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Latest Articles

PLAB Part 2 Experiences
My experience with PLAB 2 !
by shreerav - 50565 reads, based on 96 votes
After sharing my experience with PLAB 1, I thought I would write about PLAB 2, although many of the facts may be repetitions of the extremely well written previous posts of similar kind. I took the exams on Mar 11th . I would like to also add that this is primarily for such of those women who are... More

AFMC Interviews
RxPG Interview with Dr Shailesh M Prabhu, 1st Rank AFMC 09; 23rd Rank AIPGE 09
by pearllysun - 84583 reads, based on 340 votes
There is hardly a sincere post grad seat pursuer who has not had moments of self doubt and introspection when sitting in from of the web wondering to themselves if this indeed was the best use of their time. Anvita Pauranik (Rank 1, AIPGE 2009) told us that she took "digital sanyaas" for a... More

PLAB Part 2 QuestionPapers
PLAB Part 2 OSCE stations in may 2009
by koshi - 28329 reads, based on 14 votes
15th may 2009. 1-medical negligence 2-cvs examination 3-alcoholic foot examination ... More

AIPGE Interviews
The Story of Dr Anvita Pauranik, FIRST RANK, All India PG Entrance (AIPGE) 2009
by harshadbhai - 204567 reads, based on 392 votes
‘Anvita online’ my Yahoo messenger displayed on the computer. I was sitting in the digital library of my college at 10 pm. I double clicked on her name in the list and opened the chat window. “Hello!” I typed. She was online after more than a year. Where were she I didn’t have any clue.... More

AIPGE Interviews
RxPG Interview with Dr Rahul G Hegde, 22nd Rank, AIPGE 2009
by pearllysun - 81123 reads, based on 232 votes
Dr Rahul G Hegde (RxPG nick: “the_lord_eht20”) secured a MD Radiodiagnosis course in Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai after securing 22nd rank in All India Post Graduate Examination (AIPGE) 2009 exam. He did his MBBS from Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College (GSMC) and the King ... More

MRCPsych Part 2 QuestionPapers
MRCPsych CASC EXAM STATIONS (3rd April 2009)
by akanksha - 17247 reads, based on 10 votes
SINGLE STATIONS 1. Psychotic old woman - Elderly woman who is very frightened as she believes that she had committed a war crime in 1970s and now watched the TV programme where she heard about the war crimes and believes that she will be arrested and appeared very frightened and kept on asking i... More

Research Research
by super7 - 21382 reads, based on 25 votes
Doctors are regarded as next to god. They are the pillars of our health-care system. Yet a doctor has to face many hazards during his long working hours which many a times he himself is not aware about. He/she becomes a subject to many occupational disorders which have to be addressed & their import... More

MBBS Musings
MBBS - mind blowing journey
by neelkant123 - 36279 reads, based on 160 votes
Hello everyone, I just want to explain the happenings in our college in a case format. Hope you guys enjoy it . ... More

AIPGE HowTo? Guides
How to Start Preparing for AIPGE During Internship?
by neoplastic_neuron - 62484 reads, based on 178 votes
Internship can be used as a great stepping stone to preparation for AIPGE, arguably one of the toughest exams on the Planet! This article is for those AIPGE aspirants who've just started their internship, or are about to start with it, and more importantly, going to treat their first attempt at AIPG... More

Ireland HowTo? Guides
Introductory Guide To TRAS Exam Preparations
by jahangir - 44566 reads, based on 39 votes
Here is the info about the requirements and procedure to get the eligibility for TRAS and guidelines of exams, fees etc. Requirements for the TRAS exam: • Copy of MBBS Degree • Copy of Certificate of Experience of House Job (e.g. in Pakistan from PMDC) • Original Certificate of Good Stand... More

Microbiology High Yield Notes
Named fevers in microbiology
by psr4z4 - 17737 reads, based on 91 votes
Pontiac fever---Legionella pneumophila Shanghai fever---Pseudomonas Brazilian purpuric fever---Hemophilus aegyptius (pink eye)... More

Technology Opinions
In computer age, do the medical professionals need formal training in computers?
by sidharth2008 - 4678 reads, based on 4 votes
Computers basics and fundamentals are never taught to us at any level. All we learn or know is just by the methods of hit and trial or maybe from brothers/sisters/friends/acquaintances. The result is dependence on others to get small things done. Or paying hefty amounts for petty tasks! And we becom... More

