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TamilNadu PG Entrance Exam
This forum is to discuss questions and options regarding Tamil Nadu PG entrance exams. We also have a closed member group for this exam. To join that click on the member group option above.
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Replies Views Started by Last Post
  When will they release TN state rank list?  2 375 durgadevinaraya  9 months ago by thread author 
  Which is the Best MED pg coaching class in Pondicherry according to you?  1 130 drbarathkumar  1 year ago by incrediblevrb 
  When neetpg notification is expected ?  2 238 apkssa  1 year ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for the common entrance exam  2 144 umamrgn  1 year ago by drplplplpl 
  Candidates can remain in the “Wait List” only for the course and not for the college.  9 290 josephkarthic  1 year ago by bhuvantvmc 
  When can we get vision 2017 book in the market or online?  6 387 alrstarntm  1 year ago by docbuzz 
  What to prepare for tnpg 2016  9 527 sahana1991  1 year ago by imdoctor158 
  How to apply for Aarvind Eye Hospital using TNPG rank?  5 265 Philanthrapy  1 year ago by kavyaganesh 
  Can v attend tnpg counselling without original documents  1 106 keerthibaskaran  1 year ago by Jvshines 
  Is there any change in the number of pg seats this year?  2 249 umamrgn  1 year ago by thread author 
  Can service category candidates take seat under non-service category?  3 256 Kanokyosuke  1 year ago by sudarsans2008 
  What are the seats that are available for SCA CANDIDATE  7 352 gperiaswamy  1 year ago by thread author 
  What are all the private colleges available and their fees structure?  1 226 alrstarntm  1 year ago by ashoksang 
  How was your TNPG 2016 paper ? share your experience Go directly to Last Post in the thread  83 5K praveenbabu9  1 year ago by freedomfmge 
  When s the result gonna published?  2 267 diwa_priya  1 year ago by ashoksang 
  What all to take for the exam?  2 188 PatrickJane  1 year ago by viniraj 
  How to get seat in TNPG 2015?- Tips From drRajamahendran Go directly to Last Post in the thread  61 7K rajamrcs  1 year ago by radsri177 
  How to track application?  2 107 Kanokyosuke  1 year ago by thread author 
  Is tnpg 2016 preponed  21 2K priyaprecious  1 year ago by Kanokyosuke 
  Which book is better for tnpg?? those who got PG please help..  36 2K sathrx  2 years ago by upendra007 
  Why not all seats surrendered in All India not shown in 3rd councelling ?  2 155 csy08  2 years ago by thread author 
  What is the admission procedure for PSG Medical Coimbatore?  33 3K sejarsap  2 years ago by smmaajitha 
  When will they release the seat matrix and date of counseling  1 217 diwa_priya  2 years ago by thread author 
  When are ranks expected to be published?  4 235 chevrolay  2 years ago by drpksamy 
  Is total seats different from allotted seats..  1 115 gperiaswamy  2 years ago by ashoksang 
  What are the subjects / topics for which vision 2015 is not sufficient?  1 150 saha2013  2 years ago by thread author 
  What will be the consequences if v didnt join a seat taken in 3rd counselling..(both govt and private seat)  6 210 yuhesh  3 years ago by thread author 
  What pg can a candidate get for 57.88 in tnpg this yr in 3councelling  11 1K devikashanmugam  3 years ago by rtst2014 
  What seat you will get for your rank in TNPG 2014- Rajamahendran's analysis Go directly to Last Post in the thread  237 16K rajamrcs  3 years ago by sandoshsans 
  When will the Course commence from ??????  17 993 ganesh1234  3 years ago by raveee77 
  Ist counselling seat takers - quota  1 191 prabhu1978  3 years ago by ashoksang 
  Can we do clinical diploma after non clinical MD  1 83 4789dr  3 years ago by blessmelord 
  When will tamilnadu councelling starts? what is the website to c it?  5 325 girimuruganeee  3 years ago by thread author 
  How ll be counselling conducted please explain  3 371 gsankar1  3 years ago by thread author 
  What about increase in seats  7 666 venkat71  3 years ago by thread author 
  Is vision alone sufficient? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  65 2K sri34  3 years ago by dev1986 
