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This forum will discuss questions and queries about the Manipal exam. Users are welcome to ask or answer queries or discuss the exam questions here.
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  Can anybody suggest me about MD Biochem in manipal? is it worth?  1 67 anuhya19  16 days ago by fahimsheik 
  Is it mandatory to attend first round counselling to qualify for future rounds??  13 447 raj_udpm  22 days ago by khushiikrc 
  When is the rank list for manipal coming ?  1 175 aditmohangarg  1 month ago by PRAKHAR28 
  How to apply for the 2nd attempt in otbs !??plz help  29 1K docpranu  1 month ago by mee88 
  How many Correct Questions will fetch a clinical seat at manipal?  11 1K eagle35  1 month ago by chi_anki 
  How is the Paper, today?  2 284 96999  1 month ago by manish67 
  Which is the best book for manipal pg entrance...  2 356 docpranu  1 month ago by sameetamp88 
  Which date is better to book a slot for manipal pg  3 424 chandu4u  1 month ago by sruthisipra14 
  How To Examination Slot By Online Test Booking System  4 155 dr_anishjain  1 month ago by hashipats 
  How can i edit application form?  5 81 drabhirupbose  2 months ago by medikill 
  How many appeared for MAHE last year ? for the Pg exam?  1 233 blueeyedbaboon  2 months ago by surgeonshweta16 
  Is the MAHE site acting up again?  1 19 johnny006  3 months ago by Raaghul 
  Which college are you joing for mbbs?  5 65 wealthyman  8 months ago by thread author 
  What is the cut off rank for gen. surgery i manipal?  2 391 SanDr21  11 months ago by thread author 
  Is reporting date may 2nd for all those who took seqts in manipal 1st round or has it changed  8 467 aipgme  11 months ago by romeo30 
  Is Manipal degree valid outside India?  5 413 bluecontour  11 months ago by g88 
  What is the minimum rank to get a clinical branch in manipal??  17 3K tejakundurthi  1 year ago by books1000 
  How is diploma in patho in manipal  3 88 rudhira007  1 year ago by dr_mann 
  Can we expect opthal for 141 marks  16 555 sunkara7  1 year ago by angel2014 
  When will they post Manipal Ranks?  3 139 TulioPhenomenon  1 year ago by priyakkk 
  How was 23rd morning session(9am)  3 197 prz123  1 year ago by thread author 
  Which Books to read for manipal pg xams?  7 700 Amrita22  1 year ago by djvalz 
  How is post-graduation in Manipal? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  52 10K shaina  1 year ago by reachdrgovind 
  Where does the exam take place in Mangalore?  1 22 mayacassis  1 year ago by thread author 
  Is mahe an Easy getting One ?  8 613 januoooo  1 year ago by thread author 
  Is ther a seperate entrance for post diploma students  1 63 dochere  1 year ago by rajeshvtrish 
  IS it compulsary to attend 1st counselling for people over 5000 rank?  7 389 drshoaibkhoja  1 year ago by kirthijona 
  How many of u are planning to takeseat in manipal  4 276 bhanutej  1 year ago by sravanthumati 
  Is Migration Certificate necessary  2 87 qwertyuiopdf890  1 year ago by halifax_89 
  What can i get for 576 rank? ophthal?  3 160 harithaneet  1 year ago by overhaul 
  Is MANIPAL worth the money we have to put in?  17 917 drcaffeine  1 year ago by shivaprasad 
  How Many total Aspirants For Mahe 2013-2014?  3 279 garfieldncheese  1 year ago by lifemed 
  What does this clause mean?  3 97 vyazz  1 year ago by dante06 
  How to get Application form photocopy for exam centre?  2 61 raviteja56  2 years ago by palak20 
  Is there chance for second attempt for those who wrote on 23rd 9am session  1 33 y8ce819  2 years ago by raj_mandalapu 
  Is it compulsory ?  3 59 vampirelove2000  2 years ago by dramitnalanda 
