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This forum is for discussing the problems and sharing the experience regarding the USMLE Step 1
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  Search: Study Partner for Step 1 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  283 7K AshB  5 months ago by sudha786 
  Books I am Reading for USMLE Step 1 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  230 38K RxPG_Team  3 months ago by archuradio 
  Search: common usmle-1 study partner thread Go directly to Last Post in the thread  165 6K neelm  8 years ago by drmle 
  Eventually there is no other option but USMLE! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  143 7K cooldoc80  15 days ago by vijaybang 
  Making a Good Time Table for USMLE Step One Go directly to Last Post in the thread  130 11K natakshay  5 years ago by harmeetgill75 
  My USMLE Step1 Preparation Log Go directly to Last Post in the thread  116 12K usmle1doc  6 years ago by tickle 
  COMPLETED MY USMLE STEP 1 with 257 & Ck with 263..Glad 2 GUIDE n HELP :) Go directly to Last Post in the thread  115 2K docusmle_250  6 days ago by smsmurthy 
  Practice questions USMLE step 1 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  72 5K aujla  7 years ago by sumit999 
  Is coaching a must for USMLE Step 1? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  67 8K shriya  7 years ago by drfuzz 
  Aipge vs usmle Go directly to Last Post in the thread  66 5K raj24  2 months ago by Seemas 
  USMLE Step 1 is not that hard Go directly to Last Post in the thread  65 3K usmle1doc  8 years ago by cyanosis 
  How much time and money is needed for USMLE? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  62 4K AshB  15 days ago by vijaybang 
  Hi just recieved a score of 242 on my step one, glad to help Go directly to Last Post in the thread  61 1K scared  2 months ago by scorpio89 
  A Tale of two 9s (99) in USMLE Step 1 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  59 11K AshB  6 years ago by kaurdoctor 
  Step 1 study strategies! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  58 4K georgie  8 years ago by katang 
  USMLE - is it worth it? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  57 15K drche  6 years ago by henry2006 
  CONFUSION!!..what books 2 read for step 1? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  57 2K deep2014  17 days ago by a_kara 
  How to approach USMLE during or after PG in India? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  54 3K pooarien  7 years ago by goru 
  Books: Must Reads for Step1 - SUBJECTWISE Go directly to Last Post in the thread  54 4K shriya  6 days ago by amad 
  Q: Question behavioral science Go directly to Last Post in the thread  53 3K erythromycin  6 years ago by Gabroo13400 
  For letters of recommendation (LOR) in USMLE Go directly to Last Post in the thread  53 6K dsha  2 years ago by primalsachdeva 
  High Yield Topics for USMLE Step 1  47 10K RxPG_Team  1 year ago by midhun_prince 
  How to Study for USMLE Step 1?  43 17K Guest  1 year ago by picklupuu 
  How Many Mistakes in USMLE Step 1 for a Decent Score?  43 4K katang  7 years ago by Cricketer 
  Match 2008: Calculus  38 3K Siyaa  6 years ago by jaldoc 
  How to take the usmle step1: for dummies  36 7K fragile_x  6 years ago by ninamurray 
  The FIRST Step to USMLE Step 1: Read these first  36 11K AshB  1 month ago by jayasreesolleti 
  Transript in MUHS university,maharashtra  35 2K doc575  6 years ago by dipsite 
  How Much Kaplan Coaching Cost for USMLE in India?  33 7K simv  6 years ago by jaldoc 
  ANATOMY: Quick Review - Joints - USMLE Step 1  32 2K Actionking  9 years ago by AshB 
  What is the latest scene on the visa issue for USMLE CS  32 2K petunia  8 years ago by medisid 
  Share your Step 1 Scores here.  32 12K AshB  2 months ago by ahmed_khalid 
  Is Internship a right time to start USMLE preparation?  32 2K google_singh  8 years ago by dr_kunal 
  USMLE step 1 Queries and Information  32 7K Guest  8 years ago by caps31382 
  Friends. A Little Help.. What is the best coaching centre for usmle at delhi? and anyone available as study partner ..?  31 495 mrvickymd  17 days ago by trriplesss 
  Usmle step 1 study partner (preferably in chennai)  30 315 tsmonika26  3 months ago by fiem5422 
