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Andhra Pradesh Medical PG Entrance Exam, APPSC
This forum will discuss questions and queries about the Andhra PG Entrance Exam. Users are welcome to ask or answer queries or discuss the actual exam questions here.
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  Which coaching centre is better to crack appg? Plz share your opinion guys!!  23 492 tspk  2 hours ago by tpt2015 
  How MS OBG differ from DGO in future practice aspet  11 235 veenakasireddy  15 hours ago by vkaran156 
  Where can we find nimset old papers before 2010?  2 43 vjai  1 day ago by thread author 
  Where do I find my local rank  9 221 bharathbangaru  3 days ago by veenakasireddy 
  Is anyone interested to share only oc rank and possible seat in appg Go directly to Last Post in the thread  102 4K refresher  8 days ago by Ashaparvathi 
  Which PG coaching centre to choose  2 56 adheip2014  9 days ago by robinhood4 
  Is there telangana pg seperate exam..  8 525 vissuavadhani  12 days ago by teixobactin4 
  How many seats are there in non local category  1 58 jameskhan  14 days ago by teixobactin3 
  Is it mandatory to qualify appg to join in managment seat ?  1 81 DrJinnuriKrishna  20 days ago by RafiBayo 
  Is it true that siddhartha medical college alone got 28 ranks in top 100 in appg???  3 264 nivasree135  20 days ago by drahulnarsing 
  When does the counseling start?  3 160 clinical100  21 days ago by alvin88_g 
  Does any one have information about PGMET 2014 cut off ranks?  3 238 alexander14  21 days ago by refresher 
  How TRUE are the results of APPG2015 Go directly to Last Post in the thread  53 2K anukanukuntla  21 days ago by ravichitrapu 
  Can u adopt me  34 2K dangeroustula  22 days ago by ajit1a 
  Where to check result?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  66 4K dinnu_rims  22 days ago by thread author 
  When? when?when?  2 163 rkr9999  23 days ago by thread author 
  Is there any chances of getting results today? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  66 5K rahumbbs  23 days ago by drnikhatsyed 
  Is ntruhs gona release key and result @ same time ?  5 235 refresher  23 days ago by rawikirran 
  Can anyone explain the ct of a patient with rt side pain  4 171 deepak79  23 days ago by doctorbychance 
  What books for short subjects  2 160 deepthiintmbbs  23 days ago by dangeroustula 
  Why drntruhs.org site is not opening...  5 344 chinnupepsi4all  23 days ago by Surya313 
  Can anyone tell what are the sure key corrections in Appa  6 483 lucky1408  23 days ago by starkjarvis 
  How to study for appg and the books to follow.ny coaching classes??  5 323 smartme  23 days ago by rajithaalluri 
  When vl new appg key is released? -?  3 133 rahumbbs  27 days ago by gouthamrin 
  Can anyone explain the ct of a patient with rt side pain  3 62 deepak79  28 days ago by thread author 
  When will the key be released  2 107 greatindia  29 days ago by skchandu 
  How was the paper?  6 610 ssuummii  29 days ago by teja620 
  What would be the highest in appg 2015  9 844 greatindia  29 days ago by haris1233 
  How to keep calm and focus?  1 95 blue25  1 month ago by tamarind27 
  What are the best coaching centers for appg and their fees?  2 113 blue25  1 month ago by maryamsyed 
  When will be exam centers allocated?  19 318 kolliparasatya  1 month ago by thread author 
  How to confirm whether application reached to university or not  27 827 ashajyothiaaa  1 month ago by sunrise123 
  How to fill ug study area in applic form if holding degree issued by university of health sciences..??  2 49 drzubair_tal  1 month ago by thread author 
  What exactly is study certificate  2 101 mruduka  1 month ago by thread author 
  Is online application available  6 189 prasna  1 month ago by cryptographer 
  How can ntruhs handle online exams  1 164 kolliparasatya  1 month ago by skylabpavan 
  Why delay in notification  8 977 vishwajith  1 month ago by thread author 
  Why has telangana govt stopped Nizam(Nims) 4m releasng notification?Appg can be impctd too?  4 232 luck87  2 months ago by sasasw 
  Which one is the best college for ms(ortho ) in private medical colleges of ap??pls reply  2 153 kishan_bannu  2 months ago by paul_alankar 
  How to prepare in the Last two months?!  1 239 deepthiintmbbs  2 months ago by thread author 
  When will harrisons 19th edition will come.i mean upto when 18th edition??  4 145 vijay2bhask  3 months ago by arunsbn94 
  How to crack appg 2015?  12 1K sahitya  3 months ago by confident_me 
  What to read for APPG exam? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  196 27K bipsy  3 months ago by deepuchandu 
  How to prepare for computer based test  2 144 srk98  4 months ago by Kish2014 
  How was the Dnb morning session paper?  2 87 drkkishore2007  4 months ago by thread author 
  How to prepare ?  4 211 43562528  4 months ago by drbsireesha 
  Can anybody post the full admitted list appg2014..  21 2K baskii  6 months ago by itsurrj 
  When will be post pg govt service announced ?  1 119 drfuzz  7 months ago by thread author 
  What is the procedure for renewal of APMC registration?  1 72 drfuzz  7 months ago by sunilsanketh 
  What is d future for ophthal?  4 210 sreevijayawada  7 months ago by thread author 
  What is d future for ophthal?  4 98 sreevijayawada  8 months ago by thread author 
  How is obg in mims,vizianagaram?  9 211 donny  8 months ago by Kshethra 
  Can any one please suggest books for general surgery?  9 194 asifbasha2020  8 months ago by Kshethra 
  How Is Gen Med in KIMS,Amalapuram?  2 132 nandu56789  8 months ago by Kshethra 
  Is stipend increased?  26 1K yezzbjr  8 months ago by thread author 
  What'sapp based learning  1 79 reddys572  8 months ago by Kshethra 
  What are the fellow ships available after general surgery?  1 26 yezzbjr  8 months ago by Kshethra 
