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TN PG Medical Entrance Examination 2003

Author: Guest, Posted on Tuesday, June 17 @ 17:42:09 IST by RxPG  

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Tamilnadu PG

Submitted By Bruno

TN PG Medical Entrance Examination 2003
The following questions are compiled from the memory by the PG Aspirants of Tirunelveli Medical College who attended the Tamil Nadu PG Medical Entrance 2003 on 27th April 2003 at Chennai. The questions are not framed fully because, in many cases, it is not needed and in few cases we were not able to recollect. The same can be said of choices. There are a few controversies and as with any Objective question compilation, here too, we don’t claim that this is an error proof work and contributions and corrections are welcome.

We have done this collection following a conclusion after contemplation, consideration and consultation and you can always mail in your correction, contribution, botheration and suggestion about any clarification, commission and omission about this examination compilation!!!

It is understood that those who are reading this are knowledgeable enough to comprehend that these questions and answers are in no way related to the Official Question Bank and the Official key that may be used for valuation. The aim of this work primarily for the benefit of the future exams and not to brood over one or two questions!!! The questions are written from the memory of the examinees and hence there is a chance that this is not 100 percent accurate! We would like to distance ourselves from any confusion arising out of these Questions (and Answers) and in the unforeseen instance of a controversy arising out of these Questions (and Answers), we are not responsible for it. If, however, you find a slip of the finger (mistake) please post in your views in the message board, so that it is corrected. Another aim of posting is to inculcate a habit of healthy discussion………


1) All are branches of Femoral Artery except Accessory Obturator Artery

2) Length of male urethera is 20 cm

3) Arch of Aorta is in the Superior Mediastinum

4) Ureter crosses all except Inferior Mesenteric Artery

5) Hilum of Right Kidney is related to all except Adrenal

6) Lesser omentum contains all except IVC

7) Tributaries of Portal veins are all except Hepatic veins

8) Inversion and Eversion occurs at Subtalar joint

9) About Trigone of Bladder, all are true except - supplied by Somatic nerves

10) Deep inguinal ring is a defect in Transversalis Fascia

11) Smallest bone is Stapes

12) Foetal membranes are all except Decidua basalis (?? Yolk Sac)


13) Bernoulli’s Theory - Sum of Kinetic Energy and Pressure is a constant

14) Diffusability is inverselye proportional to the Mol Wt - Graham’s Law

15) Laminar Flow - Closing Volume

16) Equilibrium potential - Nerst Equation

17) Pneumotaxic center is situated in Pons

18) alpha chain absent in Hb-Gowers

19) Surfactant secreted by Lung

20) Pain mediated by Bradykinin (Is there any one who says Histamine!!!)

21) Pacinian corpuscle - Touch / (Why not Pressure??)

22) Broncho Pulmonary segment- drained by 2 pulmonary veins

23) Milk ejection reflux Oxytoxin

24) Hearing frequency - 20 to 20000 Hz


25) McArdle’s disease - Muscle Phosphorylase

26) Biotin Carnboxylation all except Glutamate

27) Aldolase is a lyase

28) Hyperlipaedimea Type I - Lipoprotein lipase deficiency

29) Acute Intermediate Porphyria is due to deficiency of Uroporphyrinogen I Synthase

30) Degeneracy of Codon - one amino acid has many codons

31) Milk Sugar - lactose

32) Galactosemia diet - restrict milk

33) Alkaptonuria - Homogentisic Acid Oxidase

34) Zinc Overdose all except Hyperpigmentation ???

35) Hyponatremia occurs in Addisons disease

36) Example for frame shift mutation ???? (Not HbS and Constant Spring )

37) Carbomoyl Phosphate - Choice b !!!!

38) Cushing’s Syndrome Excess cortisol

39) Quartenary Structure - all except Albumin

40) Pellagra ???

41) Heme containing enzyme all except Urease

42) DNA ????

