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TamilNadu PG Entrance Exam
This forum is to discuss questions and options regarding Tamil Nadu PG entrance exams. We also have a closed member group for this exam. To join that click on the member group option above.
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  TNPG Doubts & queries  1K 34K arulmbbs  2 days ago by saibhargav 
  Tnpg 3 rd counselling doubts and queries . Go directly to Last Post in the thread  528 22K knpraveenkumar  5 days ago by palanikumar2k6 
  Course wise - Community wise - College wise Last ranks - Complete Analysis of 2013 data Go directly to Last Post in the thread  476 18K ashoksang  5 days ago by palanikumar2k6 
  TNPG seat takers Post here. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  290 14K subhash_882000  10 days ago by manivannan626 
  What seat you will get for your rank in TNPG 2014- Rajamahendran's analysis Go directly to Last Post in the thread  237 15K rajamrcs  2 months ago by sandoshsans 
  Tnpg 2009 qs n ans Go directly to Last Post in the thread  167 25K nplkmc  4 years ago by BGM 
  Tnpg second counselling Go directly to Last Post in the thread  116 6K drgoodheart  2 months ago by jan99 
  Just 7 out of first 50 are private candidates --!? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  113 5K vishnu1990  28 days ago by thread author 
  Surrendered seats from all india quota for tnpg 3rd round Go directly to Last Post in the thread  96 5K prabhu1978  17 days ago by Revathy11 
  Books for TNPG 2015 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  81 3K csy08  12 days ago by riyarajan 
  Pg self financing colleges in tamilnadu Go directly to Last Post in the thread  58 3K gsound  2 months ago by raji2013 
  Tnpg 2nd counselling date 30 april ..doubts and queries Go directly to Last Post in the thread  58 4K knpraveenkumar  2 months ago by thread author 
  Sri ramachandra medical college ,chennai pgcet 2014 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  56 2K abhignale  1 month ago by dineshmurugesan 
  Tnpg discontinuation penalty  47 2K kanchanambbs  22 days ago by medidoccet1 
  Alert : non-service tnpg 2008 candidates - unite against the clause 54 (b)  38 7K NONSERVICE  6 years ago by Dr_Bruno 
  Annamalai full fee details  37 2K gobikmc  20 days ago by docpt 
  Addressin allotted candidates in self finance institutions  35 1K Listeria07  26 days ago by docpt 
  Md microbiology or another attempt for a clinical seat  32 1K 4789dr  14 days ago by doctor_ind 
  For those who joined college on 7th apr..Requirements for 2nd counseling  31 1K Macxs  2 months ago by subhash_882000 
  First counseling discontinued seats list  28 2K ashoksang  2 months ago by ellan 
  What is the admission procedure for PSG Medical Coimbatore?  24 2K sejarsap  9 months ago by drmurali20 
  3rd coun on 23rd postponed.... date ll be announced later  22 843 sreekumarentr  24 days ago by yuhesh 
  The best way to prepare for tnpg2015  19 383 venkat_knr2001  7 days ago by drmallika333 
  Speed Coaching, Chennai : Anyone who's been there, help?  18 4K gleamofspur  6 years ago by kanjoors 
  Vision 2015 TNPGMEE  17 563 drpraba  9 days ago by wiselin007 
  Oc private candidates gather here  15 481 dr18  2 months ago by arunnaren 
  Mission TNPG 2015  14 332 knpraveenkumar  9 days ago by seleco5 
  About bonafide certificate for MMC students  12 512 bk2k5  2 months ago by subhash_882000 
  Last date for discontinuation of tnpg seat without penalty  12 308 krkaviram  2 months ago by devikashanmugam 