  Is colour hall ticket necessary for manipal?  4 102 drcaffeine  2 years ago by brat23 
  When will manipal scores be released  5 176 jaycee  2 years ago by thread author 
  How much score u r expecting ?  2 118 sanket103  2 years ago by thread author 
  What score of marks should i get to get a clinical pg seat?  4 207 raviteja56  2 years ago by NBS111 
  Books to read up for MAHE?  41 7K ekposhlapartha  2 years ago by manish82 
  Can give exam twice and best of two ... Go directly to Last Post in the thread  107 3K Lucky1  2 years ago by abcabc 
  WHich book For MAHE PGCET?  3 361 harley99  2 years ago by saberdoc 
  Is there any service bond in MAHE?  1 43 medicoqwe  2 years ago by cdrin 
  Which books are helpful for manipal entrence exam.  2 212 Krihar  2 years ago by kr_abhisek 
  When do we get the centres  2 51 Foscarnet  2 years ago by virajvslife 
  Does MANIPAL comes under NEET?  5 84 naveen1987722  2 years ago by tommybabu 
  Is it Worth taking MD Medicine in Sikkim Manipal??  16 774 garryb  2 years ago by TrojanRaggy 
  Cancellation fee rs11,000 upto may 1  3 160 kartheek  2 years ago by confucious 
  Are Manipal Degrees Recognised in UK?  23 6K mraheel  2 years ago by plabtest 
  How many of u guys are gng to cancel admission in manipal?  6 680 ravi_2488  3 years ago by amol12315 
  Which better in comed k?  1 97 ramneikmanglik  3 years ago by guru48 
  What is the effect of manipal and kcet results on manipal councelling  3 367 ashokraju  3 years ago by asivender 
  How to prepare for manipal Go directly to Last Post in the thread  72 14K cobb008  3 years ago by chintan2025 
  How does d system work?  2 361 pooja_sinha_23  3 years ago by thread author 
  Whats better ,to book early or book late for mahe  1 324 caps1  3 years ago by adsingh123123 
  What to write in code which comes below where they have asked about dd info ?  1 55 drdev20051  3 years ago by thread author 
  What is the criteria of nri/foriegn category,which students comes under this?  5 292 nature_cute_9  3 years ago by pracash 
  What to expect at your score in manipal 2011? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  151 19K hullomadam8  3 years ago by drmini9 
  Is Full Fees DD Mandatory on joining via Second Counselling?  3 235 drsidrad  3 years ago by doc_cool 
  Can ny1 get waitlisted widout showng originals??  2 204 Dr_taneja  4 years ago by Rubicon 
  What are your manipal scores?  10 929 sanketmk  4 years ago by doctorrokr 
  Which coll is better manipal or mangalore?  6 744 yogi04  4 years ago by russfear 
  Is there any precentile system in manipal or only exam marks for merit?  1 111 sohilsonu  4 years ago by mail2parun 
  How to study for manipal 2011  9 1K MAVERICK1983  4 years ago by drJaarthi 
  Is guj and MAHE to be replaced  1 157 rajesh_cha81  4 years ago by aliendoc 
  How many draft(s) required to be sent along with downloaded application  7 216 Braingenius  4 years ago by drhana 
  Can we practise in uk,australia and malaysia with manipal md/ms?  5 452 drinfight  4 years ago by vish_pai 
  Where is the center option at the online application form for manipal?  3 79 sadhuram  4 years ago by pandurangiragi 
  Is manipal pg entrance easier than the rest pg exams?  13 919 iNabeel  4 years ago by amishams 
  How to check the status of manipal application?  7 203 dr_sandeep  4 years ago by ravi_kmc04 
  What i had lost?  19 571 dr_niharika  4 years ago by drmanish1 
  What does "judgement reserved" in manipal's high court case verdict mean?  4 298 samir_p  4 years ago by nishanthkr 
  Cancel_take govt seat_avoid head ache.  1 79 GkG  4 years ago by eligent 
  How to solve manipal issues  2 119 GkG  4 years ago by drmanish1 