  What are all the PG entrance exams that can be given by us?  8 261 drswetha1  8 months ago by Kshethra 
  Can we do dm cardio after md pulmonary medicine?  16 863 supercoolz  8 months ago by gswapna 
  Why still no admission list in univ website?  1 134 sriramvamshi87  8 months ago by draffu 
  Is there any chance of scholorship during pg  1 96 swapnarama  8 months ago by 1953964 
  What is better??  6 172 siriabhi  8 months ago by thread author 
  How is KIMS (Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, Narketpally) for PG ?  27 1K drorange129  8 months ago by skylabpavan 
  Is hall ticket mandatory for counselling?  1 22 sailumunigala  8 months ago by nagachaitanyad 
  Is attestation of certificates definitely required.??  8 320 sunrise123  8 months ago by stephenrachel 
  Is DNB prediatics eligible for ap super speciality nephrology ?  5 174 gopikrishnam  9 months ago by thread author 
  How is Pinnamaneni Siddhartha College for General Surgery??  2 106 asifbasha2020  9 months ago by thread author 
  Which is better MD gen medicine r md paediatric  6 329 mbbs198022  9 months ago by enigma410 
  When will be the second counselling  1 91 sunilj2ee  9 months ago by malathimadhuri 
  Which is best? resumption from 134 rank or total recounselling?  6 248 anushasridharan  9 months ago by thread author 
  When is counsilling ofr inservice candidates  1 86 saiadithya  9 months ago by ravi_medico219 
  What about TC.???  8 197 cherryhere6  9 months ago by kiranmedico72 
  How to choose the right branch and the right institute for P G Go directly to Last Post in the thread  353 4K moki50mbbs  9 months ago by thread author 
  Can a reservation dr can compete for open seats also  2 66 1953964  9 months ago by drromy1978 
  Is there rural service bond for diploma.....?  12 181 sonu_2k6  9 months ago by archana4812 
  What is bc pool  2 121 1953964  9 months ago by thread author 
  How to get my rank card  2 100 jranjani87  9 months ago by thread author 
  When are we supposed to join /classes going to start?  1 226 drdosomething  9 months ago by zulf 
  Which subject u r intrstd in ..  13 547 ckmbbs36  9 months ago by thread author 
  When z the counseling?  45 2K drsureshreddy  9 months ago by sushruta05 
  Which is best college for oral surgery in ANDHRA PRADESH  4 79 daydreamer123  9 months ago by wah2013 
  Which private college for MD Radiodiagnosis  3 181 drsport  9 months ago by deepshikarao 
  Which govt college is good for MD pathology, espcly in AU region?  1 76 nagachaitanyad  9 months ago by drsudharaj 
  What is migration certificate?  5 90 1953964  9 months ago by thread author 
  Which is the best pg coaching centre Go directly to Last Post in the thread  68 2K janaxestar  9 months ago by drsridr 
  Is dnb paeds better or dch better plz help me?  12 495 yesh19  9 months ago by nagachaitanyad 
  How is md general medicine in private colleges  2 207 bhagavan  9 months ago by thread author 
  Can any one give idea about schedule for appg?  18 1K siriabhi  9 months ago by cherryhere6 
  Is tc required plls help  5 214 sony2014  10 months ago by zulf 
  What is reverse roster in APPG? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  98 13K doctor10  10 months ago by haijatle 
  Which is gud for oc ou gals? roster or seat matrix pls ans...  8 381 supercoolz  10 months ago by swamyrara 
  How is mnr for m.d.anaesthesia??  7 253 drorange129  10 months ago by Jyothirajg 
  How is nims orthopaedics.  4 220 dheer1989  10 months ago by zulf 
  Which books should i follow for preparing appg?  25 555 amigo89  10 months ago by malathimadhuri 
  Does MS general surgery have a good future?  33 2K Somuhasnoid_528  10 months ago by thread author 
  Which col in AU is best for GENERAL SURGERY ?  7 210 ramprakashgurram  10 months ago by sudhantm 
  How is Paediatrics in Guntur Medical College ??  37 854 nandu56789  10 months ago by saiprasanna 
  Where can we fnd this rster points?  1 118 ssd451990  10 months ago by skylabpavan 
  Which col is better for paeds? mamata or svs..  4 110 ramyamurki  10 months ago by vkaran156 
  Is govt increasing the fee in pvt colleges this year?  42 2K msbaig37  10 months ago by thread author 
  When is appg counselling. .?  12 530 SwethaKomma  10 months ago by wah2013 
  When will they announce councelling schedule....?  5 462 sonu_2k6  10 months ago by katupalli 
  Which institute conducting best test series(subject wise+grandtest+mock test) for pg aspirants? help me with ur experience..  10 476 prabhakarkuruva  10 months ago by vijay2bhask 
  Which col is better for paeds? mamata or svs..  2 133 ramyamurki  10 months ago by thread author 
  Is dip.opthal in sarojini worth taking for guys.  1 96 jyothi4  10 months ago by chandramadhu 
  What is seat matrix system for appg ?  5 362 freeeekout  10 months ago by swethasujit2013 
  Is justice done to rankers Go directly to Last Post in the thread  51 3K crazy99  10 months ago by notagain 
  When is counselling ?  1 172 jranjani87  10 months ago by skylabpavan 
  When will the omr sheets be displayed?  1 54 karthik2013  10 months ago by skylabpavan 
  Is govt increasing the fee in pvt colleges this year?  1 124 msbaig37  10 months ago by skylabpavan 
  Is it possible to get 200s rank from 5000s?  19 1K waseems88  10 months ago by sophisticated 
  What are the chances of getting any PG seat for a non local with 2283 rank (Male OC)  6 424 sanpas  10 months ago by chakrambala88 
  Can any tell me questions deleted means add one for all  4 96 batchala7  10 months ago by mbrajkiran 
  Is appg will be devided  2 125 super945999  10 months ago by 9441928173 
  What are the chances of getting any clinical seat with rank 3502 svu male service oc candidate plz kindly reply  7 272 parna  10 months ago by drkalyankumar 
  Does anybody know the dates of counselling  3 239 pobbathiveeru  10 months ago by saberdoc 
  How many wish to join neet 2015?  2 54 laxmankumar67  11 months ago by thread author 
