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JIPMER Forum Subscribe to JIPMER forum XML feed
Jawaharlal Institute of Post-graduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry, India (Medical PG Entrance Exam)
This forum will discuss questions and queries about the JIPMER Exam. Users are welcome to ask or answer queries or discuss the actual exam questions here.
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 Top active topics in JIPMER Forum [Start a new topic in JIPMER forum] 
Replies Views Started by Last Post
  Jipmer application form clarification Go directly to Last Post in the thread  745 17K drvellore  2 months ago by devkiponde 
  JIPMER 2014 Questions and Answers discussion Go directly to Last Post in the thread  553 23K subhadeep210190  1 month ago by neelissar 
  JIPMER 2014 PAPER DISCUSSION with explanations Go directly to Last Post in the thread  325 11K urdoctor  1 month ago by ax12by34cz 
  Books for JIPMER PG Entrance Exam Go directly to Last Post in the thread  312 34K dango  1 month ago by aadi2810 
  Jipmer counselling Go directly to Last Post in the thread  223 13K itsnikhil_anz  13 days ago by manubatta11 
  Jipmer 2014 recall wit answers subjectwise!! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  215 11K 21331990  17 days ago by swift06 
  2014 - RESULTS out! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  199 11K kalyptein  1 month ago by aniketsirohi 
  JIPMER....Lets Begin The Power Play !! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  159 4K onlykilroy  1 month ago by thread author 
  JIPMER some important topics and oneliners discussion Go directly to Last Post in the thread  154 4K miracle7  2 months ago by chrismartin 
  Jipmer hall ticket now available Go directly to Last Post in the thread  139 4K dr_ajaz_shaikh4u  1 month ago by desara 
  Jipmer 2014 sc candidates gather here Go directly to Last Post in the thread  119 3K chrismartin  13 hours ago by 9492254461 
  Welcome Late Starters..Target on High Yield Topics, for JIPMER '14 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  118 9K madhuveena95  2 months ago by drsarun81 
  JIPMER MOCK TEST - full answers Go directly to Last Post in the thread  99 4K kkdrar  1 month ago by mewaba 
  Best book for jipmer Go directly to Last Post in the thread  97 4K vidhyasagarmvs  1 month ago by nuttybass2003 
  Best book for JIPMER entrance exam (POLL) Go directly to Last Post in the thread  75 4K v_seetha  1 day ago by manasimedico 
  I cannot find my name in all candidate list of jipmer exam result Go directly to Last Post in the thread  75 2K doctordeb2009  1 month ago by dbmci11925 
  Jiipmer 2014 raw score Go directly to Last Post in the thread  72 5K successdr  1 month ago by Lchandana 
  JIPMER 2014 Book Review. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  71 3K madhuveena95  1 month ago by Santhi29 
  Jipmer result,its fake. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  62 4K dr123dr123  19 days ago by thread author 
  Mission jipmer 2014,continue stdy . Go directly to Last Post in the thread  58 2K gazidel0  1 month ago by AJAY1068 
  Jipmer 2013 cutoff! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  57 3K maxplanck  22 days ago by drcln99 
  All about jipmer 2014 pg entrance Go directly to Last Post in the thread  52 3K arunkumar1402  1 month ago by thread author 
  Which departments are good in jipmer?  49 2K many_me  22 days ago by bvmvarun 
  Tips for JIPMER-2014 Entrance  49 4K aasmasahni2012  2 months ago by oracleundefied 
  How to prepare for JIPMER  45 13K Chand  1 month ago by prepg15 
  JIPMER 2014 ques compiled  42 2K vidhyasagarmvs  1 month ago by namanbansal30 
  JIPMER '14 xpected marks  41 3K glutamate  1 month ago by himaja_ms 
  Jipmer 2nd counselling  37 2K 9492254461  1 day ago by stanleankasi86 
