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RxPG Terms Of Service (TOS)

The following terms of service applies to the usage of the website and forums at rxpgonline.com. These are in addition to our acceptable use policy (AUP). The term "RxPG" used in this document refers to "RxPG Medical Solutions Private Limited, India" and the term "THE SITE" used in this document refers to rxpgonline.com. These terms are based on general common sense.

By using rxpgonline.com you agree to these terms. If you do not agree with the whole or any part of the terms set out below then you must not use the Site.

These terms were last updated on the date shown at the bottom of this page. You are expected to visit this page on your first visit to RxPG. You are always asked to agree to these terms at the time of registration. Some of these terms also apply to non registered members.

It is your responsibility to keep yourself updated about any change in these terms of service as they can be updated without any notice.


These are the four most important rules, violation of which might lead to an immediate ban, without prior warning.

1. No personal contact information of any kind should be posted, including that of yours.

2. Civil behaviour at all times.

3. No adult content.

4. All content posted should be in English language.

1. Registration

1.1. Compulsory registration to post any content

Although you can see some content e.g. mnemonics, forums and posts title in rxpgonline.com without registering, posting content in forums and elsewhere will require a registration. This is compulsory.

2. Username

2.1. To register in rxpgonline.com, you should select an appropriate username.

2.2. Usernames (nicknames) which are inflammatory, vulgar, promotional, long, inappropriate or rude will be removed and in most of the cases email and IP address of such users will be banned for future registrations.

2.3. Signing up a user name that is a obvious domain name or product name will be removed. This is out of unfair promotion considerations and possible trademark implications.

3. Moderation in forums

3.1. All forums are fully moderated in accordance with our policy of "managed community".

3.2. Discussions about staff, moderator or administrator actions are welcome in private messages or support emails, but should not be discussed in public forums in RxPG or elsewhere. This is out of respect for the members and moderators or policy involved.

3.3 Periodically the Moderators of RxPG will post his or her comments, but they may not necessarily reflect the opinions of RxPG Medical Solutions Private Limited, or its employees.

4. Respect for others

4.1 You are always expected to be respectful of other members, the system, the policies, terms of service, the staff (RxPG Team), the moderators and the administrators.

4.2 Disrespect to any existing or ex-member, people enumerated in clause 4.1 or any other person or public figure are not tolerated and such posts will be removed on first instance. The poster of such a message might be banned forever along with the IP address and email depending on the seriousness of the act. In very serious acts of disrespect RxPG might take proactive actions like (but not limited to) a formal complaint with local relevant authorities or legal measures. RxPG is serious about issues of disrespect and do enforce this clause strictly.

5. Posting

5.1. Forum charter

Before posting in a forum, please read the charter for that forum and follow the guidance listed in charter. A failure to do so might lead to the forum moderator taking an appropriate action with your post.

5.2. Be descriptive, specific, clear and succinct in your postings. Your opinion and point is better understood and referenced in this way.

5.3. Guidelines for appropriate posts

5.3.a & b. Post title

A post title is publicly displayed information and anyone visiting RxPG pages can see them regardless of their login status. Therefore additional terms apply with respect to post titles

5.3.a.i Post title should be descriptive enough to give an indication of the content of the post e.g. if you are asking a nagging question, the title should contain the words indicating the subject area of the question and a word about the specific topic.

5.3.a.ii There is a limit of maximum 140 characters in the titles, so use your words judiciously to make the best use of allocated characters.

5.3.a.iii Post title should not contain special characters like (but not limited to) html coding, bbcode, /,#,{,~,*,$ etc.

5.3.b.i. Post titles should never contain the following:

- Brand names or trademarks. 

For example names of coaching institutes, publishers.

- Name of a person where explicit consent has not been obtained. 

For examples names of the authors of popular books. It is ok to refer to a book by its title or its popular name. If the popular name of a book is widely considered synonymous with the name of its author (e.g Harrison, Robbins, Daga), then it is ok for that to be used in the title.

- Contact information e.g. phone numbers. 

Please note that sharing personal contact information for self or others is globally disallowed across RxPG website.

5.3.c. Please stay within the topic area of the forum you are posting a message in, and within any topic that another poster may have started. It is your responsibility.

5.3.d. Please treat others the way you wish to be treated. One way to guard against misunderstandings is to read over your response before you post it.

5.3.e. You can post only in English language in the forums, unless it is stated in the charter of the respective forum that other languages can be used. Any non-English language posts should be accompanied by a translation of the same.

5.3.f. Multiple identical posts: While it might be tempting to make same post across several forums to attract more eyeballs, it creates confusion and inconvenience by burying other useful data in the forums. We define it as a form of spamming and can take action ranging from warnings, credit deletion (for <5 multiple posts) to temporary (5-25 multiple posts) or permanent bans (>25 multiple posts) on posting in RxPG forums. Ideally you should identify the most suitable forum to post your message and post it only once.

