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Discuss problems and options in getting a US Residency, observerships, externships and fellowships. This general forum for the International Medical Graduate in USA. Post and discuss your problems, opinions and suggestions here.
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  All info on residency visas. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  104 22K AshB  1 year ago by Allegra120 
  How do i get an externship? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  52 5K itsjusnobody  2 years ago by pranjaldanswer9 
  How much an applicant is willing to spend for a IM residency in USA. 2018JULY  1 93 resconsultant  2 years ago by Virat2014 
  Visa Queries Help For US Via GRE Go directly to Last Post in the thread  378 31K Advisor  4 years ago by shivayan202 
  Which place to choose for externships & residency? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  77 13K ADeity  5 years ago by vijaybang 
  Can fellowships in US be done in a different subject ?  5 81 drmagus  6 years ago by scepticemia 
  Which Visa for CS?  44 537 chocdoc  6 years ago by karthik316 
  Cost of living in US while doing residency?  41 8K manish5762  6 years ago by naveen1282 
  How to take parents to US permanently after getting residency?  1 115 DevanshGoyal  6 years ago by Neutrino99 
  Which book is best for USMLE step 2 CS  4 41 dr_51214  6 years ago by drhnis 
  Some US visa answers for IMG  14 11K Dr. A  6 years ago by ms3bd 
  How far does the hospitals in USA take the year of graduation into account?  16 1K sam_425  7 years ago by drpreeti916 
  Radiology career after USMLE  19 3K super7  7 years ago by aresalan 
  Do I stand a chance after 6 years of graduation?  3 393 ashmz1  7 years ago by usmansahi007 
  How do I apply for fellowships in Orthopedics in USA?  1 162 faisalasq  8 years ago by ikppp 
  What streams can one get after clearing all steps of usmle?  1 133 shahidsiddiqui  8 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  Is it worth to do residency in US after MD Medicine in India?  34 3K drabhishek777  8 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  How many holidays do we get during US residency?  10 486 jojobo  8 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  Canadian Medical Exams and USMLE  5 283 sam72  8 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  How fast one can pass the step one 2 cs and ck?  1 236 herdjo  8 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  Can we go for sum research experience by b1 visa for usmle or we need other visa  2 1K aaryan07  8 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  What to take? USMLE ,AMC exams , PLAB , canadian evaluation exams ?  1 373 dr_serkov  8 years ago by mparvez 
  How is a score of 210 in USMLE?  1 214 vaayu  8 years ago by usmlevideos 
  What should be done in india to get internal residency in us  1 1K vkcombo  9 years ago by sanity 
  What proportion of FMG are matched with H1B visa after USMLE?  1 1K madformed  10 years ago by itsjusnobody 
  Can anybdy guide me whtr 2 giv mle or nt?  3 1K dranamika82  10 years ago by AshB 
  Can one practice in INDIA after doing PG from USA?  2 1K saneinsane  11 years ago by thread author 
  What is the total expenditure for USMLE?  6 5K aujla  11 years ago by dr_kals 
  What is the chance of USMLE plus 3 years residency in surgery?  3 1K surgman  11 years ago by Krissh 
  F1 Visa Questions n Answers  12 29K AshB  11 years ago by divya72 
  How can in get fellowship in neurovascular surgery USA  1 1K drpdrahul  11 years ago by learning 
  Career Prospects in Interventional Radiology?  8 3K docamok  11 years ago by 78371 
  US Electives available for International Medical Students  21 6K Dr_AAM_Eg  11 years ago by abhimanyu2012 
  How many old graduates are preparing for USMLE?  34 7K althaf  11 years ago by henasidh 
  Applying for Observership/ Externship Go directly to Last Post in the thread  59 19K tinkerbell  11 years ago by niyu 
  How to apply for electives  2 801 vaibhavb  11 years ago by thread author 
  How to write a CV?  20 4K Regallo  12 years ago by itsjusnobody 
  How important is the non-US clinical experience and good CV in the match ?!  4 961 orhope  12 years ago by vaibhavb 
  Target 2008 Match!  47 9K mrk  12 years ago by Whiterose 
  How to find unexpected Residency Vacancies  4 1K neeravf  12 years ago by hood123 
  Img friendly hospitals for various specialties  23 6K khox  12 years ago by debutant 
  How do i go to the usa???? i am a medical graduate  1 456 vampirelove2000  12 years ago by AshB 
  Stay in the USA during interviews  3 865 medmanabhi  12 years ago by thread author 