  Jipmer fasttrack revision study group  31 1K drsarun81  2 months ago by rashmiraval 
  Managing language barrier in JIPMER?  29 2K telivijay  6 hours ago by arunsbn94 
  Study partner needed for Jipmer  26 741 amborishnath  2 months ago by sudhi_88 
  Jipmer 2014 recall  19 754 21331990  9 days ago by Toutamsashi 
  Download your individual Rank letter here, even if not in the merit list u can see ur marks.  17 804 march13  1 month ago by aravihere 
  How much is the stipend in JIPMER?  17 4K saurabhlihitkar1  3 months ago by karthikr169 
  Jipmer Application photo upload problems  16 258 dr_poker  2 months ago by dverma 
  Share and learn  14 164 arnav_dr  1 month ago by drsarangdsecret 
  Rapid fire for JIPMER 2014  11 281 histoplasma  1 month ago by chaitanyak 
  How many did u guys omit in jipmer2014  9 406 omalizumab890  1 month ago by radhair 
  Central govt service quota  9 76 intercurrent  1 month ago by nagu000in 
  How was jipmer 2014?  9 398 drshankarsastry  1 month ago by vikramsahu 
  Hepatitis B certificate  8 134 peer43  1 month ago by thread author 
  Is pan card a valid id for jipmer?  8 219 drneil999  1 month ago by drdeepaksrajput 
  JIPMER 2014 recall subjectwise!  8 435 tvrgpal  1 month ago by thread author 
  GOLMAAL RETURNS in kcet pg entrance councelling  8 501 shivgiri  1 month ago by eyeoftiger 
  Jipmer preparations  8 260 tejas007  2 months ago by lava571 
  Omkarnath's 10th Edition JIPMER Book Released!  7 331 mohammedrazi  21 days ago by rajelanjeran 
  POLL:How was jipmer 2014 paper?  7 631 urdoctor  1 month ago by rajeshii 
  Guys if u want copy it jipmer 2014 QUESTIONS subjectwise  7 375 arul2714  1 month ago by cricketfanatic 
  Obc  6 128 itsnikhil_anz  18 days ago by thread author 
  Bhu md/ms entrance exam 2k14  6 441 drankit123  1 month ago by dbmci632 
  MD-Medicine: JIPMER, Pondicherry  6 4K deep2  2 months ago by aparnaa7 
  Incomplete admit card of jipmer?no pic or signature  6 116 drneil999  1 month ago by swathiannamalai 
  Ranks  5 125 itsnikhil_anz  1 month ago by eshars 
  Can we expect the jipmer'14 results today or tmrw??  5 267 21331990  1 month ago by Blue_Mantle 
  Jipmer 2nd councelling dates??  5 269 drcln99  13 days ago by swelling 
  When do we get jipmer hall ticket  5 62 deevihemu  2 months ago by protagonist 
  Jipmer  4 73 ankita1905  2 months ago by DRHINAL 
  Result  4 271 march13  1 month ago by anirudhanvijay 
  Last years ranks  4 370 vinuz9  1 month ago by thoughtfulidiot 
  Cut off for st candidate  4 47 svathy  5 days ago by dinnu_rims 
  Hall tiicket for JIPMER exams  4 327 march13  2 months ago by thread author 
  In medical ,Should reservation on caste basis come to an end..  4 107 Zikrullah2008  1 month ago by nandu56789 
  Those who opted out in jipmer 1st couns  4 83 itsnikhil_anz  1 day ago by manasimedico 
  Jipmer 2nd counselling  4 80 9492254461  13 hours ago by thread author 
  What are roster points for jipmer?nd how many people can attend!  4 129 arpita123  1 month ago by dango 
  Extremely inefficient conduction of the JIPMER MD/MS 2014 PG Online Entrance exam. -reg.  4 231 Neuromania  1 month ago by sher_khan 
  JIPMER 2014-2015 Surgical gastro exam preparation  3 27 deepu310  9 hours ago by rugvedkulkarni 
  Photo upload issues  3 86 AdityaT  2 months ago by shameer_kmc 
  Obc certificate  3 69 prabupriya  2 months ago by thread author 
  Jipmer results  3 165 danger  1 month ago by thread author 
  Regarding seats in jipmer.  3 164 jilanibasha  1 month ago by pramomc 
  Jipmer Hall ticket  3 219 stezins  2 months ago by drgreengoblet 
  DGO or paraclinicals in JIPMER?  3 78 swelling  14 days ago by manujalm 
  Nimhans 2014  2 77 prasanthjraj  1 month ago by thread author 
  What best can i do in case of lost hall ticket plssss help??!!  2 35 pruthvi2847  27 days ago by nbz 
  Jipmer 2014 merit list  2 135 drsanravi  1 month ago by ashdoc88 