  Is it worth spending 25-30 lakhs as all seats are derecognised??  30 1K richaroy25  5 years ago by drmanish1 
  Is manipal = aiims = pgi ???  17 535 drcak61963  5 years ago by dr_karsan 
  Whats the significance of a counselling till status mci:admission stopped?  8 176 drmanish1  5 years ago by thread author 
  How is surgery at manipal ?  5 274 drvishal1985  5 years ago by CEREBRAL_CORTEX 
  How many people above 162?  1 105 nimu2swash  5 years ago by guesswho_nd 
  Is the PG/MS /MD from manipal recognised by MCI and other boards?  3 263 vampirelove2000  5 years ago by arjunkrishna 
  Candidates appearing for manipal under nri quota  5 185 drcak61963  5 years ago by manipalentrance 
  Whats the Highest Mark in Manipal 2010 till today  6 253 itsmeashish  5 years ago by manipalentrance 
  Can i get md general medicine for 154?  3 390 surdeep  5 years ago by drnirrag 
  Which is better 4 dermat?  3 179 livingwidhopes  5 years ago by thread author 
  How much does the college matter?  4 163 forever_optimist  6 years ago by aquaflame 
  When will mahe people display seat matrices???  1 130 srinudsv  6 years ago by Lost08 
  What's ur score in MAHE 09? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  136 17K aryakid  6 years ago by drctvs 
  How was the exam today?ur score?  4 273 luckyapplicant  6 years ago by Archilles 
  Is it true the first session today is very tough..  4 351 srinivas_y2k  6 years ago by ammusiddu 
  How to Best Attempt the Online Exam for MAHE?  4 1K catatonicstupor  6 years ago by vikas_panthri 
  Is it worth writing manipal pg exam  4 210 kartika1427  6 years ago by drdreamweaver 
  Does recognition really matter?  3 381 goli  6 years ago by viju 
  Is it safe to join manipal university?  6 471 rahulrao17  7 years ago by thread author 
  Whats your score?  25 2K aryakid  7 years ago by sreeya 
  Is it wise to get in manipal wid high fees n no recognition for d last 1nhalf yr  1 160 coolfreak  7 years ago by Dr_Firaz 
  Can u pls tell me who can apply in nri only bld relations as in immediate family  2 139 coolfreak  7 years ago by thread author 
  How is pharmacology in manipal  3 225 drkum  7 years ago by Dr_Firaz 
  Is manipal still worth????  2 208 dadhich  7 years ago by Dr_Firaz 
  Which coll. better for pg.------manipal or mangalore  2 315 rks9360  7 years ago by viju 
  What to expect???  2 256 dr_agrawal2000  7 years ago by mus_82 
  What can i expect at rank 69 an general cat  1 221 drashish99  7 years ago by viju 
  Is KMC Manipal giving seats through KCET counselling??  3 379 playboy2007  7 years ago by thread author 
  How was ur experience?  7 433 drada  7 years ago by s_a_node 
  Which day of exam.?  14 768 SHASHANK_9  8 years ago by coolniks 
  Why there is no photo on hall tickets  3 139 KAKNA  8 years ago by smgos 
  How to choose time in otbs for mahe exam  3 152 katta  8 years ago by ams_2006 
  Is it fare to take exam with different question set.  7 168 shamim_khandaker  8 years ago by tahelkaatmanipal 
  Which is better-mahe or kahe ?  7 358 He-Man  8 years ago by thread author 
  When will the MAHE form will be out  5 427 angel_666  8 years ago by restless 
  Is there any good mneumonic site for us medical students..  1 268 newdr  8 years ago by RxPG_Team 
  How to Improve my MAHE Rank?  12 3K ishika  10 years ago by angelofdeath 
  How to prepare for MAHE? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  66 9K drashutosh  10 years ago by drprashg 
  How was mahe  1 842 anuj  10 years ago by nits 
  When is the next entrance  3 1K yvssmurty  10 years ago by anuj 
  What for a rank of 703?  1 2K dr_sunil_ps  10 years ago by anuj 
  How do i prepare for mahe in 1 month  3 1K doc9619  11 years ago by anuj 
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