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NEET Super Speciality Examination
Dedicated forum for the proposed NEET Super Speciality Exam.
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  Which book is better for general medicine part of neet ss- deepak marwah or mudit khanna  5 410 drsai13  3 days ago by dr_virus_pat 
  Which dm branch is better in terms of cool life and earning after medicine  7 482 drsai13  3 days ago by kenil207 
  What happens to Dnb ss dropouts  8 240 virtualdoc27  3 days ago by kenil207 
  WHATSAPP group for serious DM Cardiology Preparation Go directly to Last Post in the thread  125 1K abhi2020  4 days ago by sivakrishna1025 
  How to prepare for DM Neurology? Please help  1 216 gokuvegeta  4 months ago by sharan70 
  What is the age criteria for NEET SS  4 272 kahalekar1  9 months ago by lavan64 
  Is mcc sleeping  4 259 hardwrkindoc  1 year ago by prathyushacv 
  How many years sr ship for faculty after Dnb from govt medical colleges with more than 500 beds  1 90 Oryza224  1 year ago by ashoksang 
  Can dnb and dm cardiology can be there in same hospital  1 54 joyalsandeep1986  1 year ago by ashoksang 
  Cant register  1 63 singhshammi  1 year ago by Asthanos 
  When seat matrix will be out?  5 652 Asthanos  1 year ago by 1419 
  Is there any supreme Court case pending for decision of bonds after dm/mch specially in Tamil Nadu and west Bengal?  12 697 peyushthombare  1 year ago by tokomoko8 
  Can anyone can upload bond status in different states for neet ss 2019  3 112 joyalsandeep1986  1 year ago by thread author 
  Can any guide where dnb cardiology is good  2 207 joyalsandeep1986  1 year ago by pritam_ibb 
  What is the most rewarded branch with respect to money is people perception while opting for DM  5 707 Nazir82  1 year ago by drharrison 
  Why no admit card till now ?  2 130 bugaaku  1 year ago by Polar123 
  How to prepare for medicine part in neet ss ?  1 92 bugaaku  1 year ago by thread author 
  When wl we get the online application form 2019 SS?  1 106 sadhan_n72  1 year ago by drhimanshu01 
  Which book to follow for neet ss Harrison or super speciality books ?  1 308 bugaaku  1 year ago by Nazir82 
  Does anyone have endocrine recall questions  3 308 fklfkl  1 year ago by Nazir82 
  What are the best institutions for DM Nephrology  3 741 water_villain  2 years ago by drshivchadha 
  Which is best option for MCh Urology. MMC or Stanley?  4 292 nextgenapollo  2 years ago by thread author 
  Why in registration password showing invalid  1 78 Bijoykar  2 years ago by nextgenapollo 
  What are the odds 9f neetss results coming today.  3 156 drnishanth  2 years ago by drharrison 
  How they gonna decide on controversial questions.? NEET SS  1 180 SanMichelle  2 years ago by thread author 
  What is ecy NEET SS cutoff in pediatric specialities.  5 381 dancingdude  2 years ago by anu89 
  What's ur strategy for part A  2 211 dramitsharma222  2 years ago by thread author 
  How to get NEET SS 2018 admit card?  4 241 stuti908  2 years ago by rjvachas 
  What to study for neetss 2018  10 569 Gautam84  2 years ago by itsmesibal 
  When is NEET SS? Any announcements?  1 132 santhoshkumare  2 years ago by thread author 
  What if someone resigns after joining in the mop up round?  19 875 water_villain  2 years ago by mosarratshaheen 
  Is it worth doing clinical haematology? What is the scope  5 182 12345jenny  2 years ago by coolbiswa 
  When will CHOICE FILLING start?! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  67 4K yakobchandy  2 years ago by nitishaggarwal 
  When to expect 3rd councelling result  8 556 a167  2 years ago by nitishaggarwal 
  Candidates taken seat in cet-ss and appeared in neet-ss whose result is withheld Go directly to Last Post in the thread  54 3K doctr31  2 years ago by thread author 
  Candidate intersted in filing case against dghs  34 1K sainipankaj  2 years ago by aniruddh012103 
  What is the chance for ROUND 3,due to non joining/resignation from round 2 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  180 17K yakobchandy  2 years ago by kaushal1 
  What if you report to alloted college and surrender the seat, don't join?  1 217 CA129  3 years ago by drankitmittal 
  How to define 'soon' in mcc terms  12 522 a167  3 years ago by thread author 
  When is second counseling  34 2K rohithagowtham  3 years ago by amubin 
