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Nagging Q Forum: Any Medical MCQ from any Medical Exam (Please post only one MCQ in a single thread)
UPDATE: This forum is your first stop in RxPG forums if you want to ask a MCQ or exam question in any subject or of any exam. This forum is to discuss all those nagging questions which seem to defy your talent and refuse to produce any evidence of their existence in the standard textbooks.
Your minimum credit score must be 120 in order to access any topic in this forum.
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  Image Based questions Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacology  405 13K rajsreekris  3 years ago by drrahul777 
  Most common tumour of heart Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pathology  396 48K HANNA  3 years ago by Nimhans1 
  Which organ doesnt utilise ketone bodies? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Biochemistry  382 6K hemant5728  3 years ago by rahulpujara 
  Danbury's tremors are seen in ______ poisoning Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Forensic Medicine  336 5K drshai  2 years ago by josekj1987 
  Q: Potts puffy tumor is a complication of _____ sinusitis? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   ENT  254 7K paragbawaskar  4 years ago by rahulpujara 
  A 6-month-old baby is admitted with complaints of vomiting Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Surgery  131 22K upscman  5 years ago by kapabhargava 
  AIIMS 2014 Q Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Other  99 2K bhpn17  5 years ago by deepadsd1012 
  Drug of choice for syphilis is Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacology  97 736 drshai  5 years ago by pkphukan 
  Mechanism of action of ezogabine Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacology  96 905 chrismartin  7 years ago by thread author 
  Hallucinations Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Psychiatry  88 15K tulip  5 years ago by yogrechwade 
  MCQ pulmonary embolism Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  84 669 kkssr  6 years ago by thread author 
  Biggest organ of body Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Anatomy  82 916 dratultiwari0525  5 years ago by leocoolmusk007 
  Radiation recall syndrome is a/w Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacology  75 2K umesharma  4 years ago by rahulpujara 
  AIPGMEE - 2014 - can we share the previous exams question & answers Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Anatomy  72 1K navvith  7 years ago by Auditi 
  Grisenger sign seen in ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   ENT  71 1K jameskhan  5 years ago by drveenavalli 
  IUCD of choice in Sickle cell anemic pt. Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  71 1K sundeepjat  7 years ago by dearolive 
  Ca lung most commonly metstasises to which organ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Oncology  70 882 sunny19  5 years ago by Harpreetdhanota 
  Lets discuss all about amino acids here! Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Biochemistry  69 558 tvrgpal  6 years ago by drdeepaksrajput 
  MCQs _ Medicine Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  69 581 sundeepjat  7 years ago by drgayathri123 
  Beck's Triad is seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  67 631 ajeetchamania  5 years ago by MeetDrvarakala 
  Colourcode for container used for sharp waste as par latest guideline.? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   PSM  67 838 rajaanurag  7 years ago by thread author 
  Which poison mimics cholera Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Toxicology  65 589 kandas  5 years ago by drjitendra1985 
  Q: Preeclampsia management Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  65 20K determine  8 years ago by Dr_rizvangazi 
  Birth in india must be registered within Go directly to Last Post in the thread   PSM  63 706 hemant5728  6 years ago by prathima54 
  Psm---vaccine not given in pregnancy Go directly to Last Post in the thread   PSM  62 12K shankardada  7 years ago by kaushikdp 
  Redmann syndrome Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacodynamics  61 447 drpradeepm  6 years ago by dhgk12 
  Mondor's disease is ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Surgery  61 872 platinum-06  5 years ago by coolrock153 
  Which is also called beauty or antisterlity vitamin? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Biochemistry  61 550 drnirajyogi  7 years ago by bhanu_gorijala 
