fear of disorder or untidiness
* atelophobia: fear of imperfection
* atephobia: fear of ruin or ruins
* athazagoraphobia: fear of being forgotten
* atomosophobia: fear of atomic explosions
* atychiphobia: fear of failure
* aulophobia: fear of flutes
* aurophobia: fear of gold
* auroraphobia: fear of northern lights
* autodysomophobia: fear of one that has a vile odor
* automatonophobia: fear of animatronic creatures
* autonysophobia: fear of being dirty
* autophobia: fear of being alone or of oneself
* aviophobia: fear of flying


* bacillophobia: fear of microbes
* bacteriophobia: fear of bacteria
* bactrachophobia: fear of reptiles
* ballistophobia: fear of missles or bullets
* barophobia: fear of gravity
* bathophobia: fear of depth
* batonophobia: fear of plants
* batophobia: fear of heights
* batrachophobia: fear of amphibians
* belonephobia: fear of pins and needles
* bibiophobia: fear of books
* blennophobia: fear of slime
* bogyphobia: fear of the bogeyman
* bolshephobia: fear of bolsheviks
* botanophobia: fear of plants
* bromidrosiphobia: fear of body smells
* brontophobia: fear of thunder and lightning
* bufonophobia: fear of toads


* cacophobia: fear of ugliness
* cainophobia: fear of newness, novelty
* caligynephobia: fear of beautiful women
* carcinophobia: fear of cancer
* cardiophobia: fear of the heart
* carnophobia: fear of meat
* catagelophobia: fear of being ridiculed
* catapedaphobia: fear of jumping from high and low places
* cathisophobia: fear of sitting
* catoptrophobia: fear of mirrors
* cenophobia: fear of new things or ideas
* ceraunophobia: fear of thunder
* chaetophobia: fear of hair
* cheimaphobia or cheimatophobia: fear of cold
* chemophobia: fear of chemicals
* cherophobia: fear of gaiety
* chionophobia: fear of snow
* chiraptophobia: fear of being touched
* cholerophobia: fear of anger
* chorophobia: fear of dancing
* chrometophobia: fear of money
* chromophobia: fear of colors
* chronomentrophobia: fear of clocks
* chronophobia: fear of time
* cibophobia: fear of food
* claustrophobia: fear of enclosed spaces
* cleithrophobia: fear of being locked in an enclosed place
* cleptophobia: fear of stealing
* climacophobia: fear of stairs
* clinophobia: fear of going to bed
* clithrophobia: fear of being enclosed
* cnidophobia: fear of stings
* coimetrophobia: fear of cemeteries
* cometophobia: fear of comets
* contreltophobia: fear of sexual abuse
* coprastasophobia: fear of constipation
* coulrophobia: fear of clowns
* cremnophobia: fear of precipices
* cryophobia: fear of extreme cold, ice or frost
* crystallophobia: fear of crystals or glass
* cyberphobia: fear of computers or working on a computer
* cyclophobia: fear of bicycles
* cymophobia: fear of waves or wave like motions
* cynophobia: fear of dogs


* decidophobia: fear of making decisions
* deipnophobia: fear of dining and dinner conversations
* dementophobia: fear of insanity
* demonophobia: fear of demons
* demophobia: fear of crowds (Agoraphobia)
* dendrophobia: fear of trees
* dentophobia: fear of dentists
* dermatophobia: fear of skin lesions
* dermatosiophobia: fear of skin disease
* dextrophobia: fear of objects at the right side of the body
* diabetophobia: fear of diabetes
* didaskaleinophobia: fear of going to school
* dikephobia: fear of justice
* dinophobia: fear of dizziness
* diplophobia: fear of double vision
* dipsophobia: fear of drinking
* dishabiliophobia: fear of undressing in front of someone
* domatophobia: fear of houses or being in a house
* doraphobia: fear of fur or skins of animals
* dromophobia: fear of crossing streets
* dutchphobia: fear of the dutch
* dysmorphophobia: fear of deformity
* dystychiphobia: fear of accidents


* ecclesiaphobia: fear of churches
* ecclesiophobia: fear of church
* eicophobia: fear of home surroundings
* eistrophobia: fear of mirrors
* electrophobia: fear of electricity
* eleutherophobia: fear of freedom
* elurophobia: fear of cats (Ailurophobia)
* emetophobia: fear of vomiting
* enetophobia: fear of pins
* enochlophobia: fear of crowds
* enosiophobia: fear of criticism
* entomophobia: fear of insects
* eosophobia: fear of dawn or daylight
* epistaxiophobia: fear of nosebleeds
* epistemophobia: fear of knowledge
* equinophobia: fear of horses
* eremophobia: fear of being oneself
* eremophobia: fear of being alone
* ereuthrophobia: fear of blushing
* ergasiophobia: fear of surgical instruments
* ergophobia: fear of work
* erythrophobia: fear of the color red
* euphobia: fear of hearing good news


