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Contains user generated notes and high yield content for PG Entrance Exams in India.

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  Syndromes Discussion Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  252 21K drkbravva  13 years ago by suzane_lib 
  Aipg club 2007 : notes and tips Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacology  193 23K harshadbhai  12 years ago by aanchal555 
  Important Drugs + Side Effects + Contraindications Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pharmacology  127 17K Kanna2005  7 years ago by devang 
  Image gallery: Medicine Slides Collection by Nadu Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Radiology  90 26K nadu  1 year ago by shyamkal87 
  Last Day Revision Notes Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Microbiology  86 32K RxPG_Team  1 year ago by shyamkal87 
  Special Diseases Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  78 7K drkbravva  15 years ago by Staphylococcus 
  Cardiology: one murmur every day! Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  74 10K draditithegreat  16 years ago by thread author 
  Unsolved n unanswered questions Part 2! Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Surgery  69 4K candy  13 years ago by poi 
  Some Unsolved & Unanswered Questions Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  69 6K drkbravva  13 years ago by dcmymx 
  Learn ecg bed side easy way Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Medicine  68 19K tanmay_mehta  12 years ago by docdshah 
  Physiology revision topic vise CNS first. Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Physiology  52 10K cingulate_gyrus2  14 years ago by mightchillout 
  Paediatrics for aipge neet important points only Go directly to Last Post in the thread   Pediatrics  52 3K dejawu  9 years ago by vengeance-NEET 
  Ent - signs   ENT  50 19K ratnakar_potla  13 years ago by pinochhiofat 
  Paired and Unpaired tests?   PSM  45 3K manpreet108  16 years ago by mickey_p 
  Anaesthesia : list of important questions.   Anesthesia  37 4K drsmita_s  9 years ago by drabhi78 
  Acid –base funda’s   Biochemistry  31 4K drkbravva  10 years ago by mitra_sam 
  Pathology: tumour marker- list   Pathology  27 4K tanmay_mehta  13 years ago by krunalbhatt01 
  Some memory aids for medicine!   Medicine  27 32K mirzaghalib  9 years ago by Shaileshmgm 
  Eponyms & syndromes in ophthalmolgy..   Ophthalmology  23 12K parin  9 years ago by ramavydevi 
  Statistical test Q & Which one to use  20 7K manpreet108  15 years ago by balaji_doc 
  Biostatistics: General   Biostatistics  19 8K willpower  13 years ago by harmeetgill75 
  HIS bundle electrogram!   Cardiology  16 6K akanksha  16 years ago by ThE_AxEmAN 
  Neuroimaging  16 2K Rueeta  15 years ago by parin 
  Try 2 ans these signs quickly   Medicine  15 2K DOCTORJACK  16 years ago by every-b 
  Known operations (our list)   Surgery  14 2K drkbravva  14 years ago by krazzy4 
  Last year it was bosentan....this year?   Pharmacology  14 12K vijaya47  14 years ago by shrishail 
  Remember rashes and day of fever easily  12 5K tanmay_mehta  13 years ago by drrashi 
  The instruments thread  12 2K Dr_Alban  16 years ago by wondergirl 
  HEART MURMURS- all collected here   Medicine  10 7K tanmay_mehta  13 years ago by sr_25 
  Help About New Drugs...   Pharmacology  10 4K Rueeta  15 years ago by oncopg 
  Cardiology: Maze Procedure   Cardiology  8 4K naseem  15 years ago by mitsal 
  Juicy bits about Turners & Inheritance disorders   Orthopedics  7 1K King75  15 years ago by dr_prashant108 
  Medicine: Neurology: Stroke Process  6 2K HANNA  14 years ago by pearllysun 
  Clear my concept - Light reflex   Pediatrics  5 753 drnit  15 years ago by shalabhsaxena 
  Concepts of peritoneum   Anatomy  4 20K drnikhil1  16 years ago by Actionking 
  Rheumatology: poncets disease   Medicine  3 1K drpsg  13 years ago by drmagola 
  Physiological splitting of the second heart sound   Cardiology  3 4K RxPG_Team  12 years ago by menon_remo 
  Eye Movement Simulator  3 2K RxPG_Team  15 years ago by Funckydoctor 
  Arthropathic Hands Tutorial Quiz  2 3K RxPG_Team  14 years ago by johnserif 
  Bio-Medical Waste  1 866 dr_neo  15 years ago by zolt 
  ECGviewer and analysis   Cardiology  1 3K RxPG_Team  15 years ago by mitsal 
  SVT Tutorial   Cardiology  1 3K RxPG_Team  15 years ago by dr_idli 
  Ground glass appearance   Pathology  1 378 DRKSRAWANT  9 years ago by nikitak 
  Diff. Dx of Dysphagia  1 2K RUSLAL  17 years ago by HANNA 
  Orthopaedics: Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome   Orthopedics  0 938 draditithegreat  be the first to reply 
  Frontal Axis Demo   Cardiology  0 2K RxPG_Team  be the first to reply 
  Animated Heart and Sounds   Cardiology  0 3K RxPG_Team  be the first to reply 
  High- and low-frequency heart sounds illustrated   Cardiology  0 2K RxPG_Team  be the first to reply 
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