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Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India (Medical PG Entrance Exam)
This forum will discuss questions and queries about the PGI Chandigarh PG Entrance Exam. Users are welcome to ask or answer queries or discuss the actual exam questions here.
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Replies Views Started by Last Post
  How was PGI 2018?  1 99 stuti908  1 year ago by aiimspgprep 
  How do you prepare for PGI Chandigarh Exam? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  111 27K eschricia  1 year ago by dgarg07 
  When is the PGI exam in November 2017?  1 65 medico143  1 year ago by Ahmed93 
  Is MS surgery at PGIMER as bad as we hear? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  77 3K Mam_ch  2 years ago by thread author 
  How was Pgi may 17 ..The Review Go directly to Last Post in the thread  58 3K drted  2 years ago by kalaibharathi92 
  How's MD Psychiatry at Pgi Chandigarh?  4 314 Cristiano  2 years ago by AnkurTripathi 
  How is MD Medicine at PGI?  6 747 Agyat  2 years ago by AnkurTripathi 
  What books I read to get PGI rank 65 and Jipmer 30. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  98 10K sachinkumar89  2 years ago by laleethambiga 
  Where to find the form or link for pgimer  1 57 pankaj1489  2 years ago by pathfind007 
  How to prepare for aiims nd pgi?  3 206 inventamar  2 years ago by rkchoudhary 
  When is nov 2016 pgi 2nd counseling?  4 253 ashwinimbbs  2 years ago by dangeroustula 
  How many questions should be marked on an average in the pgi entrance?  4 562 rmcc  2 years ago by jana93 
  How was Nov 2016 PGI paper?. Share ur experience here..  2 468 xx123xx  2 years ago by Docmewu 
  How's mukhmohit singh for pgi?  4 341 drarpit07  2 years ago by raka12345 
  What should be the strategy to solve PGIMER PG Entrance paper?  6 2K dramitsrg  3 years ago by hemram 
  When pgi form will be out  1 49 sudubaba  3 years ago by dangeroustula 
  How many options to mark  6 320 shreejita08  3 years ago by eagle_sight 
  Is PGI going to conduct online exam in May 2016..  7 253 drparasar  3 years ago by march13 
  Is there open counselling in PGI?  4 105 docchand  3 years ago by prabhatprakash 
  How was pgi nov 15  1 178 plviapril  3 years ago by thread author 
  Why so less seats  2 159 drvikram0689  3 years ago by coolestmopani 
  Why is the exam details given in only pgimer.applyforexams.com but not in pgimer.edu.in ? Could d active webpage former be a fake ?  2 48 medicalstudent7  4 years ago by thread author 
  How was exam today PGI may 2015  21 1K prajwalaathreya  4 years ago by doctordivya 
  Is the date for November pgi exam released I searched site but can't figure it out plz help..  5 257 temper  4 years ago by singh43 
  Is NOV 8th the prospective date?  4 182 Targetmd  4 years ago by thread author 
  Is Manoj Chaudhary and Chaudhary Nath Das same book or different for pgi?  1 226 sundaramdr  4 years ago by chatrx 
  What should be the rank for obc to get ortho or surg  1 241 zaphenath  4 years ago by thread author 
  How is Nov PGI exam different from May exam?  5 756 secondattempt  4 years ago by karandeeppaul32 
  How many members are writhng pgi this time  5 238 Drmanj  4 years ago by thread author 
  Issues in form submission  1 46 karnalika  4 years ago by vishnu183 
  When will the PGIMER may 15' MD MS application process start?!  32 1K employeeentrance  4 years ago by lingaraju99 
  How much luck factor works in PGI  3 291 jmittaldda  4 years ago by varmiman86 
  How to prepare for MCh plastic surgery entrance examination?  1 123 jayanta  4 years ago by gj319 