43) Mesothelioma is casused by Asbestos

44) Lipotrophic factrors all except Arginine

45) Acrodermatitis Enterophatica Zinc

46) PAH - Renal Plasma Flow

47) Calitriol is 1,25 dihydroxy cholecalciferol

48) Last stage of respiratory failure - Hyperkalemia (In respiratory failure there is acidosis)


49) Contraindicated in Myocardial Infarction - Pentozacine

50) Increased Oral : Parenteral Ratio Methadone

51) Heparin Antagonist Protamine Sulphate

52) Steroid in transplant - reduces rejection

53) Tolerance not developed for Miosis

54) Halogenated compounds all except Propofol

55) Translation in Protein synthesis affected by Tetracycline(Reference Awaited)

56) Mifepristone - Progesteorne antagonist

57) Mineralocorticoid antagonist - Spirinolactone

58) INH and Pyridoxine given together to prevent peripheral neuritis

59) Gum Hypertrophy Phenytoin

60) Bull’s Eye Maculopathy Chloroquine


61) DIC seen in M3

62) Hemophilia is due to deficiency of factor VIII

63) MEN Type II b all except Pituitary adenoma

64) Rheumatic fever Aschoff body

65) Natural Carcionogens all except Benzidine

66) Aging pigment Lipofushin

67) Complication in 2nd week of AMI - Aneurym/rupture/??

68) Brown induration Lung

69) Call mediated Reaction Tuberculin

70) Sarcoidosis Non caseating granuloma

71) Best method of diagnosis - Biopsy

72) Calcitonin is increased in medullary ca thyroid

73) Cystic Fibrosis 7q

74) Barrets Esophagus Lower one third

75) SABE - Streptococcus viridans

76) Wilson’s disease all except Serum copper always decreased

77) The focus of Attack in Rheumatoid Arthritis is at Synovium

78) Metachromatic dystrophy ????

79) Prenatal diagnosis possible through all except Peripheral lymphocytes

80) Non neural Rabies vaccine - Human Diploid cell


81) Hydatid Cyst Vital Layer - Germinal Epithelium

82) No Cystic stage - Trichomonas Vaginalis/Diantamoeba Fragilis

83) Tropical Splenomegaly - Proguanil

84) Virulence of Pneumococci - Capsular Polysacchride

85) Chronic Granulomatous disease - defect in Phagocytosis

86) Measles - natural active immunity

87) Gas Gangrene - Clostridioum perfinges

88) Food poisoning all except Proteus

89) Cluster of hyphae - Mycelium

90) Erythema Chronicum Migrans - Lyme

91) Cat - Toxoplamosis

92) Dimorphic Fungi - Histoplasma

93) H.Pyloric Carcinogenic due to Nitrosamines

94) Infectious Mononucleosis caused by EBV

95) Paul Bunnel Test - IMV

96) Local Immunity IgA

97) Negri Bodies Rabies

98) Neonatal Meningitis Grouip B Streptococcus

99) Bull’s neck Diphtheria

100) Adjuvants - Increase immunity


101) Professional misconduct

102) Professional death sentence is by State Medical Council

103) McEvan’s Sign - Alcoholic Coma

104) Rigor mortis first appears in Heart (Eye/Hand also given in other books!!!)

105) Algor mortis Cooling of body

106) Abortificant causing partial deafness - Quinine

107) Bertillon System Identification

108) Gustafson’s method Age

109) Stellate wound - Contact/15 cm/far away

110) Sterility - Loss of both testicles


111) Maximum Flouride level 1.5

112) Village level health workers all except ?????

113) ICDS components all except Iodine deficiency precaution

114) Requirement of Iodine 150 microgram

115) Water stored for 5 to 7 days 90 % drop in bacterial count

116) Vit D Requirement for children 200 IU

117) Transmission of Malaria Ronald Ross

118) Notifiable diseases all except Paralytic Polio

119) Incubation period of Filariasis 8 to 16 months

120) Highly infective plaque - Pneumonic plaque

121) Patients are to be isolated in all diseases except AIDS

122) IMR Goal for 2000 - 60

123) Pearl Index - Effectiveness of contraceptives

124) The single most method of TB detection in mass screening is Sputum microscopy

125) Monday Fever Byssinosis


126) Psoriasis characteristically involves DIP Joint

127) Hepatitis Seroconversion starts with IgM Anti HBc

128) Addison’s disease all except Hypertension

129) Trousseua - Tetany

130) Reduced oral intake of Ca - all except decreased renal absorption

131) Metastatic calcification all except decreased calcium level in blood

132) Secondary hyperthyroidism results in increased ionized calcium

133) Hemolysis in G6PD Deficiency

134) Rheumatoid factor - Fc Fragment of IgM

135) Oppurtunistic disease in AIDS all except Diphtheria

136) Acute corpulmonal - Pulm Embolism

137) Anaemia sensitive indicator MCHC

138) Lesion of Optic tract - Left homonymous hemianopia

139) CREST Syndrome all except Syndactyly

140) Adrenaline route of administration in Cardiac Arrest iv/intracardiac ( No arguments please)

141) Mitral Valvuloplasty indicated in Isolated MS

142) Decreased PR interval with Delta Wave is WPW Syndrome

143) Myasthenia all except UMN lesion

144) Intrapleural pressure is equal to atmospheric pressure in Open Pneumothorax

145) Vocal resonance is increased in Pneumonic consolidation


146) Tuberous sclerosis all except ???

