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Author: Guest, Posted on Tuesday, June 17 @ 16:57:45 IST by RxPG  

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DNB Part 1

1. All are true about umbilical cord EXCEPT

two umbilical arteries/ one umbilical vein/ covered by chorion/ contains Wharton's jelly

2. Double bubble sign is seen in-- duodenal atresia

3. Fluid filled dilated oesophagus with no gas in stomach is seen in-- achalasia cardia

4. Portal vein is formed by joining of splenic vein with-- superior mesenteric vein

5. Uterus is formed by-- mullerian duct

6. Fallopian tube is formed by-- mullerian duct

7. Epoophoron is-- remnant of Wolffian duct

8. Thyroid develops from

2nd pharyngeal pouch/ 3rd pharyngeal pouch/ thyroglossal duct

9. Valve of Hasner is found in-- nasolacrimal duct/ Eustachian tube

10. All the muscles are supplied by 3rd cranial nerve EXCEPT-- superior oblique

11. Most common cause of angina not of vascular origin is-- aortic stenosis

12. Carcinoid syndrome most commonly involves

tricuspid and pulmonary valve/ tricuspid and mitral valve

13. Adrenaline in cardiac arrest should be given in the following concentration

1:1000/ 1:10000/ 1:100000/ any concentration

14. Treatment of choice in ventricular fibrillation is

electrical cardioversion/ lignocaine

15. Which of the following arrhythmias is most commonly associated with syncope-

atrial fibrillation/ ventricular tachycardia/ complete A-V block

16. Post thyroidectomy, right sided vocal cord paralysis is due to damage of _______ nerve near ______ artery

· recurrent laryngeal nerve, inferior thyroid artery

· recurrent laryngeal nerve, superior thyroid artery

17. Wrist drop is due to damage to radial nerve in

upper arm/ wrist/ hand

18. Angiotensin converting enzyme is secreted in

sarcoidosis/ miliary tuberculosis/ brucellosis/ none of the above

19. Hypercalcaemia in a malignant disease without secondaries, the primary should be searched in

breast/ liver/ pituitary

20. True about seminoma is-- most common type of testicular tumour in undescended testis

21. Treatment of choice for Paget’s disease of the breast-- biopsy and simple mastectomy

22. Prominent U-wave is seen in

hypokalaemia/ hyperkalaemia

23. U-shaped audiogram is seen in

secretory otitis media/ otosclerosis

24. Malignant otitis extra is-- infectious disease

25. A non-healing ulcer on the side of the nose is most probably

basal cell carcinoma/ squamous cell carcinoma

26. During pregnancy true is

PBI is increased/ thyroid binding capacity is increased

27. During pregnancy true is

GFR is increased/ BUN is increased/ renal plasma flow is increased/ increased creatinine clearance

28. Healing of wound requires all EXCEPT

copper/ zinc/ vitamin C/ calcium

29. In syringomyelia sensation which is lost is

pain and temperature/ touch

30. In a child having acute post streptococcal glomerulonephritis, which of the following is not present

oedema/ hypertension/ coffee coloured urine/ polyuria

31. PAN does not involve

peripheral neuropathy/ lymphadenopathy/ glomerulonephritis/ fever and leucocytosis

32. What is the difference between lymph node and tonsil

presence of sinuses/ presence of lining epithelium/ T cell/ B cell

33. Which is the most appropriate indicator of sufficient ventilation

pCO2=40%/ pCO2=80%/ pH=7.35/ SpO2=99%

34. True about hepatitis D virus is-- associated with hepatitis B virus

35. Correct about Klebsiella pneumonia is

involves upper lobe/ involves middle lobe/ treatment with cloxacillin eradicates it

