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1. What Is The Difference Between Internal Medicine & Family Medicine?
2. Whatsapp Group Promotion -
3. Whats App Group For Upsc Cms - 2014 Merit List People
4. I Cant Access Pg Notes Forum..what To Pls Help Friends..
5. Obc Rank 165... Pls Help What Can I Expect In Aiims
6. Please Someone Whats The Pattern Of Questions Asked In Jkpg
7. Rank 83..what Are My Chances?
8. Dr. Vivek Lanka Sir Rank1 Nov Pgi2014,nov Aiims 2014 Rank3...what A Great Man...sir Plz Guide Us It Will Help Us A Lot
9. What Is The Academic Quality Of Dnb Radiology?
10. What Rank Should One Require For Radio, Medicine, Pedo And Other Subjects
11. What Is The Process After Getting Final Selection In Cms 2014
12. Help: What Is Newbie, Senior Guru, Elite Members Etc?
13. What Books To Read For Nimhans Neurosurgery Entrance?
14. Pgi Exam..what Not To Carry Or Wear In Exam Centre
15. Anyone Still Not Got Aipg Admit Card ? Tensed,what Is Going On?
16. What Is The Differance In Treatment Secretey And Hyperplstic Dub ?
17. What We Have To Do After Getting The Aipg Admit Card?
18. What Would Bethe Fate Of Cps Dmre Students After Derecognition?
19. Child Abuse With Perineal Bleed.. What Is The Immediate Management
20. No Admit Card Yet . What Next?
21. What Are The Chances/costs Of Getting A Uk Training Position In Uk After Mrcs ?
22. What Are The Salaries Of A Starting Gp In Dubai (uae) Having 2 Years Experice As A Medical Officer
23. What Are The Best Books To Read For Upcoming Pg Exms - Aipgmee 2015
24. My Admit Card Shows Pending,what To Do?
25. What Is Real Level Of Aipgmee Conceptual Q/factual Q/ Data Based
26. Friends. A Little Help... What Is The Best Coaching Centre For Usmle At Delhi? And Anyone Available As Study Partner ...?
27. What Is Stipend In Phd Clinical Neuroscience At Nimhans?
28. What Happens To The Circadian Rythm If External Cues Are Removed?
29. What Are High Yield Topics From Harrison For Aipge?
30. Hi, Missed A Call From Nbe, Anybody Knows What Its About??
31. What Books To Read For Mrcpath Microbiology
32. Mrb Results Declared!whats Ur Score?
33. Whatsapp Group Promotion
34. What Preparation Books And Reference Books Will Help Bust Aiims?
35. Other Than Tnpg In What Other Pg Exams R Tamilians Allowed
36. What Was The Most Embarrassing Moment In Your College Life.
37. What Will Be The Passing Rate In Mrb?
38. Whatsapp Group For Psm/community Medicine Mcqs
39. Dnb Emergency Medicine Whatsup Group
40. Opthalmology What Book?
41. Usmle Step 1 Whatsapp Group For Jan'15-may'15
42. What Is Morning Sniffing Position ?
43. Md In Forensic Medicine From India. What Is The Scope In Usa?
44. Pheochromocytoma ?what Is Produced More ? Epineph Or Norepineph ?
45. Whats Your Favorite Dialogue? From Which Movie?
46. What Are The Requirements For Becoming A Physician In Usa?
47. What Can I Teach Learn From Rxpg Before I Start College?
48. Difference Between Intracranial Hypertension And Idopathi Intracranial Hypertension???whats Commom In Both These Situations??
49. What Is The Current Status Of Forensic Medicine In India???
50. Topper Senior Please Advise What To Study In Two Month
51. Md Radiology Or Md General Medicine ? What To Choose ?
52. What Is Fee Structure And How Much Is Stipend In Jipmer?
53. What Is "proof Of Mbbs Qualification Recognized As Per Imc Act/central Government"?
54. What Are More Available Psychiatry Jobs Or Neurology Jobs For Plab Holders Guys?
55. What Is The Application Status For Aipgme And Dnb Cet On Nbe Site ?
56. What To Study For Mccee? [#]
57. Hyperkalemia Without Ecg Changes,what Is Not To Be Given??
58. 'what' Stream Is Concerned With -
59. Is There Any Whats App Group For Discussion Mcqs..pls Post Here..
60. Dnb Guide - Amateurs Manual To Dnb Cet (what Seat @ What Rank #2013)
61. What Is The Scope For Anaesthesiologist Imgs At Canada?
62. What Material And Q Bank For Qe1
63. What Is The Diferrence Between A Normal And Heterophile Antibody....
64. What Is The Procedure For Renewal Of Apmc Registration?
65. Whats The Future For Diploma Dermatology?
66. What Is The Career Scope After Md Microbiology? [#]
67. What Are The Side Effects Of Treating Vit B12 Deficiency With Folic Acid Supplements
68. Toxoplasmosis Is Most Dangerous In What Stage Of Pregnancy?
69. What Can Be Done After Md Biochemistry...are They Eligible For Dm Endocrinology
70. Overseas Doctor With 27 Years Exp As Gp - What Is Chance For Dws Medical Job?
71. What Will Be The Fate For Remaining Seats Of Jan 2014 Dnb
72. What Will Happen If Dnb And Aipg Center Are In Different City And Exam Next Day ?
73. One Of My Friend Got 2100 Rank (oc General) What Can She Get ?
74. What A Change *dnb Is 5yrs Course And Md/ms Is 4yrs Course
75. What I Revised Today...and Why It Is Important....
76. What To Do Fr P.g.i In Last 2 Month.reply Frnds
77. I Did Spelling Mistake In My Name.. Which Is Non Editable.. In Aipg Application. What To Do Now?
78. I Did Spelling Mistake In My Name.. Which Is Non Editable.. In Aipg Application. What To Do Now?
79. What Is Better Md Medicine In Govt Medical College Doing All Paramedic Work Or Dnb Medicine With Less But Quality Work?
80. What Are 5 Topmost Earning Branches In Medical Field? #money
81. What Is The Scope Of Md Cardiology From Russia?
82. What Is The Distribution Of Subjects In Nimhans Question Paper?
83. Whatsapp Daily Mcqs Discussion Group
84. Hmmm...what Is This?
85. Chromosome At What Light Microscope Resolution ?
86. Un Stopped Blood Flow In Tongue While Doing A Surgery What Can Be Done How Should We Stop The Flow Of Blood Immediately
87. What Option To Select In Armed Forces In Aipg Registration?
88. What Is "proof Of Mbbs Qualification Recognized As Per Imc Act/central Government" For Foreign Medical Graduates?
89. What Is The Developmental Age Of The Child-
90. What R D Contents Of Mesorectal Fascia ?
91. What Is The Critical Dose Defined For Acute Radiation Syndrome ?
92. What Caused Acute Onset Of Difficulty In Walking In This Young Male?
93. What Are The Best Colleges For Surgery At Rank 2213?? Wat About Bjmc Ahmedabad??
94. What Is The Stipend At Agartala Madical College?
95. What Are The Career Options In Australia After Mbbs?
96. What Is The Scope Of Md Biochemistry?
97. Severe Hypokalemia,what Changes In Tubules.
98. What Is The Minimum Value Of Api Above Which Area Is Considered Under High Risk Of Malaria
99. What Else Can We Do Out Of India,coz I Failed Again In Mci Exam 2nd Attempt With 140 Marks :(
100. I Have Rank 13416 In Dnb...what Are My Chances ?
101. Gather Here.... From Rank 7000 To 10,000.... What To Do Now For Best Outcome ?
102. What Is The Procedure For Renewal Of Apmc Registration?
103. Whatsapp Group For German Language Learning Medical Students
104. What Is Scope And Job Opportunities After Ms Anatomy?
105. What Is The Protocol For Thesis Submission In Dnb?
106. Whatsapp Group For Fmge ?
107. What's The Most Common Site For Ureteric Obstruction
108. Lets Form A Pg Whatsapp Psychiatry Group!
109. What's The Most Common Site For Ureteric Obstruction
110. Whats The Most Commom Cause Of Dementia In India??
111. Whats The Most Prevalaent Psychiatric Condition
112. What Is The Tako Tsubo Cardiomyopathy ?
113. What Is The Diff Between Medico & Dento
114. What Languages(including Indian Languages) Can You Read,write Or Speak? Give Particulars And State The Examination(s) Passed,if Any,for Each
115. What Ever Happened To The Img Licenciate Exam To Start From 2013 Where Fmgs Were Also To Take The Same?
116. What Are The Other Options For Fmgs Other Than Fmge ?
117. What Is The Link To Dnb Seat Matrix For July 2014?
118. What Is Mrcp & Big Advice For It!
119. My Rank Is 430.what Are My Chances?
120. What Are The Best Single Best Answer Books For Plab1 Available On Amazon?
121. My Rank Is 786. What Can I Expect?
122. What Topics Shud I Read In Harrison For Final Mbbs
123. 12th June Morning Session, Which Rank At What Score?
124. My Rank Is 4776 What Can I Expect
125. What R The Collages Giving Reservation In Pg For Upsc Cms Candidates
126. What Happens On Changing Position From Standing To Lying Down -
127. Whether You Have Been Selected Or Applied For U.p.s.c Examinations/recruitments. What To Write In Daf Upsc Cms 2014 ?
