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Emergency Medicine Career Forum Subscribe to Emergency Medicine Career forum XML feed
MD/DM/Diploma/DNB/Fellowships in India and Abroad
Discuss about the career prospects, training difficulties, thesis topics of Degree and Diploma courses in Emergency Medicine. People from all stages of career are welcome to join discussions here. Please note that we have a seperate forum for MCEM exam if you are looking for people discussing them.
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 Top topics from archives in Emergency Medicine Career Forum [Start a new topic in Emergency Medicine Career forum] 
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  MCI recognized MD(Emgergency courses) Go directly to Last Post in the thread  289 11K bluedoc  7 months ago by sudarshan85 
  Dr AJ Plz Help.. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  136 12K arya_healer  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  Emergency medicine course in hyderabad Go directly to Last Post in the thread  133 24K sjp  5 years ago by draj 
  Diploma in Emergency Medicine Go directly to Last Post in the thread  112 5K archana4812  7 months ago by janane87 
  Unrecognised Emergency Medicine in Next 10 years Go directly to Last Post in the thread  111 4K Balayogendra  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Out of six institue for MEM (GW-collaborated) which one will be better ?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  58 3K pgaspirant25  2 years ago by ivacivo 
  Fellowship in emergency med from cmc vellore Go directly to Last Post in the thread  55 2K siddharth101  4 months ago by ajaymishra 
  Re: MCEM Part B&C Exam June 2013 in Hyderabad Go directly to Last Post in the thread  52 2K docmeezbah  1 year ago by doctormehdi53 
  Masters in Emergency Medicine at Kokilaben Ambani Hospital,Mumbai Go directly to Last Post in the thread  51 5K yasht_007  2 years ago by drunseen 
  Dem apollo?mem?mcem??  48 2K drunseen  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  MCI recognize for Curriculum NBE-DNB (Emergency Medicine) and accepted MCEM, UK  42 3K SALEEMAHMED  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Which is better to take fm or em aftr mbbs if both are non recognised in a institute  40 990 sailumunigala  3 months ago by drjvp 
  Can help anybody having doudts regarding emergency medicine  39 6K drmprakash  4 years ago by draj 
  What is the expected salary of someone who's cleared his MCEM  34 3K vyazz  1 year ago by rozalini 
  Emmergency Medicine Exam Dates  30 6K johnkottaram  4 years ago by thread author 
  Duty Hours During MEM residency,JOB PROSPECT after completion  29 1K modak20doctor  1 year ago by dineshkumar990 
  Where is Emergency Med course AVAILABLE?  25 6K euphorian83  4 years ago by draj 
  Emergency medicine  25 2K rozina  7 years ago by sweetdr 
  Apollo's diploma in emergency medicine  21 1K chandanmims  9 months ago by maxim1 
  Info abt 2 yr fellowship course in critical care medicine frm max hosp,delhi  16 5K hot_chilly1  4 years ago by draj 
  Drop out rates in emergency residency in india in corporate hospitals??  15 2K pgaspirant25  2 years ago by sam_425 
  Scope of MEM or MCEM in kashmir?  14 279 dr_tingler  1 year ago by dineshkumar990 
  Emergency medicine  14 951 rozina  8 years ago by sd04 
  Apollo PG Certificate Course in Accident & Emergency Car  11 3K RxPG_News  5 months ago by krishna711605 
  Emergency Med--Multiple trauma--first step   Medicine  11 3K ALCOOR  6 years ago by mdi 
  Bls,acls course  10 228 rashmi12  1 year ago by thread author 
  Emergency medicine  10 2K popcorn  4 years ago by draj 
  Phone Interview for an Emergency Medicine RMO position  9 2K light_house  5 years ago by dipankarsaha60 
  Need some information abt MD-emergency medicine  9 3K ash8  6 years ago by drimuwithash 
  EM TEXT BOOK - Suresh .S.David VS Tintinalli's TEXT BOOk . Which Is a Better One ?  9 221 chemmutk  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  MSc emergency medicine will make any career??  9 1K ak47pesh  4 years ago by thread author 
