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Textbooks for MRCS UK exams

Author: giligilii, Posted on Tuesday, September 14 @ 09:17:57 IST by RxPG  

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MRCS Part 1

I am mentioning some textbooks necessary for preperation for MRCS

MRCS & FRCS textbooks
Clinical surgery in General

Kirk R M. Ribbans W J
Paperback. 512 pages. Published Oct 03
Elsevier Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 0443072620
This book does not attempt to rival major surgical textbooks, but draws together a collection of basic information in a convenient format. Clinical surgery in General provides a transition in knowledge between the basic sciences and clinical practice. Emphasis is placed on the general principles of surgery rather than on management of specific conditions and thus this title complements the standard clinical surgical textbooks.

The New Aird's Companion in Surgical Studies

Burnand K G. Young A E.
Hardcover. 1248 pages. Published Jun 99
Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 044305326X
This book has established itself as the standard surgical text for trainees preparing for the Royal College of Surgeons MRCS or FRCS examinations. It is the principal textbook recommended to accompany the Royal College of Surgeons STEP course. This edition contains updated sections on all major aspects of general surgery. A comprehensive orthopaedic section has been added.

Essential Surgical Practice: Basic Surgical Training

Cuschieri A. Steele R J. Moosa A R.
Hardcover. 600 pages. Published Jan 00
Arnold. ISBN 0750647809
The changes in surgical training have meant that previously published textbooks may not be appropriate for the new MRCS/AFRCS examination. This manual has changed considerably in this edition, which is expressly targeted at the MRCS/AFRCS candidate. Using a modular style presentation and moving to a patient-centred approach, the book seeks to provide all the information necessary for the candidate studying for the "generality of surgery" part of the MRCS/AFRCS.

Essential Surgical Practice: Higher Surgical Training

Cuschieri A. Steele R J. Moosa A R.
Hardcover. 1408 pages. Published May 02
Arnold. 0340806389
This text aims to cater for the needs of the FRCS exit exam candidate in general surgery. The book covers all aspects of those subjects where the general surgeon needs detailed knowledge in order to carry out the wide remit of the speciality, for example: breast, endocrine, liver, biliary tract, pancreas, lymph nodes, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, SKIN and soft tissue, abdominal wall, hernias and vascular surgery. In addition, those areas where a good working knowledge is required are covered in less, but adequate, detail (neurosurgery, head and neck, thoracic surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, urology and transplantation).

Principles of Surgical Practice

Kingsnorth A. Majeed A A
Hardcover. 460 pages. Published Jul 2001
Greenwich Medical Media. ISBN 18411000196
Surgical trainees need to very rapidly gain a good understanding of the nature of the diseases they are treating and to build their own repertoire of surgical operations. They must also pass the very searching examinations, and there is consequently great pressure, within a limited time period, to obtain not only experience and training but also a considerable amount of factual and practical knowledge. Principles of Surgical Practice builds on the success of Fundamentals of Surgical Practice, and has been designed to meet the needs of Basic Surgical Trainees approaching the via part of the Final Assessment, which test their knowledge of operative surgery, intensive care and pathology. The editors have drawn upon the experience a team of recognised experts and experienced surgical trainers to provide their perspective on the various aspects of surgical management in chapters, presented in a way that makes learning as efficient as possible but containing sufficient detail to cover all aspects of the viva examination. Principles of Surgical Practice is indispensable to the Basic Surgical Trainee, and will also provide the established surgeon and other healthcare professionals working in the surgical environment with an overview of the key principles underpinning modern surgical practice.

The Scientific and Clinical Basis of Surgical Practice

Eremin O
Hardcover. 784 pages. Published Jun 01
Oxford University Press. ISBN 0192627031
This is an overview of the disease processes encountered in surgical practice and the clinical principles underlying the optimal management of the surgical patient. The content covers the relevant Anatomy, pathology, and scientific background, as well as describing clinical techniques. The book, with contributions from general surgeons as well as specialists, is organized to cover some core aspects of surgery, encountered in many specialist areas, such as trauma, cancer and sepsis, before moving on to look at the detailed and specific management of each of the key organ systems in the body. The content has been selected to provide a knowledge base and educational companion for the surgical trainee. The speciality sections have been selected to complement the teaching modules produced by the UK Royal Colleges of Surgeons for the AFRCS/MRCS Diploma. The book will also be relevant for all surgical trainees in other geographic territories, as well as junior consultant surgeons in practice.

Basic Surgical Operation

Foster M E. Morris-Stiff G
Paperback. 140 pages. Published Jul 00
Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 044306359
A small and straightforward guide to approximately 65 common operations which are routinely carried out in elective surgery. Each operation is described in detail, starting with the indications for selecting this form of surgery, advice about setting up in advance, then descriptions in a simple format of the procedure and technique involved, finishing with a list of the key points. The book is well illustrated with simple line drawings and attractively laid out.