128. Need Help Regarding What To Study For Mccee
129. What Have Failed You In Last Final Dnb Examination ? June 2014 ...was It An Eye Opener Or Anarchy By Nat Board ?
130. What Really Helped In Fmge Jun 14
131. If Dnb Again Conducts The Aipgmee In 2015 What Will We Do?
132. Whats App Group For Pg Exams & Discussions
133. [ Korean Movie ] -- What Is Ur Favorite ?
134. 52yr Old,atrial Fibrillation,after Securing Abc,what Is The Next Management
135. 45yr Old Man Acute Chest Pain,st Elevationv2-v4,ck-mb 785,what Is Levels Of Of Tpa,pai
136. What Are All The Pg Entrance Exams That Can Be Given By Us?
137. Aiims 50 Persentile List Out.upto What Persentile Eligible For Open Counselling?
138. What Is Common Between Laurence-moon-biedl Syndrome And Bardet–biedl Syndrome ?
139. Lets Reduce Some Anxiety, What R U Gonno Opt For, If U Get D Top Rank, That Is Rank No 1
140. What Is Future After Md Pharmacology In Private Sector?
141. Toughest Mcq - Whats App Group
142. Dnb Cet / Aipgee 2014 November Mcq What'sapp Group
143. What's Up Group For Pgimer 2014 November
144. Aiims 2014 November What' Up Group
145. Dnb And Aipg 2014 Aspirants Mcq Whatsapp Group
146. What S Dis Downgrading Dnb..sm1 Explain
147. Frustrated With Fmge..plz Help.what Are Options In India Without Fmge
148. Whatsapp Group For Preparing For November Dnb And All India 2014
149. What Are The Must-read Books For Emergency Medicine ?
150. Whatsapp Group For Preparing For November Dnb And All India 2014
151. Seat Matrix For Final Round Of Counselling Uploaded... What Do You Think?
152. New Thing What I Listen Is That By Mistake They Gave Us Dnb Pg Que. N Our Fmge Que. Is Given Them
153. Finally U Got,what U Want ..so What Your Next ,after Compleating Pg,,,,share Your Views
154. What Is The Future Of Transfusion Medicine?
155. What Are The Job Opportunities After Mph In Australia?
156. Aiims 50% List Published. What Will Be The Percentage?
157. Whatsapp Minor Sub Oneliner Group..
158. What Is The Current Acyclovir Dosing Recommendationsfor Episodic Herpes Simplex Virus (hsv)?a) Acyclovir 400 Mg. Orally Three Times Daily Fo
159. What To Expect From A Elective In India
160. At Rank 3000 What To Choose Md Tb Chest Or Dch..?
161. Kindly Tell What Pg & Where Did You Get
162. Urgent....help...what R Best Career Possibilities After Completing Forensic Medicine
163. What Is The Difference In Mci Recognized And Permitted?
164. What Are Your Plans After Passing Fmge?
165. What Is The Difference Between Mccee And Mcq1?
166. What Is Scope Of Ophthalmology ?
167. What You Really Thing Of Fmge !!
168. Mission Aiipg 2014 Whats App Active Group
169. Whats App Community For Aipge
170. Lets Meet And Decide What To Do
171. Whats App Group Medicine
172. Whatsapp Group For Psm
173. Whatsapp Study Group For Microbiology
174. What To Read For Mcem C Exam?
175. What To Read For Aipgmee 2015
176. What Is The Present Status Of Ms Ent...
177. Whats App Fmt Group And Disc
178. Whats App Fmt Gropu
179. What Is The Salary Of A Fresh Orthopaedic Surgeon After Ms?
180. What This Notice In Pg Counselling Page Means ........exam Shifting Frm Nov-dec To Jan ??
181. Whats App Biochemistry Group
182. Whatsapp Anatomy Group
183. What Subjects To Concentrate On To Get Mch Neurosurgery Direct 6 Yrs Course In Nimhans
184. What Is The Best Branch To Take In Mds
185. What Will You Take If You Get Rank 1 In Aiims?
186. What Type Of Bias Is Pygmalion Effect?
187. What Is Eligibility Certificate Mentioned In Comedk?
188. What I Would Do If Didnt Become A Doctor?
189. What Rank One Needs To Get Md Medicine In Gmc Chandigarh Sector 32.....general Rank And Sc Quota Rank>>>
190. Speed Mangadu Students What's Up Study Group |||||||;-)
191. Differences Between Denitrogenation And Decompression Sickness/caisson's Disease.whats Common Betwen Them?
192. Differences Between Nenitrogenation And Decompression Sickness/caisson's Disease.whats Common Betwen Them?
193. Women,short Stature,with Wilms Tumor What Structural Kidney Anamoly Would U Expect?
194. What Is The Best Way To Get Attachments In Uk?
195. What Is Difference Between Dmrd And Dmre?
196. Fmge 17 June Questions What I Recall
197. Fees - What Denominations Of Dd For 28 & 29
198. Pgmet Counsellng Out... What About Ours??
199. Mcc Site Down..god Knows What Will Happen Tomorrow?
200. Breast Cancer,treated With Herceptin,what Aminoacid Found In The Transmembrane Region
201. What Is Sturm's Conoid?
202. What's Memory Period Of Iucd
203. What Is This On Dmer Webside College Feedback Entry Module (pgm / Pgd - 2014)
204. What Is The Dark Band In Muscle?
205. Md Pediatrics Vs Md Radiodiagnosis ? What Do You Think
206. New Whatsapp Group For Dm Cardiology Preparation
207. What Is The Main Cause Of Death In Cafe Coronary?
208. A 20 Yr Old Female Normal Breast Development With Primary Amenorrhoea,o/e P/r Shows Absent Uteruswhat Is The Next Best Investigation
209. Rank 1050 Oc Male Au , What Branches Can I Get? I L Appreciate. Plz Help
210. What Are The Good Seats Available For Post Mbbs Dnb Cet July Session 2014
211. Guys Starting A Whats App Group For Aipgmee 2015
212. What Is The Usual Score For Aiims Toppers?
213. What Is Psychometric Analysis...?
214. What Are The Various Superspecialities We Can Choose After Md Dermatology?
215. What Field Of Md Is Preferred According To The Rank?
216. Till What Rank Au Female Oc Can Expect G.med/paeds In Gov College?
217. Whatsapp Group Dedicated For Aipg, Dnb, Aiims Entrance
218. Whatsapp Group Completely Dedicated For Aipg, Dnb, Aiims Entrance
219. What Is Joining Date In Mumbai Colleges?
220. What Was The Last Rank To Get Ophthalmology At General Category This Time??
221. Whats App Community (100 C - Auto Warning Issued)
222. What Is The Meyers Kouwenaar Syndrome?
223. What Is The Best Time To Start Preparing For Pg
224. Upto What Rank To Maintain In Test Series
225. What To Read For Appg Exam?
226. What After Mcem.......uk Opportunities
227. Aipgmee 2014 .. What To Do Now...?? They All Can Be Genuine Non Blockers Also
228. What Is Migration Certificate?
229. What Is The Best Time To Start Preparing For Pg
230. Final Manipal Poll 2014 - Whats Your Manipal Score? Medical Only
231. Frnds, What Are Superspecialisation Options After Md Pathology?
232. What About Sample Test To Be Provided By Nbe
233. What To Look For In A Smartphone?
234. Debate: What Is Comdek's Future?
235. What Is The Scope Of Post Graduation In Family Medicine In India ?
236. Mrcp After Stanndard Pathway What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages
237. Is Mutual Transfer Of Comedk Pg Dental Seats Allowed?, If Yes What Is The Procedure?
238. Radiology....dmre....whats It? Hw Can We Get It?where Will We Get It?
239. At What Age A Person Can Migrate As A Doctor
240. What Are The Benefits Of Doing Mrcp?
241. What Books Should I Study For Anatomy For Pg
242. Last Few Days Before The Grand Finale.. Whats The Game Plan?
243. What Happened To Dph Dih Dmcw Seats ?
244. What Is Bond At Goa Medical College And Stipend?
245. What Is Hatchinsky's Scoring System ? What Is Its Use?
246. Whatsapp Broadcast Group For Daily Mcqs Discussion
247. Whatsapp Broadcast Group For Daily Mcqs Discussion
248. Frnds Pls Help Me..i Forgot To Download My Rank Card.now The Date Expired.what To Do Now?
249. Must Watch Tv Series (whats Your Pick?) ... Share With All ...
250. How About Starting Whats App Based Mnemonic Sharing??? Anyone Interested??
251. What Is The Meaning Of Accreditation Hospitals Or Colleges In Dnb.
252. What Is The Xray Postion Of A Patient To See The Perforation Of Bowel. I.e Gas Under Diaphragm ! Is It Erect Or Left Lateral Decubitus ?
253. Friends...what Z Cutoff For Md Gen Med In This 2nd Round?
254. What Is The Xray Postion Of A Patient To See The Perforation Of Bowel. I.e Gas Under Diaphragm ! Is It Erect Or Left Lateral Decubitus ?