  Emegency medicine in mumbai?  8 195 rochis  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  Diploma in Emergency Medicine  8 338 archana4812  1 year ago by dnewguy 
  Fellowship in Emergency Medicine  7 7K RxPG_News  10 years ago by vineetgsvm 
  Can we get emergency med thru aipg exam??  7 143 dr_pinks  10 months ago by bipinagrawal22 
  Emergency medicine  7 1K DRGSR  6 years ago by i_lightining_gir 
  Recognition of medvarsity course in emergency medicine  7 422 rah4uonly  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Designing a future career in emergency medicine  6 1K tarsuc  4 years ago by pasta 
  MD emergency medicine in vydehi institute Bangalore  6 289 Doc-shaheen  1 year ago by superdoc 
  I need to get some info regarding emergency medicine  6 351 vyazz  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Is there any mci recognised fellowship in critical care medicine ??  6 514 yatin123  1 year ago by gmji 
  Pg in germany , eu countries  6 689 manichaitu  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  Doing PG in MD Emergency medicine in MCI not recognised college.  6 921 dnallathambi  2 years ago by sonali_mb 
  MEM at KDAH vs MEM at other hopsitals in India ?  6 166 drkathuria  1 year ago by nandudoc 
  Most demanding critical care medicine fellowship course after mbbs  6 460 modak20doctor  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Peerless hospital  6 254 ganforyou  2 years ago by pgaspirant25 
  Emergency medicine  6 488 ninaa  8 years ago by furee 
  Finally DNB Emergency Medicine..  5 192 ajaymishra  4 months ago by thread author 
  Whats an ICU SHO supposed to do  5 620 sheebu  3 years ago by draj 
  Critical care in india?  5 1K super_coolmanish  3 years ago by draj 
  Emergency medicine  5 432 ninaa  8 years ago by ameer 
  Emergency hand on training  5 126 jaisrikrishna  8 months ago by thread author 
  App Pediatric Support, for Pediatric Emergencies  5 63 snape1  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  Emergency medicine-ETT size  5 436 doctorkarim  8 years ago by thread author 
  Post GraduateDegree for Emergency Medicine  5 564 medicohelp  8 years ago by egyplabber 
  CONFUSED WHAT IS THIS ?Mememership of royal college of edinburg emergency medicine ? MRCSed  5 275 ivacivo  2 years ago by superdoc 
  Latest edition of tintinalli's textbook of emergency medicine  5 216 vidsan169  3 months ago by drbobinbabu 
  Recommend books for emergency medicine entrance exams  5 250 drankitusa  1 year ago by snkr 
  Emergency medicine in mims calicut  5 365 nish_dr  1 year ago by ramaganeshpalank 
  Post graduate course in emergency medicine at global hospital  5 339 drsushma07  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Regarding ATLS  5 1K amaanath  4 years ago by draj 
  RE: MCEM Parts B&C Exam in December 2013 at Apollo Hyderabad  5 248 docmeezbah  1 year ago by drameenmd 
  Share your studying skills in EM!  5 176 khademi  1 year ago by superdoc 
  How is md accident and emergency medicine for a pg course?  5 2K angle_valentine  4 years ago by draj 
  DEM from IMACGP vs APOLLO, Which one is better?  4 260 geeteshgovil  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Emergency medicine  4 451 ninaa  8 years ago by furee 
  Fem(cmc vellore) v/s fem(apollo)  4 304 kmdrasheed  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  Fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine, Apollo  4 472 gmji  1 year ago by oms 
  ACLS and BCLS course by Apollo group  4 2K PGinmydreams  4 years ago by draj 
  Emergency medicine  4 466 rozina  8 years ago by nazia_k 
  Emergency medicine courses in Maharashtra?  4 1K vikedoc  5 years ago by drimuwithash 
  Diploma in Emergency Medicine and Diploma in Family Medicine, RCGP UK  4 1K srinir123  3 years ago by Drrao007 
  Requirements to get a job in ausrtalia as a emergency medical officer  4 1K jasmeen  7 years ago by idiopathy 
  Karimiasis Important Questions-Emergency medicine  4 664 doctorkarim  7 years ago by thread author 
  Emergency medicine in hyderabad  4 682 saumyamittal  7 years ago by katta 