  Anti rape muscle is Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Anatomy  60 1K rajavigneswar2  6 years ago by annjn 
  Receptors and intracellular signalling Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Physiology  58 430 kkssr  6 years ago by thread author 
  Smoke stack pattern is seen in Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Ophthalmology  58 821 kiddoo  5 years ago by yogrechwade 
  AIIMS recent mcqs Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  57 1K raunakmilton  7 years ago by rahiuli 
  Q.DOC for absence seizure? 1.valproate 2.ethosuximide 3.cabamzpine Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacology  57 500 chaudhary2006  7 years ago by jameskhan 
  Cd 95 is marker for Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pathology  57 763 nabinbiswas  7 years ago by jameskhan 
  Organism associated with Air condition acquired pneumonia? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Microbiology  57 492 sai8338  6 years ago by saidivya007 
  Most important bug hints!! Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Bacteriology  56 504 kkssr  6 years ago by ajayallamwar 
  Drug given free by NACO? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacology  56 1K drmarvius  7 years ago by abhisekgautam24 
  MCQ _ F.M.T. Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Forensic Medicine  55 525 sundeepjat  6 years ago by Kavipriyaalam 
  Chlorine demand is measured by Go directly to Last Post in the thread   PSM  54 366 arypak  6 years ago by drsandeeppathak 
  Most sensitive to radiation Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Radiotherapy  54 452 phoenix88  7 years ago by fammed 
  Drug of Choice for infantile spasm (salaam spells) is Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pediatrics  53 678 allornone  7 years ago by washifrashid 
  Paediatric medicine-neonatology. Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Neonatology  53 16K jayanta  12 years ago by thread author 
  OCHRONOSIS is due to the deficiency of following enzyme? Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Biochemistry  52 432 sajidsk  6 years ago by DrDRP 
  Imp syndromes worth remembering !!! Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  52 397 sirothia1989  7 years ago by dps12 
  What not to do during exam preparation.. wat all to avoid Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Anatomy  51 405 ranjankumar0211  4 years ago by samviz21 
  An Maq a day Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacology  51 138 ranjankumar0211  4 years ago by thread author 
  Lepra bacilli best cultivated in Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Microbiology  51 10K tulip  8 years ago by sriprabha 
  Father has widely spaced eyes.pattern of inheritence  50 2K kalika  9 years ago by pant 
  "KNOCK OUT DROPS" Is Popularly known as ?   Family Medicine  49 573 ashish6076  5 years ago by yogrechwade 
  What is the most common cause of nephrotic syndrome in adults ?   Pathology - Renal  49 520 phenom20  6 years ago by snysntshvrm 
  Peg cells are seen in?   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  49 598 drumacoolz  6 years ago by Pantheraa 
  Which Vitamin is lost during polishing of rice   PSM  49 438 arypak  7 years ago by mithungorre 
  Mcq _ cancer   Gynaecology  49 431 sundeepjat  7 years ago by kolkata2012 
  Answers of question asked in anatomy in aiims   Anatomy  49 34K bhavu  12 years ago by supriya_rastogi 
  Nipple supplied by which dermatome   Anatomy  48 581 drmanoranjan  7 years ago by sid18 
  PRITCHARD REGIMEN is used in management of _________?   Obstetrics  48 506 ashish6076  6 years ago by inventamar 
  Spalding's sign occur after   Forensic Medicine  48 372 ajeetchamania  6 years ago by athisayamani 
  Dalen fuch nodule is pathognomic for ?   Ophthalmology  48 599 adityachakri  4 years ago by swaroopdrraj 
  Surgery:most common hepatic tumor is :  48 11K clrsky  11 years ago by mishtu 
  Max P.P.motility seen in which part of colon?   Physiology  47 551 prasanth7070  5 years ago by rajash1502 
  Acute pancreatitis commonest cause??   Surgery  47 439 lacoul  6 years ago by Pantheraa 
  Vitamin absent in egg ?   Biochemistry  47 564 stfu  5 years ago by Samtaran 
  Ent-epitaxis   ENT  47 12K jayanta  12 years ago by thread author 
  Anatomy [Upper Limb] - Free Online Mock Test 48   Anatomy  47 48K doctorgirl78  7 years ago by jameskhan 