  Basics doubts/fears on usmle!  30 4K georgie  7 years ago by dipsite 
  How to get 99 in USMLE Step 1?  30 11K zoondub  1 year ago by prashantmhatre 
  Where can I find USMLE 186 identification form online?  30 2K certain  7 years ago by drche 
  Is Joining KAPLAN worthwhile for USMLE Step 1?  29 5K MoneeshMittal  9 years ago by vineetgsvm 
  Is Oasis Trick 100% Reliable?  29 2K MoneeshMittal  7 years ago by AshB 
  What is the format for USMLE Medical School Transcript?  28 2K katang  7 years ago by certain 
  What are my options with low scores in USMLE Step 1?  28 5K Jigna  1 year ago by drnks 
  How to apply for clerkship without clearing USMLE steps?  28 946 suryanarayanared  3 years ago by rohankh 
  Can I take USMLE Step 1 after MBBS second year?  27 3K super7  6 years ago by nihaal786 
  USMLE Step 1 was not as bad!  27 2K erythromycin  1 year ago by shirintasneem 
  What is the Minimum Time Required for USMLE Step 1?  27 3K guru1781  6 years ago by iamehi 
  Is US PG Degree Recognised in India?  27 8K Guest  6 years ago by Lezduur 
  Q physiology : nephro  27 548 bharatvedin  9 years ago by shriya 
  Search: Study partner for u.s.m.l.e. in delhi  27 841 guptadrsachin  9 years ago by vineetgsvm 
  What is the total money expenditure for USMLE?  24 3K deepsi  8 years ago by AshB 
  USMLE step I for FMGs/IMGs  23 3K anonymous  6 years ago by aspirehigh 
  Strategy to do kaplan q bank  23 2K akoud  7 years ago by shravani 
  How much time do I need to crack all USMLE steps?  22 3K miteshlotia  6 years ago by raj678 
  How is Kaplan QBank compared to USMLE World?  22 8K drjpankaj  7 years ago by superdockolli 
  What subject do I start with for USMLE Step 1?  21 2K sybarite  8 years ago by doc_kalsi 
  Study partner usmle step 1  21 348 akhil131  3 days ago by ElfGod 
  Should I give USMLE before or after post-graduation?  21 1K drpupai  7 years ago by thread author 
  Pathognomic study sheet!  21 1K BloodyKnight  8 years ago by caditya 
  Keeping my fingers crossed after USMLE Step 1  21 1K dr_kunal  7 years ago by tona 
  Is it a good idea to take USMLE after PG in India?  21 2K intelli  8 years ago by pass_usmle 
  Should I start with system notes for USMLE Step 1 prep?  19 2K doc25  8 years ago by lonedoc 
  Which overseas specialization helps most after USMLE?  19 1K drss  9 years ago by veenalanka 
  How to start preparing for USMLE step 1?  19 3K Farzana  8 years ago by a_ecstasy 
  How should I go about doing clinical electives in USA?  18 1K rdx  5 months ago by anuragadhikari 
  My exam experience - step 1. read at your own peril..!!  18 2K jaydoc  9 months ago by volcanicbeats 
  What is NBME and NBME Exam?  17 3K sravya  7 years ago by AshB 
  What are preferred resources for USMLE Step 1 review?  17 1K khox  7 years ago by rajju077 
  Are LORs, USCE, clerk/obeserverships must things?  15 323 royalmedicus  15 days ago by vijaybang 
  Syndromes associated wid heart disease  15 1K sravya  1 year ago by honey87 
  What is the future scenario in USMLE ?  15 1K cyrus_Y_rus  8 years ago by Whiterose 
  Should I go in for USMLE?  15 1K drniio  9 years ago by AshB 
  Is TOEFL required for USMLE?  15 786 tf  8 years ago by Jigna 
  What should a Letter of Recommendation (LoR) contain?  15 2K alacrity  7 years ago by paras007 
  Q physiology: pressure flow dynamics  14 264 bharatvedin  9 years ago by docformle 
  Study partner for usmle step 1. serious partner  14 241 hereiam87  2 days ago by bond23 
  What are the chances of residency if I go via GRE way?  13 1K dr_ruchi  8 years ago by kaurdoctor 
  Is is Possible to Retake USMLE After Passing it?  13 2K junejo  7 years ago by phycician0716 
  Where can I find Kaplan Qbank for USMLE in Canada?  13 1K mehreen123  7 years ago by uncle 
  Clarifications in USMLE application  12 3K ggmed22  9 years ago by palls 
  Where can I find Kaplan's books for USMLE Step 1 in US?  12 960 Simmu  8 years ago by DRMURUGAN 
  Library : mastering immunodeficiencies - the simple way  12 1K georgie  7 years ago by chmiq 
  How do they score the marks in USMLE?  12 2K palls  9 years ago by thread author 
  Guidelines for posting questions in the forum  12 1K vineetgsvm  7 years ago by anupam75 
  How to plan for a feasible schedule for USMLE process?  12 961 google_singh  8 years ago by fragile_x 