  When will come rank list for tnpg2014?  9 549 sobieswar  3 years ago by drgowrishankarm 
  Issues concerning the TNPG 2014 service candidates Go directly to Last Post in the thread  51 3K RasikFareed  3 years ago by jeybee 
  How was tnpg2014?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  56 2K visahini  3 years ago by prabhaprakash 
  What books to read for AIPGE/NEET PG  2 316 indianPGPrepare  3 years ago by sridevimahesh 
  Can someone post Second phase allotment list TNPG2013  24 1K ashoksang  3 years ago by ariyanachisakthi 
  Is nonclinicals better than diploma?  4 245 medidoccet1  3 years ago by thread author 
  Can i get any md course with 53.64(mbc quota) out of 90  4 315 gautham92  3 years ago by rhinothree52007 
  When can v expect result for tnpg2014  3 276 jai380  3 years ago by jeeva_mathan 
  When will be 1st round counselling  1 132 clementi  3 years ago by subhash_882000 
  What is MBBS / Diploma course completion certificate?  1 27 vvjana  3 years ago by thread author 
  How will be the admission test of sri ramachandran university??  9 261 drorange129  3 years ago by drdipsrams 
  Is there any online store for vision 2014  5 75 medidoccet1  4 years ago by thread author 
  Is there any better link for past tamilnadu pg entrance exam question papers, tips etc?  8 565 girimuruganeee  4 years ago by navin7gsurge 
  Is md paediatrics in theni mc recognised by mcc?  1 97 premeer  4 years ago by mathan1980 
  When is the last date of admission?  4 150 aimingpg  4 years ago by thread author 
  When is MRB councelling?  2 167 aimingpg  4 years ago by thread author 
  What to expect in 2nd counselling?  35 2K drpalany  4 years ago by dr_fareed 
  Is anybody having last year list of surrendered seats to tnpg?  26 703 buddypapa  4 years ago by sugunamani 
  Can anyone post 2012 tnpg seat allotment..  8 279 drvenkytn  4 years ago by thangamvasantha 
  How many post diplomo candidate in tnpg 2013  1 47 nsaranpranaav  4 years ago by jayaich 
  What happened to my topic "counselling tips".i dont know  3 89 cobalt60  4 years ago by thread author 
  How to get elegibility certificate through online.  1 49 arun_special  4 years ago by arulmbbs 
  Does CMC 50% seats come in TNPG counseling.?  2 167 karthickchelvan  4 years ago by thread author 
  When is our TNPG counselling  8 293 drvinu1  4 years ago by mathan1980 
  Can seats be surrendered back this time to state from neet?  6 95 buddypapa  4 years ago by thread author 
  How many seats allotted by NEET Counselling. How many seats from TN  2 148 Bruno  4 years ago by thread author 
  Is there any rank letter to be downloaded for tnpg counsellng?  1 36 gaur1402  4 years ago by arulmbbs 
  When is neet counselling? then tn counselling?  36 1K dvk  4 years ago by drv2ks 
  How to complete admisn before may 31 ???  2 72 dr_fareed  4 years ago by ajanth 
  What seat i get  1 109 thirumalairajan  4 years ago by jayaich 
  How is MD (D.V.L) at Madurai?  5 1K 54321  4 years ago by Bruno 
  Is chidambaram annamalai univ into counselling this time?  9 247 diwa_priya  4 years ago by kalyptein 
  Is self financing colleges giving seats to tnpg this time lik last year?  6 294 diwa_priya  4 years ago by jayaich 
  When tnpg result  1 35 vishsnake  4 years ago by SALEEMAHMED 
  Is there any basis for fifty percent this year  13 177 Dr_Bruno  4 years ago by verc23 
  How many of u satisfied with dnb scaling? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  53 2K believe  4 years ago by chandras 
  Is the bond strictly implemented in TN?  14 374 arunkumar1402  4 years ago by Dr_Bruno 
  Why on earth did medicos of TN changed the date to 19/05/2013  5 274 harishmohandas  4 years ago by Dr_Bruno 
  Which subject u want to choose & why?  47 922 jones_Indiana  4 years ago by leeshafernando 
  Which non clinical is best  6 263 sumankarthick  4 years ago by netmedico 
  Is there any probability of cancellation of tnpg 2013?  38 1K sharmilavsap  4 years ago by wifi1988 
  Which medicine clinical seat is best  1 78 sumankarthick  4 years ago by ramesh17 
