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MCQs Based on Clinical Scenarios

Paediatrics Clinical Scenarios
Swelling of one knee
by RxPG - 22795 reads, based on 89 votes
A ten-year old girl presents with swelling of one knee joint. All of the following conditions can be considered in the differential diagnosis, except: 1. Tuberculosis. 2. Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. 3. Haemophilia. 4. Villonodular synovitis. ... More

Paediatrics Clinical Scenarios
by RxPG - 23972 reads, based on 41 votes
A 5 year old boy passed 18 loose stools in last 24 hour and vomited twice in last 4 hour. he is irritable but drinking fluids. The optimal therapy for this child is: 1. Intravenous fluids.2. Oral rehydration therapy.3. Intravenous fluid initially for 4 hours followed by oral fluids.4. Plain water... More

Paediatrics Clinical Scenarios
Food Poisoning
by RxPG - 24651 reads, based on 45 votes
Thirty-eight children consumed eatables procured from a single source at a picnic party. Twenty children developed abdominal cramps followed by vomiting and watery diarrhea 6-10 hours after the party. The most likely etiology for the outbreak is: 1. Rotavirus infection.2. Entero-toxigenic E.Coli in... More

Ophthalmology Clinical Scenarios
by RxPG - 19927 reads, based on 26 votes
A one-year-old child having leucocoria was detected to be having a unilateral, large retinoblastoma filling half the globe. Current therapy would involve: 1. Enucleation.2. Chemotherapy followed by local dyes.3. Direct Laser ablation using photo dynamic cryotherapy.4. Scleral radiotherapy followe... More

Obstetrics Clinical Scenarios
Complication of pregnancy
by RxPG - 23143 reads, based on 32 votes
A hypertensive pregnant woman at 34 weeks comes with history of pain in abdomen, bleeding per vaginum and loss of fetal movements. On examination the uterus is contracted with increased uterine tone. Fetal heart sounds are absent. The most likely diagosis is:   1. Placenta praevia. 2. Hydramnios.... More

Obstetrics Clinical Scenarios
Ectopic preganancy
by RxPG - 18669 reads, based on 25 votes
A hemodynamically stable nulliparous patient with ectopic preganancy has adnexal mass of 2.5 x 3 cms and Beta hCG titre of 1500 miu/ml. What modality of treatment is suitable for her:   1. Conservative management. 2. Medical Management. 3. Laparoscopic Surgery. 4. Laparotomy.   ... More

Gynecology Clinical Scenarios
Recurrent urinary retention
by RxPG - 18732 reads, based on 30 votes
A 55- year -old woman has recurrent urinary retention after a hysterectomy done for huge fibroid. The most likely cause is:   1. Atrophic and stenotic urethra. 2. Lumbar disc prolapse. 3. Injury to the bladder neck. 4. Injury to the hypogastric plexi.   ... More

Obstetrics Clinical Scenarios
Deep Transverse Arrest!
by drashmiyadav - 54468 reads, based on 43 votes
A primigravida in 2nd stage of labour for past 1hr,with the fetus in left occipito transverse position at station +++1.The best way to manage would be : a)apply vacuum b)apply forceps c)watchful expectancy d)emergency LSCS ... More

Gynecology Clinical Scenarios
Postmenopausal bleeding
by RxPG - 19419 reads, based on 38 votes
A 55 year old lady presenting to out patent department (OPD) with postmenopausal bleeding for 3 months has a 1x1 cm nodule on the anterior lip of cervix. The most appropriate investigation to be done subsequently is: 1. Pap smear. 2. Punch biopsy. 3. Endocervical curettage. 4. Colposcopy.   ... More

Gynecology Clinical Scenarios
Painful Menstruation
by RxPG - 17698 reads, based on 50 votes
A 20 year old woman gives a history of sharp pain in the lower abdomen for 2-3 days every month approximately 2 weeks before the menses. The most probable etiology for her pain is: 1. Endometriosis. 2. Dysmenorrhea. 3. Pelvic tuberculosis. 4. Mittelschmerz.   ... More

Psychiatry Clinical Scenarios
by RxPG - 19380 reads, based on 39 votes
QUESTION. A 20- year-old man has presented with increased alcohol consumption and sexual indulgence, irritability, lack of sleep, and not feeling fatigued even on prolonged periods of activity. All these changes have been present for 3 weeks. The most likely diagnosis is: 1. Alcohol dependen... More

Psychiatry Clinical Scenarios
by RxPG - 17065 reads, based on 42 votes
QUESTION. An alcoholic is brought to the Emergency OPD with the complaint of irrelevant talking. He had stopped using alcohol three days back. On examination, he is found to be disoriented to time, place and person. He also has visual illusions and hallucinations. ‘There is no history of head... More

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