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Pre PG Community Forum
Pre PG Community Forum This forum is to discuss matters with the online RxPG Community which is gearing up for various PG exams in India. A perfect place to talk about common problems in getting a PG Seat!
There are also specific exam forums for almost all the national and state PG exams, browse below.
SARP series Biochemistry/anatomy/physiology by C. K. Sinha
SARP Series (Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology)
 Books discussed in PrePG Forum [Start a new topic in PrePG forum] 
Replies Views Started by Last Post
  Books to read for AIPGE Go directly to Last Post in the thread  247 43K vishnumsath  2 months ago by STARPATH 
  Dams notes vs other books.  0 46 emankhan  be the first to reply 
  Which Books to Read for Anatomy for Pre PG Preparation?  9 3K ashishj  9 months ago by Rekhamahesh 
  Books for medicine n surgery neet version.?  1 91 kishore_medico  10 months ago by Anandhu123 
  BOOKS for pg entrance preparation  3 53 Surgico17  11 months ago by thread author 
  Vote for best anatomy book for pre pg and why  0 53 drsaj1991  be the first to reply 
  Good book to understand Immunology?  2 45 JuneDr  12 months ago by thread author 
  Does anyone have DNB CET review book PDF form?   Surgery  0 226 mathyrsn  be the first to reply 
  Which book should be best for obs n gynace mcq?  1 54 vikram14328  1 year ago by SxSoumitra 
  Prep books for neet  4 36 drshyamb2h  1 year ago by thread author 
  Textbook readers come here   PSM  0 58 somethingelse  be the first to reply 
  Textbook readers come here  0 5 somethingelse  be the first to reply 
  Best book to practice mcq for dnb  2 119 sdudeja20  1 year ago by asprin98 
  Which book to use for studying anatomy?   Anatomy  16 314 preetsira  1 year ago by sreedevithrissur 
  Regarding Dams harrison notebook  0 199 shikha1307  be the first to reply 
  How to read big textbooks like harrison, bailey and robbins in a smart way?  4 250 4prepginfo  2 years ago by Vici 
  Whether standard textbook plus MCQs oriented approach or Subject wise guide books oriented approach should be kept! In dialemma!  0 47 abhishekagnihotr  be the first to reply 
  Which notes, coaching institute and mcq books to study for preparation? lets share our knowledge  0 58 shubham1234  be the first to reply 
  Corrections and Doubts in Mudit Khanna's AIPGE Book  25 4K sowmya_sadanand  2 years ago by drmanojanuj 
  Books  1 12 sonalikab  2 years ago by PG_student 
  Books  1 6 sonalikab  2 years ago by PG_student 
  How to approach MCQ books for PG prep  1 37 bleu_gem  2 years ago by shivswarup333 
  Books for pg medicine  14 1K electron  2 years ago by smartass 
  Books to prepare for pg examinations  0 19 mansi694  be the first to reply 
  Books for preparation?   Other  5 65 goksb  3 years ago by dpdhavaldp 
  Solving MCQ books during MBBS(2 year)  1 35 iramunshi  3 years ago by shyam96 
  Ophthalmology mcq book..  1 53 premaapril  3 years ago by technoviz 
  Subject wise books.. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  589 32K sam4468  3 years ago by Suarez 
  What book to read for Pg in Biochemistry?  1 25 drseth92  3 years ago by GRjason 
  Necessary Textbooks to be read during PG Prep?  3 121 drtish810  3 years ago by Kabirdev 
  How to know recent changes in pg topics,are there any book for these changes or any website.pls help me out.!!  0 115 doctorpain  be the first to reply 
  Aipg books at best prices with free door step delivery all over india  2 74 Sreejithot  3 years ago by dgambs 
  2nd hand books.for aipge and dnb preparation  1 51 atulbot  3 years ago by thread author 
  Pg book  1 247 DANDGEY  3 years ago by bedofroses 
  Release of new book of pharmacology by expert of pharmacology  0 15 Vinnuvinayak  be the first to reply 
  Surgery mcq books for AIPGE: Amit Ashish / Surgery essence? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  55 3K bond23  3 years ago by nandd 
  Objective book  0 13 thunderboymmt  be the first to reply 
  Aaa book  0 10 siri9  be the first to reply 
  Books for AIIMS and All india PG entrance test  0 44 kundra504  be the first to reply 
  ? New book for biochem to be released soon.  0 16 preitysr  be the first to reply 
  Books to follow for pg prep  3 50 kanchurockzz18  3 years ago by thread author 
  Book to revise  0 13 resh_rose15  be the first to reply 
  Pediatrics mcq book  0 92 SHERIN239  be the first to reply 
  Book for obg and gyen  3 53 shansblue  4 years ago by moirangthemango 
  Opthalmology pg book  0 35 udaytekumudi  be the first to reply 
  Opthalmology pg book  0 14 udaytekumudi  be the first to reply 