Medicine High Yield Notes
by docshri - 8735 reads, based on 35 votes
*Cat eye syndrome-partial Trisomy (22pter-22q11) Ref-Nelson 18th table 422-2. *Cat allergy-Fel d 1 is the major cat allergen,which can cause allergic manifestation in humans.Ref-Nelson 17th page752 *Cat bite-Most common organism isolated "Pasteurella multocida''. Ref-Harrison 16th 743. *Cat refle... More

AIPGE Opinions
Risk-Benefit ratio in preparing for PG entrance exams
by neoplastic_neuron - 20683 reads, based on 95 votes
When one begins preparation for the entrance exams approximately a year in advance, they are confronted with a few fundamental choices with regard to their approach. In that this is quite similar to investing one's money wisely and waiting for the returns to flow in. Let's see...... More

AIPGE Tips & Tricks
How I got a Rank in AIPGE
by anweshi - 69268 reads, based on 442 votes
Many of us here wonder how the rankers get those ranks..most of us want to hear their methods so that we too can follow. And most of the rankers are unanimous on what got them the rank....the books, the hours of study, group discussions, mock tests..... I present here a different perspective...my ow... More

General Announcements
Post Graduate Medical Degrees from UK, US and Canada Recognised in India
by RxPG_Team - 54107 reads, based on 78 votes
Union Health Minister of India Anbumani Ramadoss has said that Union Government of India has taken a unilateral decision to recognise postgraduate degrees in medicine obtained from foreign institutes in UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand. This would mean that Indian doctors who have obtained their pos... More

US Residency & Match Tips & Tricks
How did I get 26 Interviews and PREMATCHED for US Residency? Match Tips and Tric
by chennai_doc - 24424 reads, based on 32 votes
Hi everybody, though this might be a bit late for the Match 2008, I hope this post would help at least those who are planning for Match 2009 or later. Here I explain the tips and tricks for the Match. I applied to 150 Internal Medicine programs It gets more competitive every year especially ... More

MRCP Part 1 HowTo? Guides
Perplexed as to how to get through the MRCP 1 exam?
by plabo - 51935 reads, based on 225 votes
Hello everyone. I would like to present all what I have learned by moderating the MRCP 1 forum at RxPG. For months, it had been a roller coaster ride, right upto to the exam and continues to date too. Every now and then I see someone coming up with a post as to be asking how to prepare for this exam... More

Medicine High Yield Notes
Types of Tongues in Various Medical Conditions
by impactedmolar - 22878 reads, based on 60 votes

Microbiology High Yield Notes
List of Monoclonal Antobodies
by aminhars - 17003 reads, based on 46 votes
• Abciximab ReoPro 1994 chimeric inhibition of glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Cardiovascular disease • Infliximab Remicade 1998 chimeric I inhibition of TNF-a Inflammatory diseases Adalimumab Humira 2002 human in... More

Research HowTo? Guides
How to Design Questionnaire for Use in Epidemiologial Research and Surveys
by shuvo - 11476 reads, based on 7 votes
Questionnaire are used in all forms of epidemiological studies to measure exposure both to possible causal agents ( eg. exposure to alcohol) and to confounding variables ( e.g. gender). The questionnaire may also be used to measure outcomes in cross-sectional studies ( e.g. disease status). Some tec... More

US Residency & Match Interviews
RxPG Interview with Dr Anil Chauhan, Radiology Resident, USA
by AshB - 72633 reads, based on 203 votes
Dr Anil Chauhan (RxPG nick: anilchauhan82) secured a Radiology residency position at the University of Minnesota, USA in last year’s match. Radiology is a highly competitive specialty in US and is extremely difficult for an International Medical Graduate (IMG) to get into. There has b... More

AIIMS Question Busters
by akanksha - 37213 reads, based on 238 votes
A 18 yr old girl comes with sudden onset palpitations and light headedness. She describes the palpitations as a very fast heart rate and denies any chest pain or shortness of breath. Her ECG shows the following tracing. Most likely diagnosis is: A. Atrial fibrillation B. Ventricular Tachycard... More

AIIMS Question Busters
Local Complications of Lung Cancer
by akanksha - 24796 reads, based on 133 votes
A 58-year-old smoker with a chronic cough attends out-patient with a history of severe pain in his left shoulder and radiating down his left arm. There is some weakness in the intrinsic muscles of the left hand. Sputum cytology reveals malignant keratinised cells. Most likely diagnosis is: A. Ho... More

