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Being a Doctor in Russia
This forum is to discuss the possiblities and scope for overseas doctors in Russian Countries [Erstwhile USSR].
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  Any one from / to moscow medical academy i.m.sechenov ! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  212 20K pearllysun  9 years ago by suvz 
  Unique opportunity to do postgraduation in Russia & view's Go directly to Last Post in the thread  168 34K Guest  9 years ago by systoles 
  Go Russia !..! Go directly to Last Post in the thread  70 8K kpvaidya87  6 years ago by NicholasSh 
  Students for PG in ukraine Go directly to Last Post in the thread  65 2K drnilesh2803  5 years ago by Anilesh200619 
  Medical colleges of russia r not recognised ? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  52 11K mamu666666  11 years ago by pearllysun 
  Completed from russia-any queries??  48 10K vladimir  10 years ago by prashastii 
  Any query regarding Moscow Medical Academy  40 5K Edurussia  7 years ago by harshita617 
  St Petersburg graduates pls reply! My death penalty by GMC  34 5K mari  12 years ago by pearllysun 
  Heading for russia medical , engineering . all updated info  32 12K pearllysun  11 years ago by Jaykanth 
  Russia v/s India  32 3K Dr_Prasobh  10 years ago by pearllysun 
  [ Russian News @ RXPG ] Africans 'under siege' in Moscow !  31 4K pearllysun  9 years ago by thread author 
  Russian Degree recognised(UG & PG)  28 6K Ravim  9 years ago by suvz 
  Russian Red Degree of Excellence  26 5K buddy  10 years ago by mars4880 
  Anyone from Russia? or Eastern Europe??UG PG anything.  25 3K Writer  10 years ago by pearllysun 
  About medical license in ireland  20 531 anaira  4 years ago by thread author 
  Is it worth to study at postgraduate level in Russia ?  19 2K kontol  6 years ago by TrojanRaggy 
  PLAB 1 in Moscow - Study Partner  14 5K belguy  12 years ago by slz 
  Feel free to ask for help,dont get confused friends !  13 4K CHANNEL_V2000  11 years ago by kapoorrachit 
  Post Graduation in Russia - a thought  12 5K SBose  9 years ago by pearllysun 
  Possibility to take DNB final exam with a Foreign Post graduation  12 4K Jaykanth  10 years ago by nnnischal 
  Russian State Medical University ((((RSMU))))  11 2K rock_ravi  9 years ago by aravind1232003 
  Hello ,anybody from I.P.Pavlove rayzan university  11 2K pgsearch  10 years ago by bucks 
  Pg course in russia after ug in india.  10 2K Ravim  9 years ago by brijeshone 
  Cost of living in Moscow  9 178 moscow  5 years ago by jktheboss88 
  Any 1 know some facts about medical field in msocow  8 924 ahmedik  12 years ago by thread author 
  The MMA Voice .  8 2K pearllysun  10 years ago by thread author 
  Info. on recognition of russian degrees  8 8K euromedicos-net  11 years ago by xiximi 
  Post graduation enquiry in russian university  8 1K pgsearch  10 years ago by Ravim 
  Brief analysis of opportunites for russian medical graduates abroad !  7 3K pearllysun  10 years ago by thread author 
  Armenia  7 1K psapra  11 years ago by adkdmh 
  Screening tests in india  7 952 dr_skharabanda  12 years ago by thread author 
  Please welcome our new moderator for this forum  7 538 RxPG_Team  11 years ago by pearllysun 
  Information regarding postgraduation in russia  7 188 pankaj1988  5 years ago by Abhi1979 
  RUSSIAN graduates required to saudi arabia  6 2K vladimir  12 years ago by mac7 
  Approved internship  5 1K ozera  9 years ago by rajju077 
  News abt pg from forigen by high court  5 648 murat  11 years ago by akrhsahni 
  Russian PG hopes in India?  5 193 rahul1031992  2 years ago by drnishad 