  Tn govt colleges PG academic teaching is it declining trend compared to previous years ?  12 493 ucandoit  1 month ago by thread author 
  What pg can a candidate get for 57.88 in tnpg this yr in 3councelling  11 758 devikashanmugam  2 months ago by rtst2014 
  Last year Tamilnadu PG seats available for 4th round NEET choice filling.  11 376 drsanthosh86  2 months ago by happyhappy 
  MD-Pharmacology, SRMC, Tamilnadu  10 2K drrameshks  4 months ago by elvis 
  ANNAMALAI seats under TN GOVT ?  10 811 drnkv  2 months ago by thread author 
  Post MBBS 1 Year Compulsary Service Vs Post PG 2 Year Service  10 2K Dr_Bruno  5 years ago by Bruno 
  Eligibility certificate for foreign graduates  9 127 tallboykk  20 days ago by ucandoit 
  3rd counselling seats  9 592 venkat71  2 months ago by selvikamal 
  Online study partner for TNPG 2015  9 51 saha2013  1 hour ago by thread author 
  Open counselling  8 303 DedicatedDoc  16 days ago by drsanthosh86 
  Request for stipend hike for non-service PGs in Tamilnadu  8 627 drpalany  9 days ago by nandhidha2010 
  After surrendering a pg seat, can a candidate attend 3rd councelling  8 231 devikashanmugam  2 months ago by heyrams1988 
  Discontinued after aipgmee 2 nd counselling result  8 268 yin  2 months ago by ucandoit 
  Need a flat mate(male) in gowtham nagar  8 186 rsahil892001  2 months ago by pardeepg 
  Gather in DME for STIPEND HIKE  7 185 subhash_882000  2 months ago by thread author 
  Surrended seats from all india  7 274 kayal85  18 days ago by yuhesh 
  3rd Counseling -- after 4th July  7 346 meema  21 days ago by Revathy11 
  Alert !! Decreasing job opportunity for Non clinical MDs ?!!  6 261 sasimbbs  1 month ago by thread author 
  Link between aipg n tnpg  6 143 devikashanmugam  2 months ago by thread author 
  What will be the consequences if v didnt join a seat taken in 3rd counselling..(both govt and private seat)  6 163 yuhesh  2 months ago by thread author 
  Tnpg 3rd phase  6 440 jewett  29 days ago by thread author 
  Seat in kmc  6 262 arthisandeep  2 months ago by ram0101kumar 
  Stay on transfer of seats to state from all india. There s extended 3rd round for all india will state counselling be delayed  6 380 Prabhakgmc  1 month ago by sreekumarentr 
  Tnpg alloted list 30-04-2014  6 592 gobikmc  20 days ago by suhanaishaan 
  Tnpg 2nd counselling date 30 april  6 266 knpraveenkumar  3 months ago by subhash_882000 
  Letter to be sent to the DME forwarded by the Dean, CMCH. All medical colleges, please join hands for this common issue.  6 490 drpalany  2 months ago by subhash_882000 
  TNPG2015  6 248 ramaprabha  1 month ago by yoganand 
  Tnpg 2014 final rank list  6 818 dr18  16 days ago by Revathy11 
  TN govt deceived Medical Council: MK  6 4K RxPG_Team  5 years ago by doctor189 
  Books for tnpg  6 199 MMCPG14  1 month ago by drsaamy 
  Seats and ranks required  5 65 rupa92  2 days ago by thread author 
  18 Hours study is sufficient to get rank below 100 / PG seat?  5 272 1002  2 months ago by charu06 
  3rd round of tamilnadu counselling may be delayed?  5 338 sreekumarentr  23 days ago by jairaja 
  How is MD (D.V.L) at Madurai?  5 1K 54321  1 year ago by Bruno 
  Tnpg- 14 ,,3-rd counselling dates announced  5 310 mohan22k  1 month ago by girimuruganeee 
  Single cet: bye bye to tnpge from 2011?  5 1K kknath  3 years ago by j10 
  Doctors please help me.URGENT.  5 259 josephkarthic  2 months ago by ucandoit 