  Is the person elligible for second counselling without attending the first?  5 186 heavenlyanil  4 years ago by harri21 
  What rank should one require for radio, Medicine, Pedo and other subjects  2 650 jmittaldda  4 years ago by drmanjunath92 
  How many options to be marked in PGI - for a good rank  5 549 jmittaldda  4 years ago by SoniaKarapurkar 
  Is may pgi manoj chowdhary supplement out?  9 392 icatibant  5 years ago by gargidas 
  When is the notification going to be out for nov exam?  17 514 secondattempt  5 years ago by thread author 
  What is ur study plan for pgi nov 14 frnds??  20 1K PGIpgi  5 years ago by drdheerajsingh 
  How is pgi ortho ?  8 310 dipanjanhalder  5 years ago by DISIAR 
  Candidates who hav secured good ranking in both AIPGMEE AND PGI MAY 2014!.pls share your rank and your preference  1 146 bala16690  5 years ago by jassvir 
  What rank for SC candidates?  1 249 dineshmurugesan  5 years ago by thread author 
  What to read in ENT and Optho. Kindly Help  5 134 chetanpowers  5 years ago by doc2024 
  How to revise questions of pgi noveber 2014?  3 278 drkurian  5 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for aiims 2014  28 1K anu2000  5 years ago by mahihere 
  How to prepare for pgi chandigarh?guidance please  24 2K drgaurav86  5 years ago by mesatya 
  When will Pgi Hall tickets usually arrive?  4 139 paulcontran  5 years ago by thread author 
  Can we send pgi appl form thru courier ? urgent plsss reply  4 76 donny  5 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for pgimer nov 2014  1 88 suppu0  5 years ago by drpra89b 
  What to mention in application number section mentioned when paying through sbi i collect. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  69 1K drsubodh  5 years ago by satyamev14 
  Can someone pls send me link of application form of pgimer july 2014  4 83 aparnavadlamudi  5 years ago by dr_sahilgupta 
  How effective/beneficial is coaching in chennai for someone from the North?  14 362 phoenixcruzer  5 years ago by deepshikarao 
  How many medicine seats are available in pgi?  3 220 drsanjo  5 years ago by aniketmalaviya 
  How to prepare for aiims 2014  2 74 anu2000  5 years ago by its_not_me 
  Is CMC vellore better than JIPMER? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  51 2K sajidsk  5 years ago by mohontoi 
  Is it safe to study just for pgi  8 237 plviapril  5 years ago by thread author 
  How good it is to take chandigadh ascentre if giving pgi  6 88 kilgharrah  5 years ago by ashish_verma9387 
  Can interns write pgi nov?  1 16 deepu56  6 years ago by ashuaa 
  What date are u gonna choose for DNB if PGI is on 17th November?  6 342 neelumehta  6 years ago by thread author 
  Can interns write pgi nov?  1 18 deepu56  6 years ago by chinnav11 
  Is there any news regarding change of date of PGIMER entrance in Chandigarh local newspaper  5 294 soumyasarkar  6 years ago by rahul4gmc 
  What about exam center?  6 70 Targetmd  6 years ago by sudhantrichy 
  Is pgi exam online this year  14 627 etrope77  6 years ago by sudhantrichy 
  Does any1 hav may'13 pgi pdf ?  5 304 dr_sowjanya  6 years ago by manasavoodi 
  How to fill online form  8 138 jahanx2012  6 years ago by tazloc 
  How to to save the generated challan?  2 54 padmab  6 years ago by drharshvardhan 
  How to prepare pgi in 2 months?how much hours one has to study books etc  2 684 drgaurav86  6 years ago by amitava5kmaity 
  What are the centers for pgi exam?  1 94 doctorsd  6 years ago by vishrut 
  Which book for pgi chandigarh exam  1 146 sporothrix  6 years ago by thread author 
  How can I start my preparation for PGI Chandigarh? Plz,do help me.  3 207 aiimspgprep  6 years ago by manasimedico 