  Why stay on neet ss sexond round  1 183 Doctor06  3 years ago by thread author 
  Is there any penalty if u dont join in 2nd round  17 846 rohitrebell  3 years ago by arun613 
  Can't print the locked choices  3 152 ssoouurraabbhh  3 years ago by vrp 
  How is DM Nephro in SCB Medical College, Cuttack?  2 142 amkamk  3 years ago by thread author 
  Is there any penalty for not joining after 2nd round?? like DNB SS.  33 746 nandhukari  3 years ago by mini_88 
  What is taking mcc so long??!  13 497 yakobchandy  3 years ago by vansika 
  When will be second counselling?  2 182 smartrose  3 years ago by ashwinipk 
  What is ur response if there is notification " There will be no further round of counselling for NEETSS in veiw of deadline for admiss  9 578 mrcharcot  3 years ago by thread author 
  When will the second round of counselling start?  4 309 vishb  3 years ago by Manishyy 
  Is migration certificate is required from National Board of Examination (DNB) for DM/MCH enrollment in University  2 173 abhaybagul  3 years ago by drhumbiusha89 
  What about the candidates who got allotment only in the revised list and not in the 1st list?  29 1K Priya_futuredoct  3 years ago by thread author 
  Is srinagar college safe for joining?  36 2K mangeshmvg  3 years ago by sorafenib23 
  Can MCC do it today  16 905 jai561989  3 years ago by ksr8424 
  Can hydrabaad high court cancel the 1st round :cry:  7 639 ssoouurraabbhh  3 years ago by Devditi 
  Can anyone comment on the department of medical oncology of GCRI. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  54 1K pragya986800  3 years ago by madaboutmed 
  Is dnb ss better than neet ss with bond  25 892 sandys  3 years ago by shalabhcool 
  Does locking for second round started  2 95 Drhouse_md  3 years ago by thread author 
  Does SS seats with fee 50 laks/anum worth taking seniors please guide.  4 274 Drhouse_md  3 years ago by amkamk 
  When is the second counselling?  4 192 suneelmattoo  3 years ago by thread author 
  When is the starting date of the course?  1 78 jidhinraj  3 years ago by aikasvggarwal 
  What next for NEET SS?  1 126 amkamk  3 years ago by thread author 
  Is anybody able to lock their choices  35 989 captopril1  3 years ago by muller2513 
  When will the indicative list come  7 394 Salima_fm  3 years ago by thread author 
  How to spot and choose pvt colleges ?fees ?  1 72 abl2010  3 years ago by drapm 
  How to spot and choose pvt colleges ?fees ?  1 64 abl2010  3 years ago by sarahmary 
  What about mmc?  2 130 sgrks123  3 years ago by thread author 
  How can medicine paediatrics pulmonology of equal percentile be equated ?  1 94 restrictedd  3 years ago by dearme 
  Why are many institutes missing in this list?  5 355 vishb  3 years ago by muller2513 
  What is the status of Ap and Telangana states  10 587 nike22  3 years ago by kaipakalyani 
  What is the status of counselling in AP and Telangana?  6 567 thop  3 years ago by gsmcanu 
  Is transfer certificate mandatory for dm/mch admission? if so what about tamilnadu md students?  13 405 Priya_futuredoct  3 years ago by Praveenmgowda 
  How to make new mci registration online/offline  6 291 Bijoykar  3 years ago by saadvik 
  How many candidates likely from J&k, AP and Telangana are likely to be in the event of seperate counselling for these?  2 206 CA129  3 years ago by ashishindore 
  When is NEET SS counselling?  9 562 drsaawanpudi  3 years ago by dranshul33 
  When will the counseling session by DGHS begin?  1 256 iamarun  3 years ago by sravb 
  When r d results?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  146 12K Tagoredr123  3 years ago by gaddaguy 
  When r d results??  3 170 Tagoredr123  3 years ago by Krisone1 
  Is DGHS is conducting the common counselling for superspeciality??  41 3K iamarun  3 years ago by Tony1986 
  How was Re NEET SS paper ?  7 534 sarafkaran  3 years ago by drshobhit 
  How to read harrison in residency?  3 149 shubham1432  3 years ago by drsnjha 
  What will be the expected score in NEET-SS general surgery  8 734 nandhukari  3 years ago by thread author 
  How many still havent got the slots for NEET SS ?  1 133 Naveen_Reloaded  3 years ago by avivarati 
  When will the notification of NEET-SS be out?  7 437 vipul357  3 years ago by ganESLIU 
  How to prepare for neet ss for maternal and fetal medicine?  2 226 drindranighosh  3 years ago by mohpriya 
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