255. Mci Guru....if Any One Need,information Regrading ,how To Prepared For Fmge ?what Are The Important Topices To Read?just Message Me I W
256. Hc Quashes Ugc Regulations On Deemed-to-be Varsities; Whats The Sum Of It, Will Pg Seats Increase?!
257. Revision Tips Compiled From Toppers : How | When | How Many | What Not To Do !
258. Frnds Pls Help Me..i Had Paid The Fee Thru Netbanking.but My Registration Is Not Completed Yet..what To Do Now?
259. What's The Update On 22/05/2014 Deemed Case?
260. What Does Md Paeds, D.c.h. (both At The Same Time) Written Below Some Practitioners
261. What A Women Wants?
262. Debate: What Would Be The Impact Of Telangana On Medical Education?
263. What Are The Research Opportunities After Md Pharmacology In India?
264. Please Tell All India Rank Afmc Rank Alloted Seat What Ur Going To Opt
265. What Is Gamsat,ukcat,plab?? What Is More Imp For Postagraduation Study?
266. What Is Residual Stenosis Of Mitral Valve?
267. What Exams To Be Written For Doing Postgraduation In U.k
268. What Will You Do If U Get Below Rank 10 Aiims Tomorrw
269. What Is The Next Date Of Ssc Recruitement..
270. My Rank Is 1765 What Branch Seat I Can Expect
271. Whats App Group For Aiims May14 Question Discussion
272. What Are The Possible Immediate Treatment In Patient Present With Respiratory Distress?
273. A Patient Met With A Road Traffic Accident And Suffered Injury To Left Knee. Dial Test Was Positive. What Could Be The Cause
274. What Is Seat Matrix System For Appg ?
275. Comparison Of Round 2 Ai'14 With Neet '13 Rounds (1-4) Allotments & What Can We Expect In 3rd Round Ai'14 - Share Your Views...
276. What Is Right Time To Marry Nd Having 1st Child?
277. Whats The Normal Cd4:cd8 Ratio,name The Conditions In Which The Ratio Is Reversed?
278. Omiteed Picture In Todays Paper-what To Do
279. What Can Be Done After Dnb Pediatrics In Nutrition/dermatology?
280. what Is The Fee Strutures For Degree & Diploma Courses Is Karnataka State[/b]
281. What After Diploma Clinical Pathology?
282. Whats This Hk/hyd -kar Category ?who Come Under This?
283. What Are The Job Prospects After Pg In Nuclear Medicine?
284. What Are The Chances Of Getting Any Pg Seat For A Non Local With 2283 Rank (male Oc)
285. What Are The Chances Of Getting Any Clinical Seat With Rank 3502 Svu Male Service Oc Candidate Plz Kindly Reply
286. Whats Stipend In Jjmc,dhawngere? Is It Same Fr Diplo's & Md,ms? Any Extra Fee Is There To Pay?
287. What Wil B D Exact Addrs For Sending Documents? We Cant Send Through D Speed Post/courrier,if There Is No Specific Name/designation N Phone
288. What Is Declaration Of Munich?
289. What Is The Cut Off Rank For General Medicine And General Surgery In Private Colleges For Bc-b In Au Region
290. What Is The Cut Off Rank For Gen. Surgery I Manipal?
291. No Result No Key No Marks And Result On Eenadu..... How?... Whats Wrong With Ntruhs Website
292. What To Prefer After Md/ms Obsgyne ??
293. March Rankers Who Dint Score Well In April..what Is The Plan Now..reading Again???or Settling For Dnb?other Exams?
294. What Is The Scope For Post Graduates Already Having Md Degree To Work In Germany...
295. What Seat You Will Get For Your Rank In Tnpg 2014- Rajamahendran's Analysis
296. My Passport Is Valid Till 2010 Only But In The Option Starts From 2014, What To Do ?
297. All Those Who Are Preparing For 2014 Pg Examinations Join Here For Whats App Based Study Group
298. Roams Whats App Group
299. What Is Marion's Disease ?
300. Whatsapp Group For Nimhans Preparation
301. What Is The Organism Responsible For Caries Teeth
302. Hwhat Is Da Topmark
303. What Is The Organism Responsible For Caries Teeth
304. What Is The Most Common Cause Of Nephrotic Syndrome In Adults ?
305. What Is The Best Private Medical College In Ap For Pg
306. Pliz Help..balance Has Been Deducted ,is Already Paid From My Account But The Registration Is In Pending What To Do?
307. What Is The Salary Of Mbbs Gp In Oman?
308. What Happened To The Domicile Case-please Update
309. What Is Steel-richardson Syndrome?
310. What About Masters In Medicine In Family Med In Cmc Vellore
311. Kindly Update What's Happening In That God Damn Hc??
312. 963 Manipal Rank What Can We Expect
313. In What Way Is Reexam Justifiable?
314. What Is The Penalty Amount If We Resign After Iii Round Seat Allotment
315. Whats The Funda Of Doing Mba After Mbbs? [#]
316. Is Amu Aligarh A Central Institute , What Is Stipend......
317. What About Decision Of Supreme Court In Matter Of Seat Allocation Thru State Quota
318. What Is The Salary For Doctors In Malaysia?
319. What Is The Fee Structure In Sgrdmc?
320. What To Choose B/w Md Psm , Md Pharma Or Da (diploma In Anesthesia)
321. What Are The Certificates Required For Admission At Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh
322. Right Time To Marry Nd Having 1st Child? What You Think?
323. What Documents Are Required For Tamilnadu Admission
324. Dr. Xyz. Md, Dgo (what Does That Stand For?)
325. What To Choose Between Md Pathology. Md Anaesthesia And Dch Please Help...
326. What Documents Are Required For Admission In Madras Medical College For Other State Dr's
327. Any Whatsapp Group Or Study Group For Upsc Preparation ? Pls Add Me
328. Md Pediatrics Vs Md Radiodiagnosis ? What Do You Think
329. What Are The Job Prospects For Oral And Maxilofacial Surgery In India?
330. What's Timing Of 2nd Indicative Seat
331. What Is The Scope In Clinical Pathology After Diploma?
332. What Are The Rankwise Possibility At Jss,mysore.
333. Dnb Radiology Or M.d Anesthesia. What To Choose. Confused
334. What Are The Future Prospects After Doing Md Medicine From An Average Private College?
335. Whats The Relation Between Hypokalemia And Acth? Its Said That ...
336. What Is The Procedure For Mrcpsych Exam After Dpm?
337. How Is Dipoma Diabetology..what Is The Schedule Of Jr's Doing Diploma Diabetology.is It Hectic Schedule In Diploma Diabetology.
338. What To Choose Btwn Med, Paedia,respiratory Med..plz Guys Put Some Opinion On It..
339. What Can I Do After M D Anaesthesia
340. What About March 31st Counselling??
341. What Is The Most Common Trisomy In Human??
342. What Is The Cut Off For Qualifying Written Exam...
343. What Will Happen To Newly Approved/added 250+ Seats By Mci? Will They Be Included For 1st Round Ai As Per New Schedule???
344. After Ms Ortho What Are The Abroad Option For Fellowships ?
345. What About Dnb Counselling On 31st March...??
346. What Bout Aiims Pgi Rankers Who Will Quit Aipg Seat
347. What Topic Asked In Your Interview Gdmo679
348. Ap Exam Cancelled. Jipmer 2nd Councelling Vacancy Till What Rank Approxmiately!?
349. What Are The Books For Mrcs Part 3
350. What To Do If I Don't Have Mci Registration Number For Online Form?
351. What Is The Subject Wise Number Division In Wbpg?
352. What Happened In 2014 Nims Counselling?
353. Md Radio Therapy What Is The Scope In Future..?
354. My Obc Rank Is 1006. What To Expect ?
355. Seat Increase Announcement On 14 Feb - Valentine Day Gift By Mcc Or What ?
356. What Is The Legal Opinion Regarding Revised List And Reexam?
357. What Are The Career Prospects After Md Pathology? [#]
358. What Is Meyers Kouwenaar Syndrome?
359. When Will Tamilnadu Councelling Starts? What Is The Website To C It?
360. What Is Plab, Mrcp
361. What Are The Carrier Option In Uk After Doing Mrcp ?
362. What About Genuine Rankers Meeting Wit Governer
363. What Is The Stipend Received Pm For Clinical Subjects In Comedk Colleges?
364. What Is The Avidity Test In Toxoplasmosis And It's Importance?
365. Guys Plz Help:my Dnb Counselling Is Clashing With State Counselling...tell Me What Can Be Done:(((...
366. Fear Re Exam....then Whats The Difference B/w You And The Fraudster
367. What To Mention In Application Number Section Mentioned When Paying Through Sbi I Collect.
368. What All Things To Take For Nimhans Exam?
369. @ 2241 In Jan2014 Session What Are My Chances Of Getting Orthopedics!