  How is Anaesthesia in medicity?  4 207 drorange129  11 months ago by Marripruthvi 
  Is ranking comparable to 2012?  7 308 choco_late  11 months ago by tjddn_shaik 
  How many extra marks we need atleast to get the same rank?  8 497 choco_late  11 months ago by sumanthpalemkota 
  How was AP PG paper? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  78 6K drshankarsastry  11 months ago by ebooksdr 
  What is the best private medical college in AP for PG  2 209 drorange129  11 months ago by prabhakarkuruva 
  What is your score in this paper?  1 406 sunilj2ee  11 months ago by pradoc 
  How is Chalmeda medical college, Karimnagar  3 223 drorange129  11 months ago by magicdoc888 
  Is reexam there or not?  1 134 rammychowdary  11 months ago by thread author 
  Cancer  23 513 falgun_srivatsav  11 months ago by manisatya 
  Can anyone post march 2nd 2014 APPG set 'D' key please.??  8 123 ssaaddvi  11 months ago by sushruta05 
  How to get e challan after registration ? when it starts for re exam plz help  6 78 kevin29  11 months ago by drzahranaim 
  Can anyone post march 2nd 2014 APPG set 'C' key please.??  8 103 srikanthbabu18  11 months ago by 1953964 
  Can anyone tell me how to send appg application in 4 days?  14 359 praveenflash  11 months ago by 1953964 
  Can we apply again if want to change our exam centre?  8 206 choco_late  11 months ago by drmomina 
  What we have achieved through this agitation/ strikes  23 792 seleniumsulphide  11 months ago by nandu56789 
  Why C.I.D is not revealing the involvement of NTRUHS OFFICIALS in scam?  16 532 yashtodeti  11 months ago by siddasrinivas 
  Which is btr at this moment-revising subject wise materials or aipgme n aiims vol?  2 336 Krishnaortho1  12 months ago by symbalkey 
  Why ap guys are not eligible for allindia exam?  8 113 ud90a  12 months ago by name 
  Can ntruhs give a shocker by announcing re exam on 13th/20th april?  2 253 luck87  12 months ago by thread author 
  How many of u support lottery method for appg selection  4 198 drsindura  12 months ago by haijatle 
  What is the legal opinion regarding revised list and reexam?  9 450 pramodsadhana  12 months ago by srian09 
  Can any1 who r for reexam gaurantee tat der wont be any malpractice in reexam??  22 489 teja91  12 months ago by vjsri 
  Is it Mass leak or not ?? Rexam ther or not ??  1 255 nandu56789  1 year ago by thread author 
  How many of u support online exm now to avoid fraud  6 128 kurakuraku2k6  1 year ago by krishna999 
  When will reexam going to be held, if any, please..  9 234 pulsar079  1 year ago by rammychowdary 
  Can we sue ntr university for mental trauma caused?  3 154 sitra  1 year ago by thread author 
  What Is APJUDA thinking ..?  14 499 nandu56789  1 year ago by lava571 
  What about genuine rankers meeting wit governer  1 209 kalpanakanta  1 year ago by drsandeepr 
  Why cant some university official come out and speak to people like us in big dilemma and clarify the situation.irresponsible attitude..we  1 67 pramodsadhana  1 year ago by anji1184 
  Why r rank cards posted in drntruhs.org ?  13 555 pramodsadhana  1 year ago by charan88 
  Is re exam for sure?  21 1K gaya3249  1 year ago by shanuyadav 
  When can we xpect appg xam?  8 326 kalpanakanta  1 year ago by dolphine 
  What is the top score you are expecting in appg 2014?  7 789 Achilles0  1 year ago by Babaiscam2014 
  What next?  1 134 pramodsadhana  1 year ago by youngmind 
  Is the report submitted to governor?  1 147 pramodsadhana  1 year ago by james26 
  What next?  2 186 pramodsadhana  1 year ago by kishan_bannu 
  What if RE EXAM paper leaks agn .So CBI enquiry only solution !!  1 80 chandra9999  1 year ago by thread author 
  What next?  2 85 choco_late  1 year ago by radiomaska 
  Is aipge a solution to this year's scam?  1 44 pietersen2267  1 year ago by drajinedwin 
  How to send for revaluation?99marks oc au service  3 125 drchinni83  1 year ago by thread author 
  What is the best idea for the present crisis.?  5 245 chandravravi  1 year ago by anusharaoshavkar 
  Why omr sheets not displayed untill now?  2 94 vijaymanoj  1 year ago by chaitunaram 
  When will the counselling be?  7 371 gaya3249  1 year ago by rrrr1111 
  When will keep omr sheets  2 78 seshi2014  1 year ago by twinkle_med 
  What i can expect from my rank 2432  3 250 guruprakash  1 year ago by anji1184 
  Can we ask about cbi enquiry on appg through court  6 139 vamshi123  1 year ago by name 
  When is the seat matrix going to be released  10 366 gaya3249  1 year ago by tilakmbbs 
  How was exam? when is key and results? share ur score in pgmet-2014  32 2K janaxestar  1 year ago by pavan065 
  How many key corrections expecting in pget. InMds final key 4 double answers n 1 q deleted  2 188 ammarevu24  1 year ago by thread author 
  When will we get corrected key?  1 128 supercoolz  1 year ago by sudmbbs 
  Howmany members are appearing appg 2014?how many centres in hyderabad and secundrabad?  2 218 mbbs198022  1 year ago by sasasw 
  Is there any one who didnt receive confirmation msg from ntr university  32 708 manasapappireddy  1 year ago by andymd90 
  When is APPG 2014 to be conducted ?  31 2K gayathri087  1 year ago by vicky1255121 
  How do u know the status of application and registration at ntruhs whether reached r not r accepeted r not?  6 352 mbbs198022  1 year ago by ysmlakshmi 
  How to get a duty doctor job  4 154 swelling  1 year ago by king143 
  How to prepare for appg in last 42 days  1 246 tejakundurthi  1 year ago by thread author 
  What about Repeat questions in APPG  5 315 Drmanj  1 year ago by Sriku-mbbs 
  How many are planning to take seat in DNB  1 52 bpradeep82  1 year ago by thread author 
  What about Repeat questions in APPG  4 138 Drmanj  1 year ago by thread author 
  Is coaching class healpful?  33 11K Guest  1 year ago by ashia786 
  What is attempt certificate?  3 79 swelling  1 year ago by umamounica 
