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All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam
**THIS FORUM IS OPEN FOR POSTING AGAIN** All India Post Graduate Entrance Exam. This forum will deal with all the problems and discussions regarding the AIPGE Exam in India. Please do not discuss AIIMS exam and NEET PG related queries here as we have dedicated forums for both the issues. Also MCQs have to be disscused in MCQ forum (excluding recalls, which can be discussed here).
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Mudit Khanna - AIPGMEE Self Assessment And Review
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  AIPGMEE post your queries regarding courses colleges prospects here  2K 53K somnath619  3 months ago by rolly24 
  KCET counselling guide Go directly to Last Post in the thread  966 41K skharish  2 months ago by Manjunathreddy 
  NEET PG 2017 Preparation Tips Go directly to Last Post in the thread  495 25K chavanpritam  4 days ago by Paranoidschizo8 
  How I improved my rank from 24k in aipg'15 to 2895 in aipg'16 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  299 22K yskumar2008  9 days ago by khare24 
  A Long and Arduous Journey.Tips from Dr Fen Saj (PGI Rank 8, JIPMER Rank 5, AIPGMEE Rank 77 Nov2015) Go directly to Last Post in the thread  267 18K Fen_Saj  4 hours ago by cutypie 
  Motivation for study! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  161 3K magicdoc888  22 hours ago by swapnilg87 
  10% - 30% extra marks Go directly to Last Post in the thread  152 5K Rahav  1 hour ago by drgaurav2003 
  Preparation books Go directly to Last Post in the thread  148 8K suri200887  13 days ago by prachi1629 
  The story of my pg preparation, how i got 2015 july dnb 178, nov dnb 189 and ai 2481 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  147 9K RawcaseKB  13 days ago by prachi1629 
  Study partner for aipgmee 2016 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  133 4K kcc14  2 months ago by suprateeka 
  The journey so far - neet Go directly to Last Post in the thread  110 4K RUDRAKSHA  2 months ago by vageeshdd 
  Dr Rajesh Kaushal Anatomy Go directly to Last Post in the thread  109 5K Deepta613007  9 days ago by bholedadu 
  No separate state pg 2017 - only neet pg 2017 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  101 4K thangabalu  2 months ago by thread author 
  Want a Females study partner for aipge Go directly to Last Post in the thread  68 2K luriboraluck  4 days ago by Paranoidschizo8 
  NO NEET for UG nd PG for this year Go directly to Last Post in the thread  61 3K shockbhai  3 months ago by raghu-5 
  Important announcement-All state PG entrance examinations are cancelled Go directly to Last Post in the thread  59 3K Kaushant_dubey  2 months ago by anujmona 
  Pathology mcq book Go directly to Last Post in the thread  54 1K Akashbatra1  2 months ago by viru219 
  Ms ophthalmology vs md anaesthesiology vs ms ent  49 2K docsomak  3 months ago by vengeance-NEET 
  Which is best online subjectwise test series for AIPGE- DAMS OR BHATIA  45 2K alnaa  1 month ago by ashokvardhan500 
  From AIPG 2015 rank 13000 to AIPG 2016 rank 1320.. Happy to help you  43 3K bronx  1 month ago by arbazalam 
  Roams or sure success magic  42 1K aarohiverma  11 days ago by alok5gupta 
  Best mcq book for surgery  40 960 ayu27  13 days ago by prachi1629 
  Best MCQ book for Ophthalmology? Both for NEET and AIIMS/PGI.  34 812 Bhajraj  4 days ago by Paranoidschizo8 
  Strategy for NEET 2017  33 1K tweesilshine  9 days ago by glnandhini 
  Best coaching institute of pg in kolkata..  31 331 flylikepixy  3 days ago by thread author 
  Afmc priority 5 ...seniors plz help  28 1K nandhukari  3 months ago by nishanthbs 
  Which is best book for recent NBE style questions?  27 981 maneepal  8 days ago by maryka 
  Discussion group for PG Exam  26 245 akhilt_02  2 hours ago by milari 