  Dch in stanley or kilpauk  5 214 NAN26  1 month ago by gilletdavidraja 
  Tentative schedule for 3rd round of pg counselling out  4 193 sreekumarentr  1 month ago by suhanaishaan 
  About Stipend & Salary in Annamalai university  4 438 DEEPAER243  2 months ago by cyanide007 
  Scope of dch  4 231 preeti16  1 month ago by thread author 
  Anyone giving TNPG after a long gap?  4 53 saha2013  4 days ago by thread author 
  Bond in TN  4 101 girtha  25 days ago by kanchanambbs 
  Smbdy plz send the questns and ans of may 2014  3 45 doctorarpita  2 months ago by ucandoit 
  All counselling and seat predictions gone haywire  3 185 happyhappy  2 months ago by thread author 
  Service doctors took seat at annamalai - join here  3 225 knpraveenkumar  2 months ago by thread author 
  TNPG 2014 counselling 3rd round 08-07-2014 allotted list help  3 51 palanikumar2k6  5 days ago by thread author 
  Bonafide for 3rd counselling must or not  2 66 Prabhakgmc  24 days ago by aniruth12 
  Authorisation for attending TNPG counselling third round  2 110 subramanian2009  18 days ago by selvasurgeon 
  Surrended seats from all india  2 171 kayal85  19 days ago by drnatarajanp 
  Review : All Colleges and Courses in Tamil Nadu - Gen Info  2 1K Bruno  7 years ago by thread author 
  Doctor's future india!  2 40 1002  7 days ago by medidoccet1 
  For annamalai students  2 143 bk2k5  26 days ago by thread author 
  Regarding relieving order of service pgs  2 119 wheldonanto7583  24 days ago by kavi83 
  Mcq mission 2015 tnpg with vision  2 84 mohan22k  1 month ago by thread author 
  Info priv candidates who took seat in tn first round also got good rank in aipg  2 214 sreekumar_mmc87  3 months ago by thread author 
  Speed village  2 94 4789dr  2 months ago by thread author 
  Tnpg 3 councelling  2 164 drjamesbond  2 months ago by geetharenuka 
  Ned help for tnpg2014 counselling  2 153 maxim1  2 months ago by thread author 
  Tnpg councelling  2 86 elakkiarani  2 months ago by subhash_882000 
  Fee struture in self financing college  2 246 nsaranpranaav  23 days ago by thread author 
  Dme official news-third counselling 23-25june  2 261 gobikmc  1 month ago by thread author 
  Tnpg 2015 prep  2 80 DRSARATH  12 days ago by DR-ALHASSAN 
  Govt. Stanley Medical College  2 183 nextgenapollo  2 months ago by thread author 
  PG medicos seek hike in stipend (10/5/2014)  2 219 nextgenapollo  2 months ago by murugavel2013 
  Mission TNPG 2015. daily some questions.  1 29 knpraveenkumar  3 days ago by thread author 
  Surrendering a seat  1 118 devikashanmugam  1 month ago by selvasurgeon 
  New seats for second counseling  1 208 Macxs  2 months ago by gurusai88 
  Ms general surgery tirunelveli vs chengalpet  1 57 karthik254  17 days ago by navin7gsurge 
  Dmrd private seats  1 145 kamesh85  2 months ago by maxim1 
  Tnpg 3rd counselling frm july 6 th  1 72 abilashhi  21 days ago by thread author 
  Tnpg expected seat for sc candidates  1 147 harish22  2 months ago by divyavasu 
  Reg: Course change after AIIMS counselling through Tamilnadu Counselling  1 358 ARULMURUGANC  6 years ago by Dr_Bruno 
  Reg: Tamilnadu PG counselling date  1 623 ARULMURUGANC  6 years ago by basky 
  3rd counselling postponed  1 67 Prabhakgmc  1 month ago by thread author 
  Mutual transfer - same speciality  1 56 prabhu1978  10 days ago by bhuvantvmc 
  Service candidate took self finan.coll.how they ll relieve tomo(27.5.)  1 99 knpraveenkumar  16 days ago by drnatarajanp 
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