  IS APPG boon or a curse for ap students  4 174 kungfupanda2299  1 year ago by drsireeshayadav 
  What is main criteria for PHC APPSC JOBS  12 709 guruprakash  1 year ago by MARRYINDIRAW 
  Is APPG 2014 going to be preponed?  2 192 aravind6007  1 year ago by Mohddy 
  Which is best apvvp or dhfw civil assistant surgeon posts  1 155 guruprakash  1 year ago by karan1039 
  Which is best for appg  4 170 guruprakash  1 year ago by sushmaharsha 
  Is migration certificate needed  2 68 cherryhere6  1 year ago by thread author 
  Where r the xerox shops near omc or gmc?  3 74 padmab  1 year ago by drpenchala 
  Can fmg's who did house surgency in a.p. apply to aipgee?  2 54 drorange129  1 year ago by thread author 
  What is chapter 9??  4 76 ethan_hunt2  1 year ago by abhishekmalyala 
  What is the marks for below 100 rank  4 237 davdi  1 year ago by Uswamy 
  What is the marks for below 100 rank  2 124 davdi  1 year ago by thread author 
  How we can understand scale of pay  8 159 guruprakash  1 year ago by thread author 
  When NEET PG counseling still going on.. WHY NOT APPG 3rd COUSELING.?  6 146 eknath99chow  1 year ago by sandy1989 
  Whats d criteria for NRI students in p.g. in hyderabad?  2 82 naushin  1 year ago by thread author 
  Which is the best PSM book for both NEET and DNB CET?  7 331 Arcanis  1 year ago by sunivinny 
  When are you reporting to college??? pg s who got seat in consilling  11 445 arvd999  1 year ago by thread author 
  What about the left over seats in service conversions on 30th ?  8 418 drkat05  1 year ago by thread author 
  What is the admission procedure in deccan and shadaan??  15 361 dr_kk1292  1 year ago by learning 
  What seats can i xpect.rank 485.OU local oc female local rank 80..  2 181 meetur_sandy  1 year ago by thread author 
  What happened to NRI anaesthesia? Some seats missing?  28 499 Sowmyaaa  1 year ago by drjahnaviharsha 
  When will be appg 2014?  1 108 drorange129  1 year ago by vissuavadhani 
  How many of u took a seat n didnt report...  5 449 9912391455  1 year ago by Dr_Abid 
  Is every thing because of lack of unity????  20 335 TWITEER  1 year ago by lamotrigine 
  Can I attend second counseling (Md/Ms diploma) without attending the first counseling?  3 138 meridian  1 year ago by kiranprakash 
  Why you should NOT take admission in kamineni !  37 2K guyincognito  1 year ago by thread author 
  Which area would i be local to?  2 47 Towardsias  1 year ago by thread author 
  What seat do you want?? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  618 14K Dr_Abid  1 year ago by basha2003 
  Can we appear 4neet/appg while doing dnb?  1 60 sriika  1 year ago by thread author 
  What seat to expect Go directly to Last Post in the thread  472 21K farheenfatima  1 year ago by suresh580123 
  What does bc pool a/b/c/d/e with x or y or z mean???  1 154 Talha0981  1 year ago by aanneell 
  How s GM(generalmedcne) in prathima.pls help.  4 179 drsuryakumar  1 year ago by thread author 
  Can anyone help.how is ortho in siddhartha medical college, vijayawada  3 153 sri26  1 year ago by thread author 
  What seat to choose? MD path MD anaesthesi. Dgo  2 249 dr_afroze  1 year ago by draisha000 
  How to file case on matrix system. plzzz help me guys Go directly to Last Post in the thread  73 3K borntoserve  1 year ago by vijayraj172 
  When would be the probable last date for submission of all documents for management seat?  1 64 madhumadhav143  1 year ago by sailumunigala 
  How to get a custodian certificate plz kindly give the info  1 45 smsanapala  1 year ago by msreddy1820 
  HOW TO CALCULATE WHAT SEAT U MAY GET in category counselling ?  4 483 Dr_Abid  1 year ago by alwaysbhappy 
  What seat to expect  1 13 034  1 year ago by thread author 
  What are the list of Docs to be Carried to Counselling  1 148 pavanandey  1 year ago by Sajidbasha916 
  Can we predict the branch from seat matrix?????????  1 89 raj1234vy  1 year ago by thread author 
  Is it valid seat matrix against roster  3 224 kumarvijaykumar  1 year ago by sathumbbs 
  Is transfer certificate (tc) from medical college is needed for appg counselling  3 88 suribabu1188  1 year ago by thread author 
  Is dmrd better  6 526 yuvachandan  1 year ago by ezithro 
  What about online counselling  1 87 pallavisri  1 year ago by ezithro 
  Can anyone suggest which branch is better MDradiology or MD gen.med  13 387 smsanapala  1 year ago by gcpk 
  Is seat matrix advantageous or roster system  31 1K smsanapala  1 year ago by Dr_Abid 
  Is new system of counselling useful to service candidates  1 70 kramlyn07  1 year ago by Dr_Abid 
  When shuld managemnt qota ppl are supposed to join..when will d admissions start..hlp me out guyz..college ppl ar  2 111 sesharatnam  1 year ago by anil91263 
  How much minimum salary an ms opthal will get?  20 477 drveninanduri  1 year ago by uber_doc 
  Can anyone please say Which is Better? Ortho in Jipmer or Gandhi??  22 531 shane294  1 year ago by lamotrigine 
  What are the chances of getting respiratory diseases n radiotherapy  2 162 ajmg1  1 year ago by thread author 
  How long one has to wait for counselling?  9 386 drkdp678  1 year ago by faceman 
  Which clg is better for ms obg  3 112 pearl25  1 year ago by Dr_Abid 
  Which books of bhatia institute are worth reading?  5 339 swapnikkandepi  1 year ago by name 
  Why ntruhs site is not opening?  8 341 first  1 year ago by raj1234vy 
  Which one is better??  7 152 suhana87  1 year ago by thread author 
  Is new pattern of APPG counselling advantage / disadvantage for oc candidates. . . . .  14 1K sasi_kanth1989  1 year ago by name 
  When it comes to diplomas which one is better?  7 304 7702857527  1 year ago by gswechha 
  When will counselling start why is this delay  24 1K 13agaragar  1 year ago by faceman 
  Why appg councelling2013 late?  1 239 bhimisetti  1 year ago by dwarakanath 