370. What To Enter As 2nd Party On Estamp?
371. What Are My Chances At Rank 3875
372. Pku Mother What Is Expected In The Child---pgi
373. What Is The Stipend For Ph.d Anatomy In Aiims?
374. What Are The Top Five Best Institutes In India For Pgdcc In Terms Of Teaching? ??
375. What Is The Stipend For Ph.d Anatomy In Aiims?
376. Gm 1000 To 2000! What Are Your Plans?
377. What If Re Exam Paper Leaks Agn ..so Cbi Enquiry Only Solution !!
378. Child Born To Phenylketonuric Mother What Are All Expected In The Child? Pgi
379. What Is Dnb-cet Pass Certificate (november 2013) Downloaded From Nbe
380. What Rank Would Get Me A Clinical Degree Seat?
381. What Are The Common Minor Surgical Procedure Done By All Dermatologist
382. Tnpg 2014- What Seat To Opt?? Whats The Scope? What Is Most Wanted?
383. What Required At Examination Centre
384. What To Choose - Clinical Diploma Or Pre/para Degree?
385. At What Date Is The Pgimer May 2014?
386. Pgmet 2014.what Needs To Be Done And How Can We Achieve It
387. No Matter What We Do..there Wil B No Re Exam...
388. The Last Rank 23447... Ur Category.... What Does It Mean ..?
389. What I Can Expect From My Rank 2432
390. What Is The Minimum Rank To Get A Clinical Branch In Manipal??
391. Comedk Colleges -what Is The Ranking Of Colleges
392. What Does The Sc Ruling Mean
393. What Is The Alveolar Pressure At The End Of Maximal Inspiration?
394. What Was Your Experience With The Exam!!!
395. Friends,what Is This Certificate Mentioned In St.johns ?
396. What Are Roster Points For Jipmer?nd How Many People Can Attend!
397. Tnpg 2014- What Seat To Opt? Whats The Scope? What Is Most Wanted?
398. What Is Da Purpose Of Handing Over The Carbon Copy Of Omr Sheet?
399. 1. A Patient With Bilirubin Value Of 8 Mg/dl And Serum Creatinine Of 1.9 Mg/dl Is Planned For Surgery. What Is The Muscle Relaxant Of Choice
400. What A First Year Pg Must Know ?
401. What Will Be Fee For Comed Md,ms & Diplomas?
402. Mc Cause Of Tumor Lysis Syndrome..and What Are Changes Seen In This Syndrom?
403. What Is Ihe 1st Step In Management Of Pulseless Electrical Activity.?
404. Whatsapp Promotion
405. What Are The Must Read Topics In Harrison's In Final Year?
406. Again New Start Here Is My Plan Of Studies Whats Your For Next Dnb?
407. What Is Mrcp?....plsssss Guide
408. What Separtes Easy 5 From Easy 4 Vaccine ?
409. What Is Meant By Streamlined Counselling????
410. Below What Temp Of Body Is Hypothalamus Unable To Maintain Homeostasis ?
411. What Cases Did You Get In Exam?
412. Favourite Hobbies We Have & Common Interests Among Medicos ---- What Do U Do Folks In Your Rest Time Besides Resting???
413. What Is The Approx Number Of Candidates That Appear For The Phd Clinical Neurosciences Entrance?
414. What Is The Scope And Career Options After Mph
415. What To Opt Guys Kem Med Or Jipmer ?
416. Appg Key Released:[poll]whats Your Score? Mistakes?
417. Whats A Primary Centre Of Pisiform
418. What Is The Order Of Colleges For Md Medicine?
419. What Will Be The Pay For Senior Residents In Medicine
420. What Is Your Study Strategy In Last Few Months?
421. Tnpg - Md.anesthesia In What Marks Out Of 90(mbc Quota)
422. What I Have To Pay If I Leave Pg/diploma Seat Before Term
423. Dm Neuroradiology Preparation...what And How To Study
424. What To Look For Before Choosing A College For Internal Medicine
425. Dnb General Medicine, What Minimum Rank?
426. Prometric Multiple Session Exams,see Whats Happening..!
427. What Does "the Amount Of Fee To Be Reimbursed" Mean?
428. Whatsapp Study Group For Biochemistry
429. Whatsapp Study Group For Biochemistry
430. What Is Mrcp & A Big Advice For It!
431. What Makes Diploma Equivalent To Md ?
432. Hello Fmg's What Happened On Yesterdays Meet? What Are The Plans To Be Executed?
433. Are There Any Whatsapp Group For Usmle/mccee And Mccqe?
434. Beware Of Spammy Face-book Apps And Whatsapps Groups
435. Whats Ur Score In Niims 2014......plz Post Ur Marks
436. Jipmer Also On 23-2-2014, What To Do ?
437. What To Right In Non Medical Eductaion In Carms
438. What Is The Stipend In R&r And Fees ?
439. What To Upload In Score Card For Afms
440. Consideriing The Current Scenario Of Increase In All India Seats, Private College Exams ,state Exams What Are Possibilities At Dnb 4500 Rank
441. What Are The Best Colleges For Orthopaedics ? Kindly Help Me With This. My Sc Category Rank Is 154.
442. On Fundoscopic Examination A Patient, A Red Dot Is Seen. He Has A History Of Being Hit By A Tennis Ball. What Is The Probable Cause?
443. What Is The Most Sensitive Indicator Of Improved Health In A Community?
444. What Is The Most Common Cancer Of Indian Women
445. Marked No For Afmc Accidently In Aipgme Form, What To Do Now ?
446. What Factors Rank List Family Med Ontario
447. What Books To Follow For Fmge Exam?
448. What All Exams Left After Aipgme To Prepare For???
449. What Would Be The Cet Rank To Acquire Dnb Gen Medicine For Jan 2014
450. Fmge Guys --- Pls, Post What You've Prepared Today.
451. Rank 7000 To 100000,whats Your Strategy For Counselling,what To Take If Wish To Study For 1 More Year
452. What If The Coaching Centres + The Mci + The Government + The Media All Living Their Lives At Our Expense?
453. After Full Term Normal Vaginal Delivery, Lady Goes To Sudden Collapse. What Should Be Suspected?
454. According To Organ Transplantation Act 1994 What Punishment For Doctor If Found Guilty ?
455. What Degree To Be Awarded After Completion Of Residency At Qatar?
456. Aipgmee 2014 I Ll Write What I Read 2day Till The End Of Aipgmee 2014
457. Fmge 2014 ...what Too And What Not To Do. If Any Suggestions Please Do Reply.
458. What Rank For Md Medicine In Mumbai/pune?
459. Whatsapp Aiims Group
460. A Woman Develops Chickenpox Rash In 3rd Trimester And Delivers A Healthy Looking Newborn. What Prophylaxis Does Neonate Need?
461. What Is The Annual Fees For Ms General Surgery Seat In St.john's
462. What Is Gallen's Anastamosis?
463. What Is The Value Of Mrcs In Indian Hospitals?
464. What Point In Studying If Rural 1 Year Implement From 2015-2016
465. What Is The Most Important Indicator Of Pulmonary Hypertension?
466. What Is Psychometric Analysis? ? Need Rti. ..!!!
467. Patient Came With Sore Throat, Ear Pain And Cough. On Examination, Tympanic Membrane Is Inflamed With Hemorrhagic Vesicles. What Is The Orga
468. For Obg- What To Prefer- Ipgmer Or Med College Kolkata?
469. For Obg- What To Prefer- Ipgmer Or Med College Kolkata?
470. For Obg- What To Prefer- Ipgmer Or Med College Kolkata?
471. What After Dmrt
472. What To Choose Between Ms General Surgery Or D.ortho ?
473. A Pt Had Normal Comprehension And Repetition With Decreased Word Output And Fluency. What Could Be The Lesion?
474. What Immunological Abnormality To Be Expected In This 15 Days Old Baby Shown Here?
475. What Is The Most Common Site For Carcinoma Oesophageus In India ?
476. What Makes Diploma Equivalent To Md ?
477. What Is Pre-empoyment Structured Clinical Interview (pesci)?
478. At What Rank Diploma In Gynacology Obs In Maulana Azad
479. Amphicilin Administration During Pregnancy What Happen To Serum And Urinary Estriol?
480. Similar Kind Of Rank In State And Allindia,what To Prefer?
481. What Are The Recommended Books For Final Year Mbbs
482. Diploma Orthopaedics-after That What's Scope And What More Can Be Done....
483. What % Of Endothelium Is Destroyed In Keratoplasty:
484. What Are The Composition Of Mala_d And Mala_n
485. (-)ve Results This Year..upcoming Bonded Services..what To Do??