TNPSC Announcements
General TNPSC, Special TNPSC for Assistant Surgeons and TNPSC for Dental Surgeon
by bruno - 29271 reads, based on 10 votes
TNPSC 2007 - Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission - Exam for Selecting Assistant Surgeons 2007 Good News to the Fresh recruits... The following is taken from the Policy Note of Tamil Nadu Government, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (http://www.tn.gov.in/policynotes/pdf/P_and_A... More

AIIMS Question Busters
Paraneoplastic Syndromes
by akanksha - 24523 reads, based on 122 votes
A 67-year-old man with lung cancer is seen by the palliative-care team after complaining of severe fatigue and weakness. He is now unable to stand from sitting, has problems chewing and gets occasional double vision. Examination shows normal power in the hands and feet, but weakness of the girdle mu... More

AIIMS Question Busters
Causes of Collapse and Confusion
by akanksha - 22603 reads, based on 57 votes
A 75-year-old lady is brought in by ambulance after being found collapsed by neighbours. She is a chronic smoker and is recently under investigation for Ca Lung. On examination she is drowsy and becomes agitated when attempts are made to rouse her. Routine observations show that her blood pressure i... More

AIIMS Question Busters
Pigmented lesions of the skin-2
by akanksha - 22625 reads, based on 56 votes
A 3-month-old baby is brought in by concerned parents who have noticed that a red lesion over his forehead, present from birth, has begun to reduce in size but has developed a black area centrally. There is no other lymphadenopathy and the child is otherwise developing normally. Most probable diagno... More

AIIMS Question Busters
Pigmented Lesions of the Skin
by akanksha - 20658 reads, based on 48 votes
A 6-year-old boy is brought in to clinic by his parents with a deep purple lesion over his right zygoma. It has been present since birth and he is otherwise well. On examination it extends over the entire cheek and is lumpy and thickened on palpation. There is no associated lymphadenopathy. Mo... More

General Opinions
Government of India Should Recognise Speciality Training Abroad
by Dr. Praveen Kumar Da - 14485 reads, based on 22 votes
It gives me immense pleasure to write on this popular website. I am more than certain that it will go a long way in creating more awareness of the problems faced by Indian doctors (trained abroad) when they decide to return home. One of the most important factors on this front is the failure of the ... More

MBBS HowTo? Guides
How to Write Your Medical Curriculum Vitae
by specials82 - 54854 reads, based on 47 votes
A well developed, general CV can be a useful reference document, but to really stand out from the crowd, you need to tailor your CV for each job. ... More

AIPGE Revision Lists
High Yield List of BODIES for PG Exams by Dr Prem
by prem81 - 39843 reads, based on 209 votes
hi friends !! BODIES are asked frequently in exams so i had collected some of its and i think it will be very useful to you in different entrance exams. ... More

AIPGE Interviews
RxPG Interview with Dr. Ajit Goenka, 1st Rank, AIIMS May 2007; 14th Rank, AIPGE
by RxPG_Team - 88754 reads, based on 351 votes
Dr. Ajit Goenka (RxPG Nick: bestmedstud; scrapbook) scored 14th rank in highly competetitive All India Post Graduate MD/MS/Diploma Entrance Exam (AIPGE) 2007 (Update: Dr Goenka also secured the much coveted 1st Rank in AIIMS May 2007, Congrats!!) . With this grand success, he became a star in the ha... More

DM - Cardiology HowTo? Guides
by tom_bombadil - 32617 reads, based on 21 votes
The notification is due in March or April. It might come out in February too so keep watching The notification will be on the website www . thewbuhs . org... More

MRCPsych Part 1 HowTo? Guides
How to pass MRCPSych Part 1 OSCE
by blue_mars - 15489 reads, based on 8 votes
First let me congratulate you for passing written test. Now this part of the exam is very easy. Only you can fail yourself now. One in three will pass exam. Yeh I heard that, you’re asking “what about those 2 people”. Well you will find the answer by reading this article. It takes only few minutes o... More

MRCPsych Part 1 HowTo? Guides
How to Pass MRCPSych Part 1 Written Exam
by blue_mars - 26107 reads, based on 31 votes
Before you reading this I assume that you know basic stuff about psychiatry (for example the difference between Piaget and Piaggio. Yes you are right one is persons name and later is a two wheeler manufacturer. I mean you do not need to know too much about psychiatry at this stage. If you know... More