  When they will give the verdict for APPG  3 149 tejupattabhi  1 year ago by thread author 
  When will counselling start?  5 319 nandu56789  1 year ago by thread author 
  Is it necessesory to conduct new councelling for this only ear as there will be neet from next year  1 78 mushtaq45  1 year ago by vjai 
  Can anybody please upload the appg merit list with local ranking, ntruhs website is not opening for me.  1 151 Reader2012  1 year ago by drkusumakrishna 
  Is surity bond for 1yr service must for admission?wat if it is not produced?  1 63 chowdamkumar  1 year ago by devillord32 
  Is service Bond for 10 years/ 50 lakhs this time 2013...?  2 129 eknath99chow  1 year ago by suguna99 
  How many got 5/5 in corrected key  1 149 drkusumakrishna  1 year ago by vernicline 
  What is your score after the corrected Key Go directly to Last Post in the thread  75 5K bpradeep82  1 year ago by alterego 
  Can we attend appg councelling with out original certificates???  3 114 alwaysbhappy  1 year ago by ag910 
  When is revised key? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  56 1K bujji96  1 year ago by hooligan 
  Is Neet Rank useful for any admission  18 1K bpradeep82  1 year ago by drsbi 
  What will be schedule for admission procedure/councilling?  1 163 doctor_atdesk  1 year ago by symbalkey 
  How many scoring more than 140 nd 150 from ur college as far as u know  3 241 frustration123  1 year ago by thread author 
  Why is the delay in results ?  3 158 cautious_medico  1 year ago by deararjun 
  When can we expect appg results?  1 88 7702857527  1 year ago by shiny1234 
  Which wil be valid. appg or NEET?  2 118 latamanchala  1 year ago by sailumunigala 
  How to send claim for corrections needed in key.?  6 159 naveen1987722  1 year ago by DOOKUDU7000 
  Is iams worth??  5 181 drshwetha  1 year ago by thread author 
  How's DAMS coaching in hyderabad?  6 201 drchillpill  1 year ago by 7702857527 
  How much authenticity is there in update n Telugu news channels  5 124 abhirammbbs  1 year ago by thread author 
  What next after NEET Results? people who don't get thru? any suggestions plz  3 131 showkat283  1 year ago by 7702857527 
  When is the result of APPG 2013 exam  8 303 wizdoc  1 year ago by faceman 
  Why dnb counselling only till 6000 rank this time???????  3 184 doctor_20  1 year ago by nagaraju7770 
  What Verdict Can We Expect from Supreme Court CJI for AP. APPG or NEET PG?  8 493 chinnupepsi4all  1 year ago by nagaraju7770 
  Is 9th result conformed?  8 219 bujji96  1 year ago by drksc 
  Which non clinical subject is best after DA?  13 305 kiranprakash  1 year ago by dolphine 
  What to do  17 496 asnaidu26  1 year ago by thread author 
  Can anyone post these links for medico dictionary for nokia c7..  1 40 ramaganeshpalank  1 year ago by thread author 
  How r u spending these days,waiting for verdict or preparing for all india exams?  1 64 7702857527  1 year ago by thread author 
  What to do now??  33 1K chikki7788  1 year ago by kiranprakash 
  What is ur score after the key? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  95 9K drharrison  2 years ago by ss2210ss 
  How r u guys scoring in PGMET 2013 after the probable key.pls poll!  2 601 scr_5656  2 years ago by thread author 
  What is no objection certificate from RGUHS for AP students  2 132 drswettha  2 years ago by vampirelove2000 
  Whats happening yaar?  6 239 poweron  2 years ago by chikki7788 
  How many now want NEET or APPG  27 727 nithya_doc  2 years ago by nagvattipulusu 
  HOw was appg ?  17 1K apmedicorocks  2 years ago by ashok888 
  How U R Preparing for APPG ?  29 1K pramodparupalli  2 years ago by thread author 
  How is the paper today when compared to 2012 and 2011  3 356 pradeep123  2 years ago by kishanAtchutuni 
  What to take to exam hall?  3 296 subhashinikaturi  2 years ago by name 
  How many writing exam this time?  6 280 bujji96  2 years ago by thread author 
  How many of u ready for AIIMS PGI?  6 201 srinivasmv419  2 years ago by Prashanth2005 
  How many ques frm pharma?  1 73 harsha_3339  2 years ago by drharrison 
  Is anyone studying seriously 4 appg 2013  10 477 nithya_doc  2 years ago by sharma814 
  Is omkarnadh useful for appg?please help me  6 260 bujji96  2 years ago by nandinib 
  How is test series.  1 44 sindhunair  2 years ago by thread author 
  How is your preparation going on for appg..  9 371 drswaroop1  2 years ago by thread author 
  How to prepare for medical pg entrance exam?  1 66 11031984  2 years ago by eknath99chow 
  How can u study for APPG when u donno if its for sure - frustration thread  6 203 mind_dobindi  2 years ago by thread author 
  Is it appropriate to buy pathology md 4 30 lakhs? can i get back d amount? plz guide me  37 675 Vamsee  2 years ago by vengeance-NEET 
  Is there any book other than omkarnath?  4 208 RK900  2 years ago by thread author 
  Why in appg application "filling of online application" not openig  1 54 pradeep123  2 years ago by ravikanth06 
  Where do FMG 's come under ? local /non -local ?  25 300 jonty  2 years ago by govindareddy1207 
  What is the Use of " After 1 PM on Saturday for SBI Challan.." ?  2 98 chinnupepsi4all  2 years ago by sheshu 
  What are the most imp topics to be covered in medicine ??  1 52 chosen1  2 years ago by raghurambolineni 
  When is appg notification going to b releaased?  6 178 drsindhu1986  2 years ago by Sujathareddy 
  Where is swathi 2k5?we want some more thoughts of her for appg....  19 559 sriramvamshi87  2 years ago by krackjimm 
  Can't we do anything  8 177 Anusha999  2 years ago by neodoctor 
  Why shall we study 4 appg ?  26 890 NEETUGADU  2 years ago by qwertyu789 
  What rank should we get to get a clinical seat in general quota?pls someone reply!  20 785 yaasir  2 years ago by asnaidu26 
  Howabout ap pg as online exam  7 59 rahul9492684650  2 years ago by thread author 
  How many times a year will Appg take place?  4 57 Ali786  2 years ago by mreyecatcher 