  Littre's hernia involves?   Surgery  46 490 abhikdebnath123  7 years ago by subhadeep210190 
  Discuss jipmer 2003 questions,i know not to post here,but i dint get link to post new topic   Other  46 352 somethingelse  7 years ago by thread author 
  Malampatti grading is for   Anesthesia  46 334 Scorpion_bite  7 years ago by prasannakarne 
  Where the Clara cells are found?   Medicine  46 2K onkar_dmc  13 years ago by drjaysh 
  Prevalence   PSM  46 7K ratnakar_potla  13 years ago by seenappa 
  Pediatrics:congenital defects!   Pediatrics  46 4K draditithegreat  15 years ago by thread author 
  Severe preclampsia  46 13K kishorpbarhate  12 years ago by shahids 
  An Maq a day. day2   Pharmacology  45 167 ranjankumar0211  4 years ago by thread author 
  Drug of choice for hypertensive crisis during pregnancy?   Obstetrics  45 425 debashishbond  7 years ago by sabarishssdr 
  C-ANCA is characteristic for   Hematology  45 391 Scorpion_bite  7 years ago by smart1989 
  Mc cause of nephrotic syndrome in adult?   Medicine  45 331 paritosh_s  7 years ago by drswagat 
  Aims 2014 (140) mcqs   Endocrinology  45 319 premmaurya  6 years ago by kanugulageetha 
  Q: Citelli's angle?   Neuroanatomy  45 3K ruchi  4 years ago by svsree 
  Lyre s sign   Surgery  44 498 gaithiry  7 years ago by MAYANKMANU 
  FM - Injury to Eye!  44 15K Bruno  12 years ago by hariompriyom 
  Most sensitive to detect minimum pleural effusion is   Radiology  43 415 Geethachanda  6 years ago by DrDRP 
  Kveim test   Medicine  43 509 meredithgrey  7 years ago by mermaid7 
  String sign of kantor ??   Radiodiagnosis  43 381 ashish6076  7 years ago by rockfolk_20 
  Which contraceptive do you suggest for newly married couples   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  43 416 arypak  7 years ago by fammed 
  Nieman-Pick's Disease is caused by deficiency of;   Pediatrics  43 294 doclion  7 years ago by drkaushal04 
  AUSPITZ sign seen in?   Dermatology  43 266 namita18  6 years ago by sravanthimartha 
  Skin-alopecia   Dermatology  43 12K jayanta  11 years ago by mohammedrijosh 
  Gyne-contraception   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  43 11K jayanta  11 years ago by thread author 
  Psychiatry..  43 10K nutsnitin  12 years ago by supriya_rastogi 
  89. Libman-Sacks endocarditis is seen in – a) Rheumatoid endocarditis b) SLE c) Infective endocarditis d) None of these   Pathology  42 267 sid18  7 years ago by vector027 
  What is the most common substance of abuse in India?   Forensic Medicine  42 443 phenom20  7 years ago by yogendra23 
  Vitamin k dependent clotting factors are all except?   Hematology  42 228 shrikant123  7 years ago by nitsdoc22 
  After giving treatment for syphilis,the response to treatment can be best assessed by :   Medicine  42 366 drshai  7 years ago by shahdhaval12344 
  Mc gallbladder stone   Surgery  42 310 Anusha999  7 years ago by sandeepchauhan 
  Aeroplane Splint is used in ?   Orthopedics  42 383 raj_kkna  8 years ago by dravijit 
  Drug of choice for pseudomembranous enterocolitis?   Pharmacology  42 582 drnikc  6 years ago by teja620 
  Neurology Daily Question Series   Neurology  42 3K doccalvin  11 years ago by metformin 
  Ophtahl: most important factor in determining convergence of  42 4K drsmita_s  15 years ago by gandalf 
  Consent for sexual intercourse minimal age   Forensic Medicine  41 481 kaushikdp  7 years ago by dramit0505 
  MINAMATA DISEASE seen in severe___________poisoning ?   Forensic Medicine  41 357 ashish6076  7 years ago by sud28 
  A 15yr old female presents with primary amennorrhea. her breasts are tanner 4 but she has no axillary or pubic hair. the most likely diagnos   Gynaecology  41 274 drfrisbee  7 years ago by mondocish 
  Hypomagnesemia causing Diuretic Drug ?   Pharmacology  41 132 Drswapnilkamble  7 years ago by mission2014 
  Ramu a 22 yr old single unmarried man is suffering from sudden onset of 3rd person hallucination for the past 2 weeks.   Psychiatry  41 455 drpushkar2012  7 years ago by doc_skywalker 
  First sign of puberty in female is   Gynaecology  41 362 ajeetchamania  8 years ago by sandybasin 
  Surgery:the natural h/o disease  41 1K BRAVO  15 years ago by kalika 
  Please make your subject more meaningful   Histology  41 5K Bruno  3 years ago by Santgaurav 
  Most common source of bleeding in epidural haemorrhage   Neurology  40 230 kandas  5 years ago by 1910 
  213. Cork-screw esophagus is seen in – a) Achalasia cardia b) Barret’s esophagus c) Diffuse esophageal spasm d) Carcinoma esophagus   Radiodiagnosis  40 265 sid18  7 years ago by muji113 