  Opthalmology pg book  0 8 udaytekumudi  be the first to reply 
  Smart book from bhatia  0 41 rvrneet  be the first to reply 
  Is there any specific book from which comedk questions are made?  8 335 abhishek280290  4 years ago by chikkoo03 
  Which book to prefer for PG entrance? Please help!  1 27 doctorpower  4 years ago by thread author 
  Can anyone suggest the best MCQ books for Pathology,Microbiology and Pharmacology?  1 105 Kanokyosuke  4 years ago by doctorpower 
  Books for pg preparation?  2 39 drmonicak  4 years ago by thread author 
  Query-which is the best book in pharmacology?  1 14 sajidsk  4 years ago by thread author 
  Books for 2nd MBBS  0 11 kiran639  be the first to reply 
  Iams notes vs 5 books ? which of them ?   Anatomy  0 49 ashish6076  be the first to reply 
  Which all books needed for starting DNB and AIPGEE preparation?  1 117 rf1988  4 years ago by docjaden 
  Text books important lines for aipg neetpg aiims  2 90 abhinavsense  4 years ago by thread author 
  Books.  4 79 drdixit1590  4 years ago by amitava5kmaity 
  Which book is better for ENT .sakshi arora or arvind arora  0 67 bvr  be the first to reply 
  Which is better book for anatomy : tehelka or across ?  3 432 piyushchawla  4 years ago by jinx007 
  Books : ROAMS v/s Kalam DNB ?  4 366 neelissar  4 years ago by thread author 
  Help with subject wise books  0 29 drshru89  be the first to reply 
  Dilemma about studying text books while solving mcq  0 31 drdevasish88  be the first to reply 
  Subject wise books  0 29 haritanagesh  be the first to reply 
  Medicine book  8 101 glut-4  4 years ago by blackcap 
  Preparation for pg subject wise v/s five books question bank  5 108 aptg12  4 years ago by tanmaypareek 
  Neet pg books  0 40 PAREKH  be the first to reply 
  Books for prepg  0 28 cordeliashok  be the first to reply 
  Fav UG/Enterance Book  5 41 drsam89  5 years ago by guest_317594 
  Biochem-Kindly suggest mcq books for Biochem. I find it frustrating to read from Across  2 78 sandybasin  5 years ago by imitanib 
  Need Help for book Selection for Postgraduate Medical Examinations  4 44 privsurfer  5 years ago by janakiraman89 
  Text book for physiology  0 12 alnaa  be the first to reply 
  BHATIA coaching books and question banks  7 421 genocide  5 years ago by bobycherian86 
  EBooks for PG Entrance exams  0 134 nervous_20s  be the first to reply 
  PSM book for pg preparation  2 62 sandybasin  5 years ago by thread author 
  Topic wise mcq books for patho, pharmac and micro?  6 97 shrey71  5 years ago by riyasharna 
  Books avialable for various exams  6 62 Riteshgjmptw  5 years ago by thread author 
  Anybody read the book named Kalaam....  2 54 docofarabiansea  5 years ago by thread author 
  Books required for last minute preparation  4 76 kirthijona  5 years ago by thread author 
  Mistakes in Omkarnath publications book for NIMHANS  4 167 warlord  5 years ago by drlecter123 
  Books for first year subjects  2 49 stimulus88  5 years ago by thread author 
  Help regarding books  1 37 janakiraman89  5 years ago by thread author 
  Book for revision  5 59 ramavydevi  5 years ago by anura23 
  Books for NEET  1 43 herohonda1981  5 years ago by quinsy 
  Good books for dnb (neet) pattern?? anybody?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  136 8K levinia  5 years ago by aaankur 
  Book - Review of Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examinations by Amit Tripathi, Asish Gupta & Arvind Arora  4 397 chaitu2011  5 years ago by only4uuu 
  Readind books like ROAMS  4 295 sandybasin  5 years ago by Shaileshmgm 
  Dont waste time in all extra things of searching books, topic and questions  2 162 kalwaniya2010  5 years ago by Shaileshmgm 
  What is the take on the new book by omkarnath?  0 51 gia_bhalla  be the first to reply 
  AIPGE books  8 380 surisuresh903  5 years ago by aspirantpg 
  Books for preparation  0 10 sonaprep  be the first to reply 
  Which book better for pharmacology  3 117 varnik87  5 years ago by jkishenji 
  Pls suggest book for opthalmology?  4 83 nisha1755  5 years ago by thread author 
  Suggest books  1 52 gurmi  5 years ago by ixabepilone 
  Books to buy!  5 156 bharath87  5 years ago by malhotravc 
  Books for AIPG 2013. Pls guide.  4 132 scorp_doc  5 years ago by thread author 
  5 months prepration for AIPG..which books to read  5 395 a_barwala  5 years ago by rajumbbs 
  Book for Psm  2 69 drvrustgi  5 years ago by thread author 
  Smart series books  2 173 sudip5  5 years ago by prateekgoel 
  Books for neet 2013?  1 78 akshayx_nayk  5 years ago by thread author 
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