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All India Post Graduate Medical Entrance Exam
**THIS FORUM IS OPEN FOR POSTING AGAIN** All India Post Graduate Entrance Exam. This forum will deal with all the problems and discussions regarding the AIPGE Exam in India. Please do not discuss AIIMS exam and NEET PG related queries here as we have dedicated forums for both the issues. Also MCQs have to be disscused in MCQ forum (excluding recalls, which can be discussed here).
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Mudit Khanna - AIPGMEE Self Assessment And Review
 Books discussed in AIPGE Forum [Start a new topic in AIPGE forum] 
Replies Views Started by Last Post
  Books for aipgmee  4 115 viniraj  4 months ago by chinc 
  Books for all india pg preparation  2 91 mosesnobleraj  4 months ago by hg90 
  Medicine Book Mudit Khanna or Deepak Marwah  2 372 obee0805  1 year ago by bestinathappilly 
  New book for preparation of CET and NEET / ALL INDIA ENTRANCE by ARVIND ARORA Go directly to Last Post in the thread  77 8K anshalpana  1 year ago by timmytime 
  Preparation books Go directly to Last Post in the thread  169 10K suri200887  1 year ago by timmytime 
  AIPGMEE Books for MCQ along with explanations  4 466 kaavyasid  1 year ago by shruti123456 
  Kalam DNB book till yr 2013  7 306 rockstardelhi  1 year ago by thread author 
  Which is best book for recent NBE style questions?  43 3K maneepal  1 year ago by hemram 
  Rajamahendran surgery book out of stock  3 249 drmanojanuj  2 years ago by thread author 
  Textbook readers come here  0 31 somethingelse  be the first to reply 
  Ent book by dr sanjay agarwal  0 26 worldrocks  be the first to reply 
  Best MCQ book for Ophthalmology? Both for NEET and AIIMS/PGI.  34 1K Bhajraj  2 years ago by Paranoidschizo8 
  Arvind Arora All India Neet Book  7 438 aarohiverma  2 years ago by Chintu123 
  Best mcq book for surgery  40 1K ayu27  2 years ago by prachi1629 
  New release of books  0 54 thushara7  be the first to reply 
  Please someone help me about which mcq book to follow  0 39 sakoora  be the first to reply 
  Books prev yr questions  0 36 sundaravel  be the first to reply 
  Dermatology review book by jaypee  7 148 yasht_007  2 years ago by bholedadu 
  Book for physio and biochem  17 360 Rahav  2 years ago by Deepta613007 
  Best book fr physio fr neet is pulse or soumen manna sir book?  6 305 ashwinimbbs  2 years ago by Deepta613007 
  Which book for micro.? Arvind Arora vs apurba Sastri  4 401 jainpratyush  2 years ago by ppppoooo 
  Pathology mcq book Go directly to Last Post in the thread  54 1K Akashbatra1  2 years ago by viru219 
  MCQ best book   Cardiology  1 81 TN67Z20096258  2 years ago by adilkarim 
  AIIMS, JIPMER, NEET PG, DNB The best books for previous year mcqs, and explanations  10 1K narayanms123  2 years ago by drSidKapoor 
  How many volumes are there for Mudit Khannas's AIPGMEE book 13th Edition (2014) ?  0 82 Tenchuk  be the first to reply 
  Why pg selected candidateds are selling theie books/notes/videoaudio lectures?  1 57 whynotI  2 years ago by thread author 
  NEET for sure...what BOOKS now?  0 133 Kaushant_dubey  be the first to reply 
  Which book for micro.? Arvind Arora vs apurba Sastri  7 475 jainpratyush  2 years ago by shachi2 
  Best books for compilation of past solved papers of AIPGMEE ?  3 295 gemmoon  2 years ago by beaware 
  Help regarding books to prepare for coming neet  1 62 cuckoo1991  2 years ago by thread author 
  Review of dr Bhatia's book on Anatomy  4 173 payal2  2 years ago by spadefury 
  Books to study  1 44 Ramapisharath  2 years ago by mahesh09 
  Books for preperation  2 37 mahatee  2 years ago by sanmax007 
  Arvind arora neet pattern books-worth the time and money? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  65 5K yesyesnono50  2 years ago by bholedadu 
  Which books to buy  1 40 fatpanda  2 years ago by drparatt 
  Books for pg entrance .please reply  3 73 sairam116  2 years ago by docsomak 
  Books for pgmee 2017  5 206 SOMNATH84  2 years ago by bakill 
  Which mcq book is better for surgery and medecine in terms of revision?  20 510 abhishekdoc  2 years ago by cutypie 
  Aipgmee 2017- books edition  3 506 the-optimist  2 years ago by drzazamlml 
  Let's discuss the books/guides for pg preparation  3 105 ron911  2 years ago by manmeet678 
  Want to know from toppers how similar different coaching notes from subject wise books ?  0 62 bholedadu  be the first to reply 
  Opinion about harrison notebook published by dams  37 3K vinaysp  2 years ago by drmramanan259 
  Good Books For Minor Subjects Go directly to Last Post in the thread  68 2K jbhargav15  2 years ago by VIVEKg1 
  What's best book surgery, Amit ashish or pritesh singh?  2 648 harryvin  2 years ago by drmramanan259 
  All good rankers, pleaseee suggest which individual guide books.. By which authors are best as per your experience?  0 126 suguna6  be the first to reply 