  Neet 2017 by nbe only got proof  26 2K shockbhai  4 days ago by Paranoidschizo8 
  Join make sure STATE PG happen for own good  22 610 bholedadu  2 months ago by papanpg 
  DNB kalam xplanation is it worth?  21 410 shockbhai  24 days ago by fouziayy 
  Post interns- how many hours do you study per day ?  21 1K rockstardelhi  1 month ago by thread author 
  NDA related rules & RxPG TOS are to be respected at all times.  20 943 RxPG_Team  1 month ago by Deepta613007 
  New book for preparation of CET and NEET / ALL INDIA ENTRANCE by ARVIND ARORA  18 1K anshalpana  4 days ago by Paranoidschizo8 
  Book for physio and biochem  17 336 Rahav  1 month ago by Deepta613007 
  DAMS T&D vs Regular Class? Which one is better?  14 738 Jim26  2 months ago by smartway250 
  Hand written notes  13 590 fatpanda  9 days ago by sumzi2012 
  Aipg 3556,jipmer 1st rank!!!,feeling great!!!!!!  11 1K davemustaine  2 months ago by surgeonbyblood 
  AIIMS, JIPMER, NEET PG, DNB The best books for previous year mcqs, and explanations  10 1K narayanms123  2 months ago by drSidKapoor 
  1 day 1 paper NEET exam claim  10 496 bholedadu  11 days ago by examphobia 
  FMGE dates declared so Neet dates expected soon  10 588 kalinin_01  11 days ago by thread author 
  Seniors! how easy/difficult to crack MCH post MS from private/peripheral colleges?  10 261 sathyagtm  2 months ago by smartway250 
  Any confirmed source about conducting body for AIPG 2016/7 Session?  9 261 vksrex  2 months ago by lily1234 
  T &D : Dams OR Bhatia?  9 373 redracer  9 days ago by glnandhini 
  M.D Pharmacology - Pros & Cons  8 125 Keraladoc  15 days ago by srinigee87 
  AIPGME 2016 questions recall  8 492 Tejastamboli  1 month ago by sakoora 
  How is new mudit khanna all india self assesment and review.  8 249 glut-4  1 month ago by thread author 
  Senior give ur sugessions plz  8 60 hemanthkuna  1 month ago by thread author 
  Tips for image based questions  7 124 targetrank  2 months ago by thread author 
  Dermatology review book by jaypee  7 115 yasht_007  1 month ago by bholedadu 
  Anatomy, Anaesthesia , Dermatology how to read  7 221 Deepta613007  1 month ago by ppppoooo 
  10 tips for neet pg preparation  7 232 hemanthkuna  1 month ago by thread author 
  Arvind Arora All India Neet Book  7 243 aarohiverma  9 days ago by Chintu123 
  Which book for micro.? Arvind Arora vs apurba Sastri  7 266 jainpratyush  3 months ago by shachi2 
  Image based questions by Dr Deepak marwah  7 147 DR_ANANT  23 days ago by bholedadu 
  Jipmer  7 190 shijal  2 months ago by Dryaseen786 
  Need a dedicated and hard working study partner for AIPGMEE 2017 in Chandigarh  6 113 aspirant14  3 months ago by ashubansal 
  Case against multiple session aipgmee  6 174 drmahispmc  2 months ago by docvineet88 
  Best book fr physio fr neet is pulse or soumen manna sir book?  6 171 ashwinimbbs  1 month ago by Deepta613007 
  Prepladder DNB mock results legit ?  6 92 rockstardelhi  1 month ago by Chintu123 
  M.D Transfusion medicine & Immuno Hematology  5 343 lakalaka  7 days ago by NILAM1990 
  Need a serious study partner for aipgmee 17 in kolkata  5 122 rb22534  2 months ago by dochappy07 
  NEET UG result is challanged for MULTI SESSON ,will PG be SINGLE or MULTI  4 102 bholedadu  1 day ago by thread author 
  Best coaching institute of pg in kolkata..  4 38 flylikepixy  20 days ago by khaisehareed 
  Neet pg 2017  4 79 radsri177  15 days ago by examphobia 
  What would happen if AIPGMEE and FMGE combines to form a single exit test ?  4 228 newyashveer  23 days ago by shayad 
  Vinayak senthil surgery class thrissur  4 63 Anibef  1 day ago by thread author 
  Which book for micro.? Arvind Arora vs apurba Sastri  4 161 jainpratyush  1 month ago by ppppoooo 
  Double master degree  4 169 viru219  2 months ago by vinaysp 
