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1. Which One Of The Following Is The Best Index Of Afterload
2. Which One Of The Following Is The Best Index Of Afterload
3. A 54 Year Old Chronic Smoker [ Smoking Index- 50 Pack Year ] Presents With Oral Lesion Suggestive Of Oral Leukopalkia. Which Of The Followi
4. Which Of The Following Value Of Chandler's Index Poses Major Public Health Problem ?
5. 135. Sullivanís Index Is Which Of The Following?
6. Which Part Of Lens Have Max Rafractive Index?
7. Which One Has Highest Glycemic Index?
8. Which Is Not True For Amniotic Fluid Index
9. In Pneumonia Severity Index, Which Is Most Important Factor That Carries Highest Weightage
10. Which Component Of The Eye Has Highest Refractive Index?
11. Pointing Index Finger Is Seen In Lesion Of Which Nerve
12. Which Of The Following Is The Pseudo Rate Or Index?

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