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Karnataka CET
This forum will discuss questions and queries about the Karnataka PG Entrance Exam. Users are welcome to ask or answer queries or discuss the actual exam questions here.
SARP series Biochemistry/anatomy/physiology by C. K. Sinha
SARP Series (Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology)
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Replies Views Started by Last Post
  Is stipend given in private colleges of Karnataka? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  326 28K raghuveernri  1 day ago by wpooja 
  How much shift we can expect in aipgee 2015 2nd round  5 411 mj1234  5 days ago by thread author 
  What is happening at kea Today  2 162 madhavihonnaddi  9 months ago by kalyankantri 
  Where did this seat go ?  1 117 eyeoftiger  9 months ago by MEGHAGKRISH 
  What is last date of joining seat got in kcet 2nd round  2 81 aquil1710  9 months ago by thread author 
  How to proceed for kcet 3rd round Go directly to Last Post in the thread  176 7K naveenhero  9 months ago by doc4md 
  What was the last rank to get ophthalmology at general category this time??  3 304 Dhoom3  9 months ago by prasad1412 
  How much is penalty if we leave kcet pg seat  4 121 DRANIL1983  9 months ago by amarkkulk 
  How many under 200 kcet rank resigning seat  25 1K doc4md  9 months ago by thread author 
  Where did jjm paediatris seat of gm in seat matrix go  12 197 doc4md  10 months ago by thread author 
  What do you think about this?  8 119 muddassir  10 months ago by thread author 
  Which case penalty fr leaving a seat will be imposed?  3 87 waseempathan  10 months ago by drnahid 
  When is kcet counselling  1 88 bharathk1989  10 months ago by SHWETASAWANT 
  How fair is decategory round?!  3 122 docbds  10 months ago by kalyankantri 
  Is 3 yrs bond applicable to the camdidates who have taken seats in deemed universities through kcet 2013 in karnataka??   Dental  17 556 getjohnsquareher  10 months ago by meetnalin 
  Is Diploma worth it  7 348 eyeoftiger  10 months ago by khadeejaseher 
  What happened to the domicile case-Please update Go directly to Last Post in the thread  84 5K bharathk1989  11 months ago by drharishs1985 
  Is thr bond in karnataka thru AI Quota?  2 77 sudarshan007  11 months ago by pghead 
  When is Kcet Online counselling ?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  82 7K chellamatti  11 months ago by deepak7819 
  Where is the website for updates on kcet - pg. 2014.  1 97 drharishkumark  1 year ago by drnahid 
  When wi kcet document verifycation start pl help  3 223 crazybicep  1 year ago by thread author 
  Is it worth attending BLDE counselling?  5 124 swetchha  1 year ago by thread author 
  Where to look for the result? Karnataka PGET 2014  2 39 abhilash89  1 year ago by thread author 
  How to know pget2014 withheald marks  2 100 Sandeepakkimolla  1 year ago by drkravindhranth 
  Does anyone have KCET2013 seat allotment and cut off?  1 168 yogeshwarc  1 year ago by chelli 
  When will kcet result come??  1 53 dranandSHINES  1 year ago by thread author 
  What n how to study for this new pattern KCET Go directly to Last Post in the thread  66 3K coolbuddy  1 year ago by pradeepkrn 
  What to study for karnatka pget cet 2014  2 102 tyrtyr  1 year ago by amruthavarshasv 
  Difference b/w MCI recognised and MCI permitted  4 2K sangi  1 year ago by drarjunantony 
  What is the latest status for filling KCET Application for Non-Petitioners?  2 167 liznor  1 year ago by amit08 
  What to choose for total number of attempts in ug option  5 124 stormriders  1 year ago by Schreitzer 
  How many are still doing kcet previous papers  3 125 dr_enlightened  1 year ago by ganeshggs 
  Is 10 yr domecile reqirement to karnataka pg enterance exam rule is fair or not!!  4 170 AkshayRThakur  1 year ago by thread author 
  How many started studying seriously for kcet?rise hands  20 545 jollysailorbold  1 year ago by thread author 
  When is kcet 2014  3 138 dr_enlightened  1 year ago by docforpg 
  What books to read for kcet?  1 36 aprill  1 year ago by thread author 
