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Dedicated Forum for PG Entrance Exams Conducted by COMEDK in Karnatka
SARP series Biochemistry/anatomy/physiology by C. K. Sinha
SARP Series (Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology)
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  Is stipend given for comedk pgs  1 264 medicinequest  1 year ago by HEMKANT 
  When is the 2nd counseling for comedk  10 490 apoorvmadem  1 year ago by ashwanikumar1964 
  Can we surrender seat after 2nd round also  4 177 krishna06  1 year ago by ashwanikumar1964 
  How to apply for Kolar - Uniguage  3 71 Keraladoc  2 years ago by thread author 
  Which answers changed in revised key?  4 231 chinc  2 years ago by thread author 
  When will the key be released  1 125 jwanesh  2 years ago by thread author 
  What is your COMEDK centre @ Karnataka , tamil nadu and hyderabad  2 89 Bhanu_prasad  2 years ago by deepti4893 
  Is comedk exam genuine and worth preparing for non karnataka students  7 601 apurvagpt  2 years ago by raghavan1956 
  How to edit comedk form?  11 178 amitdr2k10  2 years ago by runneryahya 
  How many students would be writing Comed-K this yr?  8 372 kalinin_01  2 years ago by masterman 
  Is it worth giving this comed k exam?  4 431 doctorrr  2 years ago by vik5230 
  Which is best book for preparing for COMEDK 2016?  6 802 nikhilvmathew91  2 years ago by drSharadjadhav 
  How's KLE Dental College,Yeshwanthpur,Banglore?  1 20 Originz  2 years ago by thread author 
  Howz snmc bagalkot?  8 235 MJS600  2 years ago by khushiikrc 
  How is jss compared to kims ramaiah and jjm  25 1K Drsumitraj  2 years ago by siddharth23 
  Why so less seats have come for second round?  17 663 Dhoom3  2 years ago by untitled012345 
  How many planning to take seats at JSS MYSORE.?  42 2K Samathareddy  2 years ago by drchinnikrishna 
  How is general medicine in ks hegde,mangalore?  4 182 confident_me  2 years ago by thread author 
  How many plannin to select seat in comedcolges n nt othr exams in 2015, share ur options Go directly to Last Post in the thread  60 3K rahulbaby  3 years ago by 174865 
  How many of them applying for christian minority quota  4 126 selvinrajan1989  3 years ago by deepu4t 
  Which branch? confusion plz help!!  5 131 KGSHINDE  3 years ago by thread author 
  When is appg counselling.finally a fair appg exam.what can i get at rank 112?  1 229 Dhoom3  3 years ago by suraj23 
  When will be the Comedk Couselling?  9 556 96999  3 years ago by teixobactin3 
  When did they declare comedk pget2015 results  2 144 guruprakash  3 years ago by tsereenrose 
  How was the paper when compared to last year....? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  150 9K vjai  3 years ago by santanudutta 
  What rank can we expect for approx 140 marks in comedk pget ?  1 419 9949906556  3 years ago by nimskl 
  What books to read for dnb.....  3 239 aloki  3 years ago by Gouse14 
  What do this mean - " Last date for receipt of Physical Application Form (PAF)"?  4 38 Kanokyosuke  3 years ago by torsha 
  Why the hell thers no comedk 3rd round councelling n wer ther s possibility of 4TH ROUND IN AIPGEE!!  1 59 kskg1987  3 years ago by kathirkumarr 
  Where is English score taken into account  1 22 comedk_newbie  3 years ago by thread author 
  Whats this hk/hyd -kar category ?who come under this?  3 91 choco_late  3 years ago by docswapna 
  Whats stipend in jjmc,dhawngere? is it same fr diplo's & MD,MS? any extra fee is there to pay?  17 796 choco_late  3 years ago by harley99 
  What are the rankwise possibility at jss,mysore.  1 165 Kumarajkajay  4 years ago by chintoochummu 
  What is the stipend received pm for clinical subjects in COMEDK colleges?  24 1K sudarshan007  4 years ago by saurabhgrgdr 
  What will be fee for comed MD,MS & diplomas?  1 93 choco_late  4 years ago by nucleuskore 
  Which coll in comedk is better in ortho  7 163 josephcj  4 years ago by debasubhra 
  Which college better for md psychiatry in comedk  8 408 drvikrama  4 years ago by sunilapv 
  How did it go,do rate the exam!  27 1K manubatta11  4 years ago by Akhilapch 
  Is comed paper available on line?  4 79 manubatta11  4 years ago by vinodi 
  Can any one tell what is the extra fees to be paid in comedk colleges?  1 197 sriramvamshi87  4 years ago by thegoodmedico 
  Does comedk comes under rti act?  2 36 kiran879  4 years ago by thread author 
  Is it true we have to leave comedk seat if result come in neet favour  2 79 cyberdigital  4 years ago by Drdurru 
  Can a person who picks a seat in kcet, attend comedk counselling  20 629 aaron23  4 years ago by brat23 
  What is qbvc?  1 54 drshwetha  4 years ago by doctor_ysn 
  When is COMEDK counselling?  1 69 harley99  4 years ago by apoorvamagic 
  When will the NEET-PG AND DNB results be out.guess.what does your instinct say  3 40 rahul_goyal_123  5 years ago by thread author 
  How was the comedk  6 360 surfnremember  5 years ago by rashmi12 
  How much is stipend.  2 138 excellent_4825  5 years ago by romanus 
  What books to be read for comedk?  6 349 drrikky  5 years ago by mreyecatcher 
  Is it worth giving COMEDK?  6 133 katyal1  5 years ago by supu 
