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This forum is to provide an online discussion group for the doctors in China. You can discuss your local issues, post graduation and other relevent things here.
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Replies Views Started by Last Post
  Shocking but real Go directly to Last Post in the thread  98 15K skeletal_206bone  6 years ago by ormakalmarikkumo 
  Pg in china Go directly to Last Post in the thread  92 3K harsha_mbbs1987  1 year ago by thread author 
  Post graduation in china Go directly to Last Post in the thread  77 18K docmukhtar  5 years ago by dr_skharabanda 
  About china pg validity Go directly to Last Post in the thread  73 2K Sudhanshu243  11 months ago by drindianajones 
  I m doing pg in radiology in china, i m an indian mbbs Go directly to Last Post in the thread  62 11K amlan  6 years ago by draravind1 
  China internship  37 5K Rubicon  6 years ago by draravind1 
  Any inspiring docs wanna help for doing pg?  37 6K ZACK1111  5 years ago by ratesh 
  Are medicos cheated in China ? SIMPLE THOUGHTS .  33 4K skeletal_206bone  7 years ago by rajju077 
  Wht is ur opinion abt pg in china  32 3K dhaval_malde  8 years ago by medico2003 
  PROBLEM FOR students wishing to study medicine in China?  31 3K citybell  8 years ago by richami 
  Want pg in china  28 711 harsha_mbbs1987  2 years ago by seizures_13 
  Regarding studying mbbs/md/ms in china  28 2K saipardhu1505  3 years ago by thread author 
  China or russia  28 5K Guest  6 years ago by wastedame 
  Requesting regarding pg china  25 1K harsha_mbbs1987  2 years ago by pgaspirant25 
  PG............?CHINA OR NEPAL??????????  25 2K cat07  8 years ago by thread author 
  Latest column 4 china medics  24 3K mamu666666  8 years ago by akrhsahni 
  Delhi High court case judgement?  23 2K citybell  8 years ago by richami 
  Mbbs in china  23 3K tornado212  7 years ago by green009 
  Pg/mbbs in china on scholarship  22 506 emerald1724  2 years ago by dipankarsaha60 
  Study medicine in romania,georgia and china  20 3K Lohmusescu  7 years ago by drmonis 
  Its urgent  17 2K dhaval_malde  8 years ago by mamu666666 
  General Introduction About HSK  16 2K crocodile181  6 years ago by dhanj1921 
  Details about college  15 222 vvvvigneshvvv  1 year ago by drzahranaim 
  Lets learn from eachother  15 2K skeletal_206bone  7 years ago by 00deepak 
  Chinese language--ur opinion.  14 2K mamu666666  7 years ago by thread author 
  Warning! Students coming to China  13 4K guddurulz  5 years ago by skeletal_206bone 
  Job in foriegn countries after doing pg from china  13 3K drvsagrawal  6 years ago by ZACK1111 
  Paediatrics rg in china  12 185 april16  2 years ago by seizures_13 
  How to get scholarship in chinese medical university for pg  12 346 mediqstar  2 years ago by drkrishnavardhan 
  Shandong University...School of Medicine  12 2K kasana5  8 years ago by ruchir12 
  Eligibility of mbbs from china  12 3K jelly  8 years ago by richami 
  Job for mbbs frm china:(((  11 351 Drfatz  2 years ago by thread author 
  Syllabus of MCI  11 1K k_d151  8 years ago by mamu666666 
  Mbbs in china  11 995 docotrbhaimbbs  8 years ago by doc_g 
  Gen Surgery in Zengzhou  10 310 aaronbhai  9 months ago by imran4607 
  Hkmc registration  10 288 moxpress  2 years ago by sravankamal 
  MD/MS Postgraduate in China ,Providing Partial Scholarship  10 1K guddurulz  3 years ago by kishan123 