  What proved to be most useful for aipg exams? class notes/ platinum/roams/aa & mk/subjectwise books  2 442 aprill  1 year ago by thread author 
  How is it possible.!?  35 859 future_3  1 year ago by vishwa2300 
  Candidates allotted first time in round 4  2 88 future_3  1 year ago by RISHAB1 
  How is dcp?  1 36 13111988  1 year ago by RISHAB1 
  How much is stipend in BMC?  3 177 mak123mak  1 year ago by drcook12345678 
  What to read for KCET  5 213 shreen  1 year ago by drranjha 
  Is anyone attending college?  34 1K pdhivya11  1 year ago by Karylife 
  What will be the cut-off this year for clinical seats in Karnataka through the Karnataka PGET 2013? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  107 10K Manumims  1 year ago by drpg2013 
  How is MD Microbiology at BMC?job opportunities after md?  2 290 belief  1 year ago by shek88 
  How many ppl reporting to college before all India counselling  22 645 myb_raj20  1 year ago by drarpan 
  What's the difference between NRI seat and MANAGEMENT seat???  3 65 vijay2012  1 year ago by thread author 
  What does this mean?? college fee to be submitted on the same day..  3 99 cobb008  1 year ago by kmandira 
  Where's the seat matrix ??????????  6 126 firakshay  1 year ago by harishyezzaji 
  What to do about the BOND?  3 128 shek88  1 year ago by firakshay 
  How many marks did you lose / gain?  50 1K shek88  1 year ago by poornipriya 
  How many seats r available? for this year  2 196 naveen08081986  1 year ago by zorbix 
  Is there any chance of postponmnt of kcet counslng?  1 72 paastaaa  1 year ago by doctor_cip 
  Can someone post the unofficial answer key for kcet dental?  17 196 ishmeet  2 years ago by arunorthopedics 
  Which college is better for doing MS Surgery in Karnatka?  11 2K hinduja  2 years ago by UrAdmissionGuru2 
  Is any supplement available for Kcet 2012 paper?  7 99 nlade  2 years ago by niswarkhan 
  How to revise for comedk, kcet  6 211 abhinavssw  2 years ago by drankurtiwari 
  Why KCET book?  1 105 Fastbiker  2 years ago by epiphany 
  How md patho in ks hegde medical college shifted from 3b to gm category ?  5 150 drgirishbk  2 years ago by nets 
  What is the court case all about?  7 387 hamletdoc  2 years ago by allahs_servant 
  Why so high fees in pvt colleges in kcet.? fight for ur rights  2 147 anand_y14  2 years ago by LITTLESTANY 
  When is session strating in BMC.. Go directly to Last Post in the thread  75 3K chantimony  2 years ago by thread author 
  How many seats remaining in GM aswellas diff't categories at the end of day  37 3K coolbuddy  2 years ago by meerarags21 
  How to pay the fee in private collges??  2 347 helpmate  3 years ago by thread author 
  Which is better college for MD medicine?  1 250 googlie  3 years ago by doctorblood 
  How to choose the Right Seat for You?  9 710 drjanus  3 years ago by therover87 
  How about doin md forensic  3 161 kssanthoshurs  3 years ago by mak564 
  How many of them getting kcet 2012 score above 155 ,160,170,180,190  49 9K Padmanabha3010  3 years ago by amitgrover88 
  How was kolar exam  1 194 caps1  3 years ago by piyq 
  When they will release hall ticket?  2 153 funny123  3 years ago by doctorrv 
  How much did u finish from ROAMS n RAMGOPAL?how many Q?  13 1K Padmanabha3010  3 years ago by ashwinim3006 
  What to do now?  1 96 chinc  3 years ago by kadlinandini 
  Is blde and sri ramchandra university chennai exam fair  6 421 caps1  3 years ago by krithi283 
  How to get permanant degree certificate  3 74 mcintosh30  3 years ago by doctorrv 
  How To secure meritt-students Career,from corrupted medical college authorities?  6 353 sam720  3 years ago by docsdoc 
  What's good in your college.?  2 130 insurrectionist  3 years ago by thread author 
  Is HKE MR medical college gulbarga is good for paediatics?  1 189 110011  3 years ago by acp09 
  What happened exactly  2 423 naanuvaidya  3 years ago by gautham84 
  How to attend other councillings without originals  9 420 somuchinni  3 years ago by kewlmedico 
  How many hours  5 322 sapna_sky  3 years ago by neoindia 
  Is first round of counsellin of kcet 100% guaranteed ??  3 223 bewise  3 years ago by naanuvaidya 
