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This forum will discuss queries and issues about the DNB CET exam [Diplomate of National Board]. Please note a recent change in our TOS which disallows discussion of actual questions from NBE exams in RxPG forums.
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  Dnb june 2011 qs  1K 73K bangs  3 years ago by mayankshukla 
  Dnb december 2010 qs with ref: subjectwise Go directly to Last Post in the thread  420 27K dryadavn  8 years ago by richee 
  Books to read for DNB CET Go directly to Last Post in the thread  339 46K CHASING_DREAMS  1 year ago by UCeejay 
  DNB CET December 2006 Exam Questions Go directly to Last Post in the thread  281 21K mitsal  11 years ago by alwyn 
  DNB is not good Go directly to Last Post in the thread  264 54K drvaibhavjain83  2 years ago by john1 
  Planning to opt DNB!!! Gather here Go directly to Last Post in the thread  241 10K drhunny  1 month ago by nitesh2136kumar 
  Recall & Discuss : DNB-CET 10th June 2007 Questions Go directly to Last Post in the thread  180 14K borntowin  11 years ago by jamesl 
  Dnb results- when wil it be declared? wil u take the seat?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  180 12K thorno007  6 years ago by thread author 
  DNB CET 11 June 2006 Exam Questions Go directly to Last Post in the thread  156 16K Chief  10 years ago by anup9585 
  Dnb cet dec 2005 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  133 8K candy  13 years ago by adi111 
  Advantages & disadvantages of DNB over MS/MD Go directly to Last Post in the thread  132 23K manipalguy  1 year ago by abcabc 
  Diploma or DNB! Which is better? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  113 16K drkehar  2 years ago by 9515115544 
  Is primary DNB recognised by MCI? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  88 6K drmukta  2 years ago by milari 
  How to crack DNB interviews? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  78 8K drem14  3 years ago by druv148 
  Future of DNB after NEET (CET) Go directly to Last Post in the thread  56 9K drhappy  3 years ago by razorbmw 
  How was DNB CET December 2006? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  51 2K manutdfan  12 years ago by aslesharam 
  DNB COUNSELLING -dont wait because your senior has done that  41 2K medroy  6 months ago by Seemas 
  Attn: to all interested in dnb in apollo hospitals, chennai  39 2K wildwitchdoctor  7 years ago by go2hell 
  Primary DNB: To be or not to be?  38 2K deepa_aky  9 years ago by M007 
  Rate t exam: Dnb june 2011.  36 2K Amitrathi  8 years ago by tamish 
  How was ur paper?? was it tough??  31 2K abhi07  8 years ago by Jigs11 
  How to revise for DNB?  29 3K akhel  3 years ago by Killerr 
  Will DNB be included in NEET from next year?  27 3K avijit69  5 years ago by devillord32 
  Dnb cet 2019  27 2K rahsut  5 months ago by nuttybass2003 
  Dnb bond  25 990 Hamee92  5 months ago by benjamin_chacko 
  Experiences: DNB, the truth......  21 1K Maggi25  13 years ago by drkehar 
  How was the exam of dec 2009?  21 1K rpg  9 years ago by pseudobuji 
  Can one do MD after DCh in institutes like PGI, AIIMS?  17 1K lethopeprevail  1 year ago by docpggirls159 
  What to do if username already exists in dnb online form?  14 2K nishi2k3  6 years ago by mukta_333 
  DNB Eligibility after CPS degree?  13 2K drsoumya  3 years ago by Doctorpoo 
  Spelling mistake : wat to do ?  11 184 drdev20051  7 years ago by swethakbenarji 
  What is the negative marks pattern in DNB CET?  11 1K vladimir  12 years ago by cdoctor 
  Queries about DNB after Diploma  10 1K risingsun  10 years ago by AJVPD1944 
  How Can I Get Duplicate DNB Pass Certificate?  10 333 hash_brown  10 years ago by thread author 
  No more June -July DNB exam  10 384 drbevinsathya  4 months ago by thread author 
  Dnb counselling 1st round 2019  10 358 shafa89  5 months ago by thread author 
  When does DNB counselling start?  9 112 drbevinsathya  5 months ago by benjamin_chacko 
  Dnb cet 2011 experience  9 1K rimanshi  7 years ago by vampirelove2000 