  How many times a year will Appg take place?  3 47 Ali786  2 years ago by itsnikhil_anz 
  Where to join..hyd Dams or bengaluru Dams !!!  1 30 oncoturk  2 years ago by thread author 
  Whats the procedure to get service quota in andhra pradesh  3 158 zeba251  2 years ago by devagudi 
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  What are conversions in second counselling?  2 320 dr_afroze  2 years ago by jer27 
  Cancellation of counseling???  22 2K monysony  2 years ago by fionashrek 
  Which is better in future gen medicine in narayana or ortho svmc in tirupati?  12 702 pavan9  2 years ago by thread author 
  When is the 2nd counselling? no notification yet.  6 455 nims007  2 years ago by surgeonland 
  What will be the future of bio-chemstry  2 131 itsurrj  2 years ago by bharathsundar 
  What was the roster point of last govt ortho and govt surgery ?? OU REGION  1 112 ineedadoctor  2 years ago by drsonaljain85 
  When will be 2 nd counselling  3 598 MAMATHADR123  2 years ago by Docjames 
  Is second consuling only for in-service people  4 221 itsurrj  2 years ago by uber_doc 
  Is it necessory to report to hod before second counselling?  5 489 pojalakumar  2 years ago by ghanashhyam 
  Is it true that there is no service quota in 2 nd counselling  4 329 arundoctor  2 years ago by fionashrek 
  When will be the 2nd councelling?  1 262 rajkumar05  2 years ago by thread author 
  Can we take diploma clinical branch after completing MD Non clinical  2 223 jacky14u  2 years ago by srikanth90 
  Can any one give when wil neet pattern started.  1 142 parthu1308  2 years ago by drfuzz 
  When will be 2nd councellng  1 189 medicorockz  2 years ago by sanka4pg 
  Can we do diploma after one md?  5 259 eksk  2 years ago by sridhar08 
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  Is DCH is better option?  7 525 072849  2 years ago by 160002 
  What extra bonds need to be submitted in MD/MS private colleges  2 212 mdali007  2 years ago by MAMATHADR123 
  Is it True  1 176 rupeshbommali  2 years ago by lone_gutzy 
  Is it True?  1 198 rupeshbommali  2 years ago by thread author 
  What is the Cost of Management Quota Seat MD Path  3 313 Sahithi0626  2 years ago by drravibyreddy 
  Which colleges there for nonlocal radio?till wht rank can we get it in nonlocal?  2 228 160002  2 years ago by thread author 
  Is is better option?  2 117 072849  2 years ago by indrasai11 
  How to kno d local rank ?  1 117 nature_cute_9  2 years ago by arunangshu 
  Can we submit income certificate in private colleges  10 258 pankudoc  2 years ago by MAZEED 
  Can ntruhs complete counselling as per schedule??  1 153 srikanth90  2 years ago by MAZEED 
  Can Anybody knows about hike in seats?  21 2K drrams_knr  2 years ago by nihaa 
  What r my chances?  1 169 dr_ahsan  2 years ago by dabaang 
  Can any1 upload NTRUHS APPG2012 question paper by scanning it. with key.  13 370 guest  2 years ago by pankudoc 
  What is the procedure to send a substitute in counseling?  2 218 drfuzz  2 years ago by draffu 
  Which is better..taking med in private colg like kaminenei ormedici in kaktiya  27 3K draejazahmed  2 years ago by ghanashhyam 
  What can we expect after 350 roster in au region ?  4 310 MAZEED  2 years ago by thread author 
  Why most of them are against Kaminenie in OU  7 686 itsurrj  2 years ago by drfuzz 
  What seat picked up at what roster ?  3 729 mdali007  2 years ago by Atypical008 
  Can we take diploma in first counselling and shift to MD later on?  3 405 jer27  2 years ago by srikanth90 
  Is it required to take 2 diff DDs for govt and private?  1 126 jer27  2 years ago by srikanth90 
  How do you thnk the councelling goes on this yr comprd to lst yrs ?  2 385 vishwarockz  2 years ago by thread author 
  Can we pay cash instead of DD's in counseling ?  1 310 mahe007  2 years ago by sanjaymbbs_7 
  When we can Except the dates for counselling  1 432 itsurrj  2 years ago by thread author 
  How much is the stipend during post graduation??any idea??  5 631 160002  2 years ago by thread author 
  Is halltickt must 4 appg counselling??...  5 369 drrsantu  2 years ago by thread author 
  Can please someone upload rank wise meritlist 2012  2 501 meetdilip21  2 years ago by srikanth90 
  Can anyone pls post the list of roster points  7 652 adarsh30  3 years ago by bangs 
  How to prepare for ap pg  1 176 santhosh_medico  3 years ago by jacky14u 
  How to apply for Counciling(NTRUH site is down) is there any alternate  1 345 ajay_kota  3 years ago by MAZEED 
  Can i get md path?  1 246 gynaecology  3 years ago by ghanashhyam 
  How many service seats in ou region  3 188 MAMATHADR123  3 years ago by thread author 
  Can any one plz copy and paste bc-d merit list here  1 149 bharathsundar  3 years ago by tanzi 
  Can we share info.reg which department is good in which college..  16 1K remy  3 years ago by dwaipayantwo 
  IS BC-E included in obc.?  6 222 draejazahmed  3 years ago by docosm1 
  Why this kolaveri ntruhs?  4 371 nithya_doc  3 years ago by ghanashhyam 
  How service points are intersperced in 100 rostwer point.  2 135 MAMATHADR123  3 years ago by MAZEED 
  What is reverse roaster and when it wl start and how it goes ??plzzzz reply  5 379 MAZEED  3 years ago by ASHOKA9S 
  What does DPM stands for  12 579 ghanashhyam  3 years ago by thread author 
  Can anyone please post set c key  2 38 dr_kol  3 years ago by thread author 
  Can any one post set-d ans key please  6 187 vansirisha  3 years ago by dr_kol 
  What should i read?  7 307 mbangwanew  3 years ago by anjuman2788 
  How many of u r interested in non clinicals?  5 394 drfuzz  3 years ago by Dr_Abid 
  Can any1 post code A pls.  1 54 jer27  3 years ago by drkiranmayik 
  How many willing to go to court.  48 4K nithya_doc  3 years ago by dookudu 
  How long should we wait for category and area wise merit list  6 1K srikanthkh  3 years ago by suryav 
