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How to start preparing for entrance examinations?

Author: RM1VM1, Posted on Saturday, August 28 @ 18:05:50 IST by RxPG  

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September signals the start of yet another crack at the PG Entrance exams. Some things that are essential yet overlooked and can hamper your preparation are:

a) Lack of time
b) Lack of material to study
c) Downright laziness

Time is something that is not under our control. So we have to do what we can with the time available to us, which is roughly 4 months.

Let us assume that you are starting right now i.e. you have not had any brush-ups of any subject till now.

MBBS or even BDS has about 22 subjects (clinical and Para-clinical included) and to study all of them takes a Herculean effort. More so to recollect all that u have studied

But don’t get disheartened!

A professor who I know once told me that 45 days was all that was required to succeed in any competitive pre PG exam. But that it required loads of concentration hard work and a will to win. He told me that no matter what if u badly wants to succeed u would win no matter what. The key lies in how badly u wants to succeed. Then again, you have to optimise the time available to u and do a selective study of all the subjects that are included in the MBBS/BDS course

Material wise I am sure u all agree that it is tough to collect all the available material. More so because the new additions of textbooks keep cropping up every now and then. And the examiners just to make it tougher seem to refer these new additions for framing questions. The best advice I can give u as far as the numerous MCQ's books available in the market is that just buy them all with a pinch of salt. Because no book is a substitute for a thorough knowledge about the subject.

Now we come to the most important factor...procrastination or what I call laziness. There is a feeling to keep postponing reading all the stuff until tomorrow which I am sad to say never comes (yeah! the Bond is right). Then again as my professor said it depends on how badly u want to succeed.

In the end on exam day none of this matters...all that matters is how ready and how calm your brain is to face the 200 (or so) questions.

"Always believe in the fruit of success produced by the labour of hard work - so work, plan, build and dream-in that order and with God's help u will find a way to do it"...

Happy studying folks...

Note: This article has been written specifically for those who are late in starting their PG entrance preparations.

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