36. Early step to prevent gas gangrene

prophylactic immunisation/ debridment/ hyperbaric oxygen

37. Normal level of 24-hour urine protein-- 150 mg

38. Folic acid requirement during pregnancy

100/ 150/ 300/ 500

39. Best study in a hospital setup

cohort/ case-control/ longitudinal/ cross sectional

40. The age of the foetus with fused eyelids is

6 weeks to 6 months/ 2 to 9 months/ 7 to 9 months

41. Most common manifestation of hypernatraemia is

gastro-intestinal/ respiratory/ CNS

42. Which of the following is not a bronchodilator

atropine/ corticosteroid/ salbutamol/ theophylline

43. Most important test for haemophilia


44. Hair on end appearance is seen in-- haemolytic anaemia

45. Mode of action of progesterone in decreasing dysmenorrhoea is

inhibiting oestrogen/ inhibiting ovulation/ increasing the pain threshold

46. Pinpoint pupil, fever, and paralysis is due to-- pontine haemorrhage

47. Megaloblastic anaemia does not manifest as

macrocytic anaemia/ pancytopenia/ aplastic anaemia/ thrombocytopenia

48. Severe hypernatraemia in a child is treated by

normal saline/ 1.5% saline/ 3% saline/ sodium bicarbonate

49. Whichever following is not used to test Down's syndrome

AFP/ HCG/ oestriol/ progesterone

50. Turnover time of the water content of amniotic fluid is

1 hour/ 3 hours/ 24 hours

51. After delivery, thrombosis of the uterine vessels occurs in

immediately/ 2 to 3 days/ 4 to 6 days

52. Hyperprolactinaemia occurs in all EXCEPT

hyperthyroidism/ hyperthyroidism/ phenothiazine therapy

53. Sodium concentration in isotonic saline is

134/ 144/ 154/ 164 mEq

54. Primary amenorrhoea occurs in all EXCEPT-- PCOD

55. In diabetes, antibodies against B-cell and glutamate transferase are seen in

type 1/ type 2 DM

56. Pheochromocytoma arises from-- chromaffin cells

57. All are true about arrhenoblastoma EXCEPT

· it is a masculinizing tumour

· it starts from adrenal rest cells

· recurs in 25% of the cases

· occurs in 20-30 years age group

58. Argentaffinoma secretes-- serotonin

59. Most important contributory factor for plasma osmolality is-- albumin

60. Solitary biliary stone is mostly composed of

cholesterol/ calcium bilirubinate/ pigments

61. Prostaglandin is synthesised from

essential fatty acids/ nonessential fatty acids/ essential amino acids/ nonessential amino acids

62. All are synthesised in the body EXCEPT

riboflavin/ thiamine/ cyanocobalamin/ vitamin K

63. Which disease occurs in people eating maize as a staple diet-- Vit B1 deficiency/ pellagra

64. All are correct about rickets EXCEPT

cupping and fraying/ bowing of the legs/ ground glass appearance/ craniotabes

65. Radiological feature of osteomalacia is-- looser's zone

66. Pseudo-paralysis occurs in

vitamin C deficiency/ vitamin D deficiency

67. Phrenoderma occurs in-- vitamin a deficiency

68. Trop-T is used to investigate

acute myocardial infarction/ LVF

69. A child with varicella infection presents with shingles, which viral infection will not occur in later life in him

pox/ herpes

70. Which of the following is a live vaccine

polysaccharide influenza vaccine/ varicella immunoglobulin

71. HLA B27 is present in all EXCEPT

seronegative rheumatoid arthritis/ psoriatic arthritis/ ankylosing spondylitis

72. Carcinoma that occurs in aniline dye workers-- bladder cancer

73. CD4 marker is present in

neutrophils/ lymphocytes/ RBC/ platelets

74. Turners syndrome is most commonly associated with

coarctation of aorta/ PDA/ VSD

75. All our true about tetralogy of Fallot EXCEPT

right sided aortic arch/ pulmonary oligaemia/ cardiomegaly/ dilated aorta

76. Most common eye manifestation of chloroquine is

optic neuritis/ retinopathy

77. Treatment of choice is for cerebral malaria-- quinine

78. True about multiple myeloma is

monoclonal gammopathy/ Polyclonal gammopathy

79. Which are the following is not destroyed by

staphylococcal exotoxin/ bacillary dysentery organism

80. Most common infection after splenectomy

gram positive/ gram negative

81. Fever one-day after operation is most probably due to
aseptic traumatic pyrexia/ antibiotic fever/ infection

82. Number of chromosomes in a somatic cell is
21/ 22/ 23/ none of the above

83. Best investigation for the diagnosis of kala-azar

complement fixation test/ bone-marrow aspiration/ peripheral blood smear examination