486. What Are The Types Of Questions For Mrcs 1?
487. Whats Mrcpch Part 1 Called According To New Format & Exam? Im Confused
488. So, What We Gonna Do? Contact Me, Cuz This Is The Only Way Out.
489. Omg What A Schedule !!!"""!"!!
490. Omg What A Schedule !!!"""!"!!
491. Whatsapp Group For Usmle Prep
492. Md Obg.... Any Male Pgs Out There Whats Your Opinion Regarding This Subject
493. Total Confusion In Ranks With Respect To Marks....... What The Hell....
494. In Kcet Form I Put My Mbbs Roll Number Wrong What To Do Please Help
495. What R De Stipend For Diplomo Courses?
496. What Is Mcewan's Sign?
497. What All To Mail For Kea And Nbe
498. What Is Meant By Quoad Hanc?
499. What Is Time Period For Declaration Of Mood Disorders?
500. At What Rank One Can Expect Doms And D. Ophtha. In 4th Counselling This Time In Sc Cat
501. Masters Till What Rank ?
502. What Should Be Sequence Of Preferences For Md Med ?
503. At What Gestational Age Should A Pregnancy With Cholestasis Of Pregnancy Be Terminated? (aiims May 10)
504. What Is The Treatment Of Choice Of Wart In Pregnancy?
505. Make A Wish !! All Who Make Wish Here Will Get What He /she Wants.........!!
506. What About 30 Morning
507. What Books Shuld Be Used To Crack Aiims ?
508. My Favorite Time Pass Is Reading All Idiotic Threads On Rxpg.. What Is Yours ?
509. What Is The Main Difference Between Telecanthus & Hypertelorism ?
510. What's The Matter In To Have Presented The Mccqe2?
511. What Will Happen After Correction Of Answer Key In Pgmcet 2014 ???
512. What Are The Best Colleges For Md Pathology In India And Andhrapradesh?private Colleges
513. What Is Mbbs / Diploma Course Completion Certificate?
514. Be Aware Of Medskule Interview Or Whatever Prep
515. By What Time After Getting Tracking Number From Mci Is Information Uploaded On Mci Website
516. About Application For Mrcp2 Written By Cheque How Can I Send And What Address I Need Help
517. A Patient Is Given Non- Competitive Irrverseable Antagonist. What Will Be Its Effect On The Graded Dose Response Curve? A) Shift Down Wards
518. What Is The Collagen Type Affected In Classical Ehler Danos Sydrome ?
519. Medico Wife/non-medico Wife ? What Is Ur View..
520. What Is The Importance Of Dua Layer?
521. Oral Polio Vaccine (opv) Should Be Stored At What Temperature At State Level ?
522. What Should B The Strategy For Next Year Exams ??
523. Dnb Cet Ss Medicine Branch- What To Opt At Rank >400
524. If Childhood Blindness Is Assessed Using Blind School Standards As Compared To Population Survey Standards, What Will Happen To Prevalence O
525. Aipge 27 Morning. What Will Be A Good Score
526. Whatsapp Group For Mahe Prepration
527. What Are The Chances Of Getting Jobs In 2013 In Australia For Imgs?
528. What Will Dmer Do Next ? What About Corrected Final Answer Key ??
529. Mcq: In A Vertex Presentation, The Position Is Determined By The Relationship Of What Fetal Part To The Mother's Pelvis:
530. An 18 M.o. Child Comes With History Of Immunization Taken Only For A 1st Dose Of Opv And Dpt. What Will You Give Now
531. What To Choose For Total Number Of Attempts In Ug Option
532. What Is The Most Common Cause Of Neonatal Meningitis?
533. What Abput Aravind Eye Hospital M.s.ophthal.. How Many People Are Attending The Exam For The 12 M.s. Seats.. Anybody Know 2013 Statistics.
534. What's The Time Limit To Enunciate For An Exam
535. @dr.bkjha Sir My Rank Is2592,what All Branches Can Iget?pls Give Ur Suggestion Abt Rt&resp Med
536. What Cadre To Chose If U Want To Join Aiims Or Pgimer Chandigarh As Specialist?
537. What Not To Or Do Last Week Of Exam
538. Third Time Repeaters Who Didn't Get Good Rank, What Are Your Options And Plans Now?
539. What Is Attempt Certificate?
540. What Are The 4 Courses You Are Going To Opt For In Nimhans Common Entrance?
541. Aipgmee : What Score Needed For Obg Seat
542. If Dnb Councelling Before Aipgmee,what To Do?
543. What Should I Be Focusing On Reading For Srm Pg Entrance Test?!
544. What Is The Management For Asymptomatic Gall Bladder Stone? Cholecystectomy Or Wait And Watch??
545. What Was The Cut Of Marks For Selection In Previous Upsc Cms Exam
546. My Resolution For New Year And Next All India ............. What About You ?
547. Relations (rishte..)- What Do They Mean To You.. #offbeat #poetry
548. What Did You Eat Today ......... What Was Most Mouth Watering.............?
549. What Documents To Be Enclosed
550. What Is The Fee Structure Of Nitte Univercity And Is It On Merit Basis Or Through Management Quota Like Other Private Collage University
551. What Can We Do To Improve Our Country Both As A Medico And As A Responsible Citizen Of India.....
552. What Mental Abormality Is Related To Double Hair Whorls?
553. Red And Green Cone Pigments Are Encoded On X Chromosome; What Abt Blue Cone Pigment Chromsome?
554. Aiims Jan 2014 What Is The Possible Rank For 45% Marks?
555. What Is Main Criteria For Phc Appsc Jobs
556. After What Age Person Is Considered To Acquired Majority...in India ?
557. What Is Best For Fmge
558. What To Do A Day Before The Exam
559. What Is The Scope Of Hospital Management After Bds?
560. What Is The Cd Marker For Ewings Sarcoma ?
561. What Is The Stipend One Gets While Doin Pg In Comedk Colleges
562. Till What Rank Ophtha Goes In Nov Aiims?
563. 172. To Prevent Amblyopia, Operation For Congenital Cataract Should Be Carried Out Before What Age? A) 6 Weeks B) 6 Months C) 1 Year D) 2 Ye
564. What's About Dnb Pmr At West Bengal
565. 230. Mifepristone And Misoprostol Combination Can Be Safely Used For Medical Termination Of Preganancy Till What Gestational Age? A) 63 Days
566. What Happens Next If The Mccee Score Is Less Than 300!
567. What To Focus More In Toronto Notes For Qe1
568. 121. A Suit For Negligence Against A Doctor Must Be Filed Within What Time Period? A) 6 Months B) 12 Months C) 2 Years D) 3 Years
569. What Did Aipg 2014 Teach Us ??? Lets Be Wiser From Our Experience !!
570. 56 Yr Old Patient With H/r Of 174/min Bp 105/70 And Irregularly Irregular Pulse What Is The First Treatment ?
571. What Cadre To Chose If U Want To Join Aiims Or Pgimer Chandigarh As Specialist?
572. Govt Approved Rural Posting For Pg Courses, What This Means For Us
573. What Is The Expectd Cut Off Score For Aipgmee- 2014..anyone.. ?
574. Nimhans Psychi Study Group ... Whatsapp
575. A Patient With Breathlessness On Exertion Recently Hb 6.5 Mcv 62 Mchc Decreased Whats The First Treatment?
576. 40 Y Old Man Presents With Frank Painless Hematuria What Is The Initial Investigation Leading To Diagnosis?
577. Patient With Osteomyelitis Supposedly With Staph Aureus On Tibia What Is Diagnostic ?
578. Maha Pgmcet2014 Whats Your Strategy?
579. Patient With Osteomyelitis Suspicion With Staph Aureus What Is Diagnostic Investigation?
580. Patient With Osteomyelitis Suspicion With Staph Aureus What Is Diagnostic Investigation?
581. 60y Man Working In Garden Colapses Suddenly On Ecg Has Incomplete Heart Block What Is Management?
582. What To Read For Aiims
583. What To Choose At Aiims- Anesthesia, Ent, Ophthal, Patho??
584. What Percent Of Females In India Are In Reproductive Age Gp?
585. What's The Minimum Rank You Need To Get A Dnb General Surgery Seat Anywhere In The Country?
586. What Is The Turnover Time Of Epidermis?
587. What Is The Half Life Of Albumin
588. *what Is The Color Of Normal Tympanic Membrane
589. What Are The Formalities To Discontinue The Post Graduation Seat In Afmc Pune
590. Aiims Nov 2013 Counselling Discussion-what Rank What Seat?
591. Irt....what Is There Behind The Screen....share Ur Knowledge On Psychometric Analysis...
592. Help Plz..what Is The Name Of Website For Case Against Tn Govt For Getting Certificate Back
593. Help Plz..what Is The Name Of Website For Case Against Tn Govt For Getting Certificate Back
594. End Of Aipgmee,now Whats Next?
595. Mrcs Part A, Sept 2013: What About Discussing Sba & Emq In Forum??
596. What Is The Latest Date For Photograph On Admit Card Of Aipg And Dnb
597. Whatsapp - Bbm & Other Chat Groups Promotion
598. What Is The Ipc Of Abetment Of Suicide ?
599. What Proved To Be Most Useful For Aipg Exams? Class Notes/ Platinum/roams/aa & Mk/subjectwise Books
600. What Qs Are Asked In Cmc Vellore Interview For Surgery?
601. What R The Chances That Jharkhand Pgmat Will Occur This Yearn When(for 2k14 Exam)
602. What Is The Primary Pigment Deposited In Hemochromatosis?
603. What Is Evart Sign & Hallmark Trust Sign?
604. Whats D Admission Fees For Ucms,delhi?? #neetpg
605. What Is The Trinucleotide Sequence For Myotonic Dystrophica ?
606. What Is The Your Best Source Of Investment Advice?
607. What Is Age Limit To Appear In Upsc Cms
608. What Time Is Tom Plab 1 In Mumbai And Where Is It?
609. What Is Cd Marker Apotosis ?
610. 2nd Whatsapp Group For Maharashtra Pgm Cet 2014
611. Essure Contraceptive Is Atemporary Or Permanant Contraceptive? What Is It Made Upof?
612. What Will Be The Fate After Xams
613. What Is Straight Back Syndrome ?
614. Mhpgmcet 2014 Whats App Group
615. What Kind Of Images To Go Through For Aipgmee
616. What Is The New Name For Hallenworden Spatz Disease
617. What Happens If We Fail To Submit The Paper And Time Runs Out?
618. Guys What Score R U Expecting In This Dnb November 2013..share Ur Views Also...
619. What Is The Change In Pulse Rate With Rise In 1 Degree Celcius Temperature?
620. What Must Be Our Last Time Prep For Aipgmee 2014 ?
621. Amniotic Fluid Contains Acetyl Cholinestrase Enzyme.what Is The Diagnosis
622. What Are The Total No Seats This Time?????
623. Mhpgmcet 2014 Whats App Group
624. What Is The Most Common Site Of Extra Renal Cyst Formation In A Patient With Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease?
