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Karnataka CET
This forum will discuss questions and queries about the Karnataka PG Entrance Exam. Users are welcome to ask or answer queries or discuss the actual exam questions here.
SARP series Biochemistry/anatomy/physiology by C. K. Sinha
SARP Series (Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology)
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Replies Views Started by Last Post
  Pget 2015 verification announced Go directly to Last Post in the thread  756 34K drdavidson  1 month ago by betnovate 
  Kcet 2nd round schedule out Go directly to Last Post in the thread  512 19K edu123  3 days ago by poojam24 
  Is stipend given in private colleges of Karnataka? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  354 29K raghuveernri  5 days ago by sumiya 
  KCET 2015 join here for all the discussions Go directly to Last Post in the thread  294 21K Vinayrai114  3 days ago by karimhussain 
  P G coaching centers Go directly to Last Post in the thread  152 4K elvis  3 days ago by karimhussain 
  GM candidates stick on Go directly to Last Post in the thread  145 7K pranav123dundi  20 days ago by may07 
  Kcet councelling: which seat for which rank. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  138 19K satisha  7 years ago by mikku 
  1g category kcet ranking Go directly to Last Post in the thread  108 3K deepa90  19 days ago by yaqub 
  Kcet mock allotment result Go directly to Last Post in the thread  97 4K LIVELOVELAUGH  22 days ago by deepikamakam 
  Extended 2 nd round kcet Go directly to Last Post in the thread  89 4K shashi14  14 days ago by thread author 
  After 2nd round Go directly to Last Post in the thread  83 3K shukrath  1 month ago by doc_doc87 
  Pooled list of Seats surrendered during second round ( Including option 3) Go directly to Last Post in the thread  68 2K pollkill  3 days ago by drtommy 
  3rd Round kcet what to expect? is it worth waiting? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  64 2K karan91dhawan  9 days ago by rahulkanna 
  1 to 1000 kcet serial no. what was ur number wich u entered in register. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  61 3K devambbs  2 months ago by thread author 
  MBBS & PG: JJM Medical College, Davangere Go directly to Last Post in the thread  57 9K bindasnikhilg  1 year ago by steff 
  Fellow doctors choosing choice 3 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  53 2K hvnaik  1 month ago by makney 
  Extended 2nd Round. Updates Go directly to Last Post in the thread  51 3K pollkill  11 hours ago by DRPRATISHRUTI 
  Seat matrix out choose carefully bond 50 lakhs or 3 year rural servcie for 35 k  42 1K smsmurthy  1 month ago by pg89 
  Are option 2 candidate eliogible fa 2nd round counselling if seat is surrendered?  38 743 LIVELOVELAUGH  26 days ago by lucky11 
  Kcet bond 50 lakhs or three years service  35 2K smsmurthy  27 days ago by chetana26 
  Kcet: SC category ranking.  34 939 hkvm11  1 month ago by thread author 
  How was the pg exam 2006?  33 3K vic01  9 years ago by ShriK 
  Goal: MD paraclinical  31 1K materialdoc  5 years ago by dr_sony 
  Karnataka act 2006.no private medical colleges in kcet  30 1K sushmacher  1 month ago by harsha_1457 
  Kcet round 2 announced  28 633 pranav123dundi  22 days ago by na_max 
  List of seats not reported by 8th or seats chosen as option three  25 1K pollkill  19 days ago by thread author 
  How is BMC Paeds and Kar institute of child health?  22 834 silhouette  6 years ago by thread author 
  241 seats in matrix for inservice  21 510 yatish12  3 days ago by poojam24 
  PGET2007 Questions and RGUHS Answer keys  19 4K drmohank  6 years ago by jugular 
  Esi bangalore  18 617 LIVELOVELAUGH  1 month ago by jeevanraj361 
  NOT A JOKE : PLEASE Spare a min and read and follow  16 937 cybertron  7 years ago by rahulrao17 
  Next court hearing : 17th may !!!!!!  16 1K prattee  5 years ago by majeedr 