  What should be my study plan in the last phase of USMLE Step 1 prep?  11 666 cutie555  8 years ago by thread author 
  Study partner for usmle step1 in dubai or thru skype  11 51 Obgyninthemaking  3 days ago by ElfGod 
  Is U.S. Medical Speciality Degree Recognised in India?  11 3K AshB  8 years ago by thread author 
  Is there any coaching for USMLE in Maharashtra, India?  11 834 cutie555  8 years ago by saurabh222bangal 
  What to Do if I Score Poorly in USMLE Step 1?  10 2K punu_81  1 year ago by drnks 
  What is the Cost of Each Step in USMLE?  10 4K dr_renu  9 years ago by palls 
  Comment: usmle forum looks dashing yaar!  10 316 sravya  9 years ago by drss 
  What other practice test are there for USMLE 1?  10 828 sherly  8 years ago by AshB 
  What are the IMG friendly observership schemes in USA?  10 1K tona  6 years ago by vlbedoc 
  What are the chances of getting US residency for IMGs?  10 1K saira  8 years ago by pasha30 
  What is required to be ECFMG certified?  10 475 huma77  3 years ago by jrcosta 
  What are the absolute NOT TO DO for USMLE Step 1?  10 775 doc_kalsi  8 years ago by thread author 
  Is doing MBBS from US beneficial for USMLE?  9 547 doc_g  8 years ago by AshB 
  Should I go for USMLE if I don't get through in AIPGE?  9 366 drpb2826  7 years ago by drk2 
  What are the options after USMLE for a railway doctor?  9 487 anupam75  7 years ago by AshB 
  Study partner for usmle  9 43 vivek192079  12 hours ago by sarapk 
  Which series of Kaplan is preferred for USMLE Step 1?  9 671 doc_g  8 years ago by DRMURUGAN 
  Which are the top US medical schools for USMLE?  9 940 alacrity  8 years ago by prashant88 
  What are the latest changes in USMLE Pattern?  8 670 vdagrawal  9 years ago by drche 
  Are deemed Indian universities recognized for USMLE?  8 994 ridhs  8 years ago by pass_usmle 
  What are most and least important subjects for USMLE 1?  7 870 obyokafor  8 years ago by fragile_x 
  Does preparing for USMLE help in AIPGE?  7 470 happydermi  4 years ago by Apparcht 
  Which USMLE Step should I take first?  7 308 bilsi2001  1 year ago by Rlucey 
  What should a dean's letter or MPSE contain?  7 1K vineetgsvm  9 years ago by shriya 
  Q.physiology: menstrual cycle - hormones  6 254 vineetgsvm  8 years ago by maad 
  Q: pharmac- pharmacokinetics  6 592 dsha  7 years ago by shravani 
  Pharmac : Atrial Fibrillation  6 234 simv  8 years ago by drfriend 
  What is the Most Appropriate Time for US Observerships?  6 1K drjassi  7 years ago by raj000 
  Serach: online study partner  6 251 sravya  9 years ago by shriya 
  How to use WebPath software for USMLE Step 1?  6 633 google_singh  7 years ago by doctor123 
  Q physiology: calcium meta  6 285 bharatvedin  8 years ago by samip 
  What to do if I fail in USMLE Step 1?  6 833 drnit  1 year ago by drnks 
  USCE: United States Clinical Experience, Defined  5 465 vlbedoc  5 years ago by drsmly 
  What are the prospects of doing internship in USA?  5 785 drche  9 years ago by thread author 
  Transition from UK to US  5 387 sufy  7 years ago by thread author 
  What is the registration procedure for IMGs in Canada?  5 380 cerasella  7 years ago by thread author 
  Beh Sc Q: Can't bear the thought of losing her husband.  5 612 mdali007  7 years ago by jabby 
  What's your practice exam score for USMLE?  5 698 drviks  8 years ago by khox 
  Study partner for step 1 kaplans  5 59 drsingh912  3 days ago by STARPATH 
  USMLE Step 1 is not so tough  5 514 mms1976  5 years ago by rakshitpatnana 
  Beginner's queries regarding electives  5 77 anuragadhikari  13 days ago by kgup5196 
  USMLE Step 1 in Mumbai  5 368 drtask  7 years ago by thread author 
  Pharmacology: cardiac  4 200 dr4jc  8 years ago by thread author 
  Are there topic wise MCQ books for USMLE Step 1?  4 325 nac1841  4 years ago by nirupamv 
  Q. anat 11: automobile accident 2  4 122 drche  9 years ago by thread author 
  How does elective help in USMLE?  4 203 ishu_jassal  6 months ago by anuragadhikari 
  Q. Anat 9: which artery?  4 125 drche  9 years ago by thread author 
  Do you have to re-do your internship in the US after you clear all the steps?  4 44 smize  1 month ago by akshatharao12 
  Topic Review Links for USMLE Step 1  4 527 RxPG_Team  9 years ago by thread author 