  Want to do postgraduation in russia ???  5 1K Ravim  10 years ago by drdhan 
  Notice from d.c.i  5 415 akrhsahni  11 years ago by thread author 
  Pg in russia  5 138 tsrlavanya  5 years ago by dr_muthu 
  Why come back?  5 177 tishu21  6 years ago by thread author 
  I need help abt pg from russia plz respond  4 686 murat  10 years ago by spmu 
  MS orthopedics in Moscow  4 1K sam009  5 years ago by fantastic4000 
  Anybody goin for pg to russia plz contact  4 1K dpatel  9 years ago by arjunkrishna 
  Anybody has any idea about yeravana state medical university and post graduation  4 859 sju  7 years ago by bireswarsaha 
  Learn russian language before you land in Russia  4 579 Ravim  12 years ago by thread author 
  Indian embassy's tips - studying in russia . a must to read  4 1K pearllysun  12 years ago by thread author 
  Rpfu  4 674 rose  12 years ago by thread author 
  Please i need help woth answeing these questions  4 633 ahmedik  10 years ago by pearllysun 
  Opportunities in Russia for foreign doctors(must read)  4 2K euromedicos-net  11 years ago by pearllysun 
  Pfu 98 batch  4 479 dsm  11 years ago by paxyl171 
  Job opportunity abroad after pg in russia  3 232 drkrishnavardhan  5 years ago by prk2688 
  Plab v moskve  3 566 DR_ROOSWALA  13 years ago by thread author 
  Postgraduation fee in moscow..  3 738 DR_ROOSWALA  12 years ago by hauntedscientist 
  Salaries of doctors in russia  3 2K medicovikas123  10 years ago by Drbunny 
  UG and PG from Peoples friendship University  3 751 rusdasdoc  4 years ago by DrSherKhoh 
  Moscow medical academy i.m.sechenov - a complete info guide  3 1K pearllysun  12 years ago by thread author 
  Anybody studied from Kuban State Medical Academy?  3 595 wisper1008  11 years ago by dr4us 
  UG india,PG any foriegn country, Is Private practise as specialist LEGAL??  3 575 drresha  11 years ago by thread author 
  Can anybody tell md requirements to practice in GERMANY  3 653 mac7  12 years ago by confused 
  MD from Ukriane  3 2K buddy  13 years ago by azizbihi 
  Can sumone reply?  3 535 drkool  12 years ago by californian 
  Just go to for PG degree to Russia  3 584 Ravim  11 years ago by Jaykanth 
  Need a help from the foreign graduate doctors from ussr  3 519 kapoorrachit  10 years ago by pearllysun 
  Is Russia a good destination for PG in medical Training  3 608 jan282005  11 years ago by pearllysun 
  Usmle in russia  2 502 ABEDOX  12 years ago by thread author 
  Mds in russia  2 59 mars4880  6 years ago by eraser 
  Post graduation overseas recognized by mci.  2 121 jamai123  6 years ago by atopine 
  Apostile Problem  2 45 amanisundar  6 years ago by moscow 
  Russian doctors diagnosed cancer in yuvraj singh  2 110 moscow  6 years ago by drashie 
  Question about Moscow Medical Academy  2 1K cokejunkie  8 years ago by dr-dna 
  Apostille confusion  2 44 anusheel_doc  6 years ago by DrArpanMitra 
  Any body studying in st.peteresberg medical academy now?  2 172 ash8  4 years ago by florentine 
  Help needed!!in moscow  2 864 drshamshad786  5 years ago by jktheboss88 
  Giving PLAB after studying in Russia - my experience  2 176 DrIyiola  7 years ago by thread author 
  Pg from russia  2 38 drjd  5 years ago by kanavmehta 
  Private or abroad  2 444 doc_g  12 years ago by thread author 
  Can someone give there views about erst-USSR Univ  2 339 drshoaibsmc  11 years ago by thread author 
  Amc , plab or pres?  2 94 dreamplayboy  4 years ago by rabi90rb 
  Ms orthopaedics in rayzan university and about its recognition.  2 1K skpai2002  10 years ago by Jaykanth 
  Final judgment of supre. court in case against fmg's  2 3K vladimir  14 years ago by thread author 