  Superior thyroid artery is the branch of ?   Anatomy  40 451 drnirajyogi  7 years ago by thread author 
  Wimburger sign is seen in?   Orthopedics  40 295 dalho_cpm  7 years ago by Yazhinielango 
  Sensitive test for diagnosis of duodenal perforation is   Radiodiagnosis  40 383 framingham  8 years ago by glycine 
  Date Rape Drug ?   Forensic Medicine  40 520 pratiksane  8 years ago by sriharisr 
  Ai 2006 - gastric outlet obstruction  40 3K Asclepius  15 years ago by mishambbs 
  Pka and ka,ph-ionized-nonionized  39 189 somethingelse  6 years ago by kkssr 
  Most common occopational cancer   Medicine  39 337 Auditi  6 years ago by 8982013916 
  Cephalic index is useful for the determination of?   Forensic Medicine  39 265 doct4u  7 years ago by arunmusa 
  38 weeks gestation, FH=33cm, CTG reactive, Moderate thick MSL. What   Obstetrics  39 222 scottie  7 years ago by mrcogshama 
  Q. Least Concentration of hemoglobin required, for cyanosis to manifest is  39 765 DR_P_A_KUMAR  9 years ago by onlinedoc1 
  MCQs-Challenge 2006!  39 11K superashdoc  12 years ago by vivek_patel 
  Surgery-brain abscess  39 8K rakhijain  13 years ago by dr_bluebird 
  Paediatrics: Exclusive Breast Feeding   Pediatrics  39 7K a_medico  12 years ago by axxer 
  Earliest Sensation To Be Lost In Leprosy ?   Dermatology  38 401 ashish6076  7 years ago by drpinki2687 
  Drug of choice for acute gout   Pharmacology  38 277 targetneet  6 years ago by sravanthimartha 
  Permanent impairment of fingerprints   Forensic Medicine  38 319 drkamala12  8 years ago by DeepikaChhabra 
  M.C. site of Ca esophagus is   Surgery  38 332 lionhearteagle  8 years ago by Drkalpesh2008 
  Most common cause of ocular morbidity in india is wht.? cataract or refractive errors   Ophthalmology  38 302 Axeydix  8 years ago by jayy 
  Ectopic pregnancy   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  38 12K redash  12 years ago by sharpvivek 
  Silent killer  38 3K nadu  16 years ago by dr_doolittle 
  Commonest organism causing osteomyelitis  38 13K med_00  12 years ago by ozgenyil 
  Most Important Marker Of Infectivity & Active Disease In Hepatitis B Infection ??   Infectious Diseases  37 294 ashish6076  6 years ago by kavi41084 
  Let's Revise CNS Tumors (Please Add More) !!   Pathology  37 303 ashish6076  6 years ago by drkarthiknrao 
  Which poisoning resembles acute cholera   Forensic Medicine  37 344 tsnomc  6 years ago by drgameruler 
  Father of public health   PSM  37 256 meredithgrey  7 years ago by debashishbond 
  What is the turnover time of epidermis?   Dermatology  37 383 dhruvrazer  7 years ago by docblu 
  Posterior cerebral artery is a branch of?   Anatomy  37 270 sutharmmahendra  7 years ago by narendra1985 
  Which is not affected by leprosy?   Dermatology  37 344 subash18  7 years ago by dean007 
  Which of the following amino acids is involved in synthesis of thyroxin?   Physiology  37 264 drsravi  7 years ago by priteshkumar 
  Narrowest portion of fallopian tube?   Gynaecology  37 377 joker007  7 years ago by amantadine 
  Alpha Helix and Beta Pleated Sheets are examples of ?   Biochemistry  37 245 raj_kkna  7 years ago by shubhalak 
  "G" cells are found in which part of stomach.   Physiology  37 262 ajeetchamania  8 years ago by drquick 
  Obs. gyn- read it   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  37 6K dapigeon  10 years ago by drtrishasharma 
  Doubts?   Medicine  37 3K BRAVO  15 years ago by abdoel-sayed 
  Diagnosis of Syphilis..  37 1K every-b  15 years ago by gandalf 
  Psm: chronic carrier state  37 4K BRAVO  15 years ago by candy 
  Q: Earliest valvular lesion in rheumatic fever is?   Cardiology  37 12K manipalguy  11 years ago by grandmaster 
  P value   Biostatistics  37 17K ruchi  11 years ago by harmeetgill75 
  Rat tail appearance in Barium study oesophagus   Surgery  36 295 debu007  6 years ago by Shashikantmorale 
  Total claw hand is seen in   Anatomy  36 273 arypak  7 years ago by dps12 
  Bony septal perforation seen in?   ENT  36 303 jenitgandhi  7 years ago by tgkalaivani 
  Staghorn calculus   Surgery  36 232 arypak  7 years ago by sayalee911 
  Flower vase appearence on IVP is seen in   Radiology  36 302 drnirajyogi  7 years ago by Horcrux12 
  Hilar dance seen in?   Radiology  36 406 drlucky09  7 years ago by bilorani 
  Triple bubble sign is seen in   Gastroenterology  36 320 genieinmygenes  8 years ago by keerthivasan_sal 
  Rasmussen aneurysm is due to ?   Medicine  36 378 rashmijjmmc  8 years ago by kuni 