  Best book for pathology - USMLE Step 1?  4 35 bond23  8 days ago by thread author 
  How to Study Anatomy for USMLE?  4 1K georgie  7 years ago by jotieno 
  How is the life of an Indian resident doctor in USA?  4 1K kunalsuradkar27  7 years ago by thread author 
  Please Note: Delay in Step1 Score Reporting  4 1K AshB  6 years ago by iamehi 
  Urgent : form 186 to be signed by  4 112 anavrin_kaerf  4 years ago by bittu_paeds 
  Need help in application: clinical clerkships  3 149 jrcosta  2 years ago by thread author 
  Confused about questions on medical ethics in USMLE Step 1  3 600 stranger  2 years ago by mleresidencytips 
  Female Study Partner for USMLE Step 1 in Burlington or through Skype  3 53 rahma_45  3 days ago by ElfGod 
  Need a study partner in hyderabad for usmle step 1  3 63 231285  3 days ago by ElfGod 
  What are the chances for residency 2 years after graduation?  3 344 venkyreddy097  3 years ago by usmlevideos 
  My usmle step 1 preps  3 644 drche  7 years ago by thread author 
  How to get authorised medical school officials for ECFMG?  3 205 rakkuda  3 years ago by patelamit97 
  Indian students skype network..my id : drkrishusa  3 56 drkrishusa  4 years ago by devileye 
  Biochemistry remembrance  3 1K sravya  7 years ago by shwetagr 
  How to start USMLE Preparation from scratch?  3 913 SRIVA  5 years ago by itsjusnobody 
  Q. anat 10: automobile accident  3 118 drche  9 years ago by sravya 
  Is it easier to get visa for USMLE CSA after passing USMLE Step 2 CK?  3 183 DrTarriq  5 years ago by Khushi27 
  USMLE score- NBME score corelation  3 855 usmle1doc  28 days ago by vamsireddy 
  Study partner  2 31 misspieces  2 months ago by DrMarium 
  Would KAPLAN make a big difference to home preparation?  2 238 drkdich  3 years ago by devileye 
  Which subjects are easy to get in U.S. universities?  2 709 som  8 years ago by thread author 
  Which country's graduates can give USMLE?  2 441 Lamb  8 years ago by munno 
  Looking for a study partner in kerala  2 20 hariscm  1 month ago by nivingeorge 
  What should be the last date to get USMLE scores ready?  2 498 google_singh  8 years ago by fragile_x 
  Which edition of Step 1 DVDs to buy  2 54 vka123  6 days ago by amad 
  What is the minimum score that guarantees USMLE residency?  2 465 superzok  5 years ago by AshB 
  5 yrs post graduation cutoff  2 104 Sophiyalevn  1 month ago by thread author 
  How is Kaplan's Medessentials as a USMLE revision tool?  2 870 ieltsforall  7 years ago by thread author 
  Web path  2 635 stranger  2 years ago by embolus 
  What is the advice regarding USMLE STEP 1 DVDs?  1 385 vka123  7 years ago by vishnu14 
  Study partner for usmle step 1  1 28 mody14  1 month ago by DrSherKhoh 
  Can I take LOR from a US doctor who is a relative?  1 885 google_singh  8 years ago by dsha 
  Full Title, Author names, and Edition of books  1 18 vka123  17 days ago by trriplesss 
  Free Test series for USMLE step 1  1 37 doctans  28 days ago by vamsireddy 
  Forum charter: usmle 1 :read before you post in here  1 1K vineetgsvm  5 years ago by sanjaydhawan 
  Study partner for usmle step 1  1 37 drsingh912  15 days ago by thoi 
  Please I need Step 1 materials  1 64 AcuteOnChronic  4 years ago by sonu_sandeep123 
  Can someone write step by step guide in how to apply for usmle step 1 from india?  1 73 smize  13 days ago by kgup5196 
  How important are CME Credits for an IMG?  1 547 katang  9 years ago by vineetgsvm 
  Taking the usmle after indian pg training: 10 FAQs  1 122 drganguli  8 years ago by fragile_x 
  Facing difficulty in bioechem and genetics  1 36 AyeshaJaved  2 months ago by Rhayden 
  Please help  1 21 Seemas  3 months ago by mehtaketan10 
  Hai friends  1 17 noorshe  2 months ago by thread author 
  Female studypartner for step1 in vijayawada or hyderabd  1 22 satyendra7172  3 days ago by ElfGod 
  All the SYNDROMES are here  1 1K palls  9 years ago by vineetgsvm 
  Usmle book  1 34 krebhans  28 days ago by vamsireddy 
  What I learned from USMLE Step 1  1 501 jimi_singla  4 years ago by clgtwenty 
  Doubt regarding name in applying for usmle  1 30 kom8  2 months ago by drhnis 
  Need a sp in jodhpur,rajasthan  1 32 Pragati87  1 month ago by rahuldotkhanna 
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