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This forum is for posts regarding CET/NEET 2012 for post graduate medical courses as proposed by MCI. It includes discussion on NEET-PG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Post Granduation), NEET-SS (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Super-specialities, including direct entry to five year courses in neurology and neurosurgery) and IMGLE (Indian Medical Graduate Licentiate Examination, a national exam for all eligible interns).
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 Books discussed in NEETPG Forum [Start a new topic in NEETPG forum] 
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  Roams or Sure Success or Vision book  8 214 alnaa  2 days ago by mkmc 
  Marrow plan B worth buying if we already have subjectiwise book and currently going for coaching class?  6 197 sheethal7  3 months ago by achieve 
  Books to read for NEETPG 2020  6 214 rameshkumar003  3 months ago by achieve 
  Neet Book  0 38 drbevinsathya  be the first to reply 
  About vision medical pg review book  0 28 abhinay8888  be the first to reply 
  Study partner to discuss lmrp book bhatia daily 1 hr  1 72 achieve  3 months ago by venu_urdream 
  Indispensable Book for NEET-PG (MD/MS) Entrance Exam!  3 443 RxPG_Interviews  6 months ago by adishesh 
  Roams and sure success, which one is best book for neetpg Go directly to Last Post in the thread  300 19K venu_urdream  6 months ago by pawangupta1985 
  Mcq book  3 117 hemanthkuna  7 months ago by Jagdeepjain 
  What are the best possible books to read for NEET PG for preparation in last 2.5 months  6 489 ajay4606  7 months ago by Jagdeepjain 
  List of Books and websites we like for NEET PG 2019 Preparation Go directly to Last Post in the thread  62 4K amrutpritam  8 months ago by Januraj 
  Book for MCQ.  0 38 Drsuge  be the first to reply 
  Sure success magic. How is the book? Can i make it my primary book to study  1 114 nalinindia93  10 months ago by chinc 
  Pathology Residents/Seniors please Guide: Best book for Hematology for MD Pathology residents?  0 33 Doctor_Z  be the first to reply 
  Mcq book  2 71 hemanthkuna  10 months ago by thread author 
  Subject wise books for NEET/AIIMS/PGI/DNB for sale  0 103 yasht_007  be the first to reply 
  Please suggest good books for SHORT SUBJECTS  0 43 an3urysm  be the first to reply 
  Target neet 2019 book review ...is it useful...standard ?  1 108 saiappa  11 months ago by drkat1 
  Target neet 2019 book review ...is it useful...standard ?  1 83 saiappa  11 months ago by neetuvv 
  MCQ books  2 86 yagya_datta  1 year ago by thread author 
  Review books subject wise for NEET 2019  0 138 darshangurjar  be the first to reply 
  Which book is better for neet pg - Kalam or ROAMS  28 1K vishal777singla  1 year ago by hg90 
  Which are the best books to start reading for neet pg 2018?  1 249 sweety2909  1 year ago by hg90 
  Best review book for neet pg 2017  1 304 farhan4u  1 year ago by hg90 
  Books for NEET PG  1 97 medico143  1 year ago by hg90 
  Books for neet pg 2018  1 192 manikandanesan  1 year ago by hg90 
  Arvind Arora vs Rajesh Kaushal book for Anatomy  8 158 ravisinghal12  1 year ago by arulprasanna2017 
  The best books for different pg entrance exams  0 38 coolpriyanka  be the first to reply 
  Surgery books  0 24 Kunal9746cool  be the first to reply 
  Plz suggest the best book for Pathology for Neet Pg 2019  3 120 bakill  1 year ago by drpradeepk99 
  Mcq books for NEET 2019  3 255 Deepta613007  1 year ago by sera 
  Selling my MCQ books.used for neet pg 2018  0 67 Prerana_dixit  be the first to reply 
  Is it necessary to read subject wise NEET pattern guide books? Why not just thoroughly read standard theory books?  3 106 ravisinghal12  1 year ago by sera 
  Books at low price  0 31 Opsonin  be the first to reply 
  Best mcq book for neetpg 2018  6 588 hariysmu  1 year ago by tigerzindahai 
  Kindly suggest some subject wise books for biochem , physio and micro which are easybto read , understand and remember..  6 146 alrstarntm  1 year ago by Nakrish 
  Roams +magic or dams or subjective books?  1 135 amitava5kmaity  1 year ago by Alkaratna100 
  NEET PG 2018 Preparation Books Recommended  2 332 naveenkumar22117  1 year ago by sbaskarraj 
  Book your slot for Prepladder mock on 19th December  0 45 jsksrinivasarao  be the first to reply 
  How is vision book for neet  1 127 drsusheel007  1 year ago by 60471 
  Which books for neet pg 2017 - 2018? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  139 9K adityabora12  1 year ago by drrahul777 
  Availability of Last 5 years NEET Papers book  0 92 mayurdprince  be the first to reply 
  Book for neetpg mcq  1 103 jayanta08  1 year ago by Shaniousdavis 
  PSM updates which book to prefer?  7 176 nainadevi  1 year ago by 13521ldr 
  Image based question book  6 284 lubna31  1 year ago by Master_mind 