  Books to read for COMEDK Go directly to Last Post in the thread  85 16K tpbhatia  5 years ago by swathi13 
  What is the fees for doing md in a comedk college?  7 804 drmahesh47md  5 years ago by sajith_k 
  Can v get atleast diploma, preclinical,paraclinical branch wd marks less than 50%  2 57 docpriya123  5 years ago by thread author 
  Is it worth writting COMEDK when SC verdict is awaited???  2 58 moksh  5 years ago by thread author 
  Is comedk exams confirmed for 2013?  1 19 smithan87  5 years ago by doc2011aipg 
  When is Comed k extended counselling??  1 97 ankita819  5 years ago by kanishkasrao 
  What u wil get at ur rank!! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  614 80K drwasimraj  5 years ago by drluck 
  Is comedk 2nd counselling going on?  2 155 ssatya  5 years ago by 3medicaldoctor 
  What is eligibility certificate? how to get it?  5 182 drravi2121  5 years ago by ramyarajendran 
  Which comedk college for gen surgery  6 349 fish2012  6 years ago by aasthapersonal 
  What is COMEDK "management quota" ?  1 158 dr_maveli  6 years ago by mkavitha 
  What can i get for a rank of 400  1 303 lavanyar  6 years ago by thread author 
  Why in 2010 and not in 2011..?. strange.!  6 653 sams777  6 years ago by dr_house 
  When is comedK result gets announced?  1 196 ajay_kota  6 years ago by vijayrajprateek 
  Which is best and top college in comedk?  4 1K drabhishek777  6 years ago by rammbbs7 
  What is highest in comed 2012?  5 1K chintan2025  6 years ago by vivekmvt 
  How was COMEDK 2012 ? expected marks ?  8 1K rehanz  6 years ago by vivekmvt 
  Which are good colleges to apply for nri category ?  1 148 drdev20051  6 years ago by ontherocks 
  How was comedk 2012....plz pen down ur views abt the trend of this exam..  15 3K coolbuddy  6 years ago by ashwinim3006 
  Which book is better: Madhu Jumla or Ramgopal ?  1 419 thesuperrahul  6 years ago by mrdoubt10 
  Which book to read for comedk ?  1 274 thesuperrahul  6 years ago by grt 
  How many total seats in comedk and how many r for non karnatakans?  2 568 wizdoc  6 years ago by thread author 
  Is comedk recognised by mci ?  4 273 pakhafan  6 years ago by doctorrv 
  Why comedk not updated seat matrix?  19 1K jaimin5321  6 years ago by Nelsonpinto 
  When will seat matrices of comedk come?  5 523 jaimin5321  7 years ago by ravi_kmc04 
  Is there reservation in comedk?  6 339 quelk  7 years ago by priyankagotyal 
  Why was JJM, davangere a risk seat in comedk ??/  13 889 docdoc83  7 years ago by rasaputin 
  How many seats left in comedk? live update  9 529 drsam40  8 years ago by ladyluckk 
  Can i get last years comedk selection list?  3 435 watermelon2009  8 years ago by thread author 
  How many seats in kcet and comedk  9 854 sanyominnu  8 years ago by thread author 
  When is comedk first round..and where...????please reply anyone???  1 156 meeta11  8 years ago by skin_83 
  Can anybody pls post Comed-k 2010 questions here??  1 149 angel09  8 years ago by drvidius 
  How fair is comed?plz do reply!  29 2K Naina2425  8 years ago by rahulkumarsharma 
  How was comedk 2010?  6 545 grt  8 years ago by skin_83 
  Which colleges are good and bad for surgery thru comedk?  23 995 drnsg  8 years ago by thebluez06 
  Why non karnataka students in comed-k pget?  7 364 namrat  8 years ago by lovarts 
  Whats your score at comedk 09? What to expect? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  120 23K dr_shahnawaz  9 years ago by mts2001 
  What can i expect in comedk?  7 429 srinudsv  9 years ago by mts2001 
  Which college in comed is gud 4 medcn  12 588 fedfan  9 years ago by suvz 
  Whats diff betn kcet and comed-k  11 330 shreya1  9 years ago by suvz 
  How many years post diploma in comedk-2 or 3 years?  4 117 nimu2swash  9 years ago by suvz 
  What is your comedk score? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  54 8K helpme  9 years ago by drpbi 
  What about comedk new key ????????  4 326 srinudsv  9 years ago by deadlines 
  Is COMEDK 2009 date is out?  4 12K srinivas_y2k  9 years ago by prashant jha 
  Why is there no casual vacancy round in comedk????  1 179 apocalypso  9 years ago by govindbajaj 
  What seat did u opt for in comed k 08  9 581 aryakid  10 years ago by thread author 
  How fair is scoring in comedk?  3 327 drabhishek007  10 years ago by ammy 
  How did u find comedk 2008??  2 449 chaithu  10 years ago by NIRRANJAN 
  Is this the last comedk ?  3 300 chaithu  10 years ago by govindbajaj 
  Which college is better for medicine in comedk  16 2K vtr  10 years ago by snehith4368 
  Is there a third round counselling in comed-k  3 447 deena  10 years ago by Jaws17 
  What is Next Action against COMEDK  1 97 santoshsm  11 years ago by playboy2007 
  When comedk counsellig will take place?  1 104 shamim_khandaker  11 years ago by lin 
  How was Comed K exam-07?  3 198 squeeky  11 years ago by thread author 
  Can non karnataka take comedk ?  1 236 KAKNA  11 years ago by mamojirao 
  What about the reservation percentage in comedk?today news?  6 605 cpr  11 years ago by thread author 
  Is comedk counselling posponed?clarify please  4 406 NISHU  12 years ago by mamojirao 
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