625. What Is The Scope Of Dmclinical Pharmacologyin Pgi
626. What Is The Most Common Substance Of Abuse In India?
627. What Are The Materials To Be Collected For Plab 1 Self Prepn....
628. What Kind Of A Joint Is Syndesmosis
629. What Can Cause Asymetrically Thickened Interventricular Septum?
630. What Is The Stipend 4 Pg Students In Nimhans, Bhu, Jipmer???
631. What Documents To Be Enclosed
632. In Tension Pneumothroax What Is The First Step Of Management
633. Saw My Upsc Result Today.. So Late.. What To Do?
634. Md Rt - What Institute At What Rank
635. I Have Applied For Pediatrics As My Special Subject. What Books Are Preferrable ?
636. Whatsapp Group For Discussion Of Mcqs
637. What Is The Next Step After Mccee
638. Dnb Rank 4420 What Should I Expect In Aipgee Seniors Guide Me ?
639. What Are The Hypocellular Bone Marrow With Cytopenia
640. What S The Type Of Hepatitis Associated With Aplastic Anemia
641. Dams Rank 3209 What Should I Expect In Aipgee Seniors Guide Me
642. If A Known Hypertensive Patient Took Some Diuretic And Died In 6 Hours. What Is The Cause ? A. Acute Renal Failure B. Chronic Renal Failure
643. What Is A Decent Score For All India Exam?
644. What Is The 1st Symptom Comes After Acute Iridocyclitis ?
645. What Is Pseudothalidomide Syndrome Called ?
646. What Is The Most Common Germ Cell Tumour Of Ovary?
647. What S D Use Of Natalizumab Nd Wat S D Important Side Effect Of Dat Drug?
648. Me And My Friends Voucher Got Exchanged And Registration Done On Each Others Vouchers Now What To Do? What Will Happen?
649. What Is The Most Important Prognostic Factor For Breast Cancer?
650. What Will Be The Diference In Exam Pattern By Nbe For Aipg 2013-14
651. What Are The Total No Seats This Time?????
652. What Is Antrum Of Highmore ? What Is Corpis Highmori ?
653. What Is Pedunculated Hydatid ? What Is Hydatid Of Morgagni ?
654. What Is Globus Major & Globus Minor ? What Is Digital Fossa ?
655. Can Pictorial Questions Be Expected In Aipg This Time? If Yes What All To Refer?
656. What R The Good Books For Anat,ortho And Biochem...it Is Difficult From Across...plz
657. Pgi Aspirants What Date And Center Did You Chose For Aipgmee?
658. Pgi Aspirants What Date And Center Did You Chose For Aipgmee?
659. Pgi Aspirants What Date And Center Did You Chose For Aipgmee?
660. What Is The Role Of Weiger's Ligament?
661. What Dates Have You Chosen For Aipgmee?
662. What Is The Mail Of Upsc Cms?
663. What Is The Time Limit To Complete Do-hns?
664. What About Mppg Now????
665. What Does Biophysics Means???
666. Guys What Is The Process For Applying Provisional Registration After Fmge Exam Plz Help
667. What Is The Admission Procedure For Psg Medical Coimbatore?
668. What To Apply For , Mlpimg Or Imgac
669. Aipge By Nbe, But What Abt Maharashtra State Cet ? Any News ?
670. What About D Supreme Court Decision?
671. Can We Write The Plab Exam In Kerala? And What Is The Fees And Procedures?
672. What Is The Dose Limiting Toxicity Of Ciclosporin?
673. What Type Of Temporal Bone Fracture Causes Facial Nerve Injury
674. What Is The Drug Of Choice In Parkinsonism?
675. What Can Fmg Students Do Without Mci Registration?
676. What Is Composition Of Universal Antidote
677. What Is Coliform Test? What R The Acceptable Level?indicator For Recent And Remote Contamination?
678. Aiims Nov 2013 Discussions On What To Focus
679. What Visa Is Required For Amc Clinical Bridging Program
680. A 56 Year Women Complains Of Diificulty In Swallowing , Underwent Endoscopy , What Is The Diagonsis
681. What R Imimportant Topics
682. What Is Vernet's Syndrome
683. Got Permanent Registration And What To Do Next?
684. Any Idea What Must Be The Cutoff In Terms Of %age Marks In The Pgi Exam?
685. What Books To Be Read In Theory Exam Of Dnb Paeds
686. What Is The Value Of Mrcp In India?
687. What Is The Rate Limiting Enzyme In Krebs Cycle?
688. What Is Van Gog Syndrome?
689. What About Mbbs Is It Good After Five Year's With Lots Of Medical Doctors Out Whats D Future Of Normal Mbbs Studentb
690. What Is The Selective Medium For H. Pylori
691. What Books Are Good Read For Jipmer ? How Can I Prepare.
692. The Defect In Inborn Error Of Metabolism Causes What Defect In Protein
693. What Is The Best Time To Appear In Plab 2 Or When Maximum Jobs Are Available In Uk?
694. What Shd We Do To Crack Any Pg Exam In Limited Time
695. You Put A Patient On Heparin But Nothing Happens! What Is The Patient 's Problem?
696. Añy Whats Group For Dicusion Of Aiims Al India Paper
697. How To Start Preparing For Prepg Exam(whatsoever It May Be Neet Or Aipg) In Prefinal Year Of Mbbs Itself?
698. What Is Psychometric Analysis?just An Overview 9 Must Read For Aipgmee 2014 Aspirants
699. What Is Psychometric Analysis?just An Overview 9 Must Read For Aipgmee 2014 Aspirants
700. What Is The Min. Level Of Pleural Fluid That Can Be Detected Radiologically?
701. What Is The Min. Level Of Pleural Fluid That Can Be Detected Radiologically?
702. What Is The Min. Level Of Pleural Fluid That Can Be Detected Radiologically?
703. What Shd We Do To Crack Any Pg Exam In Limited Time
704. In A Patient With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Diabetic Macula Oedema Has Been Observed. What Is The Major Risk Factor For The Progression Of M
705. Aiims Nov 2014 Aspirants On Whatsapp
706. What Is The Fee And Stipend Of R&r Delhi
707. What Is Present Situation In Usa For Indian Medical Graduates To Get Residency In Medicine?
708. Among Women Aged 18 To 34 In A Community, Weight Is Normally Distributed With A Mean Of 52 Kg And A Standard Deviation Of 7.5 Kg.what Percen
709. What Date Are U Gonna Choose For Dnb If Pgi Is On 17th November?
710. What Is Crompton Effect?
711. Trying For Indian Pg Entrance After Long Gap. Where To Start? What Exam To Give?
712. What Does Asha Mean?
713. Progesterone Peaks On What Day Of Menstrual Cycle ? #aiims
714. What Type Of Fracture Of Petrous Temporal Bone Has Got The Highest Chance Of Facial Nerve Paralysis
715. What Could Be My Rank At 35% Score In Aiims?
716. What's New This Year In Aipgmee?
717. What Is Possibility After Mbbs Graduation.????
718. What Is Candidatethe Verdict In Supreme Court About Tr Totr Facility For Inservice
719. What Is The Organism Causing Preapism - Is It Spanish Fly
720. What Is The Success Rate Of Stem Cell Therapy For Hair Loss?
721. What About Exam Center?
722. What Is The Marks For Below 100 Rank
723. What Is Not A Feature Of Sturge Weber Syndrome
724. Details Regarding Aipgme Out... What About Appg?
725. Cmc,vellore: What Is The Advantage Of Writing Special Paper?
726. What Can I Expect From My Rank
727. What Should I Expect On My Rank
728. What Is The Most Common Substance Abuse In India?
729. What Should I Expect On My Rank
730. At What Rank We Will Get Jr.ship In Aiims!!??
731. Life Partner-what Do You Feel ...should Doctor Marry A Doctor Only ??
732. What Is Sscp, Microarray, Cgh Array, Frap, Rflp, Maldi
733. What % Of Marks For Each Subject?
734. What Is The Most Common Cause Of Blindness In Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy
735. What Is Possibility After Mbbs Graduation.????
736. Emergency...a Man Is Dying D/t Massive Blood Loss,no Time For Matching What Bld Grp Shld We Use?
737. What Is True About Histoplasmosis
738. What Is The Best Career Planning After Mbbs ?
739. What Is The Antifungal Agent Of Choice For Filamentous Fungi?
740. Post Diploma Dnb Cet Tentative Dates For Counselling Announced. What Abt Us?
741. Does Anybody Know What Is Oniomania Related To?
742. What Are The Various Entrance Exams For Pg?
743. A Young Male Presented With Pulsating Varicose Vein.what Is The Most Likely Cause?
744. What Is Difference Between Synchondrosis And Symphysis Joint
745. What Is Value Of Doing Md Physiology
746. Who Road To Health Programme Explain Whats It Is
747. What Books To Study For Medicine For Aipge?
748. A Pregnant Lady Develop Chest Pain Few Hours After Delivery.ecg Shows S1q3and T3.what Is The Other Investigation Most Appropriate For Diagno
749. What Rank Needed To Get Paediatrics In Mumbai?
750. What Rank Needed To Get Paediatrics In Mumbai?
751. What Are The Centers For Pgi Exam?
752. If A Completely Radioactive Double-stranded Dna Molecule Undergoes Two Rounds Of Replication In A Solution Free Of Radioactive Label, What