* febriphobia: fear of fever
* felinophobia: fear of cats
* francophobia: fear of france, french culture
* frigophobia: fear of cold


* galeophobia: fear of cats
* gallophobia or galiophobia: fear France, French culture
* gamophobia: fear of marriage
* gatophobia: fear of cats
* geliophobia: fear of laughter
* geniophobia: fear of chins
* genophobia: fear of sex
* genuphobia: fear of knees
* gephyrophobia: fear of crossing bridges
* gerascophobia: fear of growing old
* germanophobia: fear of Germany, German culture
* gerontophobia: fear of old people or of growing old
* geumaphobia: fear of taste
* glossophobia: fear of speaking in public
* gnosiophobia: fear of knowledge
* graphophobia: fear of writing
* gymnophobia: fear of nudity
* gynophobia: fear of women


* hadephobia: fear of hell
* hagiophobia: fear of saints or holy things
* hamartophobia: fear of sinning
* haphephobia: fear of being touched
* harpaxophobia: fear of being robbed
* hedonophobia: fear of feeling pleasure
* heliophobia: fear of the sun
* hellenologophobia: fear of Greek terms
* helminthophobia: fear of worms
* hemophobia: fear of blood
* herpetophobia: fear of reptiles
* heterophobia: fear of the opposite sex (sexophobia)
* hierophobia: fear of priests
* hippophobia: fear of horses
* hobophobia: fear of bums or beggars
* hodophobia: fear of road travel
* homichlophobia: fear of fog
* homilophobia: fear of sermons
* hominophobia: fear of men
* homophobia: fear of sameness
* hoplophobia: fear of firearms
* hormephobia: fear of shock
* hydrargyophobia: fear of mercurial medicines
* hydrophobia: fear of water
* hydrophobophobia: fear of rabies
* hyelophobia or hyalophobia: fear of glass
* hygrophobia: fear of liquids, dampness, or moisture
* hylephobia: fear of materialism
* hylophobia: fear of forests
* hypengyophobia: fear of responsibility
* hypnophobia: fear of sleep
* hypsiphobia: fear of height


* iatrophobia: fear of going to the doctor
* ichthyophobia: fear of fish
* ideophobia: fear of ideas
* illyngophobia: fear of veritgo
* insectophobia: fear of insects
* iophobia: fear of poison
* isolophobia: fear of solitude, being alone
* isopterophobia: fear of termites


* japanophobia: fear of Japanese
* judeophobia: fear of Jews


* kainolophobia: fear of novelty
* kakorraphiaphobia: fear of failure
* katagelophobia: fear of ridicule
* kathisophobia: fear of sitting down
* kenophobia: fear of voids
* keraunophobia: fear of thunder
* kinetophobia: fear of movement or motion
* kleptophobia: fear of stealing
* koinoniphobia: fear of rooms
* koniophobia: fear of dust (Amathophobia)
* kopophobia: fear of fatigue
* kosmikophobia: fear of cosmic phenomenon
* kymophobia: fear of waves
* kynophobia: fear of rabies
* kyphophobia: fear of stooping


* lachanophobia: fear of vegetables
* laliophobia: fear of speaking
* leprophobia: fear of leprosy
* leukophobia: fear of the color white
* levophobia: fear of things to the left side of the body
* ligyrophobia: fear of loud noises
* lilapsophobia: fear of tornadoes and hurricanes
* limnophobia: fear of lakes
* linonophobia: fear of string
* liticaphobia: fear of lawsuits
* lockiophobia: fear of childbirth
* logizomechanophobia: fear of computers
* logophobia: fear of words
* luiphobia: fear of lues, syphillis
* lutraphobia: fear of otters
* lygophobia: fear of darkness
* lyssophobia: fear of rabies or of becoming mad