  Can i clear nov pgi exam if i start now?  22 1K shankar_blues  6 years ago by jinx007 
  What are my chances  3 91 drnagaraju21  6 years ago by raunakmilton 
  When is d open / last counselling july pgi session?  1 65 tallboykk  6 years ago by kunwarbirsingh 
  When is the councelling going to start! ?  1 61 Chandig7  6 years ago by NarendraKK 
  What are my chances? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  83 3K shivanrockz  6 years ago by ramajay 
  WHICH BRANCHES are good in pgi, in paraclinical ,clinical and nonclinical ?  42 1K nautymonu1989  6 years ago by myuniv 
  How to download admit card for counselling-plz help  1 59 rahdismav  6 years ago by bosea9394 
  Is it sucidal to prepare both nov NEET & PGI  2 107 drsks2012  6 years ago by plviapril 
  When is the councelling going to start?  2 106 Chandig7  6 years ago by piyush_07 
  Is it true??surgical gown from next exam?  1 148 gouthamching  6 years ago by vijendrajangid 
  How is the pgi paper , may 2013  3 387 bs061212  6 years ago by drjainshashank 
  How to crack PGI  3 407 naval130886  6 years ago by bjmcstud 
  Is it necessary to fill and post all 6 pages in application form..? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  68 1K Dhanu51  6 years ago by amberoxx 
  How to get qns of nov 12 pgi  1 117 sreekumar_mmc87  6 years ago by Evelyn777 
  Can the challan be generated now? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  81 2K minnaa  6 years ago by deepti25 
  How to fil pgi july sesion Go directly to Last Post in the thread  74 2K naval130886  6 years ago by lamotrigine 
  How will we get admit card this time by post or online??  4 117 dranandSHINES  6 years ago by SanthanaKesav 
  IS may pgi 2012 supplement of manoj chaudhary is available  4 231 akashkharat  6 years ago by owais7 
  Why PGI not conducting P.G entrance test in regional centre?  2 124 sankarpaul  6 years ago by mihir123 
  Can anyone tell me what is last SC category rank got seat in JIPMER 2012  1 116 akashkharat  6 years ago by thread author 
  Where is the form??  2 61 citizenkane  6 years ago by thread author 
  Why is PGI full with students from South India?Is their study pattern different from North Indian students?  15 917 sumanta_cmc  6 years ago by drnb001 
  How many options to mark in pgi  7 117 mihir123  6 years ago by naval130886 
  How about starting harrison for pgi may2013?  9 183 ronaldross  6 years ago by sravb 
  What to do after negative result??  37 1K ronaldross  6 years ago by drranita 
  What are the chances of pgi date being changed again!?  4 96 l_charan  6 years ago by RxPG_Team 
  How was pgi? Compared to november pgi?  25 1K thorno007  6 years ago by thread author 
  When will the list of eligible candidates be posted in PGI website  5 287 naevus  6 years ago by prt 
  How was todays exam  7 346 imdrkp  6 years ago by sams777 
  How many r goin to give pgi xam again?any guess.  1 77 dr_anirbandas  6 years ago by abracadabra 
  What to read for pgi after neet in 3 days  2 151 abhijit_vipul  6 years ago by amanhira88 
  Cant we take wrist watch?  8 137 naevus  6 years ago by amanhira88 
  How many ppl giving dec 8 pgi  4 149 draparnapande  6 years ago by rakesh141 
  How will be reexam question pgi dec 2012  9 235 drmgr  6 years ago by skm23 
  How to get the duplicate admit card for pgi dec 8th  6 109 drjibin  6 years ago by thread author 
  What is Your Plan for the Day..Improve Your Consistency.  1 76 learning  6 years ago by thread author 
  Can Anyone with New registration appear for Reschedule PGIMER Entrance  5 144 drsarangdsecret  6 years ago by kaushiksandeep00 