5.3.g. Netiquette

We believe that doctors do not need reminding of the rules of civil behaviour and etiquette, which apply in online world as much they do in the real world. However if you need an authoritative reference to look up for any specific guidance on online behaviour, please visit http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1855

5.4. If we (staff or moderators) feel that your posts are not descriptive enough, we reserve the right to modify the title and/or content of the post.

5.5. The forum where you are posting might have its own set of rules for posting. Such rules are always in addition to the terms documented on this page. You can locate such terms by reading the "forum charter" which is usually prominently displayed in the forum. If a forum does not have a charter, then you should fall back on the posting guidelines in this document.

5.6. We would not usually remove any thread on personal request if it has been posted into by any other RxPG member and the thread does not violate RxPG Terms of service. This is because the forum discussion threads, once posted into by others, become collective property. This is important as it means that deletion of your RxPG account does not mean an automatic deletion of discussion threads started by you. However if you have genuine reasons for the removal of a thread, please do not hesitate to explain them to us.

5.7. Reviews

RxPG welcomes honest reviews of educational materials, books and courses in the forums. However to prevent misuse of the forums for covert advertising, we do not allow members with less than 20 valid posts to post reviews. Please do not get offended if your post is removed without warning for not following this guidance.

6. Right to edit

6.1. We (staff or moderators) reserve an exclusive right to edit any post in a way we feel is appropriate. Usually this this done for greater common benefit of the community or for making your post more relevant. Most of the reasons for editing your post are being enumerated below:

Common reasons for editing your posts

The following list is indicative and not exhaustive.

6.1.a. To make the post title more descriptive. This include adding tags like "FAQ", "Library", "Tips" etc. to the existing title in order to classify the posts.

6.1.b. To remove disallowed characters (see 5.3.b) in title or inappropriate words in posts, in the way staff or moderators deems fit.

6.2.c. Because your posting may be more relevant to another on going discussion, or it might cover a topic already discussed, it may be moved as staff or moderators sees fit.

6.3.d. Because your post might duplicate an existing discussion or if the moderators or staff feels appropriate, it might be merged with another existing thread with or without any notice. This usually done for greater common benefit and not indiscriminately.

6.3.e. RxPG forums are not a place for direct or indirect advertisements. It will be the sole discretion of RxPG staff and its moderators as to what constitutes an advertisement. All posts presumed to be overt or subliminal advertisements will be removed.

6.4.f. Claims of action, flames, and calls to action against any group, government, company or individual are removed on first notice.

7. Adult content

7.1. Links or pictures to adult content, pages with links to adult content, near adult content, any pictures of models, actors and actresses are not allowed in RxPG forums and will be removed as soon as possible or when they are reported. Any discussion of those are not allowed in RxPG forums.

8. Restricted uses

8.1. Email excerpts of ANY type (including forwarded messages) or length are not allowed in RxPG forums. There are no exceptions to this rule.

8.2. Promoting, selling, and recruiting are not allowed in the RxPG forums. RxPG website is a place to discuss the problems faced by medical students and doctors with the broader internet medical community and not a place to indulge in illegal activities. Please note that we do not endorse or tolerate sales of illegal goods anywhere in the website.

8.3. Selling, swapping of notes, second hand books is not allowed in RxPG forums

8.4. Sharing of any passwords is strictly forbidden in RxPG forums and is a serious offence.

8.5. Posting the names of private courses and coaching institutes of any kind is not allowed in RxPG forums. In addition discussion about the perceived usefulness of any course is disallowed.

9. Copyrights

9.1. No copyrighted content (including content from medical information websites, questions and content from paid online courses) may be inserted into RxPG posts.

9.2. All forms of inserted content from copyrighted contents placed into messages will be removed at first notice without exception. The users posting such material will usually be irrevocably banned.


9.4.1. You can share the content in RxPG forums only if the following conditions are fulfilled:

a. The content is licensed under public licences e.g. GNU Free Documentation licence (e.g. Wikipedia), Creative Commons Attribution Licence with no restrictions on sharing and commercial use and other similar licences. It is your responsibility to meet all the terms of these licences while posting the content.

b. The content is in public domain and you fulfil all the terms put by the originator put on sharing such content.

c. Minor fair use excerpts of less than one paragraph (4 sentences) may be used if the content is publicly available on the internet. Even this content will require attribution to the source as a link.

10. Personal attribution

10.1. RxPG forums are not a venue for personal or private vendetta's.

10.2. RxPG forums are not a venue for the resolution of personal disputes with members or companies.

10.3. Sharing of personally identifiable contact information like (but not limited to) full name, address, telephone number, email id, messenger ids are not allowed in RxPG forums.

10.4. Anyone posting another members personal details or details (including but not limited to their url, blog, email address, bank details, full names, address) without permission will be banned. There are no exceptions to this rule.