  Is attending second round counselling compulsory if confirmed seat taken  1 145 drvikrama  3 years ago by sejarsap 
  Is there any problem in joining MCI permited seat if recognised seat unavailable  5 443 drvikrama  3 years ago by insurrectionist 
  Which college is better among these ones for G.MEDICINE..plz drop in ur advice.  5 381 adi4uall  3 years ago by sharathmaddy 
  What can i expect at 1152 rank in kcet? plz rep  7 1K ankitaluthra21  4 years ago by swetaraji 
  How is pathology in ms ramaiah &kempegowda.please reply  3 237 pdorshini  4 years ago by gauravsundar 
  Is the karnataka pget now conidered for 196 or 200 ? 4 q deleted  1 154 almostdoctor_gau  4 years ago by nizzi 
  Can anyone post last years first round counselling list here.  3 229 dr2012  4 years ago by thread author 
  Which is the best private medical college for radiology..  1 133 jaiswalgagan  4 years ago by arjunkrishna 
  Can tutors working in govt. colleges apply for in service quota ?  2 111 quadritajuddin  4 years ago by thread author 
  Candidates who have taken seats in private colleges not entertained in 3rd round  1 176 drsyed_mohsin  4 years ago by Imaad 
  Can somebody telll me about depart. of pediatrics at hke society mr medical coll  3 230 anishkumarsingh  4 years ago by thread author 
  Can any one tell us about department of paediatrics in jjmmc davengere  3 233 kvm080  4 years ago by zuby47 
  Can anyone help  14 639 aparnak_shekar  4 years ago by drsbh 
  Does anybody knows which col is good for obg is ramaih or adichunchungiri.  1 112 shashikumar  4 years ago by anilkarnataka 
  Can anything be done to prevent kcet recounselling?  23 1K chandru_thecool  4 years ago by aparnak_shekar 
  Is there something like mutual exchange of seats  1 116 NYLE  4 years ago by chamundi 
  Which is abetter option among dlo,doms,md para and preclinicals in karnataka?  2 316 diptiparveen  4 years ago by bromolin 
  How is Al Ameen Medical Colllege, Bijapur?  7 580 euphorian83  4 years ago by drharishkv1912 
  What to do with blockers?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  162 6K ladyluckk  4 years ago by shreyala 
  Is it necessary to take seat in 1st round to attend second round??  5 176 paddy_mbbs  4 years ago by drprtr 
  When will be the cet conselling  29 3K majeedr  4 years ago by prepgdoc 
  What if all india 2nd round and k cet counselling comes on same day  3 222 drazharuddeen  4 years ago by docdoc83 
  Hows bellur college?  23 728 euphorian83  4 years ago by missmystery 
  Is the school tc required for ppl claiming under reservation?  18 482 vivek5130  4 years ago by madanikaprakash 
  Can u take admission under Kcet if u have joined college under all india?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  73 2K Fracastorius  4 years ago by pmh 
  How is AJ Institute of Medical Sciences, Mangalore?  6 321 euphorian83  4 years ago by rajath_85 
  How much extra fees will they collect in each pvt. college  1 163 docdoc86  4 years ago by thread author 
  How can we prevent blocking?? here is the solution..  15 565 deadlines  5 years ago by vaseemali 
  Can i get KPGET 2010 qpaper?  5 169 drfuzz  5 years ago by Scorpionking67 
  Can it happen ?  1 107 awen  5 years ago by deadlines 
  What questions have you challenged?  2 133 nimu2swash  5 years ago by jayaprakash 
  Which book to read for kcet  3 215 majeedr  5 years ago by thread author 
  Is it worth givin?  2 134 Naina2425  5 years ago by thread author 
  When r u planning to join d course? anybody waiting till 2nd round?  1 94 kauser  5 years ago by man_2007inin 
  How is the ortho dept in BMC?  3 121 silentkiller  5 years ago by thread author 
  What are the options for me...?  7 243 spacetime  5 years ago by kooldoc123 
  What pg seat can i expect for 126 rank in PGET2009  19 602 dpkvarma  5 years ago by rohini_kool 
  What to expect?  6 268 shwethakm  5 years ago by thread author 
  Does one have to give up all india seat after taking seat in kcet?  5 247 devilseye  5 years ago by bikrant 
  Which seat can i expect at my rank ?  13 2K nirvaay  5 years ago by discodoc 
  Why people write deemed univ exams ???  7 138 discodoc  5 years ago by thread author 
