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What to read for Geography in IAS?

Author: ias, Posted on Thursday, April 15 @ 00:00:00 IST by RxPG  

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IAS and Civil Services

Basic Reading

1. Strahler, A.N. or Strahler & Strahler : Modern Physical Geography.
2. NCERT—11th and 12th class Geography books.
3. Geography Made Simple series by Rupa publications.
4. Rama Chandran—Urbanization and urban systems in India.
5. Five Year Plan document.
6. Yojna/Kurukshetra/Employment News.

Further Reading

1. Small, R.J.—Study of Landforms.
2. Eyre—Soil, Vegetation and Climate.
3. Trewartha, G.T.—An Introduction to Climate.
4. Sharma & Vatal—Occanography for Geographers.
5. Adhikari, S.—Fundamentals of Geographical Thought
6. Dikshit, R.D.—Political Geography
7. Northern—Urban Geography
8. Hurst, M.E.—Geography of Economic Behaviour.
9. Symons or Moryan & Mutton—Agricultural Geography
10. Leong, G.S. & Morgen—Human & Economic Geography
11. Sharma & Continho—Economic & Commercial Geography of India
12. Chand, Mahesh & Puri—Regional Planning in India.
13. Leong, G.S. Certificate to Physical Geography
14. Critch field, Elements of Climatology
15. Singh G., Geography of India

Key Points

1.(a) Subject is Scoring, reliable.
(b) Subject has Scientific Flavour
(c) Subject is not lengthy
(d) Time required for preparation—2-3 months.

2.(a) Paper-I is understanding of fundamental concepts.
(b) Paper II is application of fundamental concepts
(c) In paper I, two full length question to be attempted from section A.
(d) For Paper II, holistic view needs to be developed.
(e) Question on Map in both papers, quite moving

3. (a) Guidance should be seeked from only trained Geographers.
(b) Prefereably by Geographers teaching in Universities with a feel of Civil Services Examination system.
(c) Guidance must not be sought from untrained, self proclaimed geography expects as it may prove harmful.

4. (a) Write answers of important questions that have come in the past, get the answers properly evaluated.
(b) Rewrite your answer in the light of comments from evaluation and get reevaluated.

4 (Excellent) 3(Good) 2(Good) 1(Bad)   

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