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RxPG :: View topic - Should we go for usmale considering present conditions?  
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should we go for usmale considering present conditions?
i have just finished mbbs, now i am doing internship in gujarat.
everybody loves usmle as it promises great future and great money.
i also want to clear usmle and go to usa but the thing is i asked opinions of many indian doctors and ALMOST ALL OF THEM said no for usmle giving reasons like now usa govt dont welcome fmge as they did before and the amount of massive time, money and efforts you need to put for usmle.

actually, i love europe and usa but when all of the doctors i know gave opinion to not go there for medical job i got very confused.

and please note that i didnt ask any random guys wondering on streets, they all are respected, well earning doctors. so its not about just willpower and courage and all. its about real facts.

so the question is what do you people have ideas and opinions about this?

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What you want after your MBBS, that is more important. I hope it is PG in any subject of your choice.Doing PG or USA residency is same as it involve a lot of hard work and time. In fact Indian PG in govt college is more difficult than USA. See the 2012 NRMP match statistics , you will get answer. Out of 12000 IMG candidate( only appx 8000 go for match) 4000 get residency, that is 1:1 ratio. That means every alternate applicant get residency. Whats about in India, the ratio in clinical subject is 10:1.
Now what is after MD/Residency. India is more difficult than USA.Post MD doctor in India start with 1000 dollar, in USA it start with five digits. Rest answer you will get in forum.


thanks for the answer, specially the RATIO thing helps.

Aim AIPGE 2015

what about the news regarding the cancellation of usmle in 2015..i m also an intern..gave my aipgee on 30th november..got really frustrated after i saw the questions and since then in two minds for usmle or indian..can anyonw help plz


USMLE won't be canceled in 2015. It shall become harder to break into as there will be more AMGs who will compete for the residency slots and they shall obviously get a preference.

However, before jumping into the USMLE race do remember that it is an extremely expensive process and will cost something to the tune of 10 lakh. And though the ratio thing looks easy on paper, it will be difficult once the AMGS start passing out.

Yet, on the other hand, AIPG or NEET is a [bleep] game of luck. And you never know which way the pendulum will swing and it all boils down to the day of the exam… and LUCK.



Aim USMLE Step 1

thanx for the information!!!

Aim AIPGE 2013

i ve completed internship.
i want to apply for mle..
hw can i start..
what are the chances of getting a clinical (Med/Ped) vs a non-clinical(path) sub residency...
kindly reply..

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