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RxPG :: View Single Post - FAQ: Does Meditation Help in Study?  
MBBS - Being a Medical Student In India Forum
FAQ: Does Meditation Help in Study?
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PostPosted: Saturday 25th of March 2006 06:32:01 PM    Post subject: meditation...


yes, meditation does helps a lot in your examinations, especially during tense years such as IIIrd MBBS.

With my experiences, I can assure you that minimum 20 minutes of meditation a day routinely & at least 10 during exams will be miraculous to your results.

I've got excellent marks in all exams during my MBBS carrier with much less reading as compared to others. I definitely say that this is the contribution of meditation.

It is not important how you meditate, but that you do try to meditate & learn from wahatever source available. Just like 'sabhi raste ak hi bhagvan ke pas jate hai', same in 'sabhi tarikon se ak hi tarah ka meditation hota hai'. You may meditate(be 'nirvichara'-thoughtless), may concentrate or just relax. The ultimate result should be your innate relationships with your inner wise, brilliant & powerful self. This is what makes miracles.

The easiest method I have experienced is to be relaxed at a calm & peaceful place, then concentrate on each group of muscles, agonists & antagonists alternatively, contract & relax them alternatively only once & leave them in permanently relaxed condition(whoi can do this better than we doctors!!!). You have to do this with all the muscle groups(flexors, extensors..) at each joint from leg to head. After the last muscle- orbicularis occuli- concentrate on your respiration- inspiration & expiration- forget everything & 'watch' yourself as a third person, as if you are watching your body respirating. With practice, you will learn to do all these processes quickly & automatically.

Try this & you will feel more relaxed during the whole day, u'll feel more energetic(meditation is connection with your subconscious, which itself is the infinitive energy source), your learning will be much improved, confidence will increase(so u'll give better viva!!!), & last secret, try to visualise your result in meditation after some practise, & I'm sure you will see that in your marksheet! (This is my personal experience, I've got desired marks in all 3 uni exams by doing this, with total 6-7 hrs sleep during both theory & practical exams, with minimal reading & wit hcontinuing all my hobbies all the time..)

Hope this will be helpful to students willing to meditate & I invite them to share their experiences & difficulties in this practise..
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