  Which coaching program me really helped APPG 2012 and which program is a waste  16 2K sapnashrivastav  3 years ago by drjuvmd 
  How to approach for re-evaluation of omr  3 329 khansvmc  3 years ago by vrachdr 
  Can we do non clinical pg now & later on clinical pg here in AP? plz reply  1 248 drvinny  3 years ago by ramyakumar 
  Can anyone post SET B ANSWERS  3 126 cautious_medico  3 years ago by drkiranmayik 
  When will be the merit list of pg entrance uploaded  1 257 getitguy  3 years ago by thread author 
  Is this last?  2 532 dineshdoc22  3 years ago by faceman 
  What wd b my rank..  8 868 rthaduru  3 years ago by vicky2280amc 
  Why did University didnt change SISTRUNKs ans..  3 148 vansirisha  3 years ago by srikanthsvmc 
  Can anybody post 2011 counselling (admissions)details  13 2K cdsams  3 years ago by nanusom23 
  What do u think--A.P. in or out of NEET-PG?  1 345 saberdoc  3 years ago by ineedadoctor 
  What is reverse roaster system ???  1 117 MAZEED  3 years ago by drshivakotra 
  What rank is required for a non local candidate oc/ou to get a md general medici  2 360 bujjikannalu  3 years ago by thread author 
  Where cn i find authentic and complete ap pg 2011 ques paper  1 303 ankita819  3 years ago by anilt 
  Is omkarnath necessary to be solved?  1 370 qwe  3 years ago by harishyezzaji 
  Can any one say which indian university post graduate degrees are qualified abro  4 205 munna_manu143  3 years ago by drfuzz 
  When is apjuda mock test?  10 966 drfuzz  3 years ago by 2krishna 
  When is APPG 2012 ?  8 1K vampirelove2000  3 years ago by kurnoolblues 
  Can i give appg?  1 109 DUAA26  3 years ago by pankudoc 
  Are AP students allowed for neet 2012 PG exam?  3 967 nature_cute_9  3 years ago by pankudoc 
  How to get unpaid study leave in rural/tribal service?  8 445 rendezvous99  3 years ago by thread author 
  Can i do more than one PG  2 253 mianchin  3 years ago by arcreddy 
  What is the right time to break bond this year  5 274 Discuss2010  3 years ago by sriram1987 
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  Can somebody help me  9 423 prakas143  3 years ago by drharrison 
  Which is best for subject wise weekend tests  23 922 nina12  3 years ago by agaragar 
  Cancellation of seat  25 2K somuchinni  3 years ago by pandurangiragi 
  Can we leave the seat already joined in 2nd couselling  24 2K drdineshmd  3 years ago by 160002 
  Why we are not cared and looked down by society any reasons?  4 481 wilson_james  3 years ago by drdamerarakesh 
  Which seat i can get Go directly to Last Post in the thread  113 6K gillella  3 years ago by EXDOC1234 
  Can anybody RTI appeal to university to issue break up admitted candidates  4 445 Discuss2010  3 years ago by drgoudgs 
  When do the post graduate course start for the yr 2011-12?  16 896 drkas1787  3 years ago by thread author 
  Can anybody tell the fee for MD SPM and MD Microbiology under Management Quota ?  3 261 kumarep  3 years ago by thread author 
  What happened to court case regarding Reverse Roster  1 199 Pinkymopala  3 years ago by truthspeaker 
  How will b counselling..  19 1K vikram56  3 years ago by pradeepkommu 
  What does the university want from us ?  4 219 MK354  3 years ago by thread author 
  Can we predict our seat based on approximate roster point ?  5 565 MK354  3 years ago by raghu_sarath 
  Can i get any masters or diploma atleast.......tensed.plz help me.  2 312 ravindra_6363  3 years ago by thread author 
  Can i get any seat in private colg atleast  13 548 keerthanams  3 years ago by rahulreddy_2007 
  Why z ntruhs not releasing local ranks & no of seats availble, evn 2day ..?  4 464 raghu4u  3 years ago by raghu_sarath 
  Which is better?  2 230 nothingnothing  3 years ago by jvs_116 
  Can anybody place the BC-B merit list here..  25 1K drsandhyaomc  3 years ago by lava_andep 
  Can any body guess appg 2011 seat  2 277 vimalachandu  3 years ago by thread author 
  What are my chances?  1 116 nothingnothing  3 years ago by rahulreddy_2007 
  When is appg 2011 counselling going to start?  44 4K qwe  3 years ago by nokian73 
  What is the fee paid at govt college in pg  7 394 nokian73  3 years ago by nanusom23 
  Can anybody post siddharda medical college list of 2010 seats  1 229 dsk67908  3 years ago by jjagan917 
  When is APPG counseling  9 1K saru1977  3 years ago by nanusom23 
  How about going to court regarding the standard of appg paper  27 2K chronic_pgwriter  3 years ago by tulasim 
  Can any body give AU-pg councelling list 2010  1 204 pamidiharini  3 years ago by roudra 
  Which is better?plz give me advice.  2 105 kkiran  3 years ago by rahulreddy_2007 
  Which Area is better?  3 208 drseth92  3 years ago by pandurangiragi 
  Can i apply fresh for BC-E  3 115 saberdoc  3 years ago by thread author 
  What is competant authority seats ?  1 120 ravi2k4caims  3 years ago by alamgir 
  Is MRCP recognised in India  3 144 Discuss2010  3 years ago by eknath99chow 
  What if someone takes a seat and leaves after 6 months  6 417 sanjeevni  3 years ago by thread author 
  When does the counselling start?  13 2K docmaniac  4 years ago by dkw225 
  Is it good to prepare 2-3 subjects in parallel  1 122 shelby  4 years ago by korem29 
  Which one is better.medicine or psychiatry?  3 153 doctorsm7  4 years ago by thread author 
  Does any one know the local ranks in BC-D category ? plz. reply,,  2 212 shashiroopa  4 years ago by drsunny81 
  Which is better gen medicine/pediatrics/gen. surgery/obg/ortho/opht/ent etc.  1 200 prasadt123  4 years ago by lalwani 
  What is the scope of SPM and Forensic medicine??  1 163 drsrikanth123  4 years ago by pandurangiragi 
  Can any body give other exams dates including aiims,pgi,jipmerkeralaetc.  5 158 wilson_james  4 years ago by daringmedico007 
  CAN ANY ONE HELP ME WITH THE AP PG 2010 RESULTS PDF or Where can i Check my Rank  1 184 rx_pg_asrk  4 years ago by optiplex 