  All good rankers, pleaseee suggest which individual guide books.. By which authors are best as per your experience?  0 70 suguna6  be the first to reply 
  Books for aipge  2 104 purnimasamanta  2 years ago by thread author 
  Jipmer ..best book for last 10 yrs solved que ???  0 266 rx20  be the first to reply 
  Iams books  0 20 ishkat  be the first to reply 
  E-Books  0 44 grizzlybear  be the first to reply 
  Which book ???  0 15 krutimehta03  be the first to reply 
  Effectiveness of bhatia books  0 111 paromitarupam  be the first to reply 
  2016 edition of books  0 88 Dr_Rais  be the first to reply 
  Rate your Book for preparation. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  60 2K rss_afmc  2 years ago by pborkar 
  Which book to read for comedk?  17 1K spasmo  2 years ago by shubham1432 
  Which books to follow?  3 102 iamsatvik  2 years ago by dashish 
  New book  13 496 roysudip900  2 years ago by dashish 
  AIPGMEE by NBE Book references  4 283 suhas6371  2 years ago by karthikr169 
  ENT book ?  7 54 chinc  2 years ago by adishesh 
  Best review books for 1st and 2nd year subjects?  5 137 willosler  2 years ago by faisalskims2 
  Subjectwise Medicne Book Which 1 is better drDeepak Marwahs New single volume Book or MK 2 volumes?  47 2K sid18  2 years ago by drblue889 
  Good book for biochemistry Go directly to Last Post in the thread  68 2K sudarsans2008  2 years ago by qrious 
  AIPGMEE old questions book  4 233 drskhp  2 years ago by thread author 
  Last years arora nbe books.ur view..  4 194 Mygalaxyone  2 years ago by thread author 
  Latest edition of books. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  251 11K bhpn17  2 years ago by narrinder 
  Best subject wise books?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  217 8K drpraphul  2 years ago by thread author 
  Best book for AIPGME revision  1 146 draakov  3 years ago by drpranavlal 
  Aipgmee2016 which book for pharmacology  21 705 summer91  3 years ago by PG_student 
  Q wave book for aipg  3 205 ab78  3 years ago by tweesilshine 
  Please suggest the best book for pharm and patho  3 60 csy08  3 years ago by thread author 
  Pathology book by dr praveen  0 46 worldrocks  be the first to reply 
  Best book for physio topic wise?!?!...  3 55 gaurav1992  3 years ago by GRjason 
  AIPGMEE 2015 - books recommended? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  69 2K Kabirdev  3 years ago by ramireddy1895 
  Book for last year all india questions.  0 57 adriamycin  be the first to reply 
  Best book for physiology  20 431 ahsadreams  3 years ago by 26111994 
  Which book is better for mcq  2 36 drsaurabh12  3 years ago by thread author 
  Reviws on bhatia textbooks,how r they,what to revise?  0 97 freedomfmge  be the first to reply 
  Does Koncpt 20 Author book is good for NEET  0 96 janakiraman  be the first to reply 
  Best book for neet previous questions  0 90 maya13  be the first to reply 
  Previous neetpg questions with explanations - suggest me a good book  13 456 hariysmu  3 years ago by badri165 
  Old and new edition books which to use?  2 77 summer91  3 years ago by thread author 
  Books for AIPG  0 42 pgsdespo  be the first to reply 
  Plz let me know about these books  6 108 drspkv  3 years ago by thread author 
  Pre pg bookks  2 28 Joshi_007  3 years ago by pgentranceindia 
  PG prep book for ophthalmology  5 181 anthropology  3 years ago by Shivakinng 
  Which book for pharmacology  5 75 summer91  3 years ago by Devidutta 
  Anybody interested in buying study material for AlPGMEE Coaching Center study modules, Neet pattern books and subject wise mcq books?  3 130 abhi4636  3 years ago by atropabelladona 
  Subject text books to read  0 25 drvsk4312  be the first to reply 
  Harrison textbook of medicine.  0 27 wildash22  be the first to reply 
  Book Self Assessment & Review Tumour by Chaurasia  0 30 drtjk  be the first to reply 
  Ophthalmology book  6 113 worldrocks  3 years ago by prazosin 
  Books  0 10 Niranjana91970  be the first to reply 
  Should I read volumes or stick to revising subject wise MCQ books?  0 48 tanviv123  be the first to reply 
  I want to buy Mudit Khanna books  5 108 hunboy26  3 years ago by terminator8 
  What are the best books to read for upcoming pg exms - aipgmee 2015 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  108 8K mrvickymd  3 years ago by saipriyak 
  Rankers. Plz help : Did NBE pattern mcq book(pulse publication) helped in this aipge? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  69 2K doctridev  3 years ago by kalinin_01 
  Best physiology mcq book  3 121 yesyesnono50  3 years ago by thread author 
  Mcq book for psychiatry  1 38 tamalg100  3 years ago by ranju15mohan 
  Books for aipgmee  3 131 viniraj  3 years ago by drjigs 
  Best revision book for medical PG entrance  7 196 gpaf  3 years ago by malcolmx 
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