  Documents needed for the Visa Interview  2 2K AshB  12 years ago by manipalguy 
  % of IMGs in some IM programs  9 2K AshB  12 years ago by Jedai 
  Where to apply for the Letter of Need for J1 visa?  2 2K parvas24  12 years ago by thread author 
  IM Depts ranked based on NIH funding  2 928 AshB  12 years ago by thread author 
  What are the options available for a person with usmle steps cleared next to US  1 765 peddu  12 years ago by AshB 
  Can we apply to same programs next year?  6 860 hood123  12 years ago by thread author 
  How can my relatives in USA help me?  14 3K Dr_AAM_Eg  12 years ago by superdockolli 
  Does observerships in Canda count towards USCE?  3 864 Regallo  12 years ago by phycician0716 
  How to go about US Clinical Experience for IMGs?  9 4K rutika  12 years ago by AshB 
  Whats the future if one wanna come back to India?  2 621 manipalguy  13 years ago by thread author 
  What are the Prospects of Fellowship in USA?  20 9K anaghya  13 years ago by rakesh6882 
  What time should I go for USMLE CS Visa Appointment?  4 2K anterpreet  13 years ago by tinkerbell 
  Can the 10yr multi entry visa get cancelled???  10 2K eshan  13 years ago by rks 
  What is residency exactly?  4 849 rajju077  13 years ago by AshB 
  Canadian immigration-will it help in H1 visa to U S  13 2K deepsi  13 years ago by ritcaseas 
  California letter  4 1K tinkerbell  13 years ago by paxyl171 
  What is better?  1 350 Dr_AAM_Eg  13 years ago by tinkerbell 
  What 2 choose,Speciality or Training?  4 399 Dr_AAM_Eg  13 years ago by tinkerbell 
  What Should I Write on My Covering Letter for US Visa?  1 4K medisid  13 years ago by tinkerbell 
  Which other courses can i do in UK?  10 1K Prabaharan  13 years ago by abubakre 
  Can I file for Business Visa while H1 is under process?  4 1K kapiljainindore  13 years ago by tinkerbell 
  How many types of visas  2 448 muba  13 years ago by thread author 
  How to get a job in jamaica?  1 291 anaphylatoxin  13 years ago by parvas24 
  Can I trick the embassy?  11 3K Bisso  13 years ago by YaserK 
  Residency Situation in USA?  7 2K rrs  13 years ago by dr_euphoria 
  All About National Residency Matching Program & ERAS  18 2K tinkerbell  13 years ago by docamok 
  What is fellowship??  22 2K mansim  13 years ago by fragile_x 
  Can we prepare for all pg exam ...  1 212 doctor_cool  13 years ago by AshB 
  Can u work in us after usmle without doing a residency  1 592 manish5762  14 years ago by doc_g 
  How to write a Personal Statement?  10 4K kochu  14 years ago by dr_me_myself 
  How to apply for USMLE Step 3?  2 2K docamok  14 years ago by thread author 
  Can Indians do internship in u.s ?  6 2K Guest  14 years ago by anadi_doctor 
  Can H4 visa holders apply for SSN????  3 2K luice  14 years ago by kochu 
  What is the salary structure for a dermatologist in usa  1 905 dsamal  14 years ago by AshB 
  How many hours on an average does a resident work in US  4 2K google_singh  14 years ago by ehab73 
  Canadian Green card  2 551 kochu  14 years ago by thread author 
  FAQ:Couple Matching in residency  5 1K simv  14 years ago by docneeraj 
  Does presence of a sibling in the US affect in issuing a F1  1 395 shyam307  14 years ago by sybarite 
  Does One have to Pay While Doing US Residency?  1 921 starterfor  14 years ago by AshB 
  What if one marries a US resident during Residency?  2 773 google_singh  14 years ago by dsha 
  Is it possible 2 convert j1 to h1 during residency  6 1K drarunvijay  14 years ago by anonymous 
  Surgical branches and USMLE  2 1K vacant_planets20  14 years ago by thread author 
  CS Visa queries for USMLE!  15 4K kapil  14 years ago by thread author 
  FAQ:US residency in OBGYN  1 1K Sanchaita  14 years ago by sybarite 
  Options in India after MD degree frm US?  4 2K prm81  14 years ago by ratnakar_potla 
  What exactly is program in the USMLE?  2 904 ujwals  14 years ago by thread author 
  What exactly is residency in USA?  27 3K sajjanshenoy  14 years ago by sravya 
  Can one apply with scores of just Step1 & Step 2 CK  26 3K google_singh  14 years ago by AshB 
  How To Apply For Residency as an IMG?  3 2K anonymous  14 years ago by thread author 
  What is H1B visa?!!!  2 502 aujla  14 years ago by thread author 
  How to ensure you get your US visa  5 1K addy81  14 years ago by tinkerbell 
  J1 or H1B - which is more practical? better? easier?  18 5K Kanna2005  14 years ago by KalaKauaa 
  Does Years of US Residency Reduce After PG?  3 1K dsha  14 years ago by AshB 
  Visa type for Clinical Attachment/Observership?  2 3K hauntedscientist  14 years ago by vineetgsvm 
  Visa to the US to write the NBDE  1 2K gsaxena  14 years ago by kaps 
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