AIPGE Revision Lists
List of most reapeated topics from Medicine in Previous AIIMS and AIPGE Entrance
by BGM - 41445 reads, based on 174 votes
As AIPGE is nearing, its not advisable to read the whole Harrison. In my opinion, one must cruise through the most repeated entrance topics. Here is a list.... More

AIIMS HowTo? Guides
How to crack AIIMS and AIPGE by Subra
by subra - 86096 reads, based on 421 votes
Hi buddies. I am posting my experiences (secrets) in preparing for PG entrance exams. I am giving a detailed picture which may not be useful for all, but it might help you to assess what you need! At the outset, I would like to say that those who are at the verge of exams should not take too m... More

USMLE Step 2 CS HowTo? Guides
How to get an early date for USMLE Step 2 CS exam?
by ravindra - 26525 reads, based on 13 votes
The Step 2 CS Scheduling system does not allow an applicant to reserve his/her scheduled testing appointment for another applicant, nor does it allow the transfer of a testing appointment from one applicant to another. When an applicant cancels a scheduled appointment, the appointment returns to the... More

USMLE Step 1 Experiences
USMLE Step 1 - It is not that hard but not very easy too!
by usmle1doc - 61290 reads, based on 114 votes
It feels great to come back to this forum. It’s really strange that no one has added their exam experiences till date in spite of getting good scores. And I also apologize for the delay in writing my USMLE Step 1 Exam Experience too. I will keep it very short. If there are specific queries ... More

PLAB Jobs Information
Applying for 2007 MMC Jobs in UK: Timeline, Tips and Guidance
by MMC - 20541 reads, based on 6 votes
Tips to be prepared! Familiarise yourself with the applications timetable and keep this in mind when planning holidays etc Think about how to provide evidence of your competences – e.g. FP portfolio, workplace assessments, log book, clinical observations, records of in-training... More

General Musings
Save the medical profession!
by manasi33 - 20163 reads, based on 85 votes
Every profession in this whole wide world, has its own good and bad points. No one and nothing in this world is perfect. So why should we expect it from our medical profession?... More

PLAB Part 1 Drug Reviews
What is new in BNF 52?
by BNF - 16057 reads, based on 8 votes
Long-acting beta2 agonists The safety of long-acting beta2 agonists has come under close scrutiny, particularly following the recent publication of a meta-analysis (Salpeter SR, Buckley NS, Ormiston TM, Salpeter EE. Meta-analysis: effect of long-acting β-agonists on severe asthma exacerbatio... More

General Musings
Is Medicine really a profession worth all this effort?
by amit_jennifer - 31079 reads, based on 276 votes
Is Medicine really a profession worth all this effort....... Read on to know why future just looks bleak.... More

General Musings
The story of a doc....
by superashdoc - 30209 reads, based on 368 votes
It is essential to dream.Only those who dream can hope to realise their dreams.BUT Some dreams can be fatal....... More

General Musings
Is media targetting the medical profession?
by superashdoc - 16803 reads, based on 42 votes
Well I think that the news and entertainment media is responsible in a huge way to tarnish the image of doctors.The news channels make mountains out of mole-hills and highlight the corruption and dereliction of duties of a handful of doctors and extrapolate it to the entire fraternity. ... More

GPVTS HowTo? Guides
Stage 2 GPVTS CBQ Essay Paper - How to succeed
by nomad - 17316 reads, based on 8 votes
The essay type shortlisting questions (CBQ) used as part of the Stage 2 GPVTS exam seems to cause candidates much worry. There are numerous posts in forums requesting past questions and model answers, but many of these candidates are missing the point. Learning model answers given by another succe... More

MBBS Information
Stress of Professional Exams Shown to Affect Medical Students' Immune Defence
by Karolinska Institute - 18312 reads, based on 8 votes
A new study from Karolinska Institutet backs up what many people have suspected: that there are important links between mental stress during professional exams in MBBS and the complex physical inflammation reactions characteristic of allergies.... More

Saudi Arab HowTo? Guides
How to Succeed as an Overseas Doctor in Saudi Arabia
by dr_anweshi - 78347 reads, based on 149 votes
Many doctors from India are coming to Saudi lately. I have been here and it's a bit different from what most of us expect. I'll try to get things a bit clearer for those who are waiting. The selection process is usually direct interview that's advertised in all newspapers. It's a good idea to get... More

