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National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
The National Assessment Collaboration (NAC) Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) assesses the readiness of an international medical graduate (IMG) for entrance into a Canadian residency program. It is a national, standardized examination that tests the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for entrance into postgraduate training in Canada. This forum is to discuss the issues around this particular exam and to get peer support.
The annual must-have study guide for students preparing for the Canadian and US medical licensing exams.
The Toronto Notes, Clinical Handbook by Yingming A. Chen
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  Whatsapp group  3 77 aishglowa  10 months ago by nwaby 
  When will Sept 2020 NAC application open?  8 272 yso2013  10 months ago by bsms3798 
  What is a 'good score' on the new scoring system?  3 506 doc1991  1 year ago by Khadgar2k1 
  How good is canadaqbank for preparation?  3 173 jaimol  1 year ago by Khadgar2k1 
  Which book to study for nac osce/ MCCQE2?  2 166 d_razaq  2 years ago by Momera 
  How does your exam have to go to score 80+?  20 2K inabsentia  2 years ago by oncoconut 
  How do I improve my NAC OSCE score (73) for next time i.e. guarantee >80?  1 348 nsx7000  2 years ago by stephenpeters2 
  How to prepare for NAC OSCE?  7 308 grantchoi1  2 years ago by knowledgeseeker 
  What to expect on NAC OSCE  1 177 grantchoi1  3 years ago by wong2689 
  Is emergency medicine tested in NAC OSCE?  2 142 ultramarine  3 years ago by thread author 
  Is the course offered By PSA in Toronto cancelled ?  7 387 DocMustafa1984  3 years ago by Mife 
  How to prepare for the therapeutic part of NAC OSCE  12 1K FARHAD20  3 years ago by psmith17 
  Which nac osce session is easier?  4 188 Doctorzeina  3 years ago by olson99 
  Which course is better for NAC OSCE? Medical training express or dr Basel's course  4 734 Nara11  3 years ago by psmith17 
  What are the mistakes in the 'NAC OSCE: A Comprehensive Review' book?  3 176 nsx7000  3 years ago by jluv 
  Is application for the September 2017 OSCE open?  1 55 nsx7000  3 years ago by Mahmoudzs 
  How to prepare for NAC OSCE Go directly to Last Post in the thread  107 10K to2  4 years ago by SkinorPsychiatry 
  What is the best source?  3 117 kimiaamiri  4 years ago by blueeggsandham 
  What is the process for getting into Thoracic Surgery Fellowship program in Canada?  2 113 Chaitrakbhat  4 years ago by maxshiau 
  How to prepare for the NAC OSCE  1 140 Nacosce_tutor  4 years ago by ET4life 
  Why nobody coaches for free in Canada?  37 888 gladiatorDoktor  5 years ago by thread author 
  How to Score above 85 on NAC OSCE  20 1K Nacosce_tutor  5 years ago by gladiatorDoktor 
  How to secure 80+ on nac,  1 185 myc2016  5 years ago by Nystagmus101 
  Canadain permanent residency required for NAC OSCE  6 279 nimesh14_mbbs  5 years ago by mistake 
  Does a CSA needs TOEFL ( English Proficiency exam) for Manitoba?  2 174 Fistybasty  5 years ago by xaxume 
  How to get a Specialist job in Canada  1 141 drashish36  5 years ago by Steko 
  Which Osce course?  10 467 drElla  5 years ago by neshat 
  How to crack aipgmee in 1 month.plz give ur suggestion .  1 122 alpsbansod  5 years ago by gaganalang99 
  How to win NAC  5 366 saramoon  6 years ago by hosam_68 
  What next after mccee?..nac or mcccqe?  4 225 g_m_nandhakumar  6 years ago by Canwin 
  What to do if we get <80 on the NAC OSCE?  14 2K MarieDuplessis  6 years ago by sam72 
  How effective really is practicing through Skype?  3 103 hopetomatch  6 years ago by homebound16 
  How long does the NAC OSCE application stay open?  1 88 drx101  6 years ago by homebound16 
  Is therapeutics section removed?  5 149 hopetomatch  6 years ago by thread author 
  Is the NAC OSCE compulsory for the 2015 CaRMS match?  40 1K MarieDuplessis  6 years ago by podbiels 
  Is there any clock in the exam room?  5 161 wszyy  6 years ago by msahni 
  How the heLL does anyone get 5/5 on the NAC OSCE  1 305 MarieDuplessis  6 years ago by pbarry 
  How to close patient encounter  5 185 nopadog  6 years ago by Hankypanky 
  How much therapeutics in NAC OSCE  10 426 aisha1  6 years ago by pradeep2015 
  What does it take to be a gay resident in Canada?  3 152 bescherelle  6 years ago by thread author 
  What are the easy centres to take the QE2  2 88 mena1911  6 years ago by golegolab50 
  Which course is better for nacosce  3 145 mcc2014  6 years ago by xybil 
  How good is a score  4 207 keeptrying  6 years ago by las1012 
  Canadian universities admission  1 69 mccee11  7 years ago by ZICO 
  Is there an on line school for those living far from toronto for the NAC OSCE  1 83 4052IR  7 years ago by MEMT 
  WHat is a good NAC OSCE score?  43 2K IMG_S  7 years ago by MHcover 
  Can we ever get a MENTAL STATUS EXAM-psychiatric interview in OSCE?  2 155 Eemokemo  7 years ago by tommy60 
  How long does the NAC OSCE exam takes? I have to catch a flight same day! Advise please  8 201 Eemokemo  7 years ago by lisacoschi74 
  When do find out if we are registred  3 92 shimool  7 years ago by gladkinat 
  How imp is to take a course?  5 154 cprtor  7 years ago by thread author 
  When is the first NAC OSCE available  16 255 Sharareh  8 years ago by sweety1969 
  How to get a high score for NAC, please , HELP!!  1 172 Dinosour  8 years ago by sisyphus 
  What is the shortest NAC OSCE prep course in toronto  4 124 binaak  8 years ago by lmcccandidate 
  Should I do TOEFL or IELTS?  7 344 setareh  8 years ago by AMCA 
  How long did you study for NAC?  21 541 drJ21  8 years ago by syas 
  Which books are good for NAC?  4 146 drJ21  8 years ago by pectoriloquy 
  Where to get photocopies certified at a relatively lower rate?  3 110 d_razaq  9 years ago by usmle_9120 
  Where get/buy "IMG School Notes""Therapeutic Choices"?  3 251 auger  9 years ago by heeach 
  Does anyone have therapeutic choices  2 102 euic  9 years ago by heeach 
  How to pass NAC OSCE  49 6K BeheshtiMD  9 years ago by basictools 
  Can anybody tell me the details about Basel classes  13 1K mayavedha  9 years ago by SamAzr 
  When will nac osce registartion for 2012 start?  9 508 moo34  9 years ago by Canadaprep 
  Is the situation likely to improve or not in next few yrs  1 181 gladiatorDoktor  9 years ago by husseinMD 
  Is therapeutic choice a must for this exam?  11 805 persimg  9 years ago by husseinMD 
  How to start with NAC OSCE preparation?  3 435 TEMO2002US  9 years ago by prk0021 
  What is the next step after finishing NAC OSCE?  8 1K sam72  9 years ago by husseinMD 
  What's the good score for NAS OSCE?  1 357 reza139  9 years ago by husseinMD 
  Is Therapeutic choices by Jean Gray useful for NAC OSCE?  5 526 simiz  9 years ago by cyst 
  How many times NAC OSCE is taken in a year?  10 387 moo34  9 years ago by Shimaa 
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