  Zileuton is ?   Pharmacology  36 276 adityachakri  8 years ago by akhik11 
  Gynaecology: Discussion on various syndrom in Gynaec   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  36 3K Amitloverboy  9 years ago by onlinedoc1 
  Anatomy questions   Anatomy  36 13K asnaidu26  10 years ago by ssham 
  Anaesthesia....ict???succinylcholine??   Anesthesia  36 9K cat07  7 years ago by drsagar89 
  Radiodiagnosis-inv. of choice   Radiodiagnosis  36 9K jayanta  11 years ago by thread author 
  Death is to be registered within ------ days   PSM  36 7K tanmay_mehta  12 years ago by doctor189 
  Viral etiology  36 1K candy  15 years ago by ora 
  Some Syndromes in Psychiatry   Psychiatry  36 12K dr_nidhi  12 years ago by supriya_rastogi 
  Paediatrics: meningitis  36 6K deepti  12 years ago by josephdhar 
  SPM - Village health Guide concept was given by   PSM  36 15K Bruno  10 years ago by dr_mahajabeen 
  Thickest cranial nv   Anatomy  36 14K drnikhil1  11 years ago by oriyadoctor 
  Weakest wall of orbit   Ophthalmology  36 14K nadu  9 years ago by 4thventricle 
  Physiological hyperplasia and hypertrophy are seen simultaneously in-   Pathology  35 305 apurva10may  4 years ago by MUDAVATHU 
  Nile blue sulphatase test in amniotic fluid id done for-   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  35 335 sundeepjat  7 years ago by sayalee911 
  Persistent diarrhea is caused by   Microbiology  35 265 Scorpion_bite  7 years ago by Drsalvation 
  Kalam (dnb cet) errata   Anesthesia  35 707 drrahaman  7 years ago by miracle7 
  14-years-old, irregular cycle, sometimes heavy prolonged vaginal   Gynaecology  35 221 scottie  7 years ago by doremon 
  Ask me ..Gyne obs concepts thread..   Immunology  35 4K dr_nidhi  9 years ago by thread author 
  Anatomy-muscle  35 3K dhiman  14 years ago by cautery 
  Platalets survive in stored blood max for:   Hematology  35 3K draditithegreat  13 years ago by decembermist 
  Q: Pathology: Renal transplant hyper acute rejection  35 4K partha_aipg  15 years ago by nk 
  DOC for epilepsy in preganacy?   Pharmacology  34 343 kandas  5 years ago by rajsreekris 
  DrAdithya medical points for md entrance   Medicine  34 350 adithyakasagani  5 years ago by subvig 
  How to clear aipgmee in first attempt for average student?   Other  34 2K samina11  4 years ago by mayankshukla 
  Eaton's agent   Microbiology  34 361 nash123  7 years ago by allensans 
  Umbilical cord length   Embryology  34 367 yogesh22  6 years ago by tweesilshine 
  272. Auspitz sign is seen in which of the following disorders? a) Pemphigus b) Lichen planus c) Psoriasis d) Pityriasis rosea   Dermatology  34 227 sid18  7 years ago by Vijethavaishali 
  214. ‘String of beads’ appearance on abdominal X-ray is a feature seen in – a) Large bowel obstruction b) Pyloric stenosis c) Intussusceptio   Surgery  34 450 sid18  6 years ago by inventamar 
  Kissing disease is ?   Microbiology  34 431 jameskhan  7 years ago by Milk 
  Diff between rolando & bennets #   Orthopedics  34 245 mhussain0823  7 years ago by kaushik_doloi 
  Cardiac abnormality seen with Noonan syndrome   Pediatrics  34 320 drshai  7 years ago by girija_radha 
  Thumb print sign   Anatomy  34 368 arypak  7 years ago by drpenchala 
  Salivary gland stone m/c in?   Oral Pathology  34 234 jenitgandhi  7 years ago by milezz17 
  Gleason's staging is done in :   Surgery  34 254 drshai  7 years ago by varunagarwal1010 
  Left testicular vein drains into:   Surgery  34 214 doclion  7 years ago by athisayamanimbbs 
  Which tissue gets the highest bloodflow per 100 gram of tissue?   Physiology  34 289 vaishali23  7 years ago by nitsdoc22 
  Mcq  34 3K wasem  14 years ago by thread author 
  The most widely used antihypertensive drug during pregnancy is :   Obstetrics  33 387 kandas  5 years ago by vishuday 
  Most common cause of death in multiple myeloma?   Pathology  33 365 hridayde  7 years ago by kaushikdp 
  Wear and tear pigment   Pathology  33 234 somethingelse  7 years ago by drponni07 
  Lines of Gennari   Anatomy  33 452 kandas  5 years ago by abinayapugaz 
  Ninhydrin is a reagent used in detection of   Biochemistry  33 380 sindhuj  7 years ago by drgayathri123 
  Southern blot is used for analysis of:   Biochemistry  33 180 doclion  7 years ago by doctor61568 
  In leprosy which is not affected?uterus or overy   Dermatology  33 340 DrShibinath  7 years ago by ratnikajoshi 
  Most common site of entrapment neuropathy   Orthopedics  33 346 guest_317594  7 years ago by intelligent88 
