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RxPG :: View Single Post - Help: How to become a moderator? #offbeat #DocIndia  
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Help: How to become a moderator? #offbeat #DocIndia
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Mr Mod 2009

PostPosted: Saturday 9th of May 2009 05:45:13 PM    Post subject:

aryakid wrote:
hi rxpg team

i wud like to moderate karnataka forum
kindly look into it icon_smile.gif

rmh wrote:
Hi rxpg team...,,,
I want to apply as a moderator for French forum

well ! we have the pleasure of knowing ur interest to be a moderator and we welcome it . kindly carefully read this forwarded message from rxpg team and do send them an e-mail or private or personal message to team .
RxPG_Team wrote:

the previous post by rxpg_team has been reposted now for the better knowledge of our member's , hope this would help you .

RxPG forums are the largest medical exam related forums on the internet. Our forums are moderated voluntarily by community members. We follow the basic ethos of democracy in RxPG site and hence everyone has a freedom of putting their own opinions in our forums. However we do have policies to keep our forums useful and in accordance with the democratic principle, we select moderators from the RxPG community itself to help us uphold these policies.

The moderating staff is currently divided into administrators and moderators. The current <a href="modules.php?name=Your_Account"><b>Sign In</b></a> name RxPG_Team is for the team of administrators and technical advisors. In addition, we have few senior moderators promoted to administrator level.

Any active user on RxPG website can become a moderator and we do not need any specific qualifications to be eligible as a moderator. Although we do require few qualities (as outlined below).

Qualities we are looking in moderators:
- Experience
- Enthusiasm
- A helpful attitude
- Long term commitment
- Trustworthiness
- Dependability
- Knowledge of their chosen forum

There are few other quality markers we require to consider any application for the moderator.

1. Trust Rank should be more than 6.8*
( It visible on "My Threads" page). This quality rank is automatically calculated by our software based on several factors including (but not limited to): readability of your contributions in forums and articles, submissions in all sections of RxPG e.g mnemonics, articles, downloads etc, average number of user views for your posts, number of hot topics started by you, marking of your posts as favorites by other users etc.

*The cut-off of 6.8 is calculated by taking the top five percentile of all the trust rank scores in RxPG forums. This value is subject to revision from time to time.

2. RxPG Credits more than 2000
RxPG credits can be earned by posting in forums. Read this thread for more information:
Only RxPG members can see links here! Register or Login!

Your application to become a moderator will not be considered at all if you are not fulfilling the above two criteria.

Although we believe that no set of rules or requirements could eclipse one simple requirement, a willingness to contribute to the community, we do have a small set of guidelines for our moderators.

Moderator Guidelines

* Users that ask questions should get some sort of reply. If you don't know the answer, wait and see if someone else does. If not, point them in the right direction or put out a general plea for user help.

* Moderators are asked to refrain from any commercial or self promotion activities. Moderators should use their help contributions as a lost leader.

* We support moderators goals to the best of our abilities.

* Be respectful of all users all all times. Keep an 'up' tone.

* If a user becomes a perpetual problem do your level best to deal with the situation and if still a problem, ask RxPG_Team to deal with it. We are 'nice' here and everyone but the problem children get a full benefit of the doubt.

* If something shouldn't work out and we have a major disagreement that leaves you wanting to leave, please do so in good faith. We asked in good faith.

The powers of the moderators

- As a moderator, you will get forum wide administration abilities. You will be able to edit any of the posts in the forum, move off-forum-topics to relevant forums, split topics into multiple topics if the discussions have gone off track. Only administrators have the ability to delete any posts.

- As a moderator, you will work closely with RxPG_Team and we might invite you to contribute in various RxPG projects (like writing books, writing questions for us for a remuneration, other paid projects which are announced from time to time). Given the previous success record of our moderators (Akanksha, Bruno, Doctorgirl are successful RxPG authors now), you might get plenty of opportunities depending upon your enthusiasm and willingness.

- As a moderator, we would listen to your advice regarding the development of the forum you are moderating. Your advice will be taken actively in developing and updating the "charter" of the forum which will outline the basic purpose and goals of the forum.

What we expect from the moderators

The moderator for any forum is expected to do some basic administrative work. It is not time consuming and can be done at your own pace. The basic list of such work is:
- Keeping abuse out of the forums.
- Making sure that everyone is following RxPG Terms of Service and posting guidelines and take appropriate actions in case of <a href="http://www.rxpgonline.com/tos_forums.html"><b>TOS</b></a> violations. If you need to edit the contents of any post, we expect the moderators to give a reason publicly for this (which can be printed at the bottom of the edited post). This is essential to keep the democratic fabric of the forum intact.
- Development of forum resources: e.g. F A Q, Library and Tips. This is an essential part of a moderators job.

If you would like to apply to become a moderator, send RxPG_Team an email or message with the forum you are requesting and a brief note explaining why you feel you would be good for such a forum.

*If anyone wants to complain against any moderator, they can contact RxPG_Team

RxPG Forum Moderator & Shout Box Admin
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