  B. R.D- emergency medicine  4 553 doctorkarim  7 years ago by thread author 
  Mem or mcem.kindly reply  4 212 anjuiop  2 years ago by pgaspirant25 
  P.g.coaching  4 21 nk9777  7 months ago by rajeddala 
  Emergency medicine as a career  4 1K drpshreya  4 years ago by draj 
  DNB Emergency Medicince  4 351 drsudhanshu  8 months ago by wavemaster 
  Career in emergency medicine  3 331 mantanpo  2 years ago by superdoc 
  Career in critical care medicine?  3 249 rohan_rider  2 years ago by superdoc 
  Advice  3 136 KL  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Emergency Medicine as a Career Option  3 644 vedasamarth  2 years ago by sam_425 
  Emergency medicine in Australia  3 337 priyankajain  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Apollo hospital emergency medicine 3yrs degree  3 591 balumbbs2006  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  Masters in Emergency Medicine (International) - 3 years Post Graduate program in Emergency Medicine  3 429 rahul_vinoth25  8 months ago by thread author 
  M.D Accident and Emergency Medicine  3 2K slightee  3 years ago by draj 
  Post graduate course in emergency medicine at global hospital  3 258 drsushma07  1 year ago by nandudoc 
  Semi fem courses  3 102 ivacivo  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Army doctor jobs  3 239 DEEPJYOTI-2013  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Call from mission hospital durgapur west bengal  3 125 sameer12  2 years ago by ivacivo 
  Call from MIMS calicut for MEM  3 197 drsabir  2 years ago by salmu84 
  Need information in Critical care/Emergency med PG for a sri lankan doctor  3 947 mahiryoosufmsc  4 years ago by draj 
  Change in Resuscitation Guidelines  3 1K draj  4 years ago by glock17 
  Drug of choice  3 674 drpawansp  5 years ago by draj 
  Emergency Physicians - cruise ship- Jobs  3 3K shippie  6 years ago by muhammadturki 
  Qualified questions for physician-emergency medicine  3 629 doctorkarim  7 years ago by thread author 
  Post Graduate courese in emergency medicine  3 2K anirvan  4 years ago by drimraan 
  Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)  3 617 khademi  3 years ago by draj 
  3yr specialist resident program by kumanipal hospital banglore  3 691 skalyani736  10 months ago by 1doctor 
  Emergency medicine  3 354 doctorkarim  8 years ago by kp1 
  Is emergency medicine a good branch to take?  3 1K drimuwithash  6 years ago by thread author 
  Emergency medicine- vomiting  3 284 doctorkarim  8 years ago by rodri 
  EMERGENCY MEDICINE future here & Abroad  2 914 drimuwithash  8 years ago by thread author 
  MD emergency medicine then MCEM or the 2 year programme in apollo/cmc then mcem??  2 250 wrecklooose  10 months ago by drpsprakash 
  MCI recognised Emmergency Medicine Seats -2  2 2K johnkottaram  4 years ago by draj 
  Scope of EM in middle east and UK  2 1K dodoiscute  4 years ago by starter 
  Emergency medicine/3questions  2 329 doctorkarim  8 years ago by ophtha 
  Mem or mcem  2 146 Drpraveesh  6 months ago by thread author 
  Ett size in peadiatric group  2 485 drpawansp  5 years ago by thread author 
  Residency in emergency medicine vs paeds and obgyn  2 881 mentallydisturbe  5 years ago by chamundi 
  Emergency medicine MCQ  2 692 DRGSR  6 years ago by munnacanada 
  MD emergency medicine in indian colleges?  2 84 wrecklooose  10 months ago by thread author 
  Emergency medicine  2 367 DRGSR  7 years ago by sai06 
  Emergency medicine  2 126 nayanparalikar  8 months ago by superdoc 
  Cmc vellore  2 66 premmaurya  4 months ago by sahu101 
  How is emergency medicine in kokilaben hospital,andheri(east),mumbai  2 328 salehasiddiqui  1 year ago by superdoc 
  With Mem residency Can we write DNB EM final.  2 195 ivacivo  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Christian Medical College, Fellowship in AEM  2 1K drlakshay_em  4 years ago by thread author 
  MD Emergency medicine is now recognised by MCI  2 967 apoorvamagic  3 years ago by draj 