Essential General Surgical Operations for the MRCS/AFRCS

Kirk R M. Winslet M C
Paperback. 256 pages. Published May 01
Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 0443063982
Essential General Surgical Operations has been specifically produced to meet the needs of the basic surgical trainee who is looking for an operative text. Adapted from the best-selling parent title, General Surgical Operations, Essential General Surgical Operations clearly covers all the surgical operations that basic trainees need to be familiar with to pass the MRCS exam. The highly-praised features of General Surgical Operations have been retained, including the clear, direct writing and illustrative style, and boxes which emphasise and give advice on how to recognise, avoid and correct difficulties. However, the text has been rewritten where necessary to ensure that the needs of the basic trainee are clearly met, and substantially streamlined so that the key operations are covered in the exact level of detail required.

Sinnatamby C S.

Paperback. 552 pages. Published Jun 99
Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 0443056110
Last's Anatomy has for several editions been regarded as the standard text for those training in surgery. Dealing with Anatomy on a regional basis it emphasizes the clinical and applied aspects of the subject at a depth appropriate for both undergraduate and postgraduate trainees.

Basic Pathology

Kumar V. Ramzi S. Cotran M D.
Hardcover. 784 pages. Published May 97
W B Saunders. ISBN 0721651224
Updated and revised, this text presents a picture of the central body of today's pathologic knowledge. New information is included on the molecular and cellular basis of common disorders such as cancer, AIDS, heart disease and diabetes, and guidance is given on the laboratory diagnosis of common diseases such as coronary artery disease, endocrine disorders, anaemias, leukaemias and diseases of the liver.

Pathology: Basic and Systemic

Woolfe N
Paperback. 420 pages. Published Oct 97
W B Saunders. ISBN 0702022918
This book links disease processes with clinical practice, explaining the mechanisms underlying all major diseases and offering a thorough explanation of the principles of pathology. Colour coded boxes highlight macroscopic and microscopic features of major diseases and laboratory findings, while key points boxes contain topic summaries. Glossaries of dermatological, neurological and pathological nomenclature are provided.

Concise System of orthopaedics and Fractures

Apley A G. Solomon L
Paperback. 336 pages. Published Aug 94
Butterworth-Heinemann. ISBN 0750617675
Whilst being six years since this book was published it remains in the main text on orthopaedics and trauma recommended for the MRCS examination. As with the larger 'Apley's systems' this book is divided into two sections each covering general orthopaedics and trauma. It easily readable format makes it an ideal study aid to those preparing for postgraduate surgical examinations.

Care of the Critically Ill Surgical Patient

Anderson I
Paperback. 224 pages. Published Aug 03
Arnold. ISBN 0340810483
This concise textbook describes a practical system for the assessment and management of the critically ill surgical patient. Based on the Care of the Critically Ill Course of the Royal College of Surgeons the book contains practical advice valuable for surgical trainees working in the acute surgical environment. It provides a structured system for patient assessment and the management of acute surgical problems.

Surgical Critical Care

Ashford R. Evans N
Paperback. 256 pages. Published June 01
Greenwich Medical Media. ISBN 1841100668
Surgical Critical Care has been co-authored by a surgeon and an anaesthetist, and encompasses all aspects of critical care that are important to surgeons, including indications, therapies, drugs, specific conditions and post-operative complications. Each chapter adopts a standardised format for ease of quick reference (classification, causes, pathophysiology, clinical, treatment, monitoring, complications and prognosis) and is illustrated with clear black and white photographs or original line drawings where appropriate.

Pathology for Surgeons in Training

Gardner D. Tweedle D
Paperback. 416 pages. Published May 96
Arnold. ISBN 0340603747
This book provides core information in pathology, microbiology and related topics required by surgeons in training. It contains systematic but concise summaries of all major pathological topics set against a background knowledge of modern immunology, molecular biology and genetics. Particular emphasis is laid on the role of the laboratory in the surgical diagnostic process with an emphasis towards topics tested in the MRCS and FRCS examinations.

Viva and communication skills in surgery

McCarthy K. Hacking M. Al Mufti R. Hewitt J
Paperback. 400 pages. Published Jan 04
Elsevier Churchill Livingstone. ISBN 0443073422
The viva component of the MRCS examination is traditionally the most feared and elusive part of the whole exam. Contained within the syllabus of core and system modules there are favourite examination topics which are more commonly asked than others. This new book covers all these popular subjects and illustrates them with sample viva-style questions. The answers give the candidate guidance on how to respond to these effectively and on what is required to pass the exam. Covers the six major subject areas of the MRCS viva exam: . applied surgical Anatomy . operative surgery . clinical pathology . principles of surgery . applied physiology . critical care There is also coverage of the new communication skills section, designed to test the candidate's ability to communicate with patients and supply information to colleagues. This new book has been written to aid any candidate in preparing to sit a surgical viva, and will be of value to MRCS candidates as well as students for undergraduate surgical finals and surgical registrars prior to the exit examination.

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Books required for preparation of MRCS examination

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Books required for preparation of MRCS examination

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