  Can i know my result ht:12051  2 106 laxminarayana  4 years ago by shravyabhavana 
  Why is the site still not opening?  1 215 7346  4 years ago by shravyabhavana 
  When will be appg couselling?  1 263 alekhyakool  4 years ago by thread author 
  What govt seat can a oc candidate with 1800 rank  6 485 rahulreddy_2007  4 years ago by hi_gm 
  Which coaching center is best iams batia delhi or hyd  1 127 drsreddy  4 years ago by vijayrajprateek 
  How was appg2011 paper( big daddy of all exams.).post your opinion Go directly to Last Post in the thread  95 6K chronic_pgwriter  4 years ago by vijaymanoj 
  When are the APPG 2011 RESULTS ?  34 3K cautious_medico  4 years ago by pandurangiragi 
  Is it better to opt general practice in rural area after mbbs  8 225 drshekharpokkuri  4 years ago by wilson_james 
  How much rank v have to get in appg as an BC-A CASTE student  29 902 DRRamkrishna  4 years ago by doctor_omc 
  How to get category (caste/community) changed in APPG2011  5 449 pmyname  4 years ago by thread author 
  How Much Score do u need to get a rank in apppg?  2 204 spicyking007  4 years ago by pandurangiragi 
  Where can i find last 10yrs question papers of pgi/aims/aipge/appg  3 221 nature_cute_9  4 years ago by bourbonking 
  What govt seat can a oc candidate with 2000 rank  2 182 rahulreddy_2007  4 years ago by thread author 
  Where to Check Merit List for Civil Asst. Surgeons?  3 105 siva569  4 years ago by pandurangiragi 
  Can any please let me know  4 173 9oclock  4 years ago by ankum 
  Is ap icluded in cet r not..do we have seperate appg test this time  1 141 swapna_3d  4 years ago by Sahithi0626 
  Is muralibharadwaj crash course any use fr preparing  1 115 asnaidu26  4 years ago by sunrise123 
  Can non andra students write APPG entrance ?  3 116 quadritajuddin  4 years ago by bourbonking 
  Can someone tell me 2009 AP PG statistics?  1 134 17031985  4 years ago by medoc 
  Is there any good library near to Kukatpally.  39 1K sailajayella  4 years ago by nari_fire 
  How to crack appg 2011??  3 901 raj65521  4 years ago by gangai 
  What abt the number of seats for next year in ap pg?  4 287 dr_sandeep  4 years ago by sunrise123 
  Why people are against service quota?  6 365 vamsidundu  4 years ago by bipsy 
  What remedies do u suggest to improve NTRUHS  5 294 debbathinna_puli  4 years ago by drsrikanth123 
  Can anyone explain what mrcp???  5 191 bourbonking  4 years ago by thread author 
  Which is the best coaching institute in hyd Go directly to Last Post in the thread  72 5K chronic_pgwriter  4 years ago by appg2010 
  What is the advantage of attending second counselling? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  65 4K drfuzz  4 years ago by bourbonking 
  Is service quota increasing??  5 270 nagaraj1234  4 years ago by agaragar 
  How would be our career if we choose diplomo in opthalmology in pg  12 626 bhargavim  4 years ago by thread author 
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  What other pg entrances in India can AP students write apart from appg ??  11 624 nature_cute_9  4 years ago by rocky91 
  How to prepare for pg  3 278 nature_cute_9  4 years ago by rocky91 
  Can i get any nonclinical in govt college?  1 175 happy28  4 years ago by spy4kgb 
  What is the procedure to join govt service?  6 354 nishka  4 years ago by thread author 
  Can we write otherpgentrances after we take pg seat in ap  2 126 h2h2h2  4 years ago by thread author 
  Why vijayawada  8 513 anm76  4 years ago by chronic_pgwriter 
  How many seats increased in svu  7 409 omkhar  4 years ago by hajii 
  How to Get a Seat in the PG Medical Course of Your Choice ?  3 348 jignesh7842  4 years ago by ketamine11 
  Does anyone kno about the local rankings of BC-B.. PLEASE POST  9 339 bourbonking  4 years ago by spring_blossoms2 
  Can n e 1 tell my rank my number is 22717  2 309 DOCTORJACK  4 years ago by thinkpad05 
  When are the results  5 729 manmbbs  4 years ago by eknath99chow 
  Why are so many controversies, questions etc. in appg forums ?  9 511 neelkant123  4 years ago by thread author 
  Is dnb 2010 june notification out.....?  1 224 eknath99chow  5 years ago by samarav 
  How far is our appg geniune ???  8 732 drcak61963  5 years ago by cautious_medico 
  What abt Muslim Reservation?  16 974 avicenna  5 years ago by cautious_medico 
  Andhra students in aipg ?  4 2K govindbajaj  5 years ago by asdf_hjkl 
  How to get a seat  5 760 awen  5 years ago by thread author 
  Can china graduate eligible for appg  8 362 chinadoctor  5 years ago by drcak61963 
  How justified is recounselling? Go directly to Last Post in the thread  95 10K white62  5 years ago by JyoPra 
  When is the final high court judgement is expected regarding recounselling issue  2 330 999  5 years ago by JyoPra 
  Why is it necessary to fill 3 univ at each roster point , ?  3 346 nplkmc  5 years ago by thread author 
  Why not separate counseling for service PGs?  2 371 ravichitrapu  5 years ago by nplkmc 
  Is it true that court agreed for recouncelling  7 694 chaitu1985  5 years ago by white62 
  What books to do for appg?  4 921 rajani_honey008  5 years ago by silluravi 
  Is generalmedicine&paediatrics in gandhi medical college mci recognised or not?  3 367 999  5 years ago by silluravi 
  Which branches are good in which colleges ?  2 351 discodoc  5 years ago by thread author 
  Is it true that appg 2009 is going to be re-held?  3 597 JyoPra  5 years ago by learning 
  What books for radi,anaes,anatomy..?  6 484 asdf_hjkl  5 years ago by thread author 
  Which one will be better DNB or whatever i get at 286 Rank in APPG  13 1K PGID  6 years ago by medicofarhan 
  How many seats for NON LOCAL andhrites  19 2K visu  6 years ago by discodoc 
  Is it ap pg 08 or 09 results?check the link??????  17 1K kum  6 years ago by drvidius 
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