147) Cholera Sicca - dehydration without diarrhea and vomiting

148) Hereditary telengectasis - Osler Weber Rendu

149) Primary Pulmonary hypertension Drugs used are all except - ??? Note that NaHCO3 is used (Nelson)

150) Congenital hypothyroidism all except large baby(birthweight more)

151) Meconium aspiration syndrome all except Respiratory distress always (Nelson)

152) Maximum growth spurt in boys 10 cm (Nelson)

153) Transient tachypnoesa of newborn - all are true except - Rhonchi are present (Nelson)

154) 15 month old baby - all except 4 cubes

155) Projectile vomiting - Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis


156) All are treatable causes of dementia except Pick’s

157) Hallucination is a disorder of perception

158) Schizophrenia is a disorder of thought

159) Problem associated with hypothyroidism Depression

160) Dhat Syndrome Semen

161) Neurosios and Psychosis differentiated by Insight

162) Side effect of Clozapine Agranulocytosis


163) Psoariasis Auspitz Sign

164) Wickham’s Striae Liuchen Planus

165) Exclamatory Mark hair Alopecia Areata


166) Antiretroviral therapy monitored by RNA PCR

167) VDRL - Flocculation

168) Chanchroid Inflammatory Bubo


169) Spider Leg Polycystic kidney

170) All are Echogenic except air

171) Curved Cassatte - Mandible

172) Contrast in Barium Swallow - Barium Sulphate

173) Myelography Dye Used Myodil

174) ERCP to differentiate medical and surgical jaundice

175) Sonosalphingography - Tubes

176) Isotope used in treatmentof thyroid cancer I 131

177) Asbestosis is associated with Mesothelioma



179) Abruptio placenta all except conservation management

180) Causes of APH all except Atony of Uterus

181) Complication of 3rd stage of labour all except Obstructed labour

182) Most common adolescent tumour of ovary - Dysgerminoma

183) Loss of Villi - Choriocarcinoma

184) Obstetric conjugate is calculated from Diagonal Conjugate

185) Internal ballotment 16 to 28 weeks

186) Pap Smear Ca Cx

187) Most common presentation at term Vertex

188) Ca Cervix HPV

189) Third Degree perineal tear - Repaired by experienced person

190) Hob Nail cells - Clear cell ca

191) Length of cervical canal 2.5 cm

192) Isthumus all are true except 20 mm

193) Hyperstimulation Is maximum with FSH/LH

194) Age group of menopause 45 to 55

195) High cornification index Late proliferative stage

196) Pregnancy all except decreased creatinine clearance

197) Fothergill’s operation all except Roungd ligament placation

198) Uterine Resting pressure ???


199) Ca breast flap TRAM

200) Sebaceous cyst is retention cyst

201) Murphy’s and Boas Sign Acute Chlecystitis

202) Malignant melanoma never before puberty

203) Third space Tissue and Hollow Visceral space ( Clarification needed)

204) Ca Prostate Estrogen

205) Hypocalcemia is in total thyroidectomy

206) Bushke Lowenstein Tumour - Giant condylomata Acuminata

207) Thyroglossal cyst moves due to attachment to Foramen Caecum

208) Ulcer - loss of epithelium

209) Tropical ulcer - Borrelia vinceti

210) Matted Enlarged Node - Tuberculosis

211) Most Common extra nodal site of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - Stomach

212) Hemolytic Jaundice all except increased bilirubin in urine

213) DVT - Embolise (Clarification needed)

214) Carcinoid most common in Appendix

215) Ca stomach risk factor all except decreased salt intake

216) Pre patellar bursits - house maid’s knee

217) Common cause of death in burns shock (why not electrolye loss or water loss which leads to shock)

