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Australian Medical Council Exams
To discuss about the strategies, books, questions or anything related to Australian Medical Council Exams.
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  Can get a job with AMC1 only?  1 93 droha2015  9 months ago by sgeorge 
  How to Schedule PESCI ?  2 75 Surgeon87  1 year ago by VEERANA 
  How to aproach for amc exam?  3 185 Disha2702  1 year ago by DrCHBrooke 
  Is it possible to find a job in australia?  6 372 droha79  2 years ago by cy011 
  How to prepare for AMC exams? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  202 31K NIC  2 years ago by qvqhyd 
  Is John Murtagh 6th edition enough for AMC MCQ exam?  44 1K abdulsuboor  2 years ago by qvqhyd 
  Are there any AMC coaching centres in India? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  66 3K shahdhar  2 years ago by doctoreye 
  How to Prepare for AMC and other quick revision high yield topics for AMC MCQ exam  1 138 navendugoyal  2 years ago by stik23 
  How to prepare for AMC exams  1 75 navendugoyal  3 years ago by shyamaladevi 
  Does anyone know how to join Gold star group?  2 50 aqb922  3 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for AMC?  3 123 drumartauqir  3 years ago by sonytk 
  Is mccee helpfull for amc exam  1 58 dida8712  4 years ago by Suprithat 
  Is USMLE recognised in australia?  3 150 chimericality  4 years ago by gowthamkarnati 
  How much does it cost to apply for amc exams?   Dental  5 305 Ssantiago_teejay  4 years ago by DrYousra 
  What to do where to GO?  13 554 makrf  5 years ago by vishsnmcagr 
  How to apply for amc plz someone help  29 1K Taif13  6 years ago by docverma 
  How to prepare for AMC clinical exam?  14 459 dranamika  6 years ago by apoz 
  Where to start n how to..  46 2K famithahussain  6 years ago by doc0428 
  Does my 58 year old Doctor Dad from India stand a chance to continue his practise in Australia?  13 629 saleem56  6 years ago by dmalathi 
  What sort of experience is best for getting a job in australia?  2 155 gyaani  6 years ago by anupamraj21 
  Is specialist pthway a easy way?  4 145 qasimzia  6 years ago by sitcom 
  Can a licentiate of medical council of canada get a job in australia without doing any australian exams?  1 76 anjani11  6 years ago by thread author 
  Which online MCQ source is the best ? AMCPREP OR AMC QBANK OR ANY OTHER  10 389 nickhopkins21  7 years ago by malar777 
  Hown many are really interested in preparing for AMC?  9 82 sajidsk  7 years ago by drsushilmamc 
  How is the experience checked by the australian medical council?  3 114 gyaani  7 years ago by jamxz19 
  Can anyone help with AMC question bank online suggestion please  3 39 drlr6  7 years ago by drsuwansh 
  Can anyone guide me about training prospects in australia  4 117 drkbk  7 years ago by gyaani 
  Can anyone guide me if i want to pursue a job or fellowship in australia? i am an orthopedic postgraduate(DNB) ,cleared ielts  14 365 docanil21  7 years ago by jamxz19 
  Can i get an exemption from AMC if i have passed PLAB?  2 135 shammo75  7 years ago by zampan 
  Where to start!!  10 260 Abeerahkhan  7 years ago by saiabhi89 
  Is amc easier than usmle??  2 143 aravinddnivar  7 years ago by vipster 
  Does observerships increase the chance of gaing jobs?  7 269 sam3  7 years ago by IMG2012 
  Which route better mph course or directly amc exam ?  1 82 einasantokh  7 years ago by matzzz_88 
  How was the February 2013 exam??  3 122 mayad33  7 years ago by nmpriyan 
  How long will it take to get call for AMC clinical exam after passing AMC MCQ CAT (in INDIA) ? WILL CLINICAL EXAM HELD IN INDIA  11 207 nayeem48  7 years ago by alinagill 
  Is there any difference if i sit for AMC in india or in Australia?  6 90 nayeem48  7 years ago by drfaria 
  How to apply for HMO/ pgy2/ 3 posts ?  1 45 ahmedasif  7 years ago by saiabhi89 
  What's Next?  4 65 asamau  8 years ago by thread author 
  How 2 apply online 4 amc mcq xam  16 264 Tabs  8 years ago by Shubham886 
  Which books to read for AMC examinations? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  114 14K drhaiderz  8 years ago by AMCMCQmaterials 
  Why Australia is great destination for us overseas IMG's than Aus citizen IMG's?  41 4K djs  8 years ago by gladiatorDoktor 
  How is Monash Clinical Bridging course?  1 129 kunalnagar  9 years ago by lilsmiles8 
  Is lmcc canada accepted in australia?  4 206 exotica  9 years ago by 424 
  Why Take The Difficult AMC MCQ Exam When One Can't Even Get A Job?  8 476 job  9 years ago by thread author 
  Does clearing Plab waive off your AMC?  3 234 grunge  10 years ago by wedf 
  What to do after AMC MCQ  5 244 nadunr  10 years ago by thread author 
  What happens after clearing AMC2(clinical)  14 715 mac7  10 years ago by doc_ferass 
  Whats the passing score in AMC mcq??  1 132 thapa424  10 years ago by vcma99 
  What are high yield topics in amc mcq  2 153 thapa424  10 years ago by thread author 
  Is Bridging Course a must to pass AMC MCQ?  5 518 antiphobic  10 years ago by carneel 
  Is anyone planning to attend vmpf bridgingcourse in april?  4 264 drinaustralia  11 years ago by pyare 
  How&vat r u preparing for offshore jul 23/24 amc mcq examination?  2 103 rifampin  11 years ago by akin 
  How n Vat to study from John Murtagh  18 884 rifampin  11 years ago by Xscaper 
  Which BRIDGING COURSE to go for?  27 1K digitalis33  11 years ago by docnad 
  Is AMC test must for MD internal medicine ?  3 154 colour77i  12 years ago by bins 
  Where can I find Clinical Recalls.Someone please elp me.  3 168 maldoc  12 years ago by manikhan 
  What is the system  10 497 drmohamed811  12 years ago by bhatiamohit1985 
  How i cn get the recalls of past years 2000-2007  1 256 knnuu  12 years ago by volcano 
  Can any1 just tel what topics were there in sydney clinical exam on 15march?  8 223 smwmd  12 years ago by thread author 
  How to do specialization in australia after MBBS in india?  6 407 ankonaa  12 years ago by Shaz15 
  Is there epidemiology and biostatestics questions in amc mcq??  3 65 drjoe25  12 years ago by idiopathy 
  Can anyone help me reguarding amc centre  1 56 intmedstud  12 years ago by Justysia 
  Where r Egyptian Doctors Go directly to Last Post in the thread  53 2K egyplabber  13 years ago by karimghazal 
  Whats the fare of doctors in aus after the latest events with doc.  3 185 jasmeen  13 years ago by thread author 
  Is it worth applying for PR ?  10 362 gorani  13 years ago by ukdocmohan 
  Which r th INDIAN degrees recognised in australia??  18 605 angels  13 years ago by thread author 
  How to tackle AMC Question  6 262 excellentdoctor  13 years ago by iraj 
  Can any one explian well about acid - base balance  4 183 crazydoctor  13 years ago by thread author 
  Which way is most suitable  13 447 crazydoctor  14 years ago by thread author 
  Which Radiology Book for AMC Step 1?  9 636 glasshouse82  14 years ago by shwetagr 
  Is amc exam exumpted after passing plab1&2  5 628 DoctorA  15 years ago by MunishLapsia 
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