  The Actual value of a russian PG  2 803 ehesho  12 years ago by moscow 
  Which subject is good to do pg from abroad.  2 1K murat  8 years ago by Madhusudan 
  Employment opportunities post PG in russia  2 969 mac7  10 years ago by thread author 
  Russian Doctors are living and working ithe UK  2 3K DrNichol  8 years ago by DrIyiola 
  Pg russia  2 733 drdhan  10 years ago by mac7 
  USMLE Recognised MEdical Colleges in Moscow Russia  2 809 29944  12 years ago by californian 
  Medical jobs in russia post an indian pg?!  2 691 chocky  10 years ago by Dr_Prasobh 
  MDS in russia  1 27 eraser  6 years ago by thread author 
  Admission in radiology in Russia  1 162 imdrshekhar  4 years ago by internationaldr 
  Is IELTS required for MD Germany  1 79 aman1  2 years ago by aabhay1992 
  Is doing cardiovascular surgery from Bakulev cardiovascular centre is sensible  1 93 214  4 years ago by Abhi1979 
  Intend to pursue PG in russia  1 53 sam_425  6 years ago by DrArpanMitra 
  Regarding the recognised indian medical degrees across globe,  1 54 lohitbc  5 years ago by thread author 
  Russia PG Straight forward Q  1 103 medicine787  6 years ago by moscow 
  Yervan state medical university  1 55 amrutha_prasad  6 years ago by prk2688 
  Fee structure in m2/Russian national research medical university  1 35 moscow  6 years ago by thread author 
  Oppurtunity of work in corporate hospitals after pg from russia?  1 93 doctor17283  5 years ago by dravijit 
  PG in OBS and GYN  1 59 goldy3  6 years ago by pratixa 
  WHO ranking of russian universities  1 533 moscow  12 years ago by snehay 
  Aftr Russian UG>>shud do PG n then internship or viceversa?  1 1K mac7  8 years ago by nnnischal 
  Anybody doing/going to general/plastic surgery in russia  1 422 Ravim  12 years ago by thread author 
  RECOGNITION of mbbs degree from russia by MCI  1 851 naveenyg  10 years ago by rajju077 
  MDS in Russia  1 2K sankarrammithran  10 years ago by thread author 
  Forum charter---please read before u post !  1 2K pearllysun  2 years ago by dranwar2011 
  Can anybody say ,which countries allow russian medical graduate to practise?  1 958 mdtabu  10 years ago by Pramod_bhadauriy 
  Mch in russia  1 441 moscow  12 years ago by greedyfly 
  Prospects in other countries after MS(ortho &traumatology) frm I.P.Pavlov,Ryazan  1 636 borntowin  11 years ago by nnnischal 
  Biomedical Engineering  1 390 Jay007  11 years ago by pearllysun 
  Dont think of goin to russia.u might get killed !!  1 186 33151  12 years ago by thread author 
  Job in russia  1 809 rock_ravi  10 years ago by thread author 
  Tver medical academy  1 653 rusdasdoc  9 years ago by pearllysun 
  Pg in russia  1 366 Vicky_24  7 years ago by just4u 
  Mbbs/md in russia ?  1 633 anusheel_doc  11 years ago by pearllysun 
  If u re russian who has passed IElTs, Plab1,2 and the rest,pls, share experience  1 866 Eka116rus  7 years ago by D_X 
  Recognition of Post graduate degree from Foreign country by MCI  1 1K kittamc  5 years ago by kanavmehta 
  Recognition of Post graduate degree from Russian Federation by MCI  1 1K kittamc  5 years ago by kanavmehta 
  Completed from Russia - anybody in States!!  1 2K paxyl171  10 years ago by drsalil 
  Which one better for MBBS, China or Russia?  1 1K pure  9 years ago by pearllysun 
  Apostile in moscow...  1 1K kitai  9 years ago by DrIyiola 
  Man in Russia has amazed doctors after they found a tiny fir tree grow in lung  1 652 target2009match  4 years ago by ssetty 
  Pg in ryazan pavlov university  1 1K medicovikas123  9 years ago by ifsc 
  Pg medical education russia and satellite countries  1 403 galib20  11 years ago by pearllysun 
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