218) Placental alkaline Phosphatase Seminoma


219) Bennet’s fracture - Base of I metacarpal with subluxation

220) Gallow’s Traction Femer

221) # Patella - Tension band wiring

222) Wrist drop Radial nerve

223) Thomas test - fixed flexion deformity

224) Codman’s triangle - Osteosarcoma

225) Dinner fork deformity - Colle’s fracture

226) Hallux Valgus - Great toe

227) Stage of Synovitis - Flexion Abduction and external rotation

228) Commonest cause of vertebral compression is Extradural


229) Second Sight - Presbyopia/nuclear Sclerosis (Please clarify)

230) Corneal necrosis without inflammation - Keratomalacia

231) Membranes occur in Palpabral conjuctiva

232) Folliculkar conjunctivitis - Epidemic Keratoconjuctivitis

233) Astigmatism - Cylindrical Lens

234) Anterior chamber shallow in all except Steroid Induced Glaucoma

235) Congenital Glaucoma - Photophobia

236) Central loss of vision Optic neuritis


237) Nerve supply to Auricle all except Auditory nerve

238) Otosclerosis affects stapes

239) Receptor of hearing Organ of corti

240) Choana - Posterior Nasal aperture

241) Thidicum speculum - Nose

242) Suprameatal Triangle - mastoid Antrum

243) Griesinger’s Sign - Lateral Sinus Thrombosis

244) Facial Recess - all except ????


245) Anaesthesia in shock Ketamine

246) Dissociative Anaesthesis Ketamine

247) Ether used by Morton

248) CVP Measured in all except Supf Saphenous vein

249) MAC - Minimal Alveolar concentration

250) Respitatory Obstruction in Comatose patients - Falling back of tongue


12) Foetal membranes are all except Decidua basalis (?? Yolk Sac)

20) Pain mediated by Bradykinin (Is there any one who says Histamine!!!)

21) Pacinian corpuscle - Touch (Ganong) / (Why not Pressure?? - Pacinian corpuscles are rapidly adapting touch receptors which are primarily intended for pressure which also transmits touch, pressure is nothing but deep touch, here pressure should be the answer. Ref Chaudhuri Physiology which states clearly that it also transmits touch. - Dr.Rajendran Sambandam)

40) Pellagra ???

34) Zinc toxicity except,1.Anemia(occurs), 2. stunted growth, 3.dermatitis, 4. pigmentation?

67) Complication in 2nd week of AMI - Rupture (because aneurysm develops only in 3rd or 4th week - Dr.Rajendran Sambandam)

71) Most releiable test is biopsy or frozen section?

78) Metachromatic dystrophy ????

82) No cyst stage in trichomonas vaginalis or dientamoeba fragilis? both given in book chatterjee

104) Rigor mortis first appears in Heart (Eye/Hand also given in other books!!! - Heart among Involuntary muscles and Eye among Voluntary Muscles - Dr.Rajendran Sambandam)

109) Stellate wound - Contact/15 cm/far away

112) Village level health workers all except Gram sevak (because he is not primarily concerned with health, he is working for revenue dept - Dr.Rajendran Sambandam)

122) IMR 2000 target 50 or 60? according to Who 50 in india its 60 but i dony remember whether india was mentioned in the question paper?

140) In cardiac arrest adrenaline given in which route. intracardiac or intravenous?

146) Tuberous sclerosis all except ???

149) Primary Pulmonary hypertension Drugs used are all except - ??? Note that NaHCO3 is used (Nelson)

170) All are Echogenic except air/bile/bone

173) Myelography Dye Used Myodil/Iohexol

198) Uterine Resting pressure ??(In pregnancy, it is 2 to 3 mm Hg(Dutta) but is it normal otherwise also)?

200) Sebaceous cyst is retention cyst or epidermoid cyst.

203) Third space Tissue and Hollow Visceral space ( Clarification needed)

213) Deep venous thrombosis true is. embolise or most common presentation is pain and swelling in leg?

217) Common cause of death in burns shock (why not electrolye loss or water loss which leads to shock)

229) Second Sight - Presbyopia/nuclear Sclerosis (Please clarify)

244) Facial Recess - all except head of malleus. The other choices were chorda tympani, facial nerve and fossa incudis (- Dr.Rajendran Sambandam)

Compiled by Tirunelveli Medical College PG Aspirants

Report Errors to Bruno

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