* macrophobia: fear of long waits
* mageirocophobia: fear of cooking
* maieusiophobia: fear of childbirth
* maniaphobia: fear of insanity
* mastigophobia: fear of punishment
* mechanophobia: fear of machines
* megalophobia: fear of large things
* melanophobia: fear of the color black
* melissophobia: fear of bees
* melophobia: fear or hatred of music
* meningitophobia: fear of brain disease
* menophobia: fear of menstruation
* merinthophobia: fear of being bound or tied up
* metallophobia: fear of metal
* metathesiophobia: fear of changes
* meteorophobia: fear of meteors
* methyphobia: fear of alcohol
* metrophobia: fear or hatred of poetry
* microbiophobia: fear of microbes (bacillophobia)
* microphobia: fear of small things
* misophobia: fear of being contaminated with dirt of germs
* mnemophobia: fear of memories
* molysmophobia: fear of dirt or contamination
* monopathophobia: fear of definite disease
* monophobia: fear of solitude or being alone
* monophobia: fear of one thing
* motorphobia: fear of automobiles
* mottephobia: fear of moths
* musophobia: fear of mice
* mycophobia: fear or aversion to mushrooms
* mycrophobia: fear of small things
* myctophobia: fear of darkness
* myrmecophobia: fear of ants
* mysophobia: fear of germs or contamination or dirt
* mythophobia: fear of myths or stories or false statements
* myxophobia: fear of slime (blennophobia)


* nebulaphobia: fear of fog (homichlophobia)
* necrophobia: fear of death
* nelophobia: fear of glass
* neopharmaphobia: fear of new drugs
* neophobia: fear of anything new
* nephophobia: fear of clouds
* noctiphobia: fear of the night

* nomatophobia: fear of names
* nosemaphobia: fear of illness
* nosocomephobia: fear of hospitals
* nosophobia: fear of disease
* nostophobia: fear of returning home
* novercaphobia: fear of your step-mother
* nucleomituphobia: fear of nuclear weapons
* nudophobia: fear of nudity
* numerophobia: fear of numbers
* nyctophobia: fear of the dark or of night


* obesophobia: fear of gaining weight
* ochlophobia: fear of crowds or mobs
* ochophobia: fear of vehicles
* octophobia: fear of the figure 8
* odontophobia: fear of teeth or dental surgery
* odynephobia: fear of pain
* oenophobia: fear of wines
* oikophobia: fear of home surroundings, house
* olfactophobia: fear of smells
* ombrophobia: fear of rain
* ommetaphobia: fear of eyes
* oneirogmophobia: fear of wet dreams
* oneirophobia: fear of dreams
* onomatophobia: fear of hearing a certain word
* ophidiophobia: fear of snakes
* ophthalmophobia: fear of being stared at
* optophobia: fear of opening one's eyes
* ornithophobia: fear of birds
* orthophobia: fear of property
* osmophobia: fear of smells or odors
* ostraconophobia: fear of shellfish
* ouranophobia: fear of heaven


* pagophobia: fear of ice or frost
* panophobia: fear of everything
* panthophobia: fear of suffering and disease
* pantophobia: fear of fears
* papaphobia: fear of the pope
* papyrophobia: fear of paper
* paralipophobia: fear of neglecting duty
* paraphobia: fear of sexual perversion
* parasitophobia: fear of parasites
* paraskavedekatriaphobia: fear of Friday the 13th
* parthenophobia: fear of virgins or young girls
* parturiphobia: fear of childbirth
* pathophobia: fear of disease
* patroiophobia: fear of heredity
* peccatophobia: fear of sinning (imaginary crime)
* pediculophobia: fear of lice
* pediophobia: fear of dolls
* pedophobia: fear of children
* peladophobia: fear of bald people
* pellagrophobia: fear of pellagra
* peniaphobia: fear of poverty
* pentheraphobia: fear of mother-in-law
* phagophobia: fear of swallowing
* phalacrophobia: fear of becoming bald
* phallophobia: fear of a penis, esp erect
* pharmacophobia: fear of taking medicine
* pharmacophobia: fear of drugs
* phasmophobia: fear of ghosts
* phengophobia: fear of daylight or sunshine
* philemaphobia: fear of kissing
* philophobia: fear of falling in love
* philosophobia: fear of philosophy
* phobophobia: fear of one's own fears
* phonophobia: fear of noises or voices
* photoaugliaphobia: fear of glaring lights
* photophobia: fear of light
* phronemophobia: fear of thinking
* phthiriophobia: fear of lice (pediculophobia)
* phthisiophobia: fear of tuberculosis
* pinigerophobia: fear of smothering
* placophobia: fear of tombstones
* plutophobia: fear of wealth
* pluviophobia: fear of rain or of being rained on
* pneumatiphobia: fear of spirits
* pnigophobia: fear of choking or being smothered
* pocrescophobia: fear of gaining weight (obesophobia)
* pogonophobia: fear of beards
* poinephobia: fear of punishment
* poliosophobia: fear of contracting poliomyelitis
* politicophobia: fear of politicians
* polyphobia: fear of many things
* ponophobia: fear of overworking or of pain
* porphyrophobia: fear of the color purple
* potamophobia: fear of rivers or running water
* potophobia: fear of alcohol
* proctophobia: fear of rectum
* prosophobia: fear of progress
* psellismophobia: fear of stuttering
* psychophobia: fear of mind
* psychrophobia: fear of cold
* pteromerhanophobia: fear of flying
* pteronophobia: fear of being tickled by feathers
* pupaphobia: fear of puppets pyrexiophobia
* pyrophobia: fear of fire