General Tips & Tricks
Concentrate while you're studying
by UCLA - 28662 reads, based on 60 votes
Multi-tasking affects the brain's learning systems, and as a result, we do not learn as well when we are distracted, UCLA psychologists report in the June 26, 2006 online edition of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.... More

General Musings
Hate the disease and not the diseased!
by superashdoc - 16732 reads, based on 65 votes
My posting in the Medicine department during my internship was both tough and rewarding.In a span of one and a half months,I had matured from a happy-go-lucky intern to a responsible,thoughtful doctor. An incident midway during my posting really had a lasting impact on me........ More

General Musings
The Accidental Diagnosis
by superashdoc - 17575 reads, based on 56 votes
Surgery is my favourite subject.And surgeons are my favourite people. Surgeons always seem to have that persona of a maverick-a carefree attitude.Howerver when they are at the O.T table they are an efficient and enterprising machine as they meticulously and with least fuss perform the trickiest of... More

Biostatistics High Yield Notes
Conception of Variables in Biostatistics
by shuvo - 21132 reads, based on 15 votes
Characteristics which show variability or variation are known as variable. eg. Height, WBC count, sex, religion, vomiting episodes etc.... More

PLAB Part 2 High Yield Notes
UK Mental Health Act - What You Should Know for Your OSCE
by tezb - 21214 reads, based on 10 votes
This is something that comes up in OSCE stations and you should be familiar with the UK Mental Health legislation. For PLAB 2, you should be familiar with 4 parts of the Mental Health Act. These are important to understand regardless of what specialty you end up in. ... More

PLAB Part 2 Experiences
My Experience in PLAB Part 2 OSCE Exam on June 28, 2006
by aq2006 - 20497 reads, based on 15 votes
1. Bimanual examination (procedure explained and consent taken). There was a feeling of cystic swelling at the opening of cervix and I found it difficult to palpate for fornices; uterus was retroverted (that is what I think). I forgot about KY jelly. Examiner was asking about Differentials but I ... More

PSM Experiences
My PSM Visit- A lesson learnt in life!
by manasi33 - 13813 reads, based on 37 votes
When I came back from college today, I was fuming and fretting with anger, frustrated and fatigued. I had a very tough day at college. I had a fight with some of my batchmates who had hurt me on purpose. I was in tears, and had a feeling that nothing is falling in place, my life was a mess!... More

PLAB Jobs Information
What you need to know about Ward Rounds for you F1/PRHO Interview
by tezb - 20108 reads, based on 21 votes
This article aims to cover the salient points about ward rounds that you will need to know for F1/PRHO interviews in the UK.I have been asked prepared this for those of you who have concerns about demonstration of ward round skills during your interview for PRHO/Foundation Posts. ... More

MBBS Tips & Tricks
What Not To Do In First MBBS
by cautery - 108524 reads, based on 552 votes
Everything said and done about what to do in the first years MBBS, let me start this list of things of things not to do in your first year MBBS. ... More

DNB Part 2 Announcements
Equivalence of DNB to MD/MS/MCh/DM
by pathomania - 30269 reads, based on 37 votes
DNB has long been accepted as equal to MD/MS/DM/MCh, so whats new about this government order dated 1st june 2006...... Read on all those who aspire to do DNB/students who have finished DNB/institutions(recruiting agencies) employing MD/DNB for teaching/non-teaching posts.... More

DNB Part 2 HowTo? Guides
How to pass DNB Pathology practicals
by pathomania - 20773 reads, based on 33 votes
20 must-dos to pass DNB pathology practicals. Confidence, ability to stay cool under all circumstances, clarity of concepts, good basic preparation with proper planning go a long way to pass pathology practicals. ... More

MBBS Information
Got into MBBS. Now what?
by superashdoc - 32855 reads, based on 147 votes
I remember the day I got into MBBS.And then the day I passed out of it.What transpired in between the two days changed my life just as it changed the lives of the innumerable doctors that you see around you.This article is not about boring philosophies or emotional anecdotes -it is about the stark r... More

MBBS HowTo? Guides
First Year MBBS - Day One, Chapter One
by vimoj - 128621 reads, based on 579 votes
First of all I would like to congrats all you dudes and gals who cracked thru the big Pre Meds into the so-called royal and pious world of Medical care. Kudos to you all! You really deserve it. At the same time amidst all that excitement of a brand new start, your stomach might be in knots on what t... More

