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Stage 2 GPVTS CBQ Essay Paper - How to succeed
by nomad - 16473 reads, based on 8 votes
The essay type shortlisting questions (CBQ) used as part of the Stage 2 GPVTS exam seems to cause candidates much worry. There are numerous posts in forums requesting past questions and model answers, but many of these candidates are missing the point. Learning model answers given by another successful candidate is of little use in this exam, which requires you to think laterally, and relate episodes from your OWN experience. So, if you canít prepare by learning dozens of model answers off by heart, how can you maximise your score in this part of the assessment? First, know the basics about the exam, second know what the examiners are looking for, so you can demonstrate it, and final... More

GPVTS Stage 3 Assessments - Hints and Tips
by nomad - 15503 reads, based on 20 votes
GPVTS Stage 3 Assessments are still set at Deanery level, and the formats used differ widely. You may be faced with structured interviews, simulated consultations, group tasks, prioritisation, or communication skills tasks. This article looks at the formats and what to expect.... More

GPVTS ENTRY - The New National Application process
by NOMAD - 15030 reads, based on 16 votes
As of February 2006, there is a new National process for application to GP Vocational Training Schemes (GPVTS). This article looks at the different stages in the process and how you can improve your chances of securing a place.... More

2006 - Maximise your chance of securing a GP VTS place
by nomad - 12656 reads, based on 10 votes
GP training is becoming more and more competitive, and as a result many Deaneries are using structured assessments to help with longlisting and shortlisiting. As a result of recent changes in the training of junior doctors in the UK, 2006 may be the best chance ever to secure a rotation on a GPVTS. This article looks at the reasons why.... More

GPVTS entry MCQ - how to prepare
by nomad - 19030 reads, based on 24 votes
Many Deaneries are now using an MCQ assessment as part of their GPVTS selection process - this can be before allowing an application, prior to shortlisting, or after shortlisting as part of an assessment centre day. Althought there is not currently a single national assessment, most Deaneries use a similar format, content and level for their MCQs. This article covers the subjects included, the level and types of questions, useful books and resources and a few practice questions.... More

GPVTS Information
  GPVTS ENTRY - The New National Application process
  GP Registrar Payscales 2005-2006
  GP training in the UK - recent changes and future plans
  GP Practice in UK: An Overview
  The experienced overseas GP route to certification. The
  Salaried GPs and Primary Care Trusts in UK
  General Practitioners (GP) in the UK
  General Practice Vocational Training in UK
  The experienced overseas GP route to certification in UK

  FAQ: I got shortlisted, what to do in interview?
  FAQ: How is the job situation for GP's in U.K.?
  FAQ: When is the ideal time to appear for MRCGP?
  FAQ: GP Rotations and Shortlistings - How Many?
  FAQ: Advantage of being a GP in UK?
  FAQ: Can I accept VTS post and decline it later?
  FAQ: GP Short Listing Questions - Format?
  FAQ: Interview courses for GPVTS?
  FAQ: How to go about GPVTS application?
  FAQ: GPVTS entry MCQ - how to prepare?
  More on GPVTS FAQ

GPVTS HowTo? Guides
  Stage 2 GPVTS CBQ Essay Paper - How to succeed
  A guide to applying for GP training (VTS) schemes in the UK
  How to Apply for GP Training in UK
  How to become a GP in UK? A Summary

GPVTS Debates
  Debate: O&G vs GPVTS in UK!

Find GPVTS Study Partners
  partner for feb north west deanery assessment

GPVTS Forum Library
  Library: Important information for ALL GP TRAINEES

GPVTS Tips & Tricks
  GPVTS Stage 3 Assessments - Hints and Tips
  2006 - Maximise your chance of securing a GP VTS place
  GPVTS entry MCQ - how to prepare

Recommended Books for GPVTS
  Books to read for GPVTS

GPVTS Tips & Tricks
  GPVTS Stage 3 Assessments - Hints and Tips
  2006 - Maximise your chance of securing a GP VTS place
  GPVTS entry MCQ - how to prepare

GPVTS Tips from Forums
  Tips: Shortlisting Questions
  Tips: London GP VTS help available
  Tips: Westmidlands GP interview & rotation
  Tips: Interview process for the Wales deanery GPVTS

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