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About us

About our name

RxPG = Prescription (Rx) for Professional Growth (PG).

RxPG is made up of two separate abbreviations Rx and PG. Rx is the abbreviation used in medicine for Prescription and in computer coding lingo to signify the phrase To Receive. PG is the abbreviation used for Post Graduation. When RxPG was founded in year 2000, it was meant to be a site for Prescription for the Medical Post Graduation Blues! But over the time the term has encompassed a wider meaning and as we have also launched additional services, RxPG has become synonymous with a brand name signifying quality information services through managed communities and communication. Therefore we have to re-brand ourselves as the Prescription (Rx) for Professional Growth (PG).

About the birth of RxPG

RxPG started its life as a section on the unofficial student's website of Maulana Azad Medical College.

The concept of RxPG was born as an insight rather than as a plan. Dr Himanshu Tyagi and Dr Ankush Vidyarthi designed a website for their alma mater Maulana Azad Medical College in 2000. To their surprise the small little section on that site that dealt with PG entrances became the most popular section in the website. Although the site meramamc.com was meant only for the students of their college, the registrations received to access the previous pg entrance papers and mock tests were overwhelming. In January 2001, when the registrations from the students from over 82 medical colleges were received to access the All India PG Entrance Question Paper on the meraMAMC site, the webmasters thought about starting a website for PG entrances. It was formally launched as rxpg.com in June 2001.

Why is it called RxPG?

The initial name for the website was thought to be exambusters.com after the name of the PG section in meraMAMC website which was called "examBUSTERS". But that name was already registered by someone else. So the name exambuster.com was chosen. The site successfully operated under that name for a couple of months. But that domain name was provided under a free offer by an internet company in USA who never registered exambuster.com under the name of Dr Tyagi and Dr Vidyarthi and squatted upon the domain name as soon as it got some traction.

The strategy was to get the shortest possible self explanatory name!

New to the ways of the internet, the founders learnt their lessons fast and decided to buy a domain name from an Indian company with the limited amount of pocket money they had. Zeroing in on Net4India, New Delhi, they applied for registration of a new and short name egpg.com. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the local domain company bungled up registration and although our founders applied first (domain names are available on first come first serve basis), it was snatched again by a squatter in just a matter of hours. Exasperated but undeterred by these failures, the founders thought of a new name. Their strategy was to get the shortest possible self explanatory name. After few days of brain storming and discussing many names, the current name RxPG was chosen.

How was it financed?

But starting a website is an expensive business for underpaid interns. Although there were many companies offering freebies for webmasters at the height of first dotcom boom in early 2000s, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Already enlightened by the previous experiences, Tyagi and Vidyarthi tried to contain the main limiting factor in their endeavour - money. They managed to buy the domain name with their meagre salary (5000 INR, 100 USD per month), but the next question was the web designing and hosting space. The market rates for both these things appeared to be unaffordable. One company offered to design a 20 page static website with no updates for 8,000 rupees. So the duo decided to learn programming skills themselves by doing what we learn to do best in a medical school i.e. reading and learning fast.

RxPG founders learned php programming and html webdesigning themselves because they did not have the money to hire a programmer!

Medical students have a voracious appetite for thick books and they proved that right. At the time when every one was busy preparing for their PG entrance exams, the duo learnt basic computer programming and coding skills. The hosting space was arranged free for time being from erstwhile yahoo service geocities.com. Although there were several riders in that free hosting plan, expenditure was an issue and has to be kept in control for it to succeed. Over the next year the site grew in popularity and moved on to their own 10 MB hosting servers. Then one fine morning the duo woke up to realise that their domain name rxpg.com has been stolen from them.

When RxPG was stolen

The domain name rxpg.com was stolen at the peak of its popularity on 25 October, 2002. Due to this it went down for about one month. The thief was clever enough to register rxpg.net before stealing the main domain name to prevent a backup domain from being used. Although the thief was unknown to the founders at that time, its intentions were pretty clear. That person did not want RxPG to work. The founders were awestruck by this unexpected complication. However they soon started damage control and launched rxpgonline.com, the main abode of RxPG till date. After being satisfied that the users are getting what they need (it was only a month before the 2002 PG exam season), they went on an interesting journey to get it back.

kahan rakhi thi jo chori ho gayi?

Our founders went to register a FIR with the Delhi Police, which fortunately had its headquarters just next door to Maulana Azad Medical College. There of course were some hassles before that (Unable to comprehend hacking, the first policeman we encountered asked a variety of questions like "kahan rakhi thi jo chori ho gayi? - means where was it kept before it was stolen"). By the sheer confusion produced by this unique case in police station we were referred to the cyber crime branch of Delhi Police. They cracked the case easily with some assistance from central departments and the person responsible for stealing the domain name was traced. The site was stolen by a webmaster of a similar pg help site in India, active at that point in time. He cracked the email of one of our directors and managed to get the domain security details. After that he managed a transfer of domain rxpg.com to some service provider in USA under a made up name of "Red Expressio PG Cafe" and a contact address of Italy, which was of course fictitious.

Despite being angry with this young doctor, our directors decided not to ruin his career by sending him behind the bars. Although the prospects of getting extensive media coverage for RxPG with this arrest were tempting, our directors dropped the case and got the domain name back. Obviously the security measures for the websites have been increased immensely after that and mirror sites were established to prevent any service disruption because of similar unlikely events in future. That experience taught them another lesson in cyber security and that has remained a priority ever since.

RxPG today

RxPG has been a pioneer website in India, having been hugely successful much before the digital boom in India. RxPG has since grown to become one of the largest website for medical students and doctors.

Since 2003, RxPG has served a billion page views and the traffic average in 2011 has been over 10 million page views per month.

Contact us

Write to our helpful team at support@rxpg.com and we would be happy to assist you.

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