  "western blot" is related to ________?????   Biochemistry  33 273 abhikdebnath123  8 years ago by rajesh87 
  Cat eyes syndrome is seen in:   Pediatrics  33 322 uma2mahesh  8 years ago by dr_mastan_vali 
  Cork screw appearance on barium meal ?   ENT  33 216 pratiksane  8 years ago by pritigupta089 
  The most common pattern of fingerprint is?   Forensic Medicine  33 216 sporothrix  8 years ago by Suhail786 
  Medicine -- crf   Medicine  33 3K kidney  13 years ago by thread author 
  Pediatric neurology - clinical question  33 10K neuron03  12 years ago by TasneemAhmed 
  Psm-statistics   PSM  33 8K jayanta  11 years ago by amborishnath 
  MCQs-Challenge 2006!  33 9K superashdoc  11 years ago by drcooldoc 
  ANAQ.43. The cranial nerve with longest intracranial course?   Anatomy  33 6K drmanohar_dawan  7 years ago by Undead 
  A patient had fever for 2 weeks, bradycardia, ‘tip’ splenome   Medicine  33 13K upscman  12 years ago by Vagus 
  Capacitance of sperms takes place in:   Physiology  32 350 prasanth7070  6 years ago by drchandu 
  In a chronic smoker, a highly malignant aggressive and metastatic lung carcinoma is A. Squamous cell ca B. Small cell ca C. Adeno ca D. Larg   Medicine  32 254 soham05  7 years ago by achithu 
  199. The ‘mad cow’ disease is caused by which of the following? a) bacteria b) viruses c) fungi d) prions   Medicine  32 216 sid18  7 years ago by dratultiwari0525 
  What is the most common cause of neonatal meningitis?   Microbiology  32 367 deb_muk  7 years ago by ypj 
  *what is the color of normal tympanic membrane   PSM  32 336 madhuveena95  7 years ago by montee79 
  Egg has all vitamins except   Nutrition  32 443 arypak  7 years ago by drdasjp 
  Diagnose the Syndrome...   Pediatrics  32 281 uditpanda  7 years ago by sadhuhema 
  "Centchroman" is a???   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  32 313 DrDeepjit  7 years ago by thread author 
  Battle's sign is present in:   Neurosurgery  32 305 sporothrix  8 years ago by jaimin4patel 
  Duchene Muscular dystrophy average life span   Pediatrics  32 245 drpshukla  8 years ago by get2knowal 
  Which of the anti TB drug is associated with cataract?   Pharmacology  32 408 jenny11  7 years ago by sachinthere007 
  If HbA1c in pregnant lady is 9.5 then tell the risk of congenital anomaly?   Gynaecology & Obstetrics  32 999 kidney99  9 years ago by thread author 
  All are hypercoagulable states, EXCEPT  32 612 brr872002  9 years ago by yuna 
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  DOC for prolactinoma is   Pharmacology  31 248 marathawarrior  7 years ago by srinathreddy123 
  In Marfans syndrome there is defect in   Pathology  31 224 marathawarrior  7 years ago by Biswaprakash 
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  Aniseikonia means:: a. difference in the axial length of the eyeballs b. difference in the size of corneas c.difference in the size of pupil   Ophthalmology  29 189 soham05  7 years ago by dps12 
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  Which part of bacteria is most antigenic?   Microbiology  27 296 debashishbond  7 years ago by drharishs1985 
  173. ‘Rosette cataract’ refers to which of the following types of cataract?   Ophthalmology  27 183 sid18  7 years ago by sibpatel 
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  Proctoscope is sterilised by.   Microbiology  27 191 drshai  7 years ago by punithm 
  Adamantinoma is a rare tumor commonly found in what part of the body? a. Jaw b. Ribs c. Pelvis d. Long bones   Orthopedics  27 194 drshai  7 years ago by twilightdoc 
  Vomiting on the first day in a newborn is due to:   Neonatology  27 183 drgk05  7 years ago by mavi_20042003 
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  Most common cause of gastric outlet obstruction in India   Surgery  26 245 lifetron  7 years ago by gaucher 
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  Thumbprint sign on x-ray.   Radiodiagnosis  26 266 sundeepjat  7 years ago by drsithun 
  Embryonic hb consist of? (aiims may 13)-a) E2ZY2 (b) E2alpha2 (c) Zy2gamma2(d) alpha2gamma2   Hematology  26 414 DrDhanrajjat  7 years ago by japanjapan 
  Which is absent in cholera?   Medicine  26 217 doclion  7 years ago by pranathi_mitta 
  Medicine  26 133 hnybny  7 years ago by abari59 
  Extraocular Muscle   Ophthalmology  26 180 arypak  7 years ago by drkaushal04 
  Nerve of Pterygoid canal is   Anatomy  26 268 Scorpion_bite  4 years ago by draishu123 
  Anderson – Hynes Operation is for   Surgery  26 228 drharish14  7 years ago by sandeepchauhan 