11. Signatures

11.1. Inappropriate, commercialised, offensive signatures will be edited at first notice. The staff's decision will be final on this aspect and it can not be discussed in public forums.

12. Avatars

12.1. Inappropriate, commercialised, offensive, gory, explicit, vulgar or large avatars will be removed at first notice. The staff's decision will be final on this aspect and it can not be discussed in public forums.

13.1. Affiliate based URLs are not allowed anywhere in RxPG including all the forums.

13.2. Posting links to any website (other than those in RxPG network) is a deemed violation of RxPG TOS and your account on RxPG might be terminated. This restriction applies partially to .org websites

13.3. If you want to cite any content on such websites, please summarise it in your own words and post it. If you want to mention the source, mention it by name and not by link e.g. timesofindia.com should be mentioned as Times of India and not otherwise. RxPG forums are not a place to indulge in spamming the forums with links.

13.4. Posting links to online and offline coaching institutes are not allowed in RxPG forums.


13.5.a. Links to non commercial, non-personal .org sites can be shared in forums. However such links will be checked by staff and will be removed if they violate any part of TOS.

13.5.b. There is absolutely no restriction on sharing links of sites with extensions .edu, .ac and .gov.

13.5.c. There is no restriction on sharing URLs of educational institutions.

13.5.d. There is no restriction on moderators, staff or administrators posting links to an external website. However, if you feel that a staff member or moderator is abusing this privilege, you are welcome to report it to us within the terms set by clause 3.2.

13.6. If your link is relevant to medical community and you want to share, you can use the appropriate place on RxPG site (the link directory) at http://www.rxpgonline.com/linkop-AddLink.html

14. Communications with staff

14.1. Any on site private discussions with staff, moderators or administrators related to policy or actions may be shared with administrators.

14.2. Our Privacy Policy is fully applicable to RxPG forums.

15. Liability

15.1. You agree not to hold RxPG or its members liable for anything stated within the forums.

15.2 Our disclaimer is available at Disclaimer and is fully applicable to use of RxPG forums.

15.3. You are responsible for your own posts.

15.4. You agree not to hold RxPG Medical Solutions Private Limited (India) liable for any messages posted in forums.

16. Licence

16.1. By posting in RxPG forums, you agree that your content would be subject to the copyright license in force at that time.


16.2.a. Our current licence allows authors to use their own articles/posts for their own "non commercial" purposes without seeking permission from RxPG.

16.2.b. RxPG forums contain user generated material. Therefore it is fair that we ban any commercial use (see 16.2c for examples of commercial use) of any material posted in our forums and license the forum content under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA). This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon forum content non-commercially, as long as RxPG website is credited and the new creations are licensed under the identical terms. If you are intending to use RxPG forum content, then please do read the legal code of this license.

16.32c. Examples of commercial use include, but are not limited to: use in any material in any form that eventually requires users to pay for access, use in books, course notes, classroom coachings, copying on other websites that carry advertising etc.

16.32d. Content posted elsewhere (outside forums) in THE SITE, or content posted by RxPG staff is not bound to the terms of this license. For such content, copyright remains with the original author and RxPG assumes an exclusive perpetual license to use that work for both commercial and non commercial purposes. This has been covered in our general terms of service in detail.

17. Usage of content

17.1. You can not copy and retransmit any information out of these forums if you are accessing it in violation of our general terms of service (i.e. you are not a medical/dental student or a doctor/dentist). All other usage restrictions have been covered in section 16 above.

18. Abuse

18.1. Links to report abuse or violation of RxPG Terms of Service are displayed prominently on every page (in footer) of RxPG website. In addition report abuse links are displayed below every post in RxPG website.

18.2. As a beneficiary from the system, we expect you to report to us any instance of abuse or TOS violation anywhere in RxPG using these links. The option to report anonymously is also provided.

18.3. If you are a victim of the abuse, reporting abuse using such links should be your first point of contact. We assure swift and satisfying action on any abuse reports.

19. Trademarks

19.1. "RxPG" is a trademarked brand name for RxPG Medical Solutions Private Limited, India. Any unauthorised commercial use of RxPG brand name without a written permission from a RxPG Director will be prosecuted legally in every instance.

19.2. While quoting other trademarks in RxPG forums, please ascertain that you are allowed to do so in the context. RxPG can not be held liable for any use of trademarks in posts by members in RxPG forums. However, if reported, such instances will be removed at first notice.

20. Non compete clause

20.1. By using RxPG you agree that you would not get involved in activities which would pose any commercial or non commercial competition to RxPG website. This can include, but not limited to, setting up a similar service, promoting your service by using RxPG user generated content, posting links to your or other similar services. You are not allowed to use RxPG if you do not agree with this clause.

It is your responsibility to read and be familiar with these terms of service and to operate within the limits imposed by them.

Pleading ignorance to these terms of service is not an excuse if action is taken against you.

These terms of service can be updated without any notice although we will do our best to display them prominently in RxPG forums.

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