* radiophobia: fear of radiation, x-rays
* ranidaphobia: fear of frogs
* rhabdophobia: fear of being severely punished or beaten by a rod
* rhypophobia: fear of dirt
* rhytiphobia: fear of getting wrinkles


* russophobia: fear of Russians
* samhainophobia: fear of Halloween
* satanophobia: fear of satan
* scelerophibia: fear of bad men, burglars
* schlionophobia: fear of school
* sciophobia: fear of shadows
* scoleciphobia: fear of worms
* scolionophobia: fear of school
* scopophobia: fear of being stared at
* scotomaphobia: fear of blindness in visual field
* scotophobia: fear of darkness
* scriptophobia: fear of writing in public
* selaphobia: fear of light flashes
* selenophobia: fear of the moon
* seplophobia: fear of decaying matter
* sesquipedalophobia: fear of long words
* sexophobia: fear of the opposite sex
* siderodromophobia: fear of trains
* siderophobia: fear of stars
* sinistrophobia: fear of things to the left, left-handed
* sinophobia: fear of chinese, chinese culture
* sitophobia: fear of food or eating
* snakephobia: fear of snakes (ophidiophobia)
* soceraphobia: fear of parents-in-law
* social phobia: fear of being evaluated negatively
* sociophobia: fear of society
* somniphobia: fear of sleep
* sophophobia: fear of learning
* soteriophobia: fear of dependence on others
* spacephobia: fear of outer space
* spectrophobia: fear of specters or ghosts
* spermophobia: fear of germs
* spheksophobia: fear of wasps
* stasibasiphobia: fear of standing or walking
* staurophobia: fear of crosses or the crucifix
* stenophobia: fear of narrow things or places
* stygiophobia: fear of hell
* suriphobia: fear of mice
* symbolophobia: fear of symbolism
* symmetrophobia: fear of symmetry
* syngenesophobia: fear of relatives
* syphilophobia: fear of syphilis


* tachophobia: fear of speed
* taeniophobia or teniophobia: fear of tapeworms
* taphephobia: fear of being buried alive
* tapinophobia: fear of being contagious
* taurophobia: fear of bulls
* technophobia: fear of technology
* teleophobia: fear of definate plans
* telephonophobia: fear of telephones
* teratophobia: fear of bearing a deformed child
* testophobia: fear of taking tests
* tetanophobia: fear of lockjaw, tetanus
* teutophobia: fear of German or German things
* textophobia: fear of certain fabrics
* thaasophobia: fear of sitting
* thalassophobia: fear of the sea
* thalassophobia: fear of the ocean
* thanatophobia: fear of death or dying
* theatrophobia: fear of theatres
* theologicophobia: fear of theology
* theophobia: fear of god(s) or religion
* thermophobia: fear of heat
* tocophobia: fear of pregnancy or childbirth
* tomophobia: fear of surgical operations
* tonitrophobia: fear of thunder
* topophobia: fear of performing (stage fright)
* toxiphobia: fear of poison
* traumatophobia: fear of injury
* tremophobia: fear of trembling
* trichinophobia: fear of trichinosis
* trichopathophobia: fear of hair
* triskaidekaphobia: fear of the number 13
* tropophobia: fear of moving or making changes
* trumatophobia: fear of injury
* trypannophobia: fear of inoculation, injections
* trypanophobia: fear of injections
* tuberculophobia: fear of tuberculosis
* tyrannophobia: fear of tyrants


* uranophobia: fear of heaven
* urophobia: fear of urine or urinating


* vaccinophobia: fear of vaccination
* venustraphobia: fear of beautiful women
* verbophobia: fear of words
* verminophobia: fear of germs
* vestiophobia: fear of clothing
* virginitiphobia: fear of rape
* vitricophobia: fear of step-father


* walloonphobia: fear of the walloons
* wiccaphobia: fear of witches and witchcraft


* xanthophobia: fear of the color yellow
* xenophobia: fear of strangers
* xerophobia: fear of dryness
* xylophobia: fear of wooden objects


* zelophobia: fear of jealousy
* zemmiphobia: fear of the great mole rat
* zeusophobia: fear of god or gods
* zoophobia: fear of animals


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