753. What % People After Amputation Have Phantum Limb Pain?
754. What Is Tulio's Phenomenam
755. What Would Be The Most Reliable Test For An Acutely Injured Knee Of A 27 Yrs Old Athlete
756. To What Extent Is Risk Of Teratogenicity Due To Exposure Of Ciplox-tz In First Trimester
757. What Is Wallenberg Syndrome
758. What Is The Marks For Below 100 Rank
759. At What Point In Time Is The Population Assessed For Calculation Of The Crude Death Rate
760. A Head Injured Patient , Who Opens Eyes To Painful Stimulus , Is Confused And Localizes To Pain. What Is The Glasgow Coma Scale :
761. Ochitis In Mumps Occurs At What Time
762. A Full Term 80 Hrs Old New Born Developed Jaundice . What Should Be The Minimum Level Of Bilirubin To Start Phototherapy
763. A Case Of Spontaneous Pneumothorax Comes To You, What Will Be Earliest Treatment Of Choice
764. Departmental Tests ?? What To Do And What Not Do At Esi !!
765. What Is Not Included In Active Management Of Third Stage Of Labour
766. Now How Much Seats Return To Bihar From All India And What Will Be The Shift
767. An Obese Female In Post Partum Period Suddenly Developed Pleuritic Chest Pain,hemoptysis And Low Grade Fever.her Ecg Was Normal.what Is Your
768. During Autopsy, If Spinal Cord Is To Be Examined What Is The Most Commonly Used Approac
769. Adamantinoma Is A Rare Tumor Commonly Found In What Part Of The Body? A. Jaw B. Ribs C. Pelvis D. Long Bones
770. What Is Banti's Syndrome ?
771. What Antibiotic Is Safe To Use With Any Penicillin Allergy A. Cefuroxime B. Meropenem C. Cefuroxime D. Aztreonam
772. What Renal Disease Is Associated With Berry Aneurysms?
773. What Is Possibility After Mbbs Graduation.????
774. What Makes Cardiac Muscle Fibres To Function As A Single Unit
775. What Is The Major Cause Of Death In Patients With Chronic Renal Failure
776. What % Of Marks For Each Subject?
777. What Is The Source Of Infection In Genital Tuberculosis In A Woman Of Reproductive Age Group?
778. Cholinergic Drugs Such As Pilocarpine Are Routinely Used To Treat Glaucoma. What Is Their Mechanism Of Action In The Eye That Accounts For T
779. At What Wk Product Of Conception Callled Embryo?
780. What Is Percent Of Getting Hiv & Hbv Respectively In A Year After Infection From An Aids Patient?
781. What Is Not True With Regard To Semen Analysis ?
782. Maximum Ldl Lowering Capacity Of Statins By What Time?
783. What's The Seat Matrix For Dnb Cet Aug2013
784. Goldenhar's Syndrome Is Associated With What Prominent Ocular Manifestation - (aiims 81, 86) A) Micro Cornea B) Sclero Cornea C) Megalo C
785. Dha..what Xam I Will Hav?
786. What About Future If I Want To Do Pgdcc After Md Medicine
787. Psm..what Are The Important Topics In Spm ?psm?
788. What Is Colour Coding Of Bag In Hospital To Dispose Off Human Anatomical Waste
789. Got Md Physio And Hating It. What Shud I Do??
790. What Is The Expected Salary Of Someone Who's Cleared His Mcem
791. As Per Information Bulletein Seat Avaibility ..what Is The Meaning Of Star Mark On Certain Seats?...
792. How To Apply For The American Board? What Are The Pre-requisites?
793. What Are Options After M.d In Physiology
794. What Is Of The Following Is True For Non-rem Sleep, In Contrast To Rem Sleep?
795. What Are The Risk Factors For Prostate Carcinoma ?
796. What Are The Risk Factors For Prostate Carcinoma ?
797. What Are The Job Opportunity For German Pg In Gulf Countries
798. What Are Components Of Wilkins Score?
799. What Is The Expected Highest On 21st Morning Session?
800. What Mechanism Sets Up In The Body After Systolic Blood Pressure Falls Below 40 Mm Hg?
801. What Is The Most Common Malignancy Affecting Spleen
802. What Is The Treatment Of Choice In Severe Flail Chest
803. Only And Only 90 !! Clinical Degree-diploma Surrendered To Mh.. What To Do Now??
804. What Is The Best Treatment For Four Part Fracture Of The Proximal Humerus ?
805. What Is Uthoffs Phenomenon? ?
806. What Is The Memmory Of Cu T ... Dnb Q
807. High Time We Should Know Next Is What ? Neet/ai + State ?
808. What Is The Nerve That Is Dameged When The Central Group Of Axillary Lymph Nodes Are Removed??
809. What Is The Process For Doing Pg In Germany?
810. What Is Column Of Bertini In Kidney
811. What Complication Should One Expect When Pcnl Is Done Through 11th Intercostal Space
812. What Is Root Value Of Madial Cutaneous Nerve Of Arm?
813. Shall We Join Dpm N What The Future??
814. Shall We Join Dpm N What The Future??
815. Dmre What Is It
816. What Are The Requirements For The Admit Card In Dnb Cet Exams?
817. What Is The Most Common Complication Of Fracture Of The Ischio-pubic Ramus Of Pelvic Bone ?
818. At 1800 Rank Sml In Maha What Can I Expect At Pc
819. Compulsory 1 Year Rural Service For All Mbbs Docs For Appearing Pg Entrance - What Happens To Previous Year Pass Outs?
820. For What Rank Md Patho Will Come?and How Will Be The Future?
821. Mrcp Part 2 Written . What Should I Read ?
822. @ Ai Rank 3842-what To Prefer???? Ms Opthal , Md Anaesthesia, Dch,, Radiotherapy
823. What Is Scope For Orthopaedicians Trained In India To Settle In Us ? Any Chance For Permanent Job
824. What Is Most Common Complication In Recurrent Anterior Uveitis
825. At What Rank One Can Expect Doms And D. Ophtha. In 4th Counselling This Time In Sc Cat
826. At What Rank One Can Expect Doms And D. Ophtha. In 4th Counselling This Time In Sc Cat
827. Neet By Aiims Or Nbe-what U Wish?
828. Neet By Aiims Or Nbe-what U Wish?
829. What Is Meant By "supposition Child"
830. What Is Miller Fisher Test
831. What Is The Most Common Serious Complication Of An End Colostomy?
832. What Happen Vacant Seat Of Dmc And Cmc Due To Candidate Shift To All India College
833. What Are The Uppermost Structures In Lt Lung Hilum
834. There Shd B A Pil 2 Sc 2 Force Mci To Announce What They Are Thinking Aipge+state/neet ??
835. What Is Björnstad Syndrome?
836. What Is The New Deedline For Pg Admissions
837. Passed Mrcs Part B... What Next??
838. Its Funny Qs., What Is Wrong In The Mnemonic --
839. What Is The Reason For Ventricular Arrhythmias In Mi?
840. Let Us Share What Is Important For Dnb Cet
841. What Is Proof Of Mbbs Qualification Being Recognized As Per Imc Act/central Government.?
842. What Changes Have Been Made In 4th Edition Of Kamal Kv Self Assessment And Review
843. What Is The Gestation Age At Which The Maternal Hcg Level R Maximum In A Normal Pregnancy
844. What Is Mo:bius Syndrome?
845. What Is Going Through Courts Mind On Fourth Counseling Decision
846. In Migrane What Should Be Avoided
847. What Is The Salary For A Registrar In Imaging Department In Australia Now ?
848. Can Any One Tell What Is The Extra Fees To Be Paid In Comedk Colleges?
849. What Are My Chances
850. What Does Mean By Psychological Autopsy?
851. Resigned From All India, Now Want Eligibility For Fourth Round ! What To Do?
852. One Month To Go For Aug Session!what Is The Game Plan?
853. What Jobs I May Get In Saudi Arabia
854. What Is The Admission Procedure In Deccan And Shadaan??
855. All Milk Teeth R Erupted By What Age
856. In Dm 2 What Develop First
857. What To Do For Same Date Of Councelling For Pg At Surat And Ahmedabad?
858. What Seats Can I Xpect..rank 485..ou Local Oc Female Local Rank 80...
859. Guys Please Tell Me What Is The Scope Of Md Anaesthesia From Tata?
860. What Happened To Nri Anaesthesia? Some Seats Missing?
861. Neet Cancelled By Supreme Court.. Its Official In Tv... What Is Our Fate Now..
862. What Is The Meaning Of Transfer Certificate And Eligibility Sertificate..?
863. If I Pursue Md Medicine In A Private College, What Are My Future Prospects?
864. What Is The Immediate Management Of An Open Chest Wound?
865. What Cud B The Cut Off Mark This Time?
866. What About Those Seats Still Vacant And Havent Included In Seat Matrix
867. What After A Md
868. Plab 1 & Mrcp 1 /whats The Difference ?
869. What Are Prospects Of Doing Diploma Ophthal In Mumbai?
870. What Should Mci Do Next !!
871. What Hapnd In 3rd Round Is That Lot Of Resignation Occured After 8th July As Offline.none Of Them Are Added In Third Round.even Candidates R
872. Debate: What Would Be An Ideal Pg Entrance Exam?
873. All Of Knows Now What Are Changes In Ai Third Round Only Solution Is Fourth Round Fraz Nadeem And Team Aware Of This Support Them