  Jipmer 2014 questions and answers  2 62 neroanu  8 days ago by kweer 
  Mock Test of Jipmer  2 88 topgenius14  2 months ago by priyankatiwari 
  Jipmer exam timing changed to 9am to 12pm  2 84 drbhushanbt  2 months ago by lifetron 
  Center MS ENG College banglore  2 37 drpioneer  1 month ago by thread author 
  Jipmer last moment preparation  2 184 sporothrix  1 month ago by drsarangdsecret 
  Change in exam centre  2 89 joeybing  2 months ago by thread author 
  Jipmer discussion  2 38 Ashishmarkan  1 month ago by drsarangdsecret 
  Best of luck to everyone  2 31 zarqash  1 month ago by drchin 
  Jipmer online mock test  2 56 kirtiravi  2 months ago by hiba91 
  Please some one post jipmer2013 question and answer  2 86 dibyendumbbs  2 months ago by drnikc 
  Jipmer all questions compiled  2 251 aipgme  1 month ago by drdipsrams 
  Jipmer 2014  2 44 rxrocdoc  2 months ago by djpol 
  Does JIPMER have a DM in Critical Care?  2 471 lalwani  2 years ago by kotharisweta6 
  Spm  1 39 Geethachanda  2 months ago by aparnaa7 
  Jipmer and aiims/aipgmee  1 57 tvrgpal  2 months ago by icatibant 
  Book  1 25 drssrath  2 months ago by drgopi90 
  How to prepare for jipmer entrance  1 75 bestvikram11  2 months ago by tvrgpal 
  JIPMER Rank discussion - possible choice choosing  1 132 mrvickymd  1 month ago by thread author 
  Jipmer pg 2014 repeats  1 38 prasana  1 day ago by manasimedico 
  MD Pathology: JIPMER, Pondicherry  1 2K Chips  2 years ago by sindukala 
  Jipmer  1 16 itsnikhil_anz  9 days ago by swelling 
  Jipmer last week revision  1 115 vinodi  2 months ago by jyo25 
  Jipmer  1 29 elakkiarani  23 days ago by thread author 
  Dermatology  1 51 RAMIMBBS  2 months ago by docdocdoc369 
  How to crack jipmer  1 31 sateeshr44  21 days ago by dango 
  Target jipmer 2015  1 32 bharath87  20 days ago by thread author 
  Jobs: Asst professors, JIPMER, India  1 711 RxPG_Team  8 years ago by thread author 
  Should i give jipmer or not  1 85 me_101  2 months ago by Bentonville 
  Very very important query regarding aipg counselling  1 53 doctordeb2009  1 month ago by sobieswar 
  Jipmer exam scrapped?  1 117 myth  1 month ago by arkrishh 
  Jipmer 2014 accurate answers with references  1 157 vaddsins89  1 month ago by soumyalipi 
  Microbiology  1 88 moulidharan  1 month ago by ashoksaranki 
  Free md/ms admission guidance under mgmt quota in india & abroad  1 34 apexhyd  1 month ago by myth 
  How is jipmer for surgical v/s medical fields?  1 123 PREETI25071989  1 month ago by swelling 
  Please post ur expected score in jipmer 2014  1 132 sporothrix  1 month ago by thread author 
  When will jipmer results come out??  1 58 anu2408  1 month ago by thread author 
  Jipmer 2014  1 53 bhima  1 month ago by soumyalipi 
  Jipmer results out!!  1 39 djvalz  1 month ago by thread author 
  Dubai licensing exam  1 111 tnpgmee8  1 month ago by Nickclinic 
  Jipmer ranks  1 86 itsnikhil_anz  1 month ago by thread author 
  How many students appear for jipmer?? seats are so less..should i appear?  1 186 me_101  2 months ago by jip08 
  JIPMER CUT-OFFs for 2014  1 143 mystars  1 month ago by thread author 
  Jipmer prep tips  1 50 Prathyushae  1 month ago by ayswariya 
  When hall tickets will be available  1 39 buskaroyaar  2 months ago by drneil999 
  Can someone please tell last years jipmers details..please seniors some one help.  1 150 arpita123  1 month ago by vaddsins89 
  Halltickets download procedure  1 42 pashamreddy  2 months ago by avik207roy 
  Jipmer pg 2014 admit card download problem  1 24 neerajmumwalia  2 months ago by successdr 
  Anyone got JIPMER center in Greater Noida?  1 38 Vikarta  1 month ago by abhijit_vipul 
  Q- Antidote for Alluminium poisoning???  1 90 Rahulbasudee  1 month ago by thoughtfulidiot 
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