  Draj advice please  2 229 dr2k11  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  Emergency medicine  2 88 neeraj6035  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  Any one persuing emergency medicine residency at kdah plz share ur experiences  2 181 ivacivo  1 year ago by CareerKhan 
  Mem vs mcem ?  2 239 chemmutk  2 years ago by drunseen 
  Mci recognization--why not er  2 177 drhamid_8866  2 years ago by docmeezbah 
  Emergency medicine  2 1K chetan007  4 years ago by draj 
  Indo US Emergency Medicine Summit 2005 , AIIMS  1 315 vineetgsvm  9 years ago by thread author 
  Em med  1 62 umareddy  2 years ago by premk86 
  Doing MD after doing diploma in emergency medcine  1 82 gokulsagar  11 months ago by superdoc 
  Dnb emergency med in india  1 88 Opiate  10 months ago by thread author 
  Is apollo hospital hyderabad give stipend for em residents??  1 433 pgaspirant25  2 years ago by ApolloHospitals 
  MSC in Emergency Medicine  1 156 mar1ya  2 years ago by gautham_dr 
  Regd dual degree in em  1 274 manichaitu  2 years ago by premk86 
  Emergency medicine diploma in emergency medicine  1 97 chandanmims  11 months ago by manjunathkalal 
  Emergency medicaine in UK  1 322 mar1ya  2 years ago by premk86 
  Aiims emergency medicine update 2004  1 729 vineetgsvm  10 years ago by thread author 
  Emergency medicibe  1 100 giles  2 years ago by premk86 
  Md Emergency medicine narayana health  1 181 drpierre  7 months ago by vidsan169 
  Emergency medicine!!  1 312 sjp  8 years ago by neelkamal 
  Some doubts  1 88 vivekshah  2 years ago by draj 
  Emergency medicine in CMC Vellore  1 190 amithviswanath  3 months ago by sbaskarraj 
  Mem  1 86 drvijayavani  8 months ago by drraviraja1988 
  Emergency medicine-ETT size  1 270 doctorkarim  8 years ago by mag 
  MEM in global hosp. chennai and banglore  1 106 sailumunigala  9 months ago by drraul 
  What are the must-read books for Emergency medicine ?  1 91 apoorvamagic  6 months ago by thread author 
  Emergency medicine 3 year course in apollo hospital, hyderab  1 1K greatestdoc  7 years ago by dr_idli 
  How will be future abt md emerg medicine  1 223 shockbhai  12 months ago by superdoc 
  Critical Care Medicine-drAJ PLZZZ HELP  1 121 PoojaAgarwal12  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Anyone doing MEM from KDAH, mumbai..PLzzzzz HELP !!!  1 106 Manilovesmani  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Diploma in Emergency Medicine and Diploma in Family Medicine  1 526 srinir123  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Phone Interview for an Emergency Medicine RMO position  1 918 light_house  3 years ago by hdblue 
  Phone Interview for an Emergency Medicine RMO position  1 734 light_house  4 years ago by Niceboyx 
  What is donation amount for Md Emergency Medicine (MCI) in various hospitals in India??  1 324 ivacivo  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Mims em  1 904 Hafsa  4 years ago by dodoiscute 
  Lets request NBE to start DNB Emergency Medicine  1 879 drfuzz  4 years ago by draj 
  Emergency medicine residency thru CARMS  1 3K shajoo  4 years ago by ikppp 
  Diploma or masters in emergency medicine  1 680 drzubi80  2 years ago by mbshanu 
  Emergency medicine   Medicine  1 476 krishna123  6 years ago by hardcoremallu 
  Emergency medicine in kamineni  1 203 sailumunigala  1 year ago by dryalamarthi 
  Query  1 27 nehajain0r  1 year ago by superdoc 
  B. R.D- emergency medicine  1 322 doctorkarim  7 years ago by voxel 
  Donation of emergency medicine in private medical colleges in india  1 194 drankitusa  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Please tell about donation and fees in private medical college  1 184 drankitusa  1 year ago by dr_sal 
  Mcem course recognition by mci  1 251 260185  1 year ago by superdoc 
  Emergency med  1 300 rmc  7 years ago by smartyroy 
  Qualified questions for physician-emergency medicine  1 404 doctorkarim  7 years ago by smartyroy 
  Emergency med  1 337 doc-no  2 years ago by premk86 
  Critical care medicine certificate course  1 218 swatin  4 months ago by mani6574 
  Emergency medicine,family med. apolo  1 1K pasta  4 years ago by draj 
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