874. How To Start Preparation For Pgimer & What Books To Read ?
875. Last Ur Rank Still The Same As In 2nd Round. Whats Going On?
876. Is It Possible To Read Someone's Mind.. What If I Can Say I Can Read Ur Mind?do U Believe It Completely? Check It Out
877. What Is The Format Of Bond Paper To Get Admitted In Pvt Med College.tell Me Whether I Should Write In Pen Or Type
878. What Is The Major Protein Constituant Of Hdl?
879. Whats The Dose Of Anti-d For A 1st Trimester Abortion In A Rh-negativ Woman, A-300mg B-150mg C-100mg D-50 Mg
880. What Is The Most Common Site Of Ureter Injury During Any Pelvic Surgery
881. Whats The Process To Get Job After Passing Haad Gp Exam?
882. What Is The Management Of A Post D&e Haematometra A- Antibiotic B-reassurance C-misoprostol D- D&e
883. What To Do After 303 Score In Mccee
884. Quiz : What Are The Various Criteria On Which Seniority Is Fixed In Tamil Nadu Medical Services
885. When Will Dmer Put Up 1st Round List? What Do You Think?
886. What Is The Upper Age Limit To Sit For Dnb Entrances
887. What Does Bc Pool A/b/c/d/e With X Or Y Or Z Mean???
888. What Seat To Choose? Md Path Md Anaesthesi. Dgo
889. Primary Dnb Med Or Dip Anaeshesia What Should I Have To Join Pls Suggegt.
890. What Will Be The Pattern And Exam Dates For Next Neet Exam?
891. Rank 344(local Rank 25) Bc-b Ou Male What Seat Seat Can I Expect
892. What S Lucio Phenomena?
893. What S Lucio Phenomena?
894. How To Calculate What Seat U May Get In Category Counselling ?
895. What Is The Uterine Compressin Suture During Management Of Atonic Pph?
896. What Will Happen To Diplomas In Future?
897. What Is Your 1st Choice For Working In Mp Psc Job????
898. What Is The Importance Of Dua Layer?
899. What Is False Regarding Gastrochiasis And Omphalocele
900. What Are Thw Expexted Cutt Offs For Jipmer 2nd Round Counselling? Someone Please Help...!!
901. Whats The Right Time To Apply For Plab 2 Visa?
902. What Are My Chances?
903. Neet, Tnpg , Dnb Cet Common Rankers(tnpg<1000) , Plz Post Ur Rank N What U Gonna Choose.?
904. What Are The Best Colleges For Ms Gen Surg In Maharashtra And Otherwise
905. Could Anybody Please Tell Me What Is Going On With Nbe, Y 2nd Round List Has Been Removed From Site.
906. What Are My Chances At 1300
907. Mrb Selected For Mbbs ...joining Pg ... What To Do Next..
908. What Are The Branches From Celiac Trunk?
909. Could Anybody Please Tell Me That What Can Be Expected At 7100 Rank In Dnb??
910. Mcc Site ... Is Fooling Medicos.... What The Hellis Going On??
911. What To Read For Nimhans Neurology Dm Entrance
912. 2nd Allottment Result Withdrawn .what Is Going On This Yr
913. Whats Ur Nimhans Post Md Score Dm Neuro
914. Unable To Log In In Neet Website ,security Question Not Matching ?what To Do ?
915. Plz Help ! Whats The Diff Between Md And Dnb .. I Mean Future Prospect After Completing Dnb!
916. What's The Mentality Required To Succeed In Mccqe Part 2?
917. What Is The Bond Amount.. ..
918. Aiims Ppl Have Declared Neet Result Till What Rank?
919. 96.5%le What Is The All India Rank.. Plz Help Me
920. What Will I Get At My Rank
921. What Crosses Placenta In Hiv Infected Mothers
922. What Is The Importance Of Dua Layer?
923. What Happened To My Topic "counselling Tips"..i Dont Know
924. What Is The"identification Certificate As Mentioned In Application Form" Tthat We R Supposed To Bring Tomorrow?
925. What Is Difference Btwn Permitted And Recognised Seat As In Pgm Brochure?
926. How And What To Study For Neet/aipg/aiims
927. What If The Colleges Refuse Or Delay In Refundingthe Admission Fees After Your Seat Has Been Upgraded??
928. What Is Computer Based Testing?
929. What Is The Total Marks Of Neet Pg Exam, I Hav Got 427 Score, I Want To Know Whether I M Qualified Or Not
930. Neet-pgmcet About Exhaueted Attemets Mbbs Done From Govt Inst. And Bond Is Not Completed What To Do?
931. Afmc Pune Counseling-no.of Seats,ur Rank,what To Expect
932. What Is The Scope For Getting Surgery In Us After Usmle?
933. Neet Pg Results Out.. Whats L You Rank And Allotment Subjects
934. Result Of 1st Round Tell Your Rank & Seat Allotment & What College Shift U Expect
935. Intramcc.nic.in What Is This Site For?
936. Whats Andhra&jk Rank In Neet?? What Will Be The Advantage For Ai Rank??
937. What Is The Correct Way To Apply For Internship Positions After Clearing Mcq 1
938. What Are The Duties Of A First Yr General Surgery Resident? ( Kerala Med Colleges)
939. Karnataka - 3yrs /25 Lk Bond Confirmed-- What An Injustidce
940. What Should Be The Ranking In Comedk For Masters
941. What Is The Possible Expected Date For Next Neet Pg Exam? Plz Help.!
942. For All Those With Dnb Rank With In 2000 And Neet Rank More Than 4000.what To Do Next
943. What Are The Available Options After Any Diploma Course For Any Degree Course Like Dnb Or Md In India
944. What Is The Pattern Of Ranking....marking In Dnb Cet?
945. What Is The Possible Expected Date For Next Neet Pg Exam? Plz Help.
946. What Are U Getting In Aipg 2nd Mock Counselling??
947. What Are The Aspects Of Discontinuation Of Course,like Grace Period For Discontinuation With Out Payment N How Much To Be Pa
948. If You Become Pm Of India.....what Will U Do??
949. What Could Be The Raw Score For Dec 5 Am Session?
950. What To Look For Before Choosing A College For General Medicine
951. What To Look For Before Choosing A College For General Medicine
952. Large Cbd Stone(>1.5cm) Or Retained Large Cbd Stone What Is Treatment Of Choice.?
953. What Is The Most Common Cause Of Shock In Full Term Normal Delivery?
954. What The Heck Is This List Of Eligible Candidates?? Too Many Mistakes...
955. What Is Meant By Ur?
956. What My Chance To Get Any Clinical Diploma As My All India Rank Is7064.
957. Neet Result Rank Changes !!! For What Purpose And By How Much ??
958. Hi I Just Checked My Neet Result And I Am Passed...what Next Now
959. What Is Called As Composite Muscle And Among The Following Which One Is Composite Muscle?
960. When Can V Start Choice Fillin...i Mean At Whatvtime On 4th June....
961. What Are The Ranks Of Students From Andhrapradesh In Neet?
962. What Does Witness Mean While Filling Bond
963. What I Know About Mrcp
964. Seat Matrix Changed.....what The Hell Going On
965. What Is The Minimum Cutoff Mark For The Dha Exam
966. What Is The Exam Pattern In Dha Exam
967. What Actually Is Meant By Aiims Preferential Candidates?
968. Anyone Tell Me Pls. What Books Are To Be Read For Nimhams Dm Neuro
969. What To Opt Between Ophthalm Vs Surgery ?
970. What Is The Most Frustrating Thing Waiting For You As Per Last Year Experience ...............
971. Exhausted 2 Attempt & No Bond Done-mbbs Frm Private Coll What To Fill
972. Wat Wil B Ms Ortho Cut Off. What Shud Mis Rankers Betwn 600-800 Expect?
973. What Is Easier Usmle Or Indian Pg??
974. What About Adc Examination (dentist) In Australia
975. What Is Dcmw
976. What Is Dcmw
977. What Does It Mean When Mci Webisite Says:- Recognized(recommended For De-recognition)
978. @ What Rank Last Md/ms/diploma Seats Gone In Different Subjects For Only Gen Open In State/ai Category ?
979. Second Attempt Failed - Batch 2005 What Are The Options For Us
980. Debate: What If Dentistry Was A Medical Speciality?
981. Whats Th Difference Btw Dmrd & Dmre
982. What Should Be An Ideal Pattern For Pg Entrance Examination For India?
983. What's The Difference Between Nri Seat And Management Seat???
984. Last Year Rank And What Iget In Same Rank At Neet
985. What Should Be Preferred After Md Paediatrics, Dm Or Fellowships?
986. What Bond We Have To Fill For Joining Armed Forces College Thru Neet
987. What Is The Rank Needed To Get Admission To Dnb Pediatrics In Kkcth And Southern Railways In Tamil Nadu. Apollo Hospitals In Hyderabad.
988. What Is Caplan,s Syndrome
989. Till What Rank Can We Get Physiology Or Biochemistry In Mahe?
990. Delay Your Peace Posting And A Get A Good Rank In Neetpg - What A Deal For Army Doctors!
991. What To Expect With My Rank!
992. What Are The Seats For Open Catagory This Time?
993. Ou Bc-d Female - Rank 709 - What Are The Chances ?
994. Target Pgmee Nov 2013/jan 2014(what The Hell It May Be)
995. What Does This Mean?? College Fee To Be Submitted On The Same Day...
996. What Is The Maximum Scaled Score
997. What About Kpmcma Entrance? Kozhikode
998. What About Kpmcma Entrance? Kozhikode
999. What About The Seats Which Get Emptied After 3 Counselling?
1000. My State Rank Is 2711,what Will Be My Sc Category Rank In Rajasthan?

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