  What to do after DNB-1  8 2K manojkk  13 years ago by malaydoc 
  Is DM after DNB possible?  8 1K tusgod  11 years ago by greymatters 
  Beware before joining dnb in any westbengal district hospitals  8 410 registrar2015  6 months ago by Yoona 
  Dnb: marks card  8 458 looney  8 years ago by jayapal 
  What next after clearing DNB primary?  7 2K gnabankur  15 years ago by Guest 
  DNB June: has anybody's return post card arrived?  7 98 panacea1983  10 years ago by memymyselfin 
  Hot news : NBE to be abolished!  7 419 pedsdoc79  8 years ago by srinivas777 
  Seniors/Expert DNB direct 6 yr course  7 463 jet99  7 years ago by thread author 
  Dnb (post mbbs) seat allotment  6 412 rahsut  6 months ago by Yoona 
  DNB Primary Pay/Stipend info  5 213 akilesh  3 months ago by satyaki 
  DEBATE : Dnb seat of branch of ur choice or pg seat of ur next choice in aipg?  5 205 drpankaj  8 years ago by drfuzz 
  What is the validity period for DNB CET Primary exam pass?  4 384 hash_brown  10 years ago by thread author 
  Dnb in obgyn  4 66 apsie  6 months ago by thread author 
  List of Hospitals under central govt in DNB, paying higher STIPENDS  4 431 rajeshnatte  6 months ago by 301292 
  DNB third round - please post which hospitals are NOT advisable  3 144 Aksharasr  3 months ago by thread author 
  NDA related rules & RxPG TOS are to be respected at all times.  3 515 RxPG_Team  3 years ago by Doctarr 
  Clari: Eligibility to join DNB Jan 2010 Session for Previous CET Pass Candidates  3 106 kslokesh  9 years ago by thread author 
  Can we get information on institutes through RTI?  3 133 dr_med_ind  6 years ago by muralskan 
  Dnb cet 2019 medicine lovers post your rank here  3 92 drnikhil28  6 months ago by 301292 
  Can I apply for a DNB post without confirmation letter?  2 2K gnabankur  15 years ago by mukarrab 
  DNB- What is the bond status in ESI hospitals?  2 56 faizanabdullah  4 months ago by thread author 
  Plz Advice: DNB-1, is it a common test for all doctors or .  2 49 hauntedscientist  12 years ago by thread author 
  DNB Family medicine cut off score  2 127 drnomita20  4 months ago by thread author 
  DNB courses in public hospitals!  2 208 AJVPD1944  10 years ago by thread author 
  DNB CET june 2009: Deficient form : HELP!  2 57 panacea1983  10 years ago by thread author 
  Asha madam : what is the new rule regarding exam scores??  2 308 vampirelove2000  9 years ago by nags_bhushan 
  Can we change the topic for thesis in DNB?  2 338 mledoc  8 years ago by antony10 
  How can we know the marks of CET?  2 239 mustine  9 years ago by thread author 
  Dnb : respiratory disease : future prospects and institute detail  1 73 Scorpionsting  8 years ago by ayushgupta0036 
  Medical fitness for admission in dnb courses  1 40 rahulsd  4 months ago by winuku 
  500 bedded DNB hospitals for MD/MS equivalence  1 201 grztr  4 months ago by karmmc 
  Dnb entrance  1 371 bobsi  14 years ago by BRAVO 
  Questions june 2011 CET  1 872 dm  8 years ago by genome23 
  As huge number of seats for DNB mopup inperson round candidates gather here for a 4 th round counselling before final in person round .  1 97 sreekanthbrims  2 months ago by tedu2403 
  How long is DNB training for after a diploma?  1 67 Guest  15 years ago by mukarrab 
  DNB June 2019  1 221 raschan  5 months ago by kirrakkarthik 
  Dnb  1 39 duvvurusaitharun  4 months ago by baddi474 
  What Next After Passing DNB?  1 541 adi111  13 years ago by drkehar 
  Urgent info on filling form : pre dec passouts appl accepted...!!!  1 91 bksnitin  8 years ago by akshath4321 
  How is the DNB OSCE exam in Sir Gangaram Hospital?  1 301 bangarubanda  10 years ago by AJVPD1944 
  Neet pg cut off score  1 76 rahsut  4 months ago by baddi474 
  How to do DNB PART 2 exams alongside MD?  1 107 mddvl  9 years ago by salmonraj000 
  DNB CET DEC 2009 Q & A  1 2K drvaibhavthakare  9 years ago by thread author 
  Dnb medicine theory previous question papers  1 7 Gaurav1988  4 days ago by kitty196 
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