  Books to be read for cracking NEET pg entrance  0 149 sompu  be the first to reply 
  Need study partner for VISION 2018 BOOK  4 295 luxart  1 year ago by pjtinku 
  Which book best for doing MCQs?  7 231 Avinashdoc89  1 year ago by faisalskims2 
  Neet pg books  45 2K PrinceDhingra90  1 year ago by milari 
  Best review book for NEET PG which can be revised in one month?  1 153 strike2017  1 year ago by drgmancm 
  Most important books for neet ??? Plzzz help  0 122 Mylife99  be the first to reply 
  Books NEW edition 2017-18  39 2K docbuzz  1 year ago by speedster 
  All Books Available  0 56 drpurohithi  be the first to reply 
  Medicine Book Mudit Khanna or Deepak Marwah  2 302 obee0805  1 year ago by Virgodoodles 
  Help regarding which books to study for NEET PG?  2 87 SIDsharma  2 years ago by thread author 
  Plzzzz mention books for neet as um out of touch from 8 months  0 70 Mylife99  be the first to reply 
  Ebooks  0 132 ankitbasoyaaaa  be the first to reply 
  Pharmacology book  2 41 Mona89  2 years ago by SapnaShahJain 
  "MCQ BOOKS ARE OBSOLETE" said by DAMS faculty yesterday!! Is it true or just a buisness strategy??  24 2K yakshith  2 years ago by icekoolrahul 
  Books for images  3 128 busybee2011  2 years ago by mb7081 
  DAMS notes and books  1 248 chiku101  2 years ago by chethanking 
  Most preferred books for NEET PG preparation 2017  15 995 mphulambrikar  2 years ago by maradagayatri 
  Book for last years questions  0 30 johngilpin  be the first to reply 
  Toppers share ur experiences regarding books,time management,revision..  0 58 adityabora12  be the first to reply 
  Post your Mcq Book reviews to help newbies Go directly to Last Post in the thread  64 2K troubleshooter  2 years ago by adityabora12 
  Advice regarding booklist for NEET PG  3 204 roy_swati  2 years ago by adityabora12 
  My subject wise books list for neet pg  3 236 rjshah2631995  2 years ago by htk1991 
  Confused for Books  2 74 radonizer76  2 years ago by lime235 
  Which books for NEETPG 2017 subject wise ?  2 144 Flink08  2 years ago by thread author 
  Which mcq book to study for anatomy and physiology  1 39 Gokulram  2 years ago by deepmad625 
  Give up campaign: online video lectures and books for pg prepeartion to those who need it  1 98 sati  2 years ago by Dr061607 
  Need DNB CET Kalam Books 4th Edition  32 2K amrishsukumaran  2 years ago by drsurendrakl 
  Best books for medicine,peds,og, pharmacology,ophthalmology,ent  13 458 drshyamms  2 years ago by milari 
  About guide books  0 29 Axlrose  be the first to reply 
  Books for UPSC  0 21 MUDAVATHU  be the first to reply 
  Which mcq books to refer to, for all subjects?  0 48 _rohan  be the first to reply 
  Is text book reading is necessary.??  1 45 hemanthkuna  2 years ago by thread author 
  PG preparation books  0 46 sujathasakthivel  be the first to reply 
  Are subject wise books better than dams study material or both are same  2 388 drjanetk  2 years ago by thread author 
  Which is the best book of obs gyne for neet?  10 209 Mylife99  2 years ago by navin7gsurge 
  Are subject wise books better than dams study material or both are same  0 35 drjanetk  be the first to reply 
  Best books and tutors which gave made a difference in ur rank  0 100 drsaj1991  be the first to reply 
  Need information on latest edition books  1 47 vasu10792  2 years ago by drshyamms 
  Books available for neet at low prices  8 241 saniyazareen  2 years ago by drnn 
  Want to discuss about study , schedule , books , time mangement?  0 32 docparvartan  be the first to reply 
  PDF soft copies of all Mbbs books  1 250 tkngp  2 years ago by biking_healer 
  Selling old books for 100rs each  0 79 drgopambuj  be the first to reply 
  Books for medicine neetpg  2 114 pgasp312  2 years ago by thread author 
  Books  0 28 drshyamb2h  be the first to reply 
  Prep books for neetpg  4 78 drshyamb2h  2 years ago by thread author 
  Books for neet pg. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  120 6K thushara7  2 years ago by 3hderban 
  Review of pg next book by kalam books  2 238 Atif786  2 years ago by chetansh 
  Need dnb kalam books  1 198 sathiya68  2 years ago by Ramanprabh 
  Best book for neet pattern prev year questions  5 437 Ajithsagi  2 years ago by DrNivethaRaghu 
  Sure success a good book for micro?  0 36 deepu543  be the first to reply 
  Reviews for pharmacology ranjan kumar mcq book  15 462 sreevidya  2 years ago by swatkrishh 
  What are the books(preparatory materials ) recommended for NEET PG ?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  144 9K alrstarntm  2 years ago by swathykuppala 
  Neet pattern book  0 48 acchusanvi  be the first to reply 
  Need suggestion on NEETPG Books  1 139 drpurohithi  2 years ago by krishna2ms 
  Easily retainable mcq books Go directly to Last Post in the thread  105 5K Rahav  2 years ago by ayansh10 
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