  Biochemistry -mcq's   Biochemistry  26 191 sajidsk  7 years ago by thread author 
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  Most important enzyme for fat digestion .?   Physiology  25 239 kiddoo  7 years ago by s5k5k5 
  Auerbachs plexus is present in the. . . . . .   Gastroenterology  25 280 doct4u  7 years ago by prepgstudent 
  Most common cause of conductive deafness in children   ENT  25 244 arypak  7 years ago by milezz17 
  Most diffusible ion in excitable tissue is?   Physiology  25 283 sutharmmahendra  7 years ago by tgkalaivani 
  Dawn phenomenon refers to?   Medicine  25 258 sutharmmahendra  7 years ago by athisayamanimbbs 
  Potato nose is   Dermatology  25 179 Scorpion_bite  7 years ago by drrinky 
  Stone which is resistant to lithotripsy   Surgery  25 198 Scorpion_bite  7 years ago by SIV1109 
  Most common location of GIST ?   Gastroenterology  25 155 sarathreddyusmle  7 years ago by shaliniupadhyay 
  20 years old young female comes to male gynaecologist for pelvic examination   Forensic Medicine  25 285 davdi  7 years ago by thread author 
  MC GIT site for Carcinoid tumor?   Surgery  25 171 drkamala12  8 years ago by dratultiwari0525 
  Blood specimen for neonatal thyroid screening is obtained on ?   Pediatrics  25 188 morquio  8 years ago by Jayamohan 
  Apple jelly nodules are seen in   Dermatology  25 207 THASNI  8 years ago by shree4262 
  Water lilly sign is the radiological sing of the disease.   Medicine  25 226 ajeetchamania  8 years ago by abhi_workaholic 
  Cupola sign radiology   Radiology  25 251 chandrudm  8 years ago by abhikdebnath123 
  A 23-year old-dancer presents with a chief complaint of weakness. She denies any  25 590 sigmundfreud  9 years ago by nishi2k3 
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  Steroids  25 1K lazybonezzz  15 years ago by thread author 
  Saheli   Gynaecology  25 2K vladimir  16 years ago by willpower 
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  Spastic paraplegia is seen in all except -   Medicine  25 13K dr_nickash  9 years ago by medi86 
  Rheumatoid factor may be seen in all except   Pathology  25 20K dr_nickash  12 years ago by drrashi 
  The important vector for urban malaria is   PSM  24 90 kandas  5 years ago by Amarjotkang 
  Diagnosis of myocardial viability   Radiology  24 151 ramsay  6 years ago by Sasuke28 
  Protease inhibitor   Pharmacology  24 163 merinvarghese  6 years ago by josekj1987 
  Neuropathic joint   Orthopedics  24 96 Preethumbbs  7 years ago by drgameruler 
  Earliest sign of vitamin A deficiency is?   Ophthalmology  24 264 svk7  7 years ago by falkata 
  Wandering acetabulum is seen in -   Orthopedics  24 218 jwadder  7 years ago by konsultant 
  Which part of the spine is most commonly affected in Osteoarthritis?   Rheumatology  24 270 drgarimamishra  7 years ago by varun555 
  HbF appears at wt age?very imp!!   Pediatrics  24 326 sayalee911  7 years ago by neti 
  Dnb ophthalmology ..   Ophthalmology  24 658 ashish0803  6 years ago by manstry 
  Aldermans nerve is?   Anatomy  24 284 sayalee911  4 years ago by draishu123 
  Haemoglobin is a buffer because of   Biochemistry  24 160 sindhuj  7 years ago by mukinkumar 
  Ossification in fetus starts in   Embryology  24 213 sindhuj  7 years ago by kandas 
  Aschoff bodies   Orthopedics  24 214 39242kumar  7 years ago by doctor61568 
  B/l lumbar sympathectomy can cause   Biochemistry  24 208 sindhuj  7 years ago by smrithik 
  Lhermitte's symptom seen in   Medicine  24 353 sundeepjat  7 years ago by thread author 
  Terndelburg test is positive due to injury of ?   Orthopedics  24 153 drharish14  7 years ago by drbarbat25 
  Punch drunk syndrome is seen in?   Forensic Medicine  24 171 jsmahalingam  7 years ago by 77777778 
  In absense seizure, drug of choice is   Pediatrics  24 185 kabir_khan  7 years ago by jsmahalingam 
  Aiims   Forensic Medicine  24 285 drarabind  7 years ago by sonusun 
  Which of following affect secretion of prolactin ?   Physiology  24 138 raj_kkna  8 years ago by absent8785 
  Inx of choice for infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis.?   Pediatrics  24 216 ziprasidone  8 years ago by rajesh87 
  Ramussen aneurysm bleeding is due to   Medicine  24 216 kshravan1594  8 years ago by srtvm 
  A 52-year-old woman is seen by in clinic for advice on osteoporosis. She has bee   Endocrinology  24 531 sigmundfreud  9 years ago by thread author 
  Pharma: aipge 07 peripheral neuropathy   Pharmacology  24 1K govindbajaj  13 years ago by tiks1984 