  What is the new date for pgi re-exam  5 80 krun  6 years ago by thread author 
  Why exam cancellation is important?  8 673 mystic_girl85  6 years ago by eswar_nanda2000 
  How many actually planning to write pgi?  1 56 thorno007  6 years ago by thread author 
  How many attending this nov pgi  19 638 jakanattane  6 years ago by thorno007 
  Is there anyone didn't receive pgi admit card Go directly to Last Post in the thread  165 2K sachin1000  6 years ago by ashu_m 
  What to mark in questions having "All of the above" option?  5 69 arundua88  6 years ago by thread author 
  How to rewise manoj choudhary  2 93 prammcian  6 years ago by Mdeven 
  How safe it is to prepare only for nov pgi?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  83 2K rashmijjmmc  6 years ago by japanjapan 
  Which book to read..  8 249 sudubaba  6 years ago by mahuri_n_1412 
  Is nov pgi more tougher  2 48 x250  6 years ago by thread author 
  Is it worth spending so much for pgi  7 112 sumukh9  6 years ago by Mdeven 
  What about time of pgi exam?  3 179 mojojojo  6 years ago by abhijit_vipul 
  How many students are expected to attend this exam?  4 277 varunbbajaj  6 years ago by MADHUYADAV 
  How to get halltickets of pgi  6 353 asnaidu26  6 years ago by MADHUYADAV 
  Is it true that PGI is on 25th  1 115 dranandSHINES  7 years ago by pganupa 
  Where to buy Nov 2011 pgi manoj choudhary book  1 97 Foscarnet  7 years ago by nonusa 
  Can i fill the form while doing md from another college?  1 32 nafeesahmed  7 years ago by levinia 
  Is pgi chandigarh nov 2012 postponed  27 2K anchitk161288  7 years ago by dranoopmathew 
  How to tackle ambivalent sounding questions in PGIMER??  1 84 arundua88  7 years ago by thread author 
  Why not topper of pgi get 100 percentile?  4 2K sudubaba  7 years ago by rajeshmetla 
  Whats avrg mark to b scored to get above 98 percentile  21 3K mistake  7 years ago by agrawalneh 
  Can anyone  2 74 9816783493  7 years ago by thread author 
  How to check application form status??pls pls help!!1  8 586 160002  7 years ago by fionashrek 
  How to mark ans n right way  2 209 sirii  7 years ago by wounDEAD 
  Can i give pgi/aiims/dnb exm while doin pg?  3 130 ramchow  7 years ago by kprn007 
  Is there any proforma of fiiing character certificate  1 93 sudubaba  7 years ago by Dr_Sumit_chawla 
  How is preparation going on 4 pgi  6 436 gauti007  7 years ago by karanappa 
  Which pen is the best to mark in pgi?  28 3K anilmaniaaa  7 years ago by gurughantal286 
  When do we expect nov 2011 supplement book to come out  2 303 rankligand  7 years ago by learning 
  Which bus is better..??  1 280 Vikarta  7 years ago by sahityaa49 
  Can i get paedia in general 22 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  55 5K pushpak  8 years ago by aasmasahni2012 
  Which branch can I get with rank 28 in PGI?  4 602 pushpak  8 years ago by dr_pradeep2005 
  Is nov 2011.aiims.,,pgimer.there??????plzz tell me ,,,  3 542 pradeepkommu  8 years ago by orthopedician 
  What dou get in pgi in sc-41??  5 488 docjal  8 years ago by thread author 
  What R Options At Various Ranks  13 1K karanappa  8 years ago by Einstein1985 
  Where to stay at chandigarh  23 2K medicozzz  8 years ago by vijayloya 
  What should be the percentage to score above 95 percentile.?  2 621 madhudavid  8 years ago by thread author 
  How much questions are repeated in PGI?  4 716 soumalya  8 years ago by thread author 
  How to apply form ...confused??  9 348 hunk  9 years ago by gousiamukhtar 
  Is there any special class for pgi exam  1 104 drsubodh  9 years ago by renin 
  Does anyone know the exam date of PGIME in november 2010?  5 353 copain  9 years ago by thread author 