  Whens Kcet counsellin??any clue anyone?  3 235 steffimartina  6 years ago by thread author 
  How to take admisson for PG in Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum, Karnataka?  13 823 sandykadam  6 years ago by suvz 
  How is BMC Paeds and Kar institute of child health?  22 828 silhouette  6 years ago by thread author 
  How good is ms ramaiah medical college  25 2K hemoglobin84  6 years ago by shimmeringstarr2 
  Is doing diploma and later dnb equal to md/ms  11 471 rohini_kool  6 years ago by docsharada 
  How to prepare for entrance at Arvind eye hospital  4 277 hemoglobin84  6 years ago by dr_superman 
  Is it hard work or luck?  17 687 helpme  6 years ago by nimu2swash 
  Can anyone tell me which private colleges give stipend and how much if we take seat from c  9 471 nirvaay  6 years ago by suvz 
  How good is KIMS  8 325 hemoglobin84  6 years ago by suvz 
  What is ur score in karnataka PGET 2009? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  114 19K aryakid  6 years ago by Dilpreet 
  When is karnataka cet second round???  15 2K willys  6 years ago by paplu 
  Whats ur score in karnataka PGET 08? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  262 23K aryakid  6 years ago by thread author 
  What to do 4 new colleges  1 168 sheetalppp  6 years ago by bang 
  What amount Demand Draft to be issued for Karnataka CET Counselling?  24 2K pooja2pooja  6 years ago by DOCTORSHRADDHA 
  When is kcet councelling?????? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  90 6K willys  6 years ago by madanikaprakash 
  How is pvt rural medical college loni for ortho and surgery pg  2 140 fakir  7 years ago by thread author 
  Howz seat booking in yenepoya medical college mangalore?  18 968 trivikrama  7 years ago by dr_arifkhan786 
  What seats could i possibly get thru pget?  32 2K raghuk  7 years ago by madanikaprakash 
  Is there any bond in karnataka?  14 558 drsinc  7 years ago by sheetalppp 
  When will the authentic key be announced?  3 233 shameem  7 years ago by willys 
  What a tragedy guys..  9 476 drbond  7 years ago by thread author 
  When is the second round ocunselling for KCET2007  16 1K playboy2007  7 years ago by 20sept 
  How is dch md/ dnb peads in karnatka  2 216 ajv  7 years ago by playboy2007 
  When is kpget 2nd round.  3 311 kk_bmc  7 years ago by sarasu 
  Which subject at what rank  3 290 dish  7 years ago by mastdoc2007 
  Is there no overseeing committee,this year?  7 192 squeeky  7 years ago by thread author 
  What abt money paid for PPGET ?  17 1K Chips  8 years ago by battur 
  Is it really worth joining .?  1 84 bharathvm  8 years ago by targetpg07 
  How was karnataka pget..??  5 148 coolbuddy  8 years ago by dryusuf 
  When will answer keys be available & where - PGET2007+goofup  5 176 drmohank  8 years ago by thread author 
  Which all entrance exams are we eligible  3 364 bjps  8 years ago by He-Man 
  What happened to ppget money?  5 288 msp  8 years ago by mamojirao 
  Why govt is so negligent about pg aspirants?  1 245 msp  8 years ago by srikanthi 
  Can we stop making comments and du something  36 1K indianhot3  8 years ago by Guest 
  What about fees structure??  24 1K cpr  8 years ago by Guest 
  When is pget counsellin?  3 237 ttiinnaa  8 years ago by mamojirao 
  Whatever happened to pgcet? counsellin  35 2K frusty  8 years ago by mamojirao 
  What happened in SC today?  16 1K sangi  8 years ago by mamojirao 
  How to get 190/200 in kar cet?  4 384 drmohank  9 years ago by mamojirao 
  How was it compared to previous years?  2 236 doc04  9 years ago by itzask 
  How was PGET 2006?  1 178 mamojirao  9 years ago by dayd 
  How was pget/ppget guys  3 245 tpbhatia  9 years ago by jaynaz 
  Books to read for Karnataka PG Entrance  6 2K JAYAVJ  9 years ago by mamojirao 
  When is karnataka 2006 exam?  9 890 Nitwit  9 years ago by docvin 
  KAR CET - Are private medical colleges included?  8 2K shaina  9 years ago by archie 
  How to Prepare for COMDEK PG Exam?  12 4K bindasnikhilg  9 years ago by thread author 
  How was kcet and comdek  9 5K anuj  10 years ago by Guest 
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