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  Biochemistry  24 8K mehndi  13 years ago by tamya 
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  A-12-month-old male child suddenly draws up his legs and scr  24 12K upscman  12 years ago by TasneemAhmed 
  Open book appearance is seen in which of the following :   Orthopedics  23 359 kandas  4 years ago by MUDAVATHU 
  Vagabonds disease is   Dermatology  23 201 drpradeepm  6 years ago by Medicinology 
  Most common type of hepatitis responsible for epidemics in india is-   Pathology  23 283 drshubhamsri  4 years ago by cutypie 
  Most common organ injured in penetrating injury?   Surgery  23 241 upasana_14  6 years ago by Geethachanda 
  Can anyone tell me the link to download medical books online free pdf download   Other  23 781 kalpanakanta  6 years ago by prad0778 
  The most important fatty acid present in breast milk for growth is:   Pediatrics  23 217 allensans  7 years ago by drknandhu 
  Prozone phenomenon   Microbiology  23 205 somethingelse  7 years ago by yatish12 
  Test for carcinogenesis   Pathology  23 142 rsdr  7 years ago by saranyasoundar 
  Mycotic abscess caused by?   Microbiology  23 211 debashishbond  7 years ago by thread author 
  Snow banking is characteristic of?   Ophthalmology  23 241 chikki7788  7 years ago by sid18 
  Under water autopsy of the heart is done in ?   Forensic Medicine  23 272 platinum-06  7 years ago by drronbajpai 
  Rasmussens aneurysm is a/w   Medicine  23 189 drshai  7 years ago by shehzadi_tanya 
  Bernoulli's theorem explains?   ENT  23 181 jenitgandhi  7 years ago by phoenix88 
  Figure of 8 in cxr   Cardiology  23 168 arypak  7 years ago by sayalee911 
  Which nerve is used for elevation of mood or for treatment resistant major depressive disorder(aiims nov 09)   Psychiatry  23 328 sushruta05  7 years ago by jameskhan 
  Benzodiazepine antagonist?   Pharmacology  23 138 drharish14  7 years ago by get2knowal 
  Transplantation of Human organs act was passed in year?   Forensic Medicine  23 197 sai8338  7 years ago by drnirajyogi 
  Hypersegmented neutrophil pathognomonic for   Pathology  23 145 adre-rush  7 years ago by Undead 
  MC feature of holiday heart syndrome   Cardiology  23 231 paritosh_s  7 years ago by drmbbsabhijit 
  Taste from the posterior one third of tongue is provided by which of the following nerve?   Anatomy  23 146 targetneet  7 years ago by sindhukrishna229 
  All of the following r known causes of recurrent abortion except   Obstetrics  23 182 Scorpion_bite  7 years ago by vandyvarsha 
  Palpable purpura is seen in all except   Hematology  23 184 Scorpion_bite  7 years ago by vzv 
  Chediak higashi syndrome?   Immunology  23 153 davdi  7 years ago by thread author 
  A lady had IVF done, pregnant afterwards. US show an empty   Gynaecology  23 126 scottie  7 years ago by thread author 
  Most common site of Morgagni hernia ?   Surgery  23 193 raj_kkna  7 years ago by udy2k1 
  Not major endocrine organ , but produces hormones   Physiology  23 199 sindhuj  7 years ago by fammed 
  Safest drug in pregnancy...   Pharmacology  23 286 albert_john  8 years ago by frank1307 
  Target cells are seen in   Hematology  23 169 rachannaosm03  8 years ago by dr_mastan_vali 
  Brain abcess as a complication in TOF involves which lobe?   Pediatrics  23 180 febin855  8 years ago by athiti 
  100day glaucoma is seen in?   Ophthalmology  23 300 sriprabha  8 years ago by shaliniupadhyay 
  General surgery   Surgery  23 178 kvenkatesh  8 years ago by bhardwajketan 
  Maximum damage to Napolean's army during his march to Moscow was due to?   Infectious Diseases  23 572 Vimaladhithan  8 years ago by RAJABOINA 
  Yellow fever certificate of vaccination is valid for?   Infectious Diseases  23 201 rampatil002  8 years ago by alekhyaallenki 
  Most common complication of Scaphoid #   Orthopedics  23 190 drpshukla  8 years ago by sushrutfuladi 
  Meningitis   Medicine  23 347 daifu  9 years ago by drderma 
  Ophthalmology : transparency of the cornea   Ophthalmology  23 2K cingulate_gyrus2  13 years ago by anonymous 
  Paediatrics: earliest indicator of response after iron   Pediatrics  23 5K saloni  12 years ago by Rajju2 
  LIST : imp topics to be prepared in ENT   ENT  23 2K drkbravva  14 years ago by devajyoti 
  Medicine : drug side effects  23 844 shalabhsaxena  14 years ago by devraj 
  Ophthal---drug of choice  23 7K lazybonezzz  11 years ago by devt 
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