  How much is the stipend at pgimer??  3 489 speedball  9 years ago by amulya 
  When r results Go directly to Last Post in the thread  184 16K amulya  9 years ago by shreyas185 
  Can someone please post the result  1 173 bapujigosangi  9 years ago by hisaheb 
  How was pgi june 2010 ?  2 183 dr_tomchi  9 years ago by doc31789 
  How many bubbles did u mark?? PGI10  3 242 yogi04  9 years ago by thread author 
  How was pgi june 2010 ?  9 482 dr_tomchi  9 years ago by paree 
  Which chaudhary for reading PGI?  10 458 drvandan  9 years ago by j10 
  Is pgi book by manoj chaudary in market?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  89 6K drcak61963  9 years ago by pgireviewdec2008 
  How 2 apply for obc certificate in andhra pradesh?  3 82 itsme_vidhya00  9 years ago by drcak61963 
  How to study for both pgi and aiims ( may sessions) plz help  6 825 drcak61963  9 years ago by ankitbhatia85 
  What are good branches in PGIMER  4 851 mehtaraj  9 years ago by Rajatmohan 
  How Many questios did u attempt..  7 381 sandy83  9 years ago by thread author 
  Why do ppl still choose medicine over radiology?  3 363 caerus  9 years ago by aiimsonian4life 
  How many failures are allowed in pgi  5 340 drshaileshlohani  10 years ago by amborishnath 
  Is Pgi exam centre only Chandigarh?  1 83 Bravenewdoc  10 years ago by drpankajnagori 
  Where to stay in chandigarh  6 430 devang  10 years ago by deeprocks360 
  How to prep for pgi  1 215 klm  10 years ago by soamsundar 
  How 2 attempt the questions in pgi  21 1K drnirrag  10 years ago by genodr 
  How many MCQ's U solved today? dec 08 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  80 4K aryakid  10 years ago by h-lilac 
  IS PGIMER a total time waste in HECTIC december?  3 282 devang  10 years ago by manowar 
  Which book is best for last moment?  19 2K dr_riti  10 years ago by prankur 
  How many mcq's u solved today? june 08 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  156 7K aryakid  11 years ago by neha_26 
  Does PGI put status/rollno/centre details online?  1 195 the_lord_eht20  11 years ago by coolwizardashish 
  Can d orth dch students apply for pgi??  5 296 manowar  11 years ago by thread author 
  Is new edition of pgi-chaudhary out?  9 794 dr_tomchi  11 years ago by aryakid 
  When will the forms be out for June PGI  2 451 vikrammedico  11 years ago by DOCTORSHRADDHA 
  When are forms available for June 2008  3 363 nma21  11 years ago by astralboy 
  How was pgi 2008-jan  10 950 vikrammedico  11 years ago by drprasan 
  How to prepare for pgi ?  1 228 CUBBA99  12 years ago by skreddy 
  When is the 2nd counselling  6 223 tiks1984  12 years ago by thread author 
  How many options to go for in PGI JUNE 07??  31 2K niksdak  12 years ago by DrRajan 
  What will you read/revise today  12 761 SHASHANK_9  12 years ago by thread author 
  Where is the prospectus on the site ??  3 264 Kun  12 years ago by wondergirl 
  What about two un-related refferie ?  4 251 dr_roshan  12 years ago by sarasu 
  What pgi toppers have picked ?  46 5K stranger  12 years ago by phoenix_bhu 
  Which MCQ book for PGI?  10 1K grandmaster  12 years ago by b_p 
  What is Best at PGI ?  1 309 drprabs  12 years ago by js_bmc 
  Where to stay at Chandigarh  2 616 Kolkata_doc  13 years ago by coolniks 
  When will the Forms Come out?  1 394 sids_82  13 years ago by niyati2002 
  How to prepare  1 929 syndrome_xy  13 years ago by thread author 
  How to crack pgi  1 2K bharatmbbs  14 years ago by samekudi 
  How to fill pgi application  1 661 robin  14 years ago by ramareddykarri 
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