  V.v. urgent : select seat kcet 1st round = aipg seat immediately surrendered  16 681 prattee  5 years ago by drprtr 
  How much unfair is this kcet seat matrix??  16 613 Ramyachandu  1 month ago by prashantAG 
  MD-Medicine: Bangalore Medical College, Karnatka  15 3K sowmya_sadanand  7 years ago by rohinipatil 
  PGET/PPGET coorection : My experience!  14 2K skk2006  1 year ago by drnahid 
  Kcet counselling mostly mid may. blessing or boon?  14 619 smsmurthy  2 months ago by jayatidureja 
  3A category candidates in kcet gather here  14 336 Ramyachandu  22 days ago by thread author 
  Lets discuss whats ur preference branches in a order ,,,, and plus and minus of those branches  14 341 drvenud  1 month ago by LIVELOVELAUGH 
  How to take admisson for PG in Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka?  13 837 sandykadam  6 years ago by suvz 
  Money Making By Entrance Examination Fees  13 1K He-Man  8 years ago by thread author 
  KCET 2 nd round prospects for 3B candidates  12 305 drKiranb  19 days ago by siddharth23 
  How to Prepare for COMDEK PG Exam?  12 4K bindasnikhilg  9 years ago by thread author 
  Kcet mock result gng to be announced today  12 317 Sppp  1 month ago by telogen07 
  Hike in kcet fees  12 434 Ramyachandu  1 month ago by yatish12 
  Sc candidate karnataka..gathr here.  11 232 devambbs  2 months ago by gpcoolgal1690 
  Hk quota comedk pget 2015  11 343 Sridharpatil61  3 days ago by karimhussain 
  Which college is better for doing MS Surgery in Karnatka?  11 2K hinduja  2 years ago by UrAdmissionGuru2 
  Seat blocking racket: PG aspirants fear the worst-check the pdf  10 576 savecomedk  3 years ago by ittichan 
  Karnatka state rank, counselling procedure  10 910 anishjon  2 months ago by angelhoney 
  Kcet councelling  9 585 khushboojha  1 month ago by deliriumtremens 
  Option entry  9 172 Pvkmrk  1 month ago by sindhu66 
  Kcet final results and admission process  9 320 telogen07  1 month ago by makney 
  KAR CET - Are private medical colleges included?  8 2K shaina  9 years ago by archie 
  Candidates having seat in all india and wish to participate in round2.gather here  8 204 ceftarolin  1 month ago by amygdaloid 
  Kea verification dental  8 173 aishatehsaeed  1 month ago by Gsurbai 
  What is COMDEK's future?  7 2K  3 months ago by Vindhyashivaraju 
  How is Al Ameen Medical Colllege, Bijapur?  7 586 euphorian83  5 years ago by drharishkv1912 
  Facing problem in filling option entry kcet?  6 164 tejaswichandana  1 month ago by pg89 
  Kcet Final merit list-Discussion  6 318 yosonal  2 months ago by LIVELOVELAUGH 
  No Documents Given even after completing ms in mmc mysore; guys kindly guide  6 174 DrVinay1990  4 days ago by thread author 
  KCET change in seat matrix  6 161 drKiranb  17 days ago by pollkill 
  Books to read for Karnataka PG Entrance  6 2K JAYAVJ  9 years ago by mamojirao 
  Guys interested in document submission, may post ur rank here  5 266 rteja  1 month ago by drshaikarif 
  How much shift we can expect in aipgee 2015 2nd round  5 466 mj1234  2 months ago by thread author 
  Urgent help needed.Gen med in sdumc, kolar vs Gen med in ks hegde, mangalore  5 114 confident_me  2 days ago by ashishjindal 
  Kcet counselling : check list / do's & dont's : MUST SEE before leaving home  5 328 prattee  5 years ago by drsamdariya 
  Biometric verification for people choosing option 2?  5 73 sangumise  1 month ago by psoas 
  Rural service bond  5 165 shri2085  1 month ago by minukaur 
  Got seat in all india attending kcet..rule about 2nd round counselling  5 293 miavasif  1 month ago by doc_doc87 
  Kcet verification  5 106 drdivya792  2 months ago by thread author 
  Kcet stipend and fees in different clgs  5 225 shehzadi_tanya  1 month ago by chennur 
  Really sorry : next court hearing = monday 10th of may  4 283 docdoc83  5 years ago by aimpgi 
  Mode of fees payment for karnataka cet  4 133 abhijna  1 month ago by drcharubkn 
  KCET option entry time out error message  4 126 vavava  1 month ago by maya333 