  Status of the students studying medicine in china  10 1K jayanand  8 years ago by medico2003 
  Any Quaries ??  10 1K sam4u  9 years ago by 26932 
  MBBS-2012 Admission  9 638 guddurulz  3 years ago by umesharma 
  Which one better for MBBS, China or Russia!!  9 2K pure  4 years ago by anupam79 
  Internship in china  9 1K hi2deepak  6 years ago by DrAnushaAM 
  Postgraduate in Dali University China. 2013  8 287 dravijit  1 year ago by thread author 
  Mbbs in china  8 697 tornado212  8 years ago by bobbys 
  Mbbs in china  8 701 mamu666666  8 years ago by thread author 
  China  8 1K shahidkalim  8 years ago by medico2003 
  Best in china  7 183 tishu21  2 years ago by thread author 
  Is pg in china rec by mci?  7 754 harsha_mbbs1987  3 years ago by kprn007 
  Md/mds admission-china- from july to sept  7 2K ZACK1111  4 years ago by kishan123 
  Is a "Foreign Medical Graduate from China" Eligible for Indian PG Entrance?  7 1K ormakalmarikkumo  6 years ago by kprn007 
  Mbbs in china the ultimate fake??(cheating of the agency)  7 2K akhilnambiar  7 years ago by mamu666666 
  Luzhou medical college  7 3K gurumbbs  7 years ago by green009 
  Inform about zhengzhou univ.  7 635 mbbscn  8 years ago by mamu666666 
  About china mbbs help plzz  6 108 doctorraviraja  2 years ago by seizures_13 
  Eligibility for PG - medicos from china  6 589 smilymedico  3 years ago by amarucite047 
  Which subject is good to do pg???redio or ortho or pedia??  6 629 murat  7 years ago by binui 
  I need help abt pg in china plz respond me  6 822 murat  7 years ago by crocodile181 
  Information regarding study in china  6 516 dr_ghouse  8 years ago by mamu666666 
  IMC ACT 1956 to be ammended soon  6 747 medico2003  8 years ago by thread author 
  List of foreign medical school in MCI list  6 1K citybell  8 years ago by medico2003 
  China MBBS a hell plz help us what to do  6 867 yvbkumar  9 years ago by drche 
  Mbbs n pg courses in china  6 730 safy  8 years ago by ruchir12 
  Plz guyssome help  5 977 inquest  6 years ago by suvz 
  To all d medics in china....  5 1K greylord  6 years ago by citybell 
  Is it compulsory to pass hsk exam ?  5 1K crocodile181  7 years ago by thread author 
  The HSK Exam levels  5 774 crocodile181  7 years ago by thread author 
  Frnds time to change the things happening ,,,,  5 777 kprn007  7 years ago by dhanj1921 
  The new list of the chinese government!  5 892 chitrang8  7 years ago by ruchir12 
  China daily reports ill fate of indian medicos  5 2K skeletal_206bone  7 years ago by thread author 
  CHINA - 1st MBBS - need help doing screening test .  5 658 doc2006  8 years ago by prathap 
  What is a mock test?  5 432 chinzzz  8 years ago by thread author 
  Mbbs in beihua university,china  5 1K sashank  8 years ago by iatrologist 
  Job oppurtunities abroad after pg in china  4 149 drkrishnavardhan  2 years ago by thread author 
  Details about college  4 51 vvvvigneshvvv  2 years ago by cathe07 
  Courses undergraduate/ postgradute/ doctorate in China  4 129 Petrinazeecheng  2 years ago by winnind 
  Mbbs-china Tutorial fees USD10k-12k per year  4 79 Petrinazeecheng  2 years ago by umesharma 
  PG in China  4 792 tomcarter  6 years ago by thread author 
  Any body wants help regarding MBBS,BDS and PG from China?  4 1K green009  7 years ago by rml 
  I am greatful to do mbbs in china  4 1K 00deepak  7 years ago by mamu666666 
  China:the present situation...  4 539 vladimir  8 years ago by thread author 