  When will tnpg results be declared  5 185 kmmalini  4 years ago by drvinu1 
  What is your score in tnpg 2013?poll  9 672 many_me  4 years ago by senthildr 
  Which is wise  2 129 saiarul  5 years ago by thread author 
  Which counselling is first ALL INDIA or TNPG  9 618 drvinu1  5 years ago by sakthisre 
  Which college best each degree..  3 338 sakthisre  5 years ago by Dhivijay 
  How is meenakshi medical college?  2 227 hemu_mbbs  5 years ago by thread author 
  When is rank list  6 407 pandiaraja  5 years ago by thread author 
  Where will the clusters be this time?  4 540 vignesh_med  5 years ago by subash_nkl 
  How was tnpgmee 2012  1 324 kathirkumarr  5 years ago by mahendhramurali 
  How to study for tnpg for d last 2 months  3 837 docsamsath  5 years ago by vidhu 
  Is CET Advantageous for TN ?  14 157 Bruno  6 years ago by thread author 
  What to read for TNPGE 2011??  4 2K kknath  6 years ago by Meeravasudevan 
  Can mbbs certificates be withheld ? injustice isnt it?  7 1K an242  6 years ago by drmaddycool 
  When will the 2nd round Tamilnadu counseling begin??  3 1K chas84  7 years ago by Meeravasudevan 
  How far is the tnpg counselling fair>  30 4K syndrome_xy  7 years ago by korang 
  Which college is better for general medicine?  1 395 arunmm18  7 years ago by rams 
  Why delay in merit list???????  47 6K drmkavi  7 years ago by 54321 
  How many seats are increased this year?  13 1K drsvijay80  7 years ago by syndrome_xy 
  Can fmge pass outs write tnpg  5 1K hi2deepak  7 years ago by Bruno 
  When will tnpge results be out !  4 649 kkkl  7 years ago by Bruno 
  Can anybody give me some info on sri ramachandra medical college?Fees struct and academics  11 2K vinayraj  7 years ago by Bruno 
  How was the exam/  8 1K drsvijay80  7 years ago by moben 
  Why cant we have uniform stipend all over the country  4 652 drjesuraj  8 years ago by Bruno 
  What seat will i get  7 818 sansnickname  8 years ago by doctorbharti 
  Is ms surgery suitable for a girl  13 1K helpme  8 years ago by Bruno 
  What are the bond stipulations in tamil nadu?  1 519 gunnerganesh  8 years ago by Bruno 
  How is tnpg counseling conducted?  33 6K drnandini  8 years ago by Bruno 
  Is it better to opt dermatology !  5 743 amirchennai  8 years ago by Bruno 
  What will be the cutt off  2 839 vannu2006  8 years ago by subhalakshmi 
  When results due?  34 6K san_07  8 years ago by whizmedico 
  Why so much for service candidates in tamil nadu  17 1K drjesuraj  8 years ago by Bruno 
  What books are you studying for tnpg>  2 774 syndrome_xy  8 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for tnpg  19 3K TNPGSEEKER  8 years ago by doctar 
  Post MBBS 1 Year Compulsary Service Vs Post PG 2 Year Service  10 2K Dr_Bruno  8 years ago by Bruno 
  Is service quota avil for....  3 503 akkila  8 years ago by Bruno 
  When is the TN PG exam usually ?  1 384 Akil  9 years ago by Dr_Bruno 
  What about tamil nadu 2 round counselling ?  2 549 lazy_doctor  9 years ago by thread author 
  Is it possible?escape from service after finishing p.g.  17 2K banrag  9 years ago by Bruno 
  When is 2nd round counselling ?  9 1K lazy_doctor  9 years ago by Bruno 
  What will i get?  34 4K dvk  9 years ago by pgprep 
  What will be my rank!  16 2K dolldoll  9 years ago by doc2002 
  How is positive pg coaching in chennai?..friends plz help.!  3 723 jothi  9 years ago by thread author 
  How is fast track chennai . guys plz help!  6 1K rahulsanjay  9 years ago by Sicnarfnura 
  When results r expected?  27 3K san_07  9 years ago by drvinu 
  Is it important that your seat be MCI recognised?  11 2K nicegirl  9 years ago by medcarcinoid 
  How is dch md/ dnb peads in tamilnadu  1 376 ajv  10 years ago by Dr_Bruno 
  Which is the coolest speciality?  3 649 drsony  10 years ago by drprasan 
  When are the results expected  4 539 syndrome_xy  10 years ago by drleon84 
  How is COIMBATORE medical college?  2 504 orgi  10 years ago by thread author 
  Ist mbbs  3 348 aryarajendran  10 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for TNPG in 2 months?  14 4K gbr2002  12 years ago by Guest 
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