  RGUHS : PGET - 2009 (Medical General) First Round Counselled List (upto rank 160  4 1K majeedr  5 years ago by chevy 
  Kcet 2015 private colleges, fees, stipend and other details. pls post here  4 234 satish27789  1 month ago by Dweept 
  Difference b/w MCI recognised and MCI permitted  4 2K sangi  1 year ago by drarjunantony 
  Change in seat matrix ?will it affect the admission in seats who have taken seat in second round?  4 149 LIVELOVELAUGH  16 days ago by yaqub 
  2nd round doubts  4 114 Sppp  22 days ago by avi241 
  Kcet counselling  4 182 nathulal  1 month ago by umeshaN 
  New counselling schedule by supreme court.  4 149 devambbs  2 months ago by drdivya792 
  Can choice1 ppl take part in 3rd round??  3 127 pranav123dundi  22 days ago by Athreya521 
  Injustice for HKE students this year as no seats in other regions like last year  3 109 madhavihonnaddi  1 month ago by thread author 
  Banglore Medical college, SURGERY  3 86 drshiwam  3 days ago by karimhussain 
  Should we go to kea for 2nd round. eligibility?  3 148 LIVELOVELAUGH  1 month ago by sandy2410 
  New rank list kcet chances of getting seat  3 191 LIVELOVELAUGH  2 months ago by thread author 
  2015 vs 2014 KCET MD MS seat matrix queries  3 92 drkarthiknrao  1 month ago by thread author 
  Is ESI medical college Bangalore MCI recognized??  3 134 LIVELOVELAUGH  22 days ago by pasha46 
  Case: what happened to court case today?  3 666 drsandy71  5 years ago by majeedr 
  Kcet malpractise: FATE OF EMPTY SEATS  3 249 suhantkumar  3 years ago by saboteur 
  New bond in Karnataka: 3 yrs / 5 Lacs?  3 155 gauravsundar  4 years ago by thread author 
  Kcet top 250 rankers who opting dnb seats, aipg  3 188 pranav123dundi  1 month ago by thread author 
  Kcet verification of documents  2 99 sameerapatel  2 months ago by thread author 
  Karnataka p-pget 2006 : is the exam really conducted??  2 344 docvin  9 years ago by thread author 
  Private colleges in kcet  2 79 swethambbs  2 months ago by sapna_sky 
  Isn't Choice 3 equivalent to legal seat blocking?  2 42 pollkill  22 days ago by thread author 
  Coaching in kerala: kottayam..want any info??  2 99 drcak61963  5 years ago by thread author 
  DNB second round counselling annouced. Option 2 in kea guys cannot participate.  2 51 pollkill  26 days ago by thread author 
  Final allotment results and shift of ranks from cut off  2 122 LIVELOVELAUGH  1 month ago by lingaraju99 
  Obgy in vims bellary  2 59 mono90  13 days ago by thread author 
  KCET eligiblity criteria  2 78 rajithanair  2 months ago by teixobactin2 
  Those who have been alloted seat in AIPGMEE and going to surrender the KCET seat  2 124 shri2085  1 month ago by thread author 
  Sad News: Karnataka Bond changed from this year 2011  1 316 etanercept  4 years ago by thread author 
  Those who got seat in aipg 1st round n attending kcet now..plz gather here  1 46 Aipgmee13  1 month ago by lingaraju99 
  Kcet  1 36 bhavyavijay  1 month ago by drdivya792 
  Option entry-how to do?  1 45 devambbs  1 month ago by thread author 
  Sc candidate karnataka..gathr here.  1 71 devambbs  1 month ago by raju81 
  Kcet final result  1 69 Sppp  1 month ago by Aipgmee13 
  Kcet page of 2 round allotment  1 45 Sppp  19 days ago by na_max 
  KARNATAKA PGCET: govt., to decide rexam on 13 march  1 339 NISHU  9 years ago by thread author 
  JJM davangare  1 68 LIVELOVELAUGH  21 days ago by savithachennur 
  Hkregion rank in kcet 2015  1 64 kiranbv  2 months ago by teixobactin2 
  Next court hearing : 14 th may  1 181 docdoc83  5 years ago by matty 
  Kcet seat total error??does total seats tally? in the matrix?  1 75 makney  1 month ago by thread author 
  KCET matrix 2010: Implications  1 264 deppiester  5 years ago by resipsaloquitor 
  Rural service column in pget 2015  1 85 sncu  2 months ago by teixobactin2 
  Kcer 2nd round doubts  1 68 Sppp  26 days ago by LIVELOVELAUGH 
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