  Syphilis Mnemonic (Poem)  4 66 Kaushant_dubey  2 months ago by thread author 
  Progressing in grand tests  4 134 sankarnarasimhan  1 month ago by remi14 
  Infectious Disease  4 71 Kaushant_dubey  2 months ago by TrinaSengupta 
  How to prepare for short subjects?  3 80 redracer  2 months ago by smartway250 
  AIPGEE Question 2013-2016  3 159 drishaan108  2 months ago by thread author 
  PG NOTES for revision and study  3 442 pal2140  1 month ago by sumitsehgal1987 
  Study partner for aipgmee2017 in kolkata  3 42 dochappy07  2 months ago by thread author 
  Ms ophthalmology vs ms obg for a girl  2 71 DRMAHI549  2 months ago by ganong_review 
  Rajamahendran surgery book out of stock  2 100 drmanojanuj  4 days ago by Rahav 
  What is the minimum rank needed to get neurosurgery (or any surgery) in aipgmee result ?  2 59 newyashveer  1 month ago by navin7gsurge 
  NEET ordinance 2016 official  2 108 Anantsaraf89  3 months ago by worldrocks 
  Study partner  2 51 divyaswee  1 month ago by beats101 
  IAMS revison mock test series.  2 62 Manjunathreddy  2 months ago by smartway250 
  Rank junction test series  2 53 myspari07  1 month ago by thread author 
  500 point roster in west bengal: it is flawed  2 116  9 years ago by daktar 
  Mo's in Punjab rural service doctors 10 -30% marks  2 66 drted  4 days ago by Paranoidschizo8 
  How to do Anatomy ?  2 44 tweesilshine  1 month ago by thread author 
  Important topics in pediatrics  2 46 Kingslayer_13  1 month ago by Navi1 
  Mudit Khanna latest all India volume- reviews  2 84 hsp30  6 days ago by abhi06 
  Orthopaedics - Pelvis and Hip Injuries  1 16 FaizDelvi  20 days ago by thread author 
  Preparing for aipgee 2016  1 32 Prafu07  4 days ago by Paranoidschizo8 
  Mudit kanna or arvind arora  1 44 priyaprecious  15 days ago by srinigee87 
  Uppgmee 2016 dates out  1 117 cimsbsp  2 months ago by brianjohny 
  Can I get leave while doing dnb for 1-2 months?  1 26 Zuhanis  4 days ago by docvineet88 
  MCQ best book   Cardiology  1 62 TN67Z20096258  2 months ago by adilkarim 
  MD medicine Vs DMRD !! ??  1 158 dr_cool4566  2 months ago by drhimanshu1995 
  How to start new topic in PG Notes Forum?  1 53 sudhanshugoyal  2 months ago by anheedoniusdoc 
  Want to know best hand written coaching notes for patho and psm..its urgent  1 31 sumzi2012  8 days ago by jana93 
  NEET 2017  1 40 jana93  8 days ago by thread author 
  Stop studying ,join rural that is only way  1 42 bholedadu  9 days ago by thread author 
  Post CBI results Analysis & Discussions : Post only here  1 108  10 years ago by Guest 
  Need A Female study partner for Dec Aipg..  1 67 sushilkumar1989  3 days ago by priyanka2705 
  NBE to conduct NEET PG  1 96 soumyakanti  2 months ago by doctridev 
  Top score aipgmee  1 73 akjpraga  2 months ago by thread author 
  T&D series conducting centre at trivandrum  1 21 hajara  1 month ago by drkoshyrad 
  Number of seats come under NEET PG?  1 103 rajaram1988  2 months ago by thread author 
  Which & how many exams can i give after completing mbbs final year?  1 19 Anujmehta_101  2 months ago by chetans345 
  Why state pg plus aipg better than NEET PG  1 38 bholedadu  1 month ago by thread author 
  NEET 2017  1 61 hidocmoon  2 months ago by abhiagarwalmbbs 
  Hello  1 28 rnsbsingh  1 month ago by Chintu123 
  Does d latest gobind rai garg pharma buk hv 2015 papers??  1 41 yasht_007  3 months ago by anshalpana 
  Breathtaking breaking news NEET PG 100% in nov 2016  1 150 shockbhai  3 months ago by meerut007 
  Medicine  1 28 Rahav  1 month ago by thread author 
  File case against kea  1 30 vinodi  3 months ago by anshuldaverocket 
  Predisposing factors for ca breast  1 17 hemanthkuna  1 month ago by navin7gsurge 
  Why pg selected candidateds are selling theie books/notes/videoaudio lectures?  1 48 whynotI  2 months ago by thread author 
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