84. Dengue fever is transmitted by-- Aedes aegypti

85. Most common intraocular tumour in adults
malignant melanoma/ retinoblastoma/ secondaries

86. The lipoprotein which has inverse relationship with coronary artery disease

HDL/ LDL/ chylomicrons

87. H. pylori causes
gastric carcinoma/ peptic ulcer

88. Splinter haemorrhage is seen in
infective endocarditis/ rheumatic fever

89. Thrombocytopenia is seen in all EXCEPT-- Henoch Schonlein purpura

90. The least common site of lymphoma in GIT is
oesophagus/ stomach/ small intestine/ colon

91. Quinolones are not given in
UTI/ typhoid/ seizure disorder

92. Mallory hyaline bodies are found in
alcoholic hepatitis/ acute hepatitis A

93. Most common causative agent of bronchiolitis in children is-- respiratory syncitial virus

94. For cyanosis to occur, the reduced Hb level should be more than-- 5 g%

95. Which is both an alpha and a beta blocker-- Labetalol

96. Visible carotid pulsation in aortic regurgitation is
Corrigan sign/ Demusset sign/ collapsing pulse/ water hammer pulse

97. HIV positivity to full-blown AIDS case takes
1-2 yrs/ 2-4 yrs/ 7-10 yrs

98. Which of the following does not occur in Charcot's joint

hypermobility/ pain/ effusion/ broken end of the bone

99. All are correct about measles EXCEPT
incubation period of 10 to 12 days/ exanthematous rashes

100. What is the APGAR score of a blue, floppy newborn with pulse rate < 70 per minute, and grimacing on nasal catheter
2/ 3/ 4/ 5

101. Cold antibodies are present in
mycoplasma/ lymphoma/ SLE

102. Central portion of the tympanic membrane is called
umbo/ fovea centralis

103. Most characteristic hallucination in alcoholics is
visual/ auditory

104. Tamoxifen is used in treatment of-- breast carcinoma

105. All are features of pellagra EXCEPT
dementia/ diarrhoea/ dermatitis/ dyspnoea

106. Increased bone density is seen in all EXCEPT
hypophosphataemia/ osteopetrosis/ renal osteodystrophy/ hypervitaminosis A

107. Contaminant used in adulteration of mustard oil-- argemone

108. True about aqueduct of Sylvius is

· connects third and fourth ventricle

· connects both lateral ventricles

· 3 cm long

109. CSF is formed mainly in
choroid plexus/ arachnoid granulations

110. Not a component of basal ganglia
amygdala/ putamen/ caudate nucleus/ substantia nigra

111. Posterior mediastinal tumour-- neurogenic tumour

112. Mode of action of soda lime used in anaesthesia is-- to absorb carbon dioxide

113. Most common bone to be fractured during delivery—clavicle

114. Most suitable graft for an open wound is
isograft/ autograft/ allograft/ zenograft

115. All are features of a child born to a hyperglycaemic mother EXCEPT
hyperglycaemia/ hypocalcaemia/ respiratory distress

116. A child can sit without support at
3-5 mo/ 6-8 mo/ 7-10 mo

117. Total iron content of the body is
0.5-1.0 g/ 1.5-3.0 g/ 3-4 g

118. First permanent tooth to erupt is-- first molar

Memory based Qs. contributed by- Dr. Pankaj RK Prasad, Dr. Rashmi, Dr. Atul

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