  Any person who have experience of pmdc exam ?  4 2K drtariq12  7 years ago by wasf 
  MCI recognized colleges  4 872 medico2003  8 years ago by chinju 
  Any revised form of eligibility certificate?  4 595 citybell  8 years ago by mamu666666 
  Postgraduate at Dali University China  3 101 dravijit  1 year ago by thread author 
  Chinese Government Full Scholarship Available for Masters! Hurry  3 194 guddurulz  2 years ago by ritzy2012 
  MBBS 2013 Admission in Shandong University has begin!!  3 83 guddurulz  2 years ago by dravijit 
  Cps  3 51 saurabhp_341  2 years ago by sai198 
  HSK: is it necessary for graduation?  3 60 medecin  3 years ago by kprn007 
  Block MBBS-2012 seat in World's Top Ranked University. No Donation. Low fees.  3 129 educarenetwork  3 years ago by umesharma 
  Pg in china  3 401 harsha_mbbs1987  3 years ago by topdoc84 
  MD/MDS Intrested to do it from china..  3 1K ZACK1111  4 years ago by gaggy9 
  Want to do PG Gastroenterology or General Surgery in China  3 1K pgdoc071  5 years ago by prashantkumbhaj 
  I had done my mds-ortho from china, presently working as a consultant  3 1K ZACK1111  3 years ago by Drlucky999 
  Good new,60% rule is off now.  3 694 drtariq12  7 years ago by rnmnhm 
  Mci survey team in china  3 830 sidharth  7 years ago by Pratheesh 
  I need Medical Equibment suppliers from china  3 373 yassermamir  8 years ago by ruchir12 
  Hey get new books for free....  3 259  8 years ago by Guest 
  Where can internship be done  3 358 dreams7bball  8 years ago by mamu666666 
  Quindao medical University  3 613 dreams7bball  7 years ago by citybell 
  About clinical postings in china medical colleges  3 619 warlu1  8 years ago by chinzzz 
  I am an indian mbbs doing radiology  3 596 amlan  8 years ago by drimuwithash 
  Scope for FELLOWSHIP IN IR abroad after md radiology from chaina  2 67 galkotdipesh  4 months ago by thread author 
  Guangxi Medical University  2 51 AditiDatta  8 months ago by thread author 
  China  2 43 drnazia89  12 months ago by unique10 
  Sun yat sen university  2 85 ras95  11 months ago by thread author 
  Jobs after pg in China  2 213 drsghosh  2 years ago by cathe07 
  What books to consult for hkmc  2 44 arunmittal  2 years ago by thread author 
  What is the proof that we can do a private practise if we do pg from china ?  2 199 cyber_jith  2 years ago by dravijit 
  Request rgarding teaching in china  2 42 harsha_mbbs1987  2 years ago by drashie 
  After pg from china  2 162 saurabhp_341  3 years ago by drashie 
  Mci screening test after pg in china  2 548 harsha_mbbs1987  3 years ago by mediconline 
  Full Scholarship for PG course in china  2 2K nabinweb  5 years ago by pg_china001 
  Study MBBS/MD/MDS/MS at WHO recognized university in China  2 1K bozzom13  3 years ago by kishan123 
  Executive committee meeting of mci :allowing internship in india  2 1K prashanth_20  6 years ago by thread author 
  Beware of agents..!  2 234 topdoc84  3 years ago by umesharma 
  Is a Foreign Medical Graduate (From China) eligible to apply for the Kerala PG?  2 761 Rejaneesh  6 years ago by ormakalmarikkumo 
  T o- all medics in china  2 811 greylord  7 years ago by thread author 
  Pg in china  2 460 shokorn  7 years ago by akrhsahni 
  Pls check if possible.  2 444 citybell  8 years ago by born2win 
  Abt internship after doing MBBS in china  2 899 manostany  7 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare  2 481 jus_koolz  8 years ago by skeletal_206bone 