AIIMS Interviews
RxPG Interview with Dr. Aditya Soral, 3rd Rank, AIIMS May 2006
by RxPG_Team - 72184 reads, based on 213 votes
Dr. Aditya Soral (RxPG Nick: draditya) scored 3rd rank in highly competetitive All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi's National MD/MS Entrance Exam in May 2006. With this grand success, he became a celebrity in RxPG AIIMS forum. As there were persistent requests by RxPG communi... More

MBBS Information
Brace yourself, you are going to be a DOCTOR!
by bindasnikhilg - 19564 reads, based on 62 votes
I would like to tell every new friend who is going to join this medical fraternity soon that being a doctor doesnt mean just being Dr. but it means much more....... More

MBBS HowTo? Guides
Guide for Buying Textbooks as a Fresh Medical Student
by shardul - 41919 reads, based on 82 votes
Now in sitting pretty in third when I look back to my fresher days I sometimes can't help imagining how foolish I was when it came to buying textbooks. But they say hindsight is always better than foresight. Therefore, I have decided to share my hindsight with you freshers.... More

ENT Revision Lists
Various Eponymous Signs in ENT
by ratnakar_potla - 49345 reads, based on 76 votes
I would like to acknowledge ent consultant and bravo for their efforts in pooling up the signs in a thread .BATTLE SIGN- Bruising behind ear at mastoid region, due to petrous temporal bone# (middle fossa #) BOCCA'S SIGN - Absence of post cricoid crackle(Muir's crackle) in Ca post cricoid BROW... More

AIPGE Experiences
Choosing the RIGHT Study Partner
by nishant2402 - 17883 reads, based on 113 votes
A medical student dreamt of knocking a PG seat for himself. He tried hard for it and went for seniors' advice. He heard them and majority of them barked a single line of advice, “Go and Find a Study Partner!"... More

Andhra Pradesh PG Tips & Tricks
15 Tips on preparation for Andhra Pradesh PG Entrance Exam (APPG) 2007
by drradhi2007 - 39794 reads, based on 200 votes
prep for andhra pg?what to do? join murali bhardwaz coaching? read salgunan/pg plus/cross section??? read short books or text books???? ... More

USMLE Step 1 HowTo? Guides
Step-by-Step Guide to Application Process for USMLE Exams
by docjyo - 84626 reads, based on 231 votes
Hi eveyrone. This article is for all those who are planning to apply for USMLE. Here are some basic instructions which I learnt the harder way (i.e. by experience). I hope that will be of use to all of you. 1. Don't think of going for a paper application. Its very tedious and takes a long time, e... More

General Opinions
Fish Medicine and Selfish Medicine
by superashdoc - 11256 reads, based on 29 votes
Every year half a million asthma patients flock to a small village in Andhra Pradesh for a dose of the miraculous fish medicine.This medicine is dispensed free of cost every year by a Brahmin family for the past 100 years.They claim to cure asthma if taken for 4 consecutive years.... More

UPSC Tips & Tricks
Preparation Tips for UPSC CMS Personality Test
by raju - 40557 reads, based on 222 votes
A lots of people are asking me about the preparation of CMS personality test which is conducted by UPSC. I have given that test recently and cleared it successfully .So I think it will be helpful for those people who are going to give this personality test, if I share my experience with you. The f... More

The books I had read and those I should have read.. for AIPG
by vitamin_k - 50075 reads, based on 142 votes
Following is the list of books I had read while preparing foe AIPG. I have also mentioned areas where I think I should have done bit more.Hope it helps you.... More

AIPGE Experiences
Group Study for PG Entrances? Goodness!
by vitamin_k - 13863 reads, based on 30 votes
Flat fell the question on to my face, "Are you going to prepare alone for the AIPGE? Do you think you can do it?" I said "Yep! I can do it". It was not that I was one of those over confident lot, rather it was my habit! I always studied alone in the cool confines of my room during UG, so studying in... More

AIPGE Information
Sample Guidelines for the Candidates Appearing for AIPGE Counseling
by mohfw - 18168 reads, based on 23 votes
1. Candidates assemble out side the counseling venue. There is a tent (Shamiyana) with sitting arrangement for the candidates and their Guardians/ attendants. There is a TV display screen in tent, which shows current vacancy position and current allotment when counseling procedure is on.... More

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