  Where to do internship ?  2 337 drtariq12  8 years ago by kaps69 
  Md radiology/pediatrics  2 560 docazeez  8 years ago by kaps69 
  MBBS in North Sichuan Medical College, China  2 522 Himalayan  8 years ago by thread author 
  Any age restrictions?  2 353 citybell  8 years ago by thread author 
  Chinese medical education  2 555 polo123  8 years ago by dreams7bball 
  Neither china or RUssia  2 467 Djk  9 years ago by thread author 
  MBBS in china a hell plz guide us  2 565 yvbkumar  8 years ago by k_d151 
  Hi  2 350 aldoctor  9 years ago by citybell 
  Md radiology in china . .which one in better thianjin vs beijing vs shanghai vs wuhan. .  1 39 galkotdipesh  3 months ago by thread author 
  Chinese Government Scholarship 2015  1 67 guddurulz  5 months ago by Ampolumahindra 
  Need help for pg in china  1 68 ahmed_faisalhbk  1 year ago by arvindsoochow 
  Mci & foreign pg  1 126 wansh  1 year ago by javeda 
  Internship in china  1 30 moscow  2 years ago by drashie 
  Pg course  1 48 moxpress  2 years ago by thread author 
  Hi hello  1 22 drabhishek777  3 years ago by kprn007 
  Value of the degree  1 84 grapehat  3 years ago by pgaspirant25 
  Studying in china  1 46 grapehat  2 years ago by nilofer_smiley 
  Need Info regarding China  1 47 deepa_aky  3 years ago by kprn007 
  MBBS in World's Top Ranked University. No Donation. Low fees.  1 123 educarenetwork  3 years ago by umesharma 
  Partial Scholarship for PG in Shandong University  1 120 guddurulz  2 years ago by harsha_mbbs1987 
  Any help from expert for addmission in kunming medical college  1 124 hanifa  3 years ago by Drlucky999 
  Guys from china  1 216 march13  3 years ago by hanifa 
  Psychopathology  1 117 anibeb  3 years ago by thread author 
  Mci aprroved colleges 2011-2012  1 295 harsha_mbbs1987  3 years ago by thread author 
  University for POSTGRADUATION studies  1 290 kishan123  3 years ago by thread author 
  MBBS in China at very affordable fee  1 190 pratibha83  3 years ago by umesharma 
  Fmge  1 772 hariharanA  4 years ago by hasiraja 
  What pg seats in china available?  1 1K binui  4 years ago by hasiraja 
  Any body want help about studying in China ?  1 1K Gopiaec  6 years ago by pure 
  Study MBBS/MD/MS/MDS/Engg in China  1 2K pkavitha  5 years ago by eol2000 
  Urgent, ur attention plz...  1 1K dr_blade  4 years ago by aashu1212 
  Students pursuing mbbs in china  1 1K Makushla  4 years ago by daifu 
  To all medics in china  1 657 greylord  7 years ago by thread author 
  The Chinese Higher Medical Education !  1 590 pearllysun  7 years ago by crocodile181 
  Paediatrics IN CHINA  1 1K crocodile181  4 years ago by hasiraja 
  Second medical graduate from china  1 267 funkyham  7 years ago by ravibgupta 
  China medical university dig its own roots  1 376 skeletal_206bone  8 years ago by thread author 
  MCI recognition of IOM KTM.Nepal P.G. degres  1 2K docsurg  7 years ago by murat 
  Plz help me  1 261 drtariq12  8 years ago by kaps69 
  This is true...  1 547 chinzzz  8 years ago by myname 
  Study medicine in china  1 271 medicine109  8 years ago by dr_khayat 
  Study mbs in china  1 237 rohansree  8 years ago by net_ified 
  Study mbbs in china  1 236 rohansree  8 years ago by net_ified 
  2,006 Chinese medicine education condition analysis  1 537 polo123  9 years ago by thread author 
  Indian doctors "